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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just closed a deal for my FX35 AWD, Touring, crossbars, splash muds for $472/mo (42 mo) with zero down for a total negotiated price of $36,468. I live in LI, NY.
  • Just closed the deal on an FX35 AWD '05 with Sports, Technology (with DVD) and Touring.

    After pinning dealers against others I ended up with $300 over invoice and with Infiniti's lease of .0019 and 70% residual. Those looking to lease should look into the 24 mo. lease vs the 39 mo. The residual difference (61 for 39 mo and 70 for 24 mo.) does make a difference in payment.

    I am in the Philadelphia area.
  • a1ace88a1ace88 Posts: 1
    :confuse: I recently purchased a Black/Black Infiniti FX35 2WD with touring, sport, and technology packages. I leased it for 36 months with $9000 down and 15,000 miles a year. I pay $367 a month. They threw in Lo Jack and TLC for free after some bargaining.. Did I get ripped off?
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 875
    There are two ways to look at it. With that large of a cap cost reduction [down payment] you were able to reduce your monthly payment dramatically. The down side of that is that the $9k down does nothing to reduce the out right purchase
    price at the end of your lease. In other words. You gave the dealer about $7k in profit, on a car which maybe doesn't have $7k built in to begin with. Car man can probably explain it better. I would ask him in the leasing forum. He will tell you better than I the dangers of putting any money down on a lease. Biggest being, if your car is totaled or stolen your down payment is basically gone.
    On the upside. Do you enjoy the car? Are you happy with it? Then good job. The fx is a great ride.
  • kd270kd270 Posts: 23
    i got a price of 500 a month on the fx35 with the touring package. this price is for a 2 year lease with no money down its the all wheel drive. black on black....I was just wanting to know if this any good and also what should the risidual value be if the msrp on the car is 40.000... please some one reply to this thanks
  • suvindcsuvindc Posts: 28
    I was quoted the following by the Internet Manager at Rosenthal Infiniti in Tysons Corner, VA. I plan to lease this vehicle but did not indicate such in my email as I wanted to get the MSRP first. Is this a good deal?

    2005 FX35
    Touring Package
    Splash Guards
    Cargo Area Protector
    Roof Rail Crossbars
    Free oil changes for two years
    Free service loaner during ownership of vehicle

    --- MSRP is $40,180.
  • Suvindc,

    The dealer was giving you MSRP as the sales price? I hope you just forgot to add the price hey are selling/leasing you te car for...Regardless, run the pricing here on the Edmunds site and you'll notice invoice for your specifications (assuming your getting the AWD version) at around $37,025. If you scroll back at buying experiences on this thread, you'll notice that people were able to negotiate their respective vehicles at around $500 over invoice (Some below that and some above).

    So, I would target to pay/lease the vehicle for somewhere near the $37,525 region for the package you're looking for. In my experience, it was relatively easy to get the dealers down to $300 over invoice in the greater Philadelphia region. I assume that you should be able to garner the same deal in the Tysons Corner region since it's somewhat close ( 2 hrs).

    Also, make sure to specifically ask the dealer for the lease details (residual and money factor) to assure yourself that the dealer is geeting the best deal rather than some deal where they are taking profit from stuffing the money factor. Current money factors and residuals should be somewhere in the .0019 MF and 61% for 39 months and 70% for 24 months for residuals.

    Hope this helps.
  • suvindcsuvindc Posts: 28
    Thanks, fx35isamine.

    I have two quotes from two different dealers now.

    Rosenthal Infiniti quoted me 40,180 MSRP and $37,000 invoice. They are willing to negotiate a reasonable lease. I'm dropping by later to discuss further (money factor, residual, etc). Can you ask for the money factor and residual over the phone?
    Options: Touring, cargo net, roof rail

    Jim Coleman gave me a quote of $36,000 out the door and said it was an Internet special only. They also said they have special leases for customers in good standing.
    Options: Touring
  • Not sure what they mean when they give you both the msrp and the invoice...You need to ask which specific price they will be using to compute the lease. It should be near the $37K mark.

    As it relates to asking the money factor and residual over the phone....of course, those are the most important pieces of information they use to compute your lease (obviously lease duration is the other factor) and they should be able to give you that information. I have never had anyone not provide it over the phone. Chances are that Infinity Financing will have the best rate/residual at the moment. So, you should expect that to be close to the rates I stated in the post above.

    As far as Jim Coleman quoting you $36,000 ...please ask for the details...make sure they are using the options you want. (ie this seems low for an FX35 with AWD and the options you stated) Perhaps they gave you the quote on a 2WD model.
  • suvindcsuvindc Posts: 28
    After another conversation I discovered the $36,000 quote from Rosenthal Infiniti is accurate (Touring package, FX35, AWD) but does not include taxes, tags, and registration. A woman from another Infiniti dealer called and offered me $39,000 for the same car or $41,000 for another model with 20-in chrome wheels, black/brick, sport package. Both figures include taxes, tags, etc. The latter is enticing but now I have to go back and calculate the invoice for a sport package.
  • Congratulations fx35isamine on your new FX lease,

    Could you please share with us miles/year and the monthly payment on your lease? Did the $300 over invoice include all fees (dealer fee, destination, etc)?

