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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cf626cf626 Posts: 2
    got a quote from a local dealer on a 05 FX35 with 8300 miles on it. The car is diamond graphic metalic exeterior, black leather interior and is equiped with everything except a DVD entertainment system. The Dealer gave me $36000 plus tax and fees, which come to a total of $38,000. The car is a good condition.

    What u guys think.
  • mercury88mercury88 Posts: 1
    Hey guys

    Long time reader, first time post..

    Lease ran out on the FX 35 Black w Brick/black...spousal unit wanted a 45 so we negotiated a new 45 with tech package, roof rails ( undecided if i like em yet), run flats, air deflector for sun roof, for no down and 685 month for a 36 at 12 per year.

    hte 45 runs more smoothly than the 03 35. Much better on sharp bumps and the V8 is really different. More Jaguar S type feel thanthe 35 to me. Feels more smooth and like the motor is loafing, whenthe 35 was whirring. Not sure which I like the most yet.

    Any one have experience with the Potenze run flats? Thanks for this baord I have used it alot and felt I should post since I use your posts for information.

    New 45 is black with the Expresso interior...really nice.

    Will post some pics of both soon...

  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi All:
    Looking for an FX35 AWD w/touring and hands free (I want a base model w/no options but they don't exist and I don't have 3months to wait on a special order).

    Salesman at the Bethesda dealership offered $500 over invoice but we're not going for it at that price. I told him so and asked him to check w/manager about a better price. He said he'd call me the following day but didn't. I'll give him till Friday and if he doesn't respond I'll move on. Any comments?

    Anyone think a rebate will come up in July? Any comments about the price, anyone?
  • jkilicjkilic Posts: 1

    I own an 2005 FX35 AWD (Liquid Platinium/Black) with 23500 miles on it. ALthough it is an amazing car, I want to sell it because it is too big for me. I am single and still a student and I want to get a 2 door sport car instead. Any idea of how much I should ask? The car is in mint condition with sport/touring/technology package and has splach guards and cargo area protector.

    Thank you ahead of time.
  • yzyyzy Posts: 3
    so i've gotten this offer. fx35 rwd w/touring package for 100 over invoice
  • A good afternoon FX fans:

    I am in Toronto Canada - poised to purchase a FX35

    Does anyone have recent pricing info in the Toronto or Ontario area?

    The base FX35 (without the tech package) is $55,450. Does anyone have the dealer invoice price on this?

    Do those companies like CarCostCanada, really have the dealer invoice or are they spoofing customers?

    I figure the hold back of 1-2% they will get is sufficient profit - so I will offer the dealer invoice.


    Kindest Regards To All

  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    From what I'm reading it appears this was a good deal? Certainly any dealers with 2005 new vehicles left are aggressive to move them from the lot.

    I realize dealers have to treat this like a new car, but unless you plan on keeping this car several years you will have an immediate 2 years depreciation on the 05 leftover when the new ones come out in a few months.

    I bought a leftover 03 FX45 several years back but I was able to get $7200 discount and 1.9% financing. Even with that I had $11,000 in depreciation when I recently traded it. Had I paid MSRP (like all of them were selling for 6 months before I bought) I would have lost $18,000. With the deal I had I can't complain about my ownership experience.

    Overall though the FX45 was one of my favorite cars of all time, and I've owned a lot. I decided to go with an economy car and didn't need a third vehicle so the FX had to go.
  • damavrdamavr Posts: 15
    I am ready to buy a new car sometime between now and the next 3 months. I have decided that I like the 2006 FX35 but need some buying advice. There are 2 Infiniti dealers in town, currently they have 47 2006 FX35 in inventory.

    I want to get the best possible deal so I am wondering if I should wait until the 2007's hit the lot and then purchase a 2006.
    Anyone knows when the 2007 will hit the lot? I saw at the Infiniti dealership that couple of their models where already 2007.
    Also can you buy an 2006 FX35 under invoice? and if you can how much under?

    Any other advice you can provide is appreciated.

  • damavrdamavr Posts: 15
    Is anyone buying this car? The board has been "dead". Please provide some help (see below).


    I am ready to buy a new car sometime between now and the next 3 months. I have decided that I like the 2006 FX35 but need some buying advice. There are 2 Infiniti dealers in town, currently they have 47 2006 FX35 in inventory.

    I want to get the best possible deal so I am wondering if I should wait until the 2007's hit the lot and then purchase a 2006.
    Anyone knows when the 2007 will hit the lot? I saw at the Infiniti dealership that couple of their models where already 2007.
    Also can you buy an 2006 FX35 under invoice? and if you can how much under?

    Any other advice you can provide is appreciated.

  • martin54martin54 Posts: 2
    Last week I got my new (15 miles) FX 35, Diamond Graphite with Tech package etc, and XM. list $46250 for $42650. Exactly what I wanted, but I needed rack crossbars. I was quoted the correct list price for them plus $250 for labor. I agreed.
    The next day I called the service/parts of the SAME dealer (RI's only dealer) and was quotes $100 for the labor. The saleswoman was very apologetic when I called to make an issue of it.
    The fault was the sales manager, not the polite saleswaman.
    I got the problem sorted out.
    There is a loose string coming out of a window frame, can I just pull it, till it all comes out?

