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    has 16", 18" and 20" wheels from $209 to $429 a piece. They also have tires in these sizes.

    Grills - I found this Sorento-T (painted) front grill at (Korean) I think the price is $160 plus shipping. I also looked at some items at (US) Right now, they only have aftermarket stuffs for Hyundai Santa Fe (the Atlezza style tail lights and the back up mirror). They told me to check back for more items for Sorento.

    Exhaust - I don't see anything yet. Let me know if someone found something.
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    Take a look at the dual exhaust system at They are in the UK. The header on there web site has a great set of wheels and tires. Now, with the 50mm wheel spacers, Does it allow you to use a different bolt pattern?? With the exchange rate, its over $1000. Looks low profile and aggressive tread. I am going to order the grill from: for $165 painted.
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    Do you know the shipping for the painted Sorento-T grill? The also has the grill. The Antera 325 wheel looks good on the Grand Cherokee. I also like the chrome detailing kits. And I am still looking for the back up mirror, something like on the back of the postal service truck.
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    For the Korean Co. (, I am ordering these items when I get a final quote soon. Grill Silver Painted $165, Eye-Line Silver Painted $50, Emblem Set Tomato logo+T logo. $15
     Shipping is $49. These prices are GREAT.. I love the complete body kit for $1250, but its more work then I am ready for right now. And good news, the Antera 325 18" are avail by the manuf for the Sorento. This could also be a purchase soon. I did make an Air Induction Mod with a cone K&N style filer that works perfectly. I used the existing ducting and slightly mod the filter. I will see about take a picture and posting it some how.... I think its slightly faster and it does have a deeper breathing sound... Its temporary till something comes out..
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    Love to see your pictures. Did you figure out the cost and shipping from for the Antera 325 wheels? Can you find anything like that in U.S. instead? Like
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    I have a nice Air Filter pic now, I just dont know how to attach it??? On the 4x4x4 stuff. I found that its was too expensive for me with the exchange rate of 1.33. The Korean Manuf is sooo much better. Tomorrow I will be getting from them: Painted T Grill, Emblem Kit, BMW Syle lense covers, and an additional stearing wheel emblem. It should all be for about $280 with shipping. On the wheels, I am still looking...
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    I pulled one out and it is 881 (cross reference: 894, 889 and 896). It is rated 12V 27W. BTW, my window deflectors just arrived from MacNeil.
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    >> BMW Syle lense covers

    ??? I did not find anything on their website. You have a pic, a link ?

    >> I pulled one out and it is 881 (cross reference: 894, 889 and 896).

    So it's not H3 ?? I don't understand your numbers. What size I need to buy ? Anyone know a brand that we need to look at ??! Piaa, Mtec, Sylvania ? I don't know which brand to look at which carry the bulb size for the fogs.
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    slan_canada - H3? I doubt it. But I did pull one out and it said GE 881 12V 27W. It has the same socket as 9004, 9005, 9006 or 9007. Currently, the PIAA and MTEC don't have 881 bulbs. Sylanvia will have the Silver Star 881 coming out. As of this time, I can only find something on ebay for under $15 per pair. Some 881 bulbs rated 55W and I think they are for headlight (low bean) on some cars. So try to look for the same wattage as the stock one.
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    Anyone have any experience or info regarding the Kia Side Steps? I found one Kia dealership that is willing to order them for me at 345.00 dollars, but their service department wants to charge 360.00 to put them on. For that price I will put them on myself.
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    hency - Just looked at the Edmunds and found the invoice is $265 ($345 for MSRP) side step bars. My dealer would charges me no more than 2 hours of labor for installation. But I am looking at some aftermarket stainless steel step bars. And $360 seems too much. I believe the installation is not that difficult. And you definitely save some money. The package comes with everything you need (no need to drill).
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    Lok888, Thanks for the info. I just might do the install myself. I've researched many types of step bars and running boards, and almost all use the pre-drilled factory holes. I guess the reason the dealership quoted that ridiculous price was that, ít's not the type of work they like to do. Anyway, which product are you considering? I was very close to getting the T&H step bars.
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    hency - I am still thinking whether the Kia or T&H stainless steel. Tell me more about your experience with T&H when you have one installed. I probably need an auto alarm system with remote starter. Those custom wheels are nice but it is going to cost me months of car payments. I
  • slan_canadaslan_canada Member Posts: 54
    Thanks for the info! BTW, I just saw that Streetglow manufacturer have Xenon White 881 27W bulbs :)
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    Does anyone know a place I can buy the hitch wire harness that will fit to the plug located under the car? The orgininal harness for $ 135.00 is too expensive for me. :-((
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    I know I asked this before but I wanto make sure. On the Mats you got at WeatherTech how close are they to the carpeted mats on the Sorento. Did you have to trim them to fit. More interested in the front ones.
     You should be getting your visors soon. If the temp stays nice suring the day you should be able to put them on. Remember to leave them up for 24hors as the instructions state it gives the window a chance to seat in the visors within the channel.
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    About the WeatherTech floormats, the front mats are close to the stock mats with a curve at the foot rest area. The rear mats are not same as the stock mats but they fit very well with no timing. I wish the Husky has the all-weather mats for Sorento. Their mats are pretty much like a tray with one piece for the rear which covers the middle passenger as well. BTW, I placed the mats over the stock mats (for extra protection)with no slipping. It is a good investment for your Sorento.

