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Ford F-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
Did you get a good deal on your F-series?


  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Member Posts: 493
    Got a great deal for '01 on F350, CC,4x4, V10.. Used X-plan, and was several hundred bucks under dealer invoice. Could probably do much better today with motivated dealers and FoMoCo incentives. Though it was quite nice not to have spend a day dickering with salespeople.
  • stnewbiestnewbie Member Posts: 11
    Going to buy an 03 F150 Supercrew this weekend to pull my 2 horse trailer,mostly with one horse but once in a while 2 horses. Going for the 5.4 V8. I shouldnt have any problems with the towing/weight should I? My husband has the F350 diesel/dually but I want something smaller than I can safely pull by myself. Also, appreciate opinion on captain chairs versus bench seat or any other suggestions on purchase such as gears 3.55 vs 3.73? Thanks
  • mullins87mullins87 Member Posts: 959
    A Supercrew should "handle" that load with the 3.73 rearend. You will be at or near the limits of comfortable towing however. Have you considered an F-250 CrewCab shortbed? They are not much longer than a Supercrew and it will be able to handle the horse trailer much more comfortably. The 5.4 in either version will suffice.

    Also, you didn't state if the Supercrew is a 4x4 or not. If it is, then that is extra weight and drivetrain drag working against you.

    I have the standard 40/20/40 seat in my 350 and I like it just fine. The captains seats are nice though. A guy I work with commented one day after spending all day in the truck with me that my seats were nearly as comfortable as his captains seats.
  • russelllrusselll Member Posts: 3
    Need some advice. Plan on buying a '03 Supercrew in the next couple of weeks. I used Edmunds website to solicite offers on different ones. Its worked well so far with 17 vehicles quoted from 10 dealers. My delima is the best offer is a Lariet with 5.4L V8 and standard differential. Its the only one out of 17 that doesn't have this option. I don't plan on towing anything, but I'm not sure what abilities I'll lose if I don't have it.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Member Posts: 493
    Limited slip differential is set up to do just that - it limits the wheel slip in low traction situations. The rear end is set up with a system of clutches that essentially measure the torque being applied to the wheels. The clutches engage and disengage according to how much traction each side of the axle is experiencing and shift a larger portion of the power to the side that has best traction.
       If truck with regular (or open) differential is sitting with one wheel on dry pavement, and the other on sheer ice - all the drive torque goes to the wheel that's slipping. Wheel with no traction spins freely, while wheel on pavement sits there doing nothing and you're stuck. With a L. S. differential, clutches shift over to side with traction and allow torque to be applied to wheel on the pavement. Truck can move!
      It's not perfect, it can't apply all the torque to one side or the other - hence name "limited" slip. But in many situations, limited slip rear end almost negates need to have to shift into four wheel drive. L.S. has small draw back, it can sometimes result in kind of "squirrely" behavior at highway speeds on wet roads. Torque application can shift back and forth quickly between sides and give you a momentary thrill.
      Whether it's necessary for you depends on where you live and where you drive. If you live where it doesn't snow and you're not going to do much off roading then you can probably get away without it. I live in CT, and have a steep driveway where my L. S. came in quite handy many time last winter.
  • akjbmwakjbmw Member Posts: 231
    Going for the rest of the story... I concur with the above post, but would suggest another thought direction... The result is a limiting of the amount of slippage (or difference in speed of spinning) that the lesser traction wheel has.

    The differential allows the wheels to turn at different speeds for turning corners. The Limited slip limits the rate of difference in speed.

    Hope that helps.

    Your appreciation for the feature will not surface until you have sat with a wheel spinning with no traction, the other drive wheel sitting idle, and you going nowhere.

