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    jaggill.. visit
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    I liked what i got fram them. IT says there moving to a .com site and that that one is temporary. Anywa i like there prices and they respond within 2 hours to every emai lyoiu send them. You dont have to deal with them but theyre good!!!
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    Find it a bit curious that this jaggil guy is going to such great lengths to defend this site. Oh well, time will tell if the place is legit. All that's got to happen is one or two of us gets burned, we hear the feedback and they're done.
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    hciaffa & other Sorento owners - The part number for the Kia OEM rubber floormats is: UB040-AY125
    The retail price is $80. These custom fitted floormats have Kia logo (front set) and come in black color only. I paid the same price for my WeatherTech mats more than a year ago. But the color is oak to match the tan interior.
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    Got this today while trying to access their site:

    " Account Frozen. The page you are looking for has expended its monthly bandwidth allowance and will be frozen until more is purchased or its bandwidth is reset. "

    Message is immediately followed by:

    "Free Domain Hosting! Domains as low as $13/year"
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    I'm amazed that anyone remembered to try!

    Steve, Host
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    If that person is still looking for exhuast for their Sorento, they should give Meinike a shot. I have had complete, cat-back, exhaust done with both Flowmaster and Magnaflow mufflers. Both times, cost (parts and labor) was under 300 Dollars U.S.. Might be a little more or less, depending on your area. Also both were dual out mufflers with stainless tips. A single out muffler may be cheaper. Also had a glasspack(cherrybomb) installed inplace of resonator. So, for $300, not bad, considering what you might pay for a fancy namebrand muffler all by itself. Total time for job should be less than 2 hours, and the results should be quite nice. Goodluck, and enjoy.
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    You're Sorento is awesome!!! I'm drooling while looking at it. Can you please send me the website where you bought most of your stuff? Thanks.
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    I looked at your website your sorento looks awesome Im buying a ex in feb of 2005 i live in phoenix arizona so i am iffy on the black but your car looks sweet
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    was wondering if anyone has installed...XM Radio in their sorento...and if so..where did you mount it?
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    Try "USA Trailer Hitches @ The part # is 31823 (Wiring Harness for Kia Sorento) priced at $32.50 and shipping is UPS Ground Shipping $29.04. A little better than your price of $135.00. Hope this helps you.
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    I have XM Roady. Installed a bracket just below right center console a/c vent, in area between burlwood and glove box. Bought the bracket at Radio Shack. Please let me know if you need to see pics.
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    would love to see a pic of the installation....what bracket did you use from RS?
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    I just got a 2005 sorento and want a hitch. anyone know if the 2005 has the same hole alignment as the 2004? There are no hitches listed for the 2005.
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    I've got some pics for you. Do you have an e-mail address I can send them to? Don't know if I can post pics on this site.
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    Don't know if I can post pics on this site.

    Click on the Town Hall Help link at the top of the left column on this page to learn about how to post pictures here.

    tidester, host
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    Okay, mounting your XM on a Sorento must be a big issue. Besides this post, a state trooper who pulled me over (let me go with a warning) also inquired about how I mounted my XM Roady. Below is a link to some photos showing my XM radio mounted in my Sorento EX:

    If you have trouble accessing, please let me know. Also, I converted a cell phone holder bracket from Radio Shack for my use (sorry, I don't have the model number.) However, Pro-Fit International sells a variety of XM mounts at reasonable prices to suit your needs.(I do NOT work for them.) Here's the link to their site:

    If you are a Sirius user, here's where you can find those mounts:

    Hope this helps out. I travel so much that my Sorento EX and my XM Roady are a perfect match. I highly reccomend the combo!

    Danny H.
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    Hey dannyherm I can't seem to get in to view the photos. It says I need permission from the author.
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    Try it again, Hciaffa. I just changed the settings to "public" viewing. here's the link:

    If it still doesn't work, send me an e-mail address and I will send you an "invite".