    For the window deflectors, it arrived few days ago. I only had a chance to do a set for my 03 Camry. Hopefully, I will put them on my Sorento this weekend. Yes. It is in the 40s at night here. They recommended the temparture at 50s for installation. For the installation, I had no problem on my Camry. The rear set took few minutes. There were several attempts for the front set. The window did close completely. I bent the thing a little as the instruction stated. I think the key is the heat (warm temparture) and the tension of the window channel. It is a very big improvement compares with the Auto Vent products. Oh! They just added the darker version of these window deflectors for about $5 more (for front & rear). My set isn't.

    Also, my dealer quoted $400 for the Kia side step bars installed. Isn't it a good deal? It is made of aluminum with black power coating. And it won't rust.
  • hecnyhecny Member Posts: 29

    400 dollars installed sounds good. I ordered mine yesterday, but they still wants over 350 to install them.
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    hency - Another dealer quoted $499 installed. So $400 installed is the lowest I can find. BTW, the part number is UB030-AY-120

    I am still wondering this Kia OEM side step bars. The dealer said this is made of aluminum with black powder coating to eliminate the rust problem. But I have seen these products on some few years old Nissan Pathfinders and Honda Passport with rust on the the step bars. Maybe they are not aluminium. Is this aluminium as good as stainless steel? I live in northeast and worry about the rust by snow and road salt.
  • hecnyhecny Member Posts: 29

    When I ordered the step bars Saturday the the parts guy said that it was good that they were made of aluminum because it would limit the likelyhood of rust. I had mentioned to him about some older type step bars that I have seen around with rust, and he said that this product should be much better. Let you know when I get them.
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    hciaffa - I just put the window deflectors (from WeatherTech) on last night. With a prior installation experience on my Camry, it only took me about 15 minutes for the whole job. Did you realize the rear deflectors are not total insert into the window channels? I can still see the edge with the tape, about 1/8". But this makes no problem for the window operation. I don't know if they are supposed to be like that. I think they put too much tape on the edge. They use 1/2" wide on Sorento vs. 1/8" wide on Camry.
  • hciaffahciaffa Member Posts: 454
    Yes I know tht the rear windows fit differently and some of the lip with the tape is exposed. about an 1/8 inch. I was thinking in the spring to write WeatherTech and explain and see if I could get some extra tape and redo the rear visors. I may just write them and question this now. Telling them that the fit is really not good as it gets dirty from the dirt that stuck to the tape that was exposed and its hard to clean.
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    Thanks for letting me know that I didn't do anything wrong on the rear set. It is sure they did put too much tape (glue) on the rear window deflector. Do you find the front passenger one is kind of blocking the side mirror? Good thing this window deflectors are made of smoke clear plastic. I think you will find it difficult to remove the rear set plus the tape (I should say the glue) residue. Overall, I am satisfied with the product and installation process. It is better than the Auto Vent on my Accord (car sold). Did you order the rubber floormats yet?
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    Has anyone seen custom gauges for the Sorento but in MPH? Bros and Dino have some, but they are in kilometers per hour. Even have the electroluminiscent one. Thanks.
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    hciaffa - I remember that you are also interested in this Kia side step bars. And it is going to cost you $400+ and installation fee. I am going to have it done in my dealer soon, Quirk Kia in Braintree/Quincy, MA. The service manager last quoted $400 installed. I wonder if they can give more discount if you also want it installed in my dealer, maybe between $350 to $380. Let me know if you are interested.
  • lok888lok888 Member Posts: 1,788
    Hi folks,