    Happy traveling.
  • russelllrusselll Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info on the diferential. I won't be buying that vehicle after finding out about the "teardrop" rims. Completely changes the look. Internet buying experience has been good. Even over the net you can tell which dealerships you want to deal with. Looks like I'll be purchasing a White/Beige Lariet, 5.4L & limited slip, Tow pkg, bed xtdr, captain chairs, & heated seats for $29,244 - $4000 rebates = 25,244. MSRP is 33,195 so I think its a pretty good deal. My biggest concern is get used to a truck after driving an '98 Interpid ES. My commute is mostly highway (35mi 1way) and hopefully I'll get better than 13 mpg as sited by others.
  • dcordi16dcordi16 Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking to buy a new 2003 F-150 but I'm not sure what my barganing power might be due to the redesigned 2004 models. Does anyone know what a 2003 F-150 might depreciate now that it will be an old model?
  • gunship68gunship68 Member Posts: 4
    I am starting to see screamer ads for high 19's- low 20's for 2003 XLT 150 SCrews, depending on rebates and whether or not you finance through Ford. My question is...... If the 2002/2003 USED models (Screw XlT 4x2 less than 25k miles) are normally advertised for 20k, will they now be advertised (or sold) for less?
  • hawk19hawk19 Member Posts: 1
    anybody get a good deals on a f250 4x4 xlt crewcab (fx4)
  • graczgracz Member Posts: 21
    Just bought an 03 f-250 4X4 in houston, for
    30,500 at what used to be Texan Ford, great
    truck, I take it to Del Rio almost weekly
    during hunting season, never any problems -
    I put all my equip in the back, feeders, heaters
    chairs, even my 40' tarp - There are deals out
    there - good luck.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
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  • scottinssmdscottinssmd Member Posts: 16
    Beautiful truck. Just picked one up today in Bethesda for $30,200 plus tax tags and extended warranty. [MSRP was $35800]. Spec, by order of my importance, include 4x4, 5.4 Triton, Super cab, short bed, HD tow package, captain's chairs, auto, power moonroof and rear window, power seat windows and locks, Aspen Green. Other creature features which came with this model are heated turn signal side mirrors, 6 CD in-dash player, digital dash, rear seats fold up so I can stow blueprints, digital camera equipment, and laptop equipment. Also, the rear windows are electric and roll down 100%, this is a clutch gimme. Now it feels like my 03 SVT Cobra convertible. OK, nothing like it but you get the idea.

    I'll report back later in the week after I get feedback from my partners and crew members. Smooth ride.

    Extended warranty fell under my fleet/commercial account. Got platinum coverage 7yrs/100k for $2,800.

    Any questions?
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    I was thinking of just having a look around in December to see what 03 Supercab shortbeds were available. Anybody think they'll all be gone and Ill be out of luck? Im soo tempted to go for an 03 becaus it's been my dream truck for like 3 years now and I really like the old body style. On one hand Im hearing of great deals out there. On the other, my Ranger only has 106K right now and runs OK. Any thoughtS?
  • casher1casher1 Member Posts: 1
    has anyone gotten a new f 150 as of yet? i'm a dodge man but i really like the new ford it is really cool. woundering what gas mileage is on the 5.4 v8. my dodge is bad. thank-you and have a great day.
  • powermovespowermoves Member Posts: 1
    I am about to purchase a f150 with 109K mile on it for $12k. I don't know much about truck but I was told that hi mileage does not take much out of truck. Is this true? Am I getting a good deal? What will you consider to be a good deal? I am looking for a truck that is btw the years 97 to 2000.
  • scottinssmdscottinssmd Member Posts: 16
    You need to get to a dealership if you are going to pay 12k for a 97-00 truck. You can buy a new 03 today for 16-20 with a warranty and o miles.

    I just passed on my 98 f-150 xl extended cab with long bed and Leer cap to one of my employees. I am going to put a new engine in it for $3,800. My truck in excellent condition by Kelly Blue Book is only $7,000. It has 97k miles on it, new BF tires and brakes, and new alternator. If you pay $12k for a truck that used, you're better off getting new. Less money down and 0-2.9% interest. That's only $1,200 finiancing over 3-4 years. Keep your money in your pocket.
  • scott173scott173 Member Posts: 1
    After obtaining edmunds price report,I asked for e-mail price qoutes from 6 dealers.No responses. I visited one dealer,who didn't want to deal much on price. Local dealer has same reputation,so I called one 20 mi. away,Garnsey&Wheeler in Greeley,Co.Very personable salesman.He searched 60 dealers inventory for what I wanted. No luck,so he offered to order what I wanted,based on edmunds pricing. Here's what I got.'04 F-150 supercab XLT 4x4styleside 5.5 ft.bed,4.6 liter engine, with limited slip, black running boards, deluxe mirror pkg,shift on fly,skid plates,rear defrost and power pedals. settled on total price of 28,747.00.which is 788.00 above dealer cost,659.00 below TMV, and 3,100 below MSRP.It took an hour or so to get him down,and during this I had to "offer" to leave for another dealer twice.Est.date of arrival is 5-6 weeks.I wanted this truck bad and paid the 299.00 dealer prep(included in the above price). May have been able to get him to drop this if I'd cared to try. After getting home, noticed the buyers order had 299.00 in small print for " paper handling! Called salesman back and he agreed to drop this as it was not included in our discussion or price worksheet.This was a cash deal,no financing or trade in.
  • mr_occammr_occam Member Posts: 1
    My neighbor is getting rid of his mint condition 2001 Supercrew (5.4L, towing packing, auto locks and windows, cd stereo), but it has a lot of mileage. 98,400 miles to be exact. He's a salesman with a lot of rural customers, so it's mostly highway miles. It's been religiously maintained by the Ford dealer and no problems (still has the original Michelin tires). He's been trying to get 13,000-13,500 for it; but, has offered it to me for $12,500. Is this a good deal?
  • danf150danf150 Member Posts: 7
    I bought my first new pickup truck in 17 years, and the first American made vehicle in 10 years, and I am sad to say I have been disappointed. The F-150 has had horrendous vibration problems that others all talk about but Ford refuses to admit to.