    I love my FX. It is actually for my wife, but I am not letting her drive it just yet.
  • bignasty1bignasty1 Posts: 26
    INSKIP BLOWS. They are crooks and completely screwed up the delivery of my 04 FX35.
  • ubilnubiln Posts: 3
    i'm done shopping for an suv and have decided on the fx35.
    the edmunds tmv is $40700: sports,touring,cargo protector,splash guards,sunroof wind deflector. i also want the 100k bumper-to-bumper warranty(how much is this?)
    how realistic is this edmunds price?
    i'm in atlanta.

    thanx for any feedback
  • themisnthemisn Posts: 18
    Saw a deal from Infiniti of Manhattan for 259 a month, 10k miles, 1000 down. Anyone have any experience with them?
  • Saw the same ad. I called and was told that this is available through Infinity Financial Services, to top tier credit. It seems like a pretty good lease, but I just haven't heard of something like this before, the salesman indicated that it's for a 12 month lease, with the option to renew for a 6 month term and then month to month.

    If this is available through Infiniti Financial Services, it should be available to all, right ?
  • It should be available to all but they may have a certain credit score that you have to meet before you can qualify for the offer.

    Anyhow I decided to buy since my credit union offered 4.99% up to 84 months. Here is the deal I signed on Friday (the car is at the port in the recall of the tail lights and should be delivered in the next 3-4 weeks).
    2006 FX 35 AWD fully loaded:
    Tech Package
    Sports Package
    Hands Free Package
    Touring Package
    Headrest Dual DVD player
    Cargo Mats
    Splash guards
    Roof Rail Cross Bars

    Price: $45,300 plus since the car is going to be delivered in October any marketing assistance/rebate will be passed to me by the dealer. The MSRP of the car is $50,550. Edmunds TMV was at $47,400 and invoice is about $46,000.

    I could have pressed them for a few hundred dollars more but I thought this was a fair deal.
  • Thought I would share my good luck. After contacting every Infiniti dealer in southern NE, last night I picked up my new Black FX from Quirk Infiniti in Braintree, MA (10 miles south of Boston for the out-of-towners). Details:
    Touring, Handsfree, Black roof rails, splash guards and cargo protector. MSRP of 42,350 and invoice of 38804, my price 38680, plus a decent interest rate of 5.84% over 60 months.

    The experience was really solid. I spoke with the sales manager over the phone and told him what I wanted for my trade (KBB value) and after a quick look at the car, he gave it to my with no negotiations. The entire process took about 35 minutes, including signing paperwork. They did a great job explaining the ins and outs of the car. Can't say enough good things about the guys at Quirk.
  • At this point in the year, is it better to wait for the '07 models?

    Quote recieved from dealer:
    2006 model FX 35 AWD
    Hands Free
    Tech x/ XM
    Splash Guards
    Cargo area protector

    MSRP: $46,260
    Quote: $41,002

    However, for resale is it better to wait for the '07? When will the '07s be available?
  • Hello fellow FX owners, enthusiasts, and shoppers: New FX45 owner here, as of 48 hours ago. Snagged an '06 right off the delivery truck, instead of waiting for '07s, to avoid price increase and take Infiniti clearance discount available this month. The '07 upgrades (iPod attach, auto motoroized side view mirrors, wheels) weren't compelling to me.

    Very satisfied with:

    - Price: I was fortunate to qualify for a corporate Vehicle Purchase Program thru my employeer, so slightly below invoice, plus $1500 clearance discount (purchase only, not lease).

    - Color: Black Obsidian; Espresso leather (almost burgundy, vs. brown) + graphite/tan interior, a beautiful tri-color look.

    - Performance: Gratuitous extra HP from the V8, vs. the already ample V6 FX35. But, I decided the V8 feels smoother/quieter on hwy, not having to work as hard (less engine growl). Also hoping it'll deliver some extra adrenaline boost more often, in exchange for the lower/costlier MPG.

    - Tech features (of course), esp. intelligent key (I'm embarrassed to admit this was probably an overly disproportionate factor in my FX preference, but I'm already loving it)

    Mostly satisifed by:

    - Ride/Noise: I love the power, and knew what to expect in terms of tradeoffs with sport suspension and engine growl, but am still adjusting, transitioning from my much smoother/softer Lexus RX300 experience. Almost wondering if I should have at least test driven a non-sport FX35. Hoping my ears/brain start to naturally ignore the engine growl.

    A bit disappointed by:

    - Bluetooth Phone: Doesn't have voice control or phone book, like the M45. Unfortunately, my Infiniti salesperson set my expectations differently before I purchased, when he demonstrated Bluetooth to me in the M45, not realizing the FX was less capable.

