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    They bolt on. You can go to and see the installation instructions. I haven't heard anything about Trucktoys4less, but the prices seem really good.
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    The two bottom pictures are of the Kia Messa concept vehicle on dispaly at the auto show. Kia supposedly has no plans to revise the Sorento except for some minor body tweaks.
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    Cool! Any links about the vehicle's specs on Sorento with Brabus package?


    Yes. It is a Kia Messa concept with 22" wheels, LED headlights and room for six. The 3rd seats are actually two bucket seats in this concept SUV. It seems like Kia is heading to the Infiniti FX and Ranger Rover direction, in term of body design.
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    I have just purchased a 2004 Sorento and in the owners handbook it makes reference to a third row of seats. I have being trying to locate from any source information about it so it can be added. Does anybody have information that you can pass on to me. Apart from that, "What a great vehicle"...
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    I understand the 2004 Sorento in Korea domestic market (KDM) has 3rd row seat option. And no 3rd row seat for any countries. There could be some references on the owner manual or service manual.


    The 3rd row seat option is not worth it for Sorento. I sat on the 3rd seat on Toyota Highlander. I got no leg room. The seat is mounted on the cargo floor.
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    For those of u who were looking husky liners for the sorento, mats4less now has liners that bevel

    up 2 in. all around. i just order a pair with free

    delivery. I'm also thinking about purchasing T&H step bars from them.
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    yes i can help ya with this prob..I am the manager of a future shop install bay.. and yes u have to have the tach wire..u all ways do..if not u can kill the stater in the car..I Have a Sorento as here is the answer..u need to hook it to the TACH red ac ctr harness on top of engine..u are right in the wire,but do u know how to test for it?? lol..thats where i come in...k...To test for a tachometer, a multi-meter capable of testing AC voltage must be used. The tachometer wire will

    shown between 1V and 6 V AC. In multi-coil ignition systems, the system can learn individual coil wires.

    Individual coil wires in a multi-coil system will register lower amounts of AC voltage. Also , if necessary, the

    system can use a fuel injector control wire for engine speed there ya have it..and if ya have to use an injector..see what color is comon in them and go with any of the other wire's that are not comon
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    Hi there! I just purchased a 2004 Sorento LX, 4 wheel drive with the sports package and am looking to dress it up by replacing the grill and a few other items. Was wondering if anyone knows where to find those type of parts? Obviously, Billet doesn't make anything like it and I am having trouble finding anything online...


    THANKS!! If you can, email me directly at

    [email protected]


    Also, mine didn't come with the owners man. I've got to get one. But, does anyone know if the gear ratio lowers once in 4 wheel drive? 1st gear seems awfully low already...
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    You can find grill and many other nice stuffs for Sorento from various websites. Not sure I can post their web addresses here. And it is not a good idea to post your email address here. You can make your email public on your profile.


    I can only find the gear ratios for the four speed automatic transmission ('03 and '04 models). They are: 1 (2.804), 2 (1.531), 3 (1.000), 4 (0.705) and R (2.393).
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    Good advice; and it's ok to post links to aftermarket accessory sites.


    And try Sema for lots of links (link), some of which may apply to your Sorento.


    Steve, Host
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    I emailed u a couple of links 4 your search, titled under sorento accessories. good luck on your search.

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    Thank you all. I did happen to find "billet" grill by T-Rex on a web site, but they had no pictures of it and it was only $99. Have to check into a little more. When I do, I'll post what I find.

    Anybody here do a lift kit? How difficult was it?
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    Here is the link where I found Kia accesories...
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    You will find a HUGE selection of Sorento accessories at this website.

    They are American based, for those Sorie owner's living in the US, (so you don't have to deal with "customs" hangups).

    They stock what they sell. That's a huge plus in my book.

    They ship lightning fast, and are very customer oriented. I have had nothing but super, fast and smooth transactions with this company. Jim, is a really nice guy to deal with. Just about all of my accessories have been purchased from them.

    He's so used to me....just tell him you heard about his site from Vickie. :D
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    Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust the outside temp reading on the Sorento? It is always about 10 degress off and cant find anything in the owner's manual.
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    Vickie -

    What did you purchase from that site?? I saw someone mention it on another Kia board and they have a few things that I would love to buy.
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    better late than has the perfect match to the wiring harness plug
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    does anyone know the number of speakers in a stock 04 ex model sorento.i have read 10 speakers but can only see in each door and two small tweeters on dash corners
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    count 2 tweeter, 2-two way front = 4 and 2-two way rear = 4, equaling 10 speakers
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    Where did you get the Euro Antenna from?
    I am in Canada too (Ottawa) with an Indigo Blue 2005 LX.