    Many Thanks.
  • suvindcsuvindc Posts: 28
    I am currently looking and while I haven't purchased I have found that Rosenthal Infiniti off route 7 in Tyson's Corner and Passport Infiniti in Alexandria, VA have given me the most competitive prices in my opinion. I am looking at the FX35 with touring and cargo protector.
  • kinsmankinsman Posts: 1
    I think you got a great deal. Can you tell me where you went?
  • suvindcsuvindc Posts: 28
    Passport Infiniti quoted me $42,918 for a Touring/Tech package. This price is the figure out the door (cap cost including taxes, tags, licensing fee). Is this is a good deal? It seems the quote from Rosenthal is better. I was told $40,876 with $2701.12 down ($497 a month). I'm outside the DC metro area.

  • kelliskellis Posts: 3
    Just bought FX35 AWD from Rosenthal VA.

    Just bought from Rosenthal in VA

    Tech Package
    Splash Guard
    Cargo Protector
    free loaner and free oil change for 3 years

    +299 Processing fee
    Tax and title

    What do you think of the deal
  • suvindcsuvindc Posts: 28
    Purchased FX35 black interior/black exterior from Passport Infiniti in Alexandria, VA. Worked with the Internet Manager... she was very professional and so was the entire team. No haggling after we agreed on price via email. She even brought the car down from Nationwide Infiniti in Timonium (over 50 miles away) since I wanted the black on black (no other dealer in my area carried black on black).

    Technology package
    Splash guards
    Cargo area protector
    2 years of free oil changes and free loaner (standard with Infiniti purchase)
    2 free car washes per month

    MSRP $44,230
    Got it for $40,876 plus tags, taxes, processing fees (I added LoJack for $808 more)
  • suvindcsuvindc Posts: 28
    I think you got a great deal! Rosenthal was another dealer with competitive prices (and much closer to me) but they didn't carry the colors I wanted and couldn't bring it in. Nice work...
  • kelliskellis Posts: 3
    Did you get the extended warranty as well? I declined it, might buy it later though.
  • ksammyksammy Posts: 1
    Purchased FX45, Diamond Graphite with charcoal interior from Rosenthal Infiniti in Tyson's Corner, VA. Great buying experience! Worked with the Internet Sales Manager... he was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Price quoted via email was what I received.

    Premium package
    Technology package
    Chrome wheels
    Roof rail cross bars
    Splash guards
    Cargo area protector
    3 years of free oil changes and free loaner

    MSRP $54,900
    Paid $50,378 plus tags, taxes, processing fee.
  • enertiaenertia Posts: 1
    Where did you buy your loaded FX 35? I'm in Philadelphia and thinking of the same car. Thanks
  • mick3mick3 Posts: 7
    Jus made a verbal agreement on an FX 35, tech and touring. Dealer would not go below $43,400 (MSRP 44,600), says he usually sells at or near MSRP since they are the only dealer in a 150 mile radius.


    I'm I better taking my business out of state (realizing I'll lose the life-of-vehicle valet and loaner program if I don't buy locally)?
  • snobysnoby Posts: 7
    So what did you pay for this outrageous vehicle? What was invoice and MSRP?
  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133
    You shouldn't lose this. My FX was bought new in Charlotte and I am the second owner living in Cleveland. I always get a free loaner when needed.

    $1200 under MSRP on an 05 is OK, but not great. It really depends on how much time and effort you want to invest in it to save a few more bucks.
  • darthvedadarthveda Posts: 14
    YESSSSS I FINALLY GOT MY FX 35!! black/black awd, touring and teck pckg! $500 under invoice! Thanks to all you guys for posting info here, it helped me make my decision! I just had a question though, does anyone here know if you can have a direct line in for an ipod on the fx?
  • djaynycdjaynyc Posts: 4
    I just leased an '05 FX 35 last night at Ray Catena in Edison, NJ. All I can say is that I could not have been more pleased with my buying experience. My Salesperson & his associate were impeccable in their attention to detail and professionalism (feel free to e-mail me for their names). It was the first vehicle I purchased through Ray Catena and would certainly buy from them again.

    Only initial complaint was that on my first visit, I was given an outrageously high lease price and had to play games to get them to finally come down to what I believe (after much research of many makes & models) to be a very good deal.

    Sport Package
    Touring Package
    XM Radio
    Silver Crossbars
    Splash Guards
    Cargo Cover

    leased for $452 per month (inclusive of taxes) with $1604.50 total out of pocket.
  • djaynycdjaynyc Posts: 4
    I have to check my lease agreement when I get home to get you all the actual numbers. I think the sticker on the truck came out to be $42,640. Give or take a few dollars. I forgot to mention that they even courteous when I decided to switch the color from white to the Beryllium just 8 hours before I was supposed to take delivery. I originally wanted the Beryllium but there were none available when I first made my deposit several weeks ago. I saw on the dealer stock on their website that it said they had one in stock, so I called and asked if I could change it. They had already prepped the vehicle and set up my insurance, but were kind and understanding and accomodated my request. I have been driving all weekend and love the vehicle so far.
    I'll post the actual numbers off my lease agreement tonight.
  • I bought mine at Infinity of Ardmore. Did not seem like it would be very hard to get it from Willow Grove or West Chester for the same $300 over invoice.
  • Congratulation djaynyc on the great FX35 lease deal. Can you let me know how long is your lease term and how many miles allowed per year? I wanted to e-mail you to get the salesman's name but don't know how to do that from this forum. Any additional information is surely appreciated.
    Good luck on your new FX
  • kd270kd270 Posts: 23
    CAN you please tell me how many miles per year and how many year lease?? I think that was a great deal though besides RcAtena are known for their good reputation. can you also please tell me the name of your salesman. Iam extermely interested and have been doing research for sometime now... thanks alot.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Please do not request any information about salespeople, per our policy stated above the "post a message" box.

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