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    If anyone owns an LX model you know they do not come with Fog Lights. Well, my wife has a Saturn SC2 std. O.E.M. fog lights. I pulled the bulb out to see what it was. Low and behold - same bulb. So I went to my local salvage yard and picked up a wiring harness for next to nothing. I then went to my local Wal-Mart and bought Sylvania 893 bulbs. These are the replacement for the G.E. 885 bulb, which is the same style used in the Sorento. I am not sure how to go through the relay so I have an appointment with my local electronics/auto store to install the switch so it will go through the relay correctly. I will let you know exactly how to hook it up once it is done. If anyone would like a diagram let me know. I will be making one up after I have mine installed so the next person will get by cheap.
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    didi you get any feedback from any one how to uninstall and install a new head unit or to disambel the steareo head unit on your sorento
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    Pop the wood trims out with screwdriver (put a piece of cloth underneath to prevent scratch), then remove the screws on the stereo.
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    If anybody is interested,this is my Sorento with the T&H side steps.

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    Sweet!!! Can you please give me the website where you bought them? Thanks.
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    I got them at for $440 delivered.
    they are the 76mm 4 bend stainless ones.
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    Has any one found an aftermarket rear air deflector, similar to the Lund Windflow Blade, to help keep the slush off the rear window of a 2004 Sorento? I can't seem to find one, so may have to use one of the same width, made for another make suv. Any suggestions?? Thanks
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    I'm absolutely interested in setting up my wife's new 2005 LX with fog lights. I'm assuming the 2005 wiring and lights would be the same as 2003/2004s. Let me know.

    By the way, the spots where the lights those just pop out? I haven't even had a chance to look.

    - Reggie
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    I would like to replace the fog lights on my 05 Sorrento with Silverstars....Has anyone done so?? Also what bulb number did you use?? Thanks.
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    The stock bulbs (fog lights) are from GE. The number is 881. But you can also use 886, 889, 894 and 896. I bought mine (hyper white) from eBay early this year. They works great. I was looking for yellow bulbs, kind of like the Lexus IS and GS. And you always look for bulbs which draws the same wattage (27W) as the stock ones or around 32W. Hope this help.
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    yeah the bars dont rust ive had mine in water and mud for several weeks and they are still good as new. hey about the body kit it said it was $1245, right/ i cant read japanese or whatever it is. i got a nice set of 20 inch rims for my black baby and they look real nice. got them off for the winter though.

    let me know if u can about the body kit. thanks
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    Thanks for the info.
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    Do you have a closer picture of the step bars? I'm interested in them, but want a better look.

    Thanks in advance!
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    A reporter would like to talk with anyone fitting the following profile...."I'd love to find some folks who've modified their own rides. I'm particularly interested in people who've done this for the first time and were driven to do it, at least in part, from watching a tv show like Pimp My Ride, Overhaulin' or something similar. I'm looking for average drivers who are just discovering that they can personalize their rides. I'm not as interested in the traditional tuner crowd who've been doing this for years."


    If you have a story to share, please send your name, daytime contact info and a line or two about your vehicle to [email protected] by Wednesday, December 29, 2004.
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    Sorry, but I haven't checked this forum for a while. I will try to post another picture tomorrow. The sidesteps bars look different than others because of the additional bends. I saw a Mercedes ML with these ones yesterday. I installed them by myself and they are very solid.
  • goldsuvgoldsuv Member Posts: 51
    Here is another picture.


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    Hey there ... I have two suggestions.

    1. I used a thing called "add-a-circuit" to power a VHF scanner in my wife's sorento. A cool little thing that looks like a fuse with a wire attached. You pull out a fuse from the fuse panel, put the add-a-circuit in the hole, and put the fuse into the add-a-circuit. That is kind of a poor description, but try googling 'add-a-circuit'... I got it at the local auto supply store.

    2. I had to run a wire through the firewall for a car-starter, so I popped a hole through the big rubber grommet that the brake cable goes through with a coat hanger. Workes fine!


    Good luck!


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    Alright folks, here's the deal:

    I put a BULLDOG SECURITY auto-starter into my wife's 04 Sorento, and it "kind-of" works. Yes, I did have to get their anti-theft module that you put a programmed key into so that it will bypass the ignition key lockout function.

    The problem is , that in order to get it to crank long enough to start when it is cold out, you have to hook up the "tach" wire. The instructions say to tie it in to a "red wire on the top of the engine, tests AC with engine running". I have found four red wires, and the module still doesn't work right.

     Can anyone help?

    It is a Bulldog Security RS82P auto car starter from WAL-MART



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    I have an '04 Sorento. It sees alot of action in the dirt. I have installed Old Man Emu springs/shocks all around, a 1 inch strut spacer up front, and larger tires (265/75/16 - 32 inch) This gives the Sorento 12 inches of ground clearance now. The ride quality with the OME suspenion is unbelievable. The stock setup is just way to harsh, and when offroading, tends to bottom out all of the time.