    Accessories I have so far:
    -Iceberg Stainless Steel Nerf Bars
    -Altezza Euro Taillights
    -Korean KIA Grille
    -Korean Rear Emblem
    -Chrome Handles
    -Chrome Hatch Glass Hinges and Handle
    -Rear Hatch 'Sorento' Chrome Garnish
    -Chrome Fog Rings
    -Chrome Mirror Caps
    -K&N Air Filter

    No pics so far - the weather is too mucky in spring. I can't keep it clean for more than 5 minutes. Will post as soon as I can.

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    #177 of 181 Re: Awesome Kia Aftermarket Parts! [vickie] by piverson Mar 06, 2005 (7:16 pm)
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    Vickie -

    What did you purchase from that site?? I saw someone mention it on another Kia board and they have a few things that I would love to buy.

    Princess -

    I bought my front grill, chrome side mirror caps, chrome tail light trim, chrome rear bumper trim, and chrome fog light rings from them. You can see a pic of my Sorie in their gallery. It's the black/pewter EX, close front shot. (the last picture).
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    Hi, Futune guru or anyone out there. Does anyone have info and where I can order the front bumper and where I can get the wheels on this pic of the sorrento you have here:

    This link says the original column\review was posted by a Justin on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 and it was made by Bottrop, a subsidiary of the Brabus tuning group. However unable to find a contact or a place to start ? I am ordering a Sorrento Diesel model here in Korea. You have the option of the normal 2.5 L Diesel engine or the new 2005 VGT (Variable Geometric TurboCharger) model
    but I am sticking with the old engine as the VGT is a bit pricy ? Its annoying that
    the gasoline model was only made available domestically in 2003 and you can only order a Diesel in Korea but in the US the gasloline is the standard. Anyway, if you want to know anything about the domestic models let me know and I'll be happy to answer ot help if I can.
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    For those interested when I went to pick up our Sorento, which was in for maintenance I found a brochure for a new alarm system for the Sorento’s and Sedona. Its made by Codesystems (Code Alarm) and it is a Remote Starter , Keyless Entry and a Vehicle Security System. This is a product specifically made for the Sorento and it is a Plug and Play. Here is a brake down on what it offers, Remote Start , Remote Keyless Entry with Hatch release and rear glass hatch release. Parking Light Flash to indicate system is set, press button a second time and horn burps to let you know as well. Illuminated Entry. Starter Disable, when the system is armed it disables the vehicle starter and the starter system. Remote Control Panic button. Perimeter Security, protects against theft attempts if the door, hatch or engine hood is opened it sets off the horn honk alarm. An Impact Sensor, a dealer activated sensor for both the interior protecting against theft of vehicle contents (Lite Touch Trigger sensing non damaging impact triggering a horn honk) and a Full Trigger which senses harder impacts which triggers the full security system. The price I got from my dealer was about $500.00 bucks. And it is covered under whatever warranty is left on the vehicle so in my case I have 3 years left it is covered under that or fully covered if you have and extended warranty.
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    You may want to hold your enthusiasm a bit. If it is made by KIA, it will be a factory installed option.

    I worked in car audio for many, many years. Our bread and butter was often selling/installing security systems to dealerships. And believe me, the dealers would put quite a markup on those things. Your 500.00 alarms system is probably about 250-300 at a local car audio outlet, and is the same thing. And if you wanted to spend 500, you should be able to get a top of the line unit for that price. The unit you are describing is what would be considered an low mid level unit unit. Those features are pretty much standard for any aftermarket alarm system that is of decent quality. At least the dealer is using a good quality brand - we would often sell 50 dollar Tawain systems that the dealer would end up retailing for 300-400 bucks. And many alarm manufacturers starting making dealer branded' alarms so consumers couldn't compare prices on a product by product basis.

    Don't mean to burst your bubble, just trying to save you some $$ :)
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    I have an accessories brochure for 2005 Sorento a while ago. I remember I did see something what hciaffa described. But I can't remember much more details unless I look at the brochure again. I think it is the same thing on many GM vehicles as they are sharing a lot of parts with GM.