    The dealer has been very good to date, and is the only reason I hold out hope for a decent resolution.
  • puckyhuddlepuckyhuddle Member Posts: 52
    Does anyone know of any dealers other than Carmax that publishes a no haggle price online? Thanks!
  • quadtexquadtex Member Posts: 5
    I purchased a 2003 F150 SuperCab in Houston from Mac Haik for $21283 which includes TT&L. MSRP of vehicle was $28550. Final price includes $2500 regular rebate plus $2000 Ford financing rebate. I can pay off the loan after 90 days so an extra $2000 rebate is more than worth 90 days of interest. Mac Haik was a good dealership to buy from. No dealer add-ons as another local dealer had who added $2400 to each F150 with worthless dealer add-ons.
  • jaguar0027jaguar0027 Member Posts: 387
    I guess they are really dropping the prices in order to make room for the 04's. Why not get an 04 at this point? Unless of course you were looking to save some $$$
  • sweedpd2sweedpd2 Member Posts: 1
    i am considering buying a used f350 flat bed 1985 utility truck.
    nada doesn't list for condition of truck.
    kelley lists it as fair condition.
    edmunds list it as rough condition.
    the asking price is 3,500.00 i feel this is too high according to the guide books. it is a nice truck. however it needs all new tires. new exhaust and rag gear is going bad. i haven't test drove it yet nor have i made any commitment to it yet . what do y'all think. i am getting this truck to haul water and horses with maybe haul hay as well. i do want it to be right for my horses sake. my boy friend is a certified ford mechanic so repairs never cost me what it does most folks. do you think this is worth it for the price?
    edmunds says 1,500.00 in its current condition.
    kelley says 2,305.00, nada says near 3,500.00 with no condition listed for price. which one do i believe? i think the asking price is too high . 3,500 i would think would list it in good condition not fair to rough. it does not have any fancy options on it either. some feed back could help me alot.

  • jeffjeff Member Posts: 2
    can anyone please tell me where to find the ford bed that looks stock but has doors on the sides of it?thanks i have checked over the net but can not find it and i have passed them on the road. thanks
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Member Posts: 493
    Jeff are you looking for something like this?


    or something more toned down the looks like it came from the factory that way?

    Look in you local Yellow Pages under "Truck Bodies and Equipment"
  • jeffjeff Member Posts: 2
    thanks wpalkowski,but i am looking for amore stock looking bed. i know they are out there because i have seen them i just cannt find a website for them
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    all F150 2004 supercabs as advertised by Peninsula Ford (Menlo Park, CA)
  • jasoncajdajasoncajda Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I doing some research on a used 2000 F-150 XL Stepside Truck in my area,( Woodridge ILL) its a reg cab 4x2 short bed with the 5.4 eng. and it looks to be fully loaded from the research i've done. My questions are how is this truck when pulling a 2300lb boat and the dealer is asking 13,900 for the truck do you think it be possible to get this truck for 11,000 to 11,500.

  • yhcyhc Member Posts: 6

      I am currently in the market for a new F-250 Crew cab, Lariat. Could anyone share their buying experiences and final price, before tax and license fee? There is one truck that I have looked at that has diesel engine, automatic 5-spd transmission, 3.73 Limited Slip, with many extras such as stereo w/ 6 CD, moonroof, heated seats, reverse veh aid sensor, etc. The invoice price for the vehicle is $40,000 before rebates (MSRP $43,600), etc. and the dealer is offering it at $37,000. Has anyone found a better deal?

      Also please share your thoughts on pros/cons of diesel vs. gas engine. Thank you so much for your time in advance.