    In addition, I have removed the front sway bar alltogether, and installed sway bar disconnect in the rear to allow me to disconnect the rear sway bar offroading for slightly better axle articulation.


    I have a bit over 25k miles on it now. and the only problems have been this:

    - Broke a front u-joint while off roading

    - Broke a front axle off roading


    Those above 2 problems can happen to any vehicle when offroading, and it was do more to me giving ot too much gas trying to get unstuck than to any desgn flaw or weak parts


    - Rear sway bar connects broke


    Really bad design on the rear sway bar connects. You do any off roading where the axle reaches max articulation, and after only a few times, the connects will break. I now use some quick disonnects designed for a Toyota truck.


    The Sorento has proved to be, so far, a pretty reliable SUV. Even went on a 3k mile, 2 week summer road trip, and had no problems at all, and average around 19mpg on the highway.


    My biggest gripe - offroad capability. The Sorento was designed too much for street use. Front suspension travel is really limited, even by IFS standards, and rear axle articulation is also pretty limited when compared to a Toyota 4 Runner. Also, the lack of aftermarket products for off road use make it pretty expensive to get even a little extra out of it.


    But, I'd say for moderate off road use, replace the shocks/springs, and it is one heck of a family getaway vehicle at one bargin price. I just have a tendenancy to try to do more with it than it was really intended for.


    See some offroad pics here , if you want to see what a Sorento can do.

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    I am very interested in the information about the installation directions. Please let me know how it all turned out.
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    Thanks, I ordered some Westin bars 2 weeks ago and just found out they are "backordered" and will be 4 more weeks. Thinking about canceling and getting refund. The T&H ones you have are like candy!
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    I currently have a set of WeatherTech rubber mats in my Sorento. It works great in New England weather. However, rear mats are unviseral but still works fine. I sat on an '05 Sorento with Kia all-weather mats in the showroom. The problem is the slippery surface even with my dry shoes (sneakers) on. I can't imagine if my shoes are wet or cover with snow. I almost lost my balance when entering and existing the vehicle. The Kia mats are not quite heavy as my WeatherTech. Anyone can share their experiences with Kia mats before I consider it?
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    lok888 they may have sprayed some type of ArmorAll on them. This way they look appealing. The ones at my dealers was dull and the footing was not slippery. Ask the parts guy to show you a new set to see for sure.
  • lok888lok888 Member Posts: 1,788
    I didn't touch the mats. So I can't tell if the dealer has sprayed ArmorAll or vinyl protection production. But the mats appear to be cleaned and with no shinning appearance. They look just came out from the package. I doubt dealer would spend time on detailing the mats.


    A guy picked up his new Sorento. And his sales man removed the same Kia mats to his car. So I can't see the mats anymore unless go to parts department. Anyway, Kia mats seem like made of hard plastic and WeatherTech is rubber.


    Guess why I had so much time at the dealer? I went to my service for an oil change Saturday. And they couldn't lower the lift. They called the company (Saturday afternoon) and got no response. The service gave me a loaner ('03 Spectra 5 door - base model - very basic like my very first car '91 Corolla). No call from my dealer yet. :-(
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    I too am looking for the same item.....any luck???????
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    [email protected] I would like some feedback from anyone who has contacted these guys.
  • nj_marklewnj_marklew Member Posts: 2
    I changed my 2004 with HID lights and the part number for the bulbs is 881....


    I also changed my headlights too!
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    I was thinking about purchasing the Sorrento EX after I saw these aftermarket pics. The same company that does Mercedes aftermarket packages (Brabus) also does the Kia Sorrento and Amanti. The fixed up Sorrento looks much sexier than the MB ML 320 with Brabus Package.




    Here's what the redesigned sorrento might look like for '06 or '07.


  • fortune gurufortune guru Member Posts: 3
    The new Sorrento is supposed to have a larger engine and 3rd row seating. I really want a Sorrento right now, but I don't know if I should wait for the newly redesigned Sorrento.
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    sidestep look great, i too have a gold sorento.

    did u have to drill or bolt? thinking of getting the sidesteps [email protected] i'm trying to get some feedback on these guys before purchasing them. have u ever heard of these guys?
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