    I have an alarm system with remote starter on my other car, '03 Camry for $350 installed (first asked for $380), a $50 extra for decoding if car has an engine immobiler. and another $50 for horn rely. And it is a 3 hour job. It's called Auto Mate by Directed Electronics, Inc., the same company for Viper, Python, Clifford and Avital. I had an excellent experience with Avital on my last two cars for 10+ years.

    For me, I wouldn't think of any alarm system if Sorento has an engine immobiler. I may add a remote starter for the winter use. The only thing I need is to stop some from stealing my car and drive away. However, the remote starter itself costs almost $200 installed at the same store I visited. I saw many are selling under $50 for the remote starter. Since I am not an expert on this, I probably end up spending $200 to have someone to install it for me.
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    Ok this is a KIA part and it is ordered from KIA and it is a plug and play. It may be a little pricey but it is only made for the Sorento and Sedona. It can be ordered as an option now. It is made by Codesystems and it probably can be bought cheaper at a local outlet such as Circuit City but some of the models I have seen will pop open the rear hatch but no the rear window hatch and there are some caveats. The service manager stated that he has had to repair many Sorentos and Sedonas because the after market alarms did simething to the on board CPU and Kia will not cover the cost as it was not there part. I remeber reading this on several post either here at edmunds or at the other Sorento forum. I went over to a local Circuit City and the installing tech reluntantly hinted that for some reason the Sorento's and Sedona's have a quirk. On some the alarm will work and on some it will not. They have had to remove and refund to the ones that had problems.
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    As I mentioned this alarm system has a starter disabler and it will disable the engine starter and electrical system to prevent someone from starting it without the key fob. It is also a remote starter and it opens and locks all the doors and hatches. I have been waiting for something like this for awhile. The service manager mentioned that the 03's when they first came out it was to have an engine imobilizer as an option but it was canceled and I said to him I remember reading it in a brochure. Sure enough I went home and I read my old sales brochure I had picked up in the summer of 02 before buying ours in Nov of 02. and it mentioned it was to have an engine imobilizer.
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    hciaffa - I still have the sales brochure for 2003 Sorento. But I can't find anything about the engine immobilizer. I have the brochure around the time when I bought my Sorento in 11/02. Are we having the same brochure?

    Years ago, I read that Mazda had to give the Miata owners $500 or to buy back their cars regardless the mileage due to some misprints on the sales brochure. I remember there was some errors on the horsepower specification. Oh! I do see some fine prints on the back of my Sorento sales brochure said "Kia Motors America reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice, and without any obligations as to colors, materials, specifications, features, accessories, packages and models."

    I heard that an engine immobilizer is like $50 (maybe less) option at the assembly line. Isn't it right?
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    see message 1125 on Kia Sorento problems forum.

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    For many Sorento owners, you may noticed the fading black rear bumper step/protector due to the sunlight. I have been using several vinyl care products but the fading keeps return. The color is not fade on my bumper step since I got this replaced few months ago due to re-painting work. Anyway, I accidentally discovered this Turtle Wax Wet N' Black (with UV inhibitors) this weekend. I bought it for the tires only. But I sprayed some on the bumper step, mudguards, roof racks, window frames, wiper blades and trims near the side mirrors. Woow... what a different! It is back in showroom condition. I have to give it some time to see how long it will long after car wash, rain and sunligh exposure. I have to try it tonight on my old bumper step (removed by body shop for re-painting) to see if it can restore the original look.
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    I've had my ex for 2 months, so far love it.

    I wanted to get a hitch but decided to not go with the dealer at their prices so I thought I would share what I found.

    Receiver hitch can be bought on E-bay for $99.00 US from [email protected] he also sells on E-bay