  • rcheck1rcheck1 Member Posts: 1
    Mathematically, does it seem to you like a "better deal" is avilable? I mean, there isn't 6 grand worth of markup in an F-250, especially a run-of-the-mill Lariat like the one you describe. If the invoice price is indeed "40 grand," how exactly do you think they manage to stay in business if the can realistically sell an F-250 for 3,000 under invoice that? Are you a Ford employee? If not, you better start to rethink this deal they gave you. Because it isn't mathematically real, not if they intend on staying in business for any length of time.

    I believe you are seeing the lure-you-in price. Ya know, the one that gets you in the door but changes quicker than Madonna on mescaline. But something tells me you'll still call 5 other dealerships to get them to sell you the truck for like 35 or 36k (right!) and you won't believe them when you hear what they REALLY sell for and you'll end up at the place that quoted you 37 grand for a 44k truck. But once they start revealing the way those numbers unfold, you'll wonder how you fell for it all.
  • hiebshiebs Member Posts: 1
    as someone that can receive the ford employee price I can tell you there is a huge mark-up on both cars and trucks. I just purchased an f150 super crew lariat in Aug of '03..sticker was 39,850....my price before incentives was 32,900....which they took another 3000 off in incentives. Also dealerships will put huge discount on last years models to get them out of their inventory.... the ford dealership near me has an '03 explorer stickered at 32,000 selling for 21,500 because it is the last '03 that they have. there are alot of good deals to be had ...you just need to look around!!!
  • yhcyhc Member Posts: 6
    Thank you for your responses, "rcheck1" and "hiebs". I am just returning from the dealership after purchasing aforementioned vehicle in message #32 for $35,838--after rebate, before tax, etc. I did not run into any problems with gimmicks or hidden prices. I will have to agree w/ "hiebs" above that there are good deals to be had.


  • glenglen Member Posts: 17
    I bought a f250 Crew Cab XLT 4X4 LB Diesel Auto last week.

    Paid 38,569 +TX,LIC,Doc,Tire,life Oil Changes minus rebate. This was invoice price.

    Is this the norm?
  • SEVENPINSEVENPIN Member Posts: 10
    I'm thinking of buying a 2004 Ford F 150 Heritage 4x4 truck new from the dealer. It has 6 cylinders, LB, auto, A/C, CC, Tilt, and SRW. A dealer gave me a price of $18,100 includes taxes, destination charge and all rebates. Would this be a reasonable price?

                   You're response is appreciated
  • forddoodforddood Member Posts: 1
    Purchased from Carl Gregory Ford Lincoln-Mercury in Auburn, AL. The same exact truck I'm driving now was originally located at Freeway Ford in Columbus, GA. I saw it there on a Sunday when they were closed, the following Monday I showed up to ask about it, then that following weekend I came back down with a co-signer and they told me the truck was sold. I went to Carl Gregory in Auburn who checked Freeway's inventory online and found the exact same truck I have now. They did a dealer transfer and I bought it from them.

    Sticker was $32,655, invoice was approx. $28K, I got D-plan pricing which is like 2-3% below invoice, plus a $2000 rebate, plus $8000 on my car which was kinda negated by the payoff on it.

  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    on ALL new 2004 F150 supercab 4x2 & 4x4's

    this is the add run last Sunday in the paper from Sunnyvale Ford.

    it was just one month ago I read $5,000 off MSRP (read post #30).

    don't limit what you think can be negotiated when you see adds runing like this.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    anyone out there?

    so I call the dealer (fleet sales guy) to talk price and he goes on about all these incentives that are very convaluted and add up to $3,500 off MSRP. I tell him his dealership ran an add last weekend for ALL F150's at $7,000 off MSRP.

    He's just rambled and mumbled how he wasn't sure how that could be and it was probably just to see if they would get a one time response and it might require certain financing or no financing..... unbelieveble this guy could pretend to have no clue what his dealership is advertising - and how it's probably expired.

    Low and behold, today's paper is running the exact same add of $7,000 of MSRP on all F150 super cabs - there's another dealer matching that too.

    There's no friggin way I would give such a [non-permissible content removed] sales person my business who can't even acknowledge his own dealership advertising.
  • jhs70jhs70 Member Posts: 213
    Boy are you ever correct! Do NOT be mislead by those splashy adds that promise huge markdowns from the MSRP. You have to read the fine print (hint -- use an electron microscope) to find out what applies and what doesn't, and usually there are one or two people in your community who will qualify for all of them. And isn't it funny how the font size decreases dramatically the further down the ad you go, where 'the good stuff' is?
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    the '04 Nissan Ttan XE King Cab is selling for $19,888 at a local dealer. This truck competes favorably with the F150 and will no doubt put pressure on Ford to keep up with incentives. Plus the XE King Cab comes with some standard features that Ford doesn't offer on it's base model F150.