    - GPS Navigation: Common complaint that destinations can't be set while in motion. I don't understand this restriction, since you can access pretty much everything else, just as distracting. I'd be thrilled to hear there's a bypass hack for this.

    I deliberately avoided:

    * Run-flat tires: Seems like a costly option for marginal safety/convenience benefit, and possibly harsher ride. Sounds like run-flat replacements could cost $500-600 more per set than standard (and already pricey) 20" tires.

    * All dealer upgrades: Extended warranty, paint/upholstery protection, etc. I may go buy 3M paint protection, chrome wheels, and a tow hitch from other installers -- at far less than half what Infiniti quoted.

    Lastly fwiw, I found the new '07 Acura MDX very tempting to go for instead of an FX: Sooth, powerful, and quiet ride from 300hp V6. Amazing turn radius and sharp handling. Great nav system incl. real time traffic and Zagat restaurant reviews (!). But, bigger overall feel than I wanted -- and just not as sexy/sporty as the FX.

    That's all for now, I'm sure there's other thoughts and observations. Sorry for long post, but I figured I'd share key considerations I went thru during my purchase process, hopefully it will help others considering an FX purchase.
  • herdrnherdrn Posts: 1
    Just purchased 2006 fx 35 with touring/sports package/hands free/splash guards/roof rack crossbar/cargo area protector for 39,275 +TTL
  • Called Quirk last evening on a 06 left over FX35. tech, touring and sport 43k
    Thoughts on pricing?? Any ideas on good financing rates.
    How hard is it to hard wire the iPod?

    Looking to trade my Expedition, did they give you wholesale on KBB?

    Sorry for all the questions, have not purchased a vehicle in a while.
  • pk3737pk3737 Posts: 9
    Hi, all!
    Just bought my black '06 FX35 with touring and roof rack only. Did you all know that there's a $1500 dealer cash through 10/31/06? Using the dealer cash, I paid $35,760. The MSPR is $40,040 and the Invoice is $36,777. I think I did pretty well, what do you think?
  • damavrdamavr Posts: 15
    It is pretty good, you could have pushed them for more.

    Based on the market right now you could have gotten the car for:
    Invoice $36,571 - Cross bar roof rails for free
    Rebate -$1,500
    Target Price $35,071 you paid $35,760 that is still pretty good considering MSRP of over $40k.

    Here is the deal I got:
    2006 Black AWD, Touring, Hands Free, Technology, Sport, aluminum rail cross bars, mad guards, cargo cover protector.
    The aluminum cross bars splash guards and cargo protector where free (MSRP $550).


    You will definately enjoy the car. Congrats !!!
  • damavr,

    can you calculate a 48 month lease payment on the deal that you got? I am trying to get a monthly payment around $500 all in.
  • What dealer did you go to? I live near Charlotte, NC and does anyone have recomendations for dealers within 500 miles that are selling/leasing FX 35 for invoice?
  • Infiniti of Lake Norman.
  • damavrdamavr Posts: 15
    Quote "damavr,

    can you calculate a 48 month lease payment on the deal that you got? I am trying to get a monthly payment around $500 all in. "

    I am sorry but to calculate a lease from what I understand about leases you will need the following information in addition to the sales price (which I am assuming you can use the one I got):
    Lease term - as you said 48 months
    Lease Residual Value:
    Money Factor:
    Miles Driven per Year:
    Acquisition Fee: If any
    Security Deposit: If any
    Sales Tax rate:
    Title, Registration & Other Costs:

    Depending on the numbers above the monthly payment can vary so without all those numbers I hate to estimate because I maybe way off.
  • damavrdamavr Posts: 15
    I am in St. Louis, Bommarito Infiniti.
  • I got one in CT with tech package, no sport package(didn't want it as the ride is too stiff) on a 12-month lease. With a sticker price of $47k, the lease is $1500 down, including first month's payment, and $425 a month. Only a couple of months ago the same car was more like $650 a month. The lease is not specified as renewable, however, it's through Infiniti leasing, and it's understood that they will renew it. Even if they didn't, it's a great deal for a year, and at the end you can buy the car(at 82%) or just let it go and start over with something else. This approximate lease was available at other area dealers, I just chose the one with the lowest downpayment. I can't see how you can beat this on a $47k car.
  • I just sealed my deal, and here's the short version:

    12k miles / 12 month lease
    FX35 w/ touring, black rack, and splash guards.
    Down payment $1500 (includes tax, licenses, fees, 1st month etc). Paying $403/month for the next 11 months. Located in Oakland, California.

    I saw some sick sick deals when i combed thru the pages, but it seemed impossible. People were getting AWD w/ my down and slightly lower monthly. I'm guessing it must be the higher residual w/ the AWD versions in the snowy or rainy areas.

    Checked against MSRP of $36,863, I got it at $36323.29. Difference of about $363 under.

    Anyways, was my deal good? I can't tell :cry:
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,075
    well... i hate to say it ... but the problem isn't the residual. Its the fact that you paid near MSRP. Most folks seem to be paying near invoice MINUS the incentives.

    Did you get an '07 or '06?

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

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