    W9iring harness can be bought at for $30.00 US including shipping.
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    I have an 04 Sorento that I bought new. I went to circuit city and have a code alarm system for under $200.00 including installation.
  • runningbea6runningbea6 Member Posts: 4
    I would like to find an auto dim rear view mirror for my 04 LX
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    Interesting on the alarm. Does it have all the features of the OEM key fob, meaning has it got the rear window hatch release. Does the one you bought let you know that when you activate it that the horn beeps. Can you give the model number on the one you bought. I'm interested in knowing so that I can go to my local Circuit City and check it out. Thanks for any info.
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    Yes all features are still just like the OEM key fob except all door unlock with one push of the unlock button. The rear glass unlocks with the trunk button. The code alarm uses a seprate horn but loud. Model # CSI300 or CS1300 not quite sure anyway total was 79.99 with 2 fobs.Hope this info helps
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    I am trying to remove the dashboard and radio in 05 sorento. Can anyone direct me how to get the dashboard off to remove radio and install a new one or a diagram or web page that discuss this?
  • hciaffahciaffa Member Posts: 454
    If I remember this was posted at another site. You have to remove the outward wood trim or whatever KIa is installing now (mine is an 03). place your hand plam down on the top portion at the top of the dash pushing down and outwards it should give way enough to unsnap it from the dash and then all the screws will be visible to remove each section as you wish.
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    Could you tell me the other site where the directions were posted? I am wanting to install an FM modulator for an XM radio and need to get into the dash. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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    I have a Honda Odyssey, (not 2005 model), and my battery died. I replaced it without a problem, but my radio doesn't work. The radio asks for a security code, but my car dealers didn't give me one. I checked all over the car, I mean, I checked EVERYWERE for the security code, because i heard that the dealers somtimes hide it in the glove box\fuse box. I checked, and I checked in more places then that. Its not in there.

    I need step-by-step instructions on how to remove the radio. Can anyone help me with this? Does anyone know any websites that tell how to do it step-by-step? FREE? Or, does anyone know how to do it personally? I bought the car used, and its a factory radio. Thanks ahead
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    I have a cut sheet on how to remove dash, let me know if you still need the info.
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    Hey Everyone,

    I recently bought a 2005 Sorento EX with the lux package, which has the 6 in-dash CD changer. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is any way to install a stereophone jack into the stereo with some hardware upgrade or something, that allows an mp3 player to be pluged directly into the stereo as an aux? Here in LA, the mp3 radio transmitter really don't work well, so I'm trying to find an alternative, since there is no tape player.

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    I just purchased the Canadian version of the Sorento stone guard. It looks to be fairly easy to install. Does anyone have any experience installing these, is there any problems I should look out for? Thanks.
  • hciaffahciaffa Member Posts: 454
    I have the CDN version as well and I really like it. Being a full cover for the front of the Sorento it really does protect the front end. I originally had the American version and I began to notice stone chip damage along the sides of the grill. My service manager and his tech like it they say it gives a Darth Vader look to the front end. Only thing I don't like is that you can't get your hand in between the protector and the engine hood to wash or wax.
    To put it on I had my wife help me to hold it so as to measure and mark the position on the hood. Use a grease pencil or sharp crayon to mark just read the instructions and try a dry run then go for it. The mounting clips are better than the American version.
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    This would really help me if I could get a copy of it please. I need similar information to undo an aftermarket installation. My wife mises the remote control on the stering wheel. I'm still afraid of going too far with the wood grain panels and doing damage. Thank you for the offer.
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    Thanks for the tips. I got the thing on with no problems and it looks great. I thought it a bit funny that I couldn't get my local dealership in Missouri to order it for me, in fact they claimed it didn't exist. The other day I was at the dealership and they wanted to know who made it and how I got it. Thanks to Performance KIA in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
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    Hi ,
    I am just just in process of installing new stereo in my sorento.
    However I really could not remove the dahs to instalm my new cd player
    I heard you had a cut sheet on how to do that, I d really could use it cause for now dash does not seem to come away.

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    Carefully remove the wood trims or plastic trims on both sides of the stereo with a screwdriver. Place a soft cloth on the trim to prevent scratch. Unscrew some screws on the mounting bracket for the stock CD player. Unplug the harness.
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    I could used that sheet for radio
    thank you
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    Just got my parts from TFR and bumper had some shipping damages. Notified TFR and they gave me the option of having it fixed or replaced or 30% discount. I took the discount. Shipping was supposed to be free but when it showed up there was a $85 CDN. COD charge. THis was due to the brokerage fees that were added because the pkg was sent UPS. USPS would have got around the border fees but my pkg was too large. I also bought some:

    EURO Lights
    Window Visors
    CHrome Mirror Accents
    Fog Lamp Chrome Accents

    All in all the quality of the items was good and once TFR notified me that they couldn't ship to a BOX# (2 weeks after purchase). Shipping was about 7 days to northern Saskatchewan Canada. I would purchase from them again but I would stick to the smaller items as not to get dinged at the border with additional charges. :)
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    I'm thinking of buying a 2005 4x4 Sorento to tow behind my RV. I'm getting mixed messages. The Kia dealer says it will be ok, with a transfer case switch which he will install. The Kia 800 line says that they don't recommend towing and I might void my warranty. Does anyone tow a Sorento?
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