    I want to upgrade the stereo system on my Sorento EX with luxury package (6CD in dash changer, 10 speakers and separate amplifier). First, anyone know the specs of the existing system? Second, can you share your experience if you have also did some modification? I found several nice speakers (6 & 3/4") from Crutchfield. I want to keep the head unit and upgrade the speaker and amplifier.
  • hciaffahciaffa Member Posts: 454
    Right now I can't do it, other things on priority list. Wife dosen't want them just yet. Thanks anyway.
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    Anyone has info on Kia OEM bumper guard for Sorento? It was listed on 2003 Kia Sorento accessories sales brochure as late available item. My dealer said this is not for U.S. market. And I can only find this for Canadian market.
  • slan_canadaslan_canada Member Posts: 54
    Yep, seem to be available only in Canada.
  • phoenixriderphoenixrider Member Posts: 34
    I ran across a KIA accessory place from Germany. Kinda hard to read, but you can look at the pics. They will also reply to you in English, and ship here as well. They have a number of bumper gaurds there.
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    The bumper guard with integrated fog lights is very good looking. But I was looking for the Kia OEM one. They are only available in Canada in North America market. The molded rubber floormats from their website are also nice for Sorento.
  • lok888lok888 Member Posts: 1,788
    I went to my dealer yesterday and picked up a Sorento accessories brochure (2 pages long). There are some new items for '03 and '04 Sorento that you may like.

    * Custom fit sunshade for windshield
    * Color keyed door edge guards
    * Keyless entry with remote starter (no alarm)

    They are all late available. Check your local dealers.
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    Anyone know if there is different kind of mudguards for Sorento? The Kia OEM one is no good for snow and mud. I checked out the Husky Liners and they don't have one for Sorento. Any help?

    Also, I found a set of rubber floormats for Sorento on eBay. It looks like a tray with full protection (like the Husky Liners for other SUVs). I contacted the company for more info. It is about $80 (4 pieces custom-fit mats) plus $25 shipping. They are selling this (black only) in German. It looks like black is the only choice of interior color for European Sorento.
  • horst1horst1 Member Posts: 33
    There is a lot more to see than bumper guards. Its amazing that in germany so many people drive Sorentos. We have a Sorento with 20" chrome wheels in town. Looks realy great. Phoenixrider, thanks for the info.
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    Hi there I am going to be running a coaxial cable from an antenna into the inside of my 2004 Sorento, I was wondering if anybody has had luck running any sort of wire throught the firewall. Any help locating the hole(s) would be great.


  • shooterdshooterd Member Posts: 24
    Has anyone used one of these on their Sorento and/or have any advice on a good brand to use, where you can buy them, how well they work when attached, etc? Thanks.
  • mikey235mikey235 Member Posts: 5
    Hi All,
    I'm planning on purchasing a new or used Sorento in the near future. Has anyone installed any aftermarket shocks on their Sorento? I'm looking to find out if there are any good ones for softening up the Sorento's ride a little, and/or being able to act as load levelers. The only way to get the factory load levelling system on a 2004, is to also get the Luxury Package and most every other option which I don't want.
    Also, to those of you who do have the factory load levelling system on your Sorento: What do you think of it? Does it work well? How about for a trailer with a heavy tongue weight?
    Thanks for help, Mike
  • lok888lok888 Member Posts: 1,788
    mikey235 - I have the automatic load leveling (they called self-levelizer last year) on my '03 Sorento. The sales brochure said it is available on EX model. But you only see this on a top of the line model.

    The different is the rear suspension. You must replace the same when they need service. I don't know if you can just replace these special stunt on a Sorento without self-levelizer. I was looking at Kia parts website. This shock absorbers assemble could cost over $500 per pair.

    Like the manufacturer stated, the self-levelizer which controls the vehicle's height when towing and carrying heavy cargo. I remember I read someone's detail explanation about it here. I heard that the self-levelizer will take up to few minutes to fully functioned. There is no button to push, no electronic involved or even a label to tell (you only see it on the window sticker). This is not like those air suspension on Lexus or Land Rover.