    I'll use the Nissan to negotiate with Ford. If they can't at least offer what the advertise, I'll get the Titan. If Nissan does the same thing I'm going to take the bus.
  • smillersmiller Member Posts: 32
    I sold my 1989 Toyota pick-up with 160,000 miles on it because it had a slight back seal leak.
    It always performed very well- never let me down.
    I should have had it repaired but I needed a bigger truck to haul things, my wife and two daughters. I couldn't find a good used Toyota truck in my price range within 50 miles of my home. I looked for a long time but i was not going to travel more than 50 miles to buy a truck. Finally I saw a very clean 1998 F150 SC XLT 4X2 with just under 47000 miles and I thought was in excellent condition.
    From the outside (and inside)the truck looked flawless, it even came with a very nice matching A.R.E. cap. The truck dealership took my offer of 11,500 (they were asking 13) So I bought my first Ford. (my buddy and brother-in-law own one and they love theirs) After two or three days I took a closer look and found holes in the bed towards the back corners about 5 on each side. These aren't big holes maybe 1/2 inch - so I thought no big deal I'll cover them up somehow. (I bought a BedRug) Then after taking the cap off I found 6 more holes drilled thru the top of the bed rails! (and red rail caps) So now I'm more than a little angry - I went back to dealer and showed them the
    bed rail holes - they replaced the factory installed bed rail caps for me. But now I'm thinking my truck bed is going to rust out around the holes. I love my truck and I kick myself for not looking closer before the buy - I'm sure I could have gotten a better deal.
    If I had seen the infamous door crack (hard to see,right now it's only about a 1/4 inch right next to window molding on right, drivers side.) or known about it I'm not sure if I would have bought this truck. I'm still looking for a Toyota extra cab and maybe I'll trade my Ford for it. So if anyone reading this is looking at a pick-up truck with or without a cap take a very close look.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    It took me three dealers to get it done, but I finally took delivery of my '04 F150 XLT SuperCab today at $7,000 off MSRP.

    Two dealers ran adds featuring ALL F150 SuperCabs. The first one I spoke with by phone acted like I didn't know what I was talking about. The 2nd dealer said he would match the offer advertised in the paper, but when it came to doing the paper work he "must have just misunderstood me"

    Then I tried one other dealer, Swanson Ford in Los Gatos, CA and BINGO! I used ford.com to build my vehicle and locate it on their lot and simply said over the phone I have a VIN# and want simply what was advertised and it was a done deal. They even filled my 35 gallon gas tank before I drove off.

    I used to think, unless it's a price leader (one only at this price) that advertised prices were for people who didn't want to negotiate, but this IMO was an incredible price which amounted to $2,500 under invoice! And on a new model no less.

    To get the $7,000 off you do have to finance part of the vehicle (that amounted to $1,000 off), pay tax on the $2,500 rebate, $300 for a contractors rebate, with the rest being dealer discount.

    I did call CarsDirect.com and got a great quote - very close to what I ended up with - I would of used them if my last attempt had fallen through.
    Carsdirect.com is as no hassel and easy as it's gets.
  • duckhead1duckhead1 Member Posts: 1
    I bought mine for 29373.00 MSRP was 36000.00
    Had the deal done in an hour. Priced it on Edmunds and took dealer invoice minus rebates and that's what I offered them.
    WoodHouse Ford
    Blair Ne
  • rav4manrav4man Member Posts: 21
    So you bought a $36,000 truck for only $29,000.
    I did too, bought a new 1999 150 for $29,000
    in 1999. Now the truck has 65,000 miles on it.
    I'll have a hard time selling it for $11,000.
    That is .28 cents a mile just in depreciation.
    I also had a $750 brake job at 60,000 miles.

    Now I learned something. If you are trying to save money, do not buy a new truck or car. buy
    a used vehicle 2 years or older so the depreciation has slowed.

    Pay cash, do not finance. Put bare bones insurance
    on it. Drive it 2 or 3 years and sell it for not
    much less than you paid for it. I learned something. Rich people drive old cars. Poor people drive new cars.

    I drove the new ford, cannot tell the difference from the old body style. Just has everything square inside instead of oval, and the rear bed is harder to get stuff out of.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    can't argue with your logic
    some of of us are suckers for new cars I guess

    part of the depreciation hit you have incured is due to the New F150. When the new style hits the show room floor it always subtracts from the older style.
  • rav4manrav4man Member Posts: 21
    Yes, there are millions of the 1