    I don't tow but this is the only fully loaded Sorento my dealer had back in 11/02. But I occasionally carrying heavy stuffs. I really don't pay attention to this. But I see no problem when carrying 200+ lbs gravel stones from Home Depot. Maybe you will see the different when towing few thousand pounds trailer.
  • slan_canadaslan_canada Member Posts: 54
    New Accessories on my truck...

    -Altezza Euro Taillights (Black-Chrome),
    -Chrome Handles,
    -Euro Antenna,
    -Fog Rings,
    -Fuel Cap Cover,
    -German Plate,
    -Hood Mirrors,
    -Mirror Caps,
    -Black Headlight,
    -Angel / Neon Eyes,
    -TA&P Eyelines,
    -KDM Wheel Center Caps,
    -Rear TA&P Logo & Chrome Garnish Cover,
    -Bosch Spark Plugs Platinum+4,
    -Bosch Micro Edge Excel Wiper Blades,
    -New mud flaps

    A Lot of photos on my website:

    Let me know what you think :)
  • lok888lok888 Member Posts: 1,788
    Nice pictures! Can I just buy the chrome foglight ring? I think they come with other stuffs (chrome door handles) which I don't need. Nice job on painted headlamps and the chrome side mirrors (not the chrome mirror plates from Kia).
  • slan_canadaslan_canada Member Posts: 54
    Hi Lok,

    Thanks for your comments. No, you need to buy the whole kit... What is included in the kit is the fog rings, rear chrome garnish, fuel cap and another thing named shark something (which is very ugly and go to the rear windows). The fuel cap needed some work to get it fit over the fuel trap. I also got it painted by my body shop to match the color of my truck.
  • hciaffahciaffa Member Posts: 454
    For those that might be interested, over the weekend I replaced the original U.S. version of the hood protector on our Sorento to the one that is sold in Canada. For those that have a U.S. version you may notice that the front of the hood is protected but the sides along the chrome grill is not and thus becomes fair game to rocks and other projectiles that may be hurled at the Sorento front end. Mine had gotten several chips from stones and especially from this winter from the rock, sand and salt that is put down in CT during the winter months. Anyway I ordered it from TFR. Installation was pretty simple, a little awkward for one person but manageable, the mounting hardware is better that the U.S. version, nice solid clips. Comments, the U.S. one is a little sportier and it has a slight flair at the top. The Canadian one does not have a flair but it seems to be functional as no sooner I was on the highway but a 16 wheeler threw up a stone and it chipped the protector in what would have been the open area on the old one. In a way it has a Darth Vader look dark and menacing.
  • jaggilljaggill Member Posts: 3
    Slan where did you buy your accessories from? I am in BC Canada.

  • zk3zk3 Member Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone, We just Bought a 04 EX Sorento & so far Love it.We found a Awsome Brush Guard at Check it out.. Will Post Pics of ours soon.Also were looking at the Black Smoke Rear Lights...Any one else have them and what do you think.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    hmmm, no contact info, no domain of their own and using free web hosting at that, typos everywhere and they are using Hotmail for their ordering info.

    I'd be a bit reluctant to send an email to that site, much less money.

    Steve, Host
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    no domain of their own

    I have to wonder why an outfit that claims to be based in Vancouver is using a domain name (.tk) located on an essentially unpopulated atoll (Tokelau) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand). It gets curiouser and curiouser!

    tidester, host
  • ftroopdadftroopdad Member Posts: 2
    Well I am certainly glad to see someone else suspicious of this. I own two websites using two different web hosts and pay as little as $46 a year for domain name and hosting for the smaller one. Why wouldn’t a “retail” website use a legitimate web host and domain name? Thank you gentlemen for pointing this out.

  • slan_canadaslan_canada Member Posts: 54
    [quote]if they buy a domain that would mean charging people a little extra money per accessory.[/quote]

    Jaggill... what a joke ! The cost to register a domain (dot com )is only $USD 15 !!

    The site looks a little amateur. Sorry to tell you this but it's true.
  • jaggilljaggill Member Posts: 3
    where does it cost $15 its more like 50 isnt it.

    anyway i ordered from them and i got my order and everything so i like them.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    There's nothing wrong with cheap or free hosting, and you can register a domain for ten bucks or less at some places.

    And sometimes a slick web site is a front for some joker drop shipping stuff from his living room.

    But taken as a whole, your friends need to do a bit more work on their site to look legit.

    Steve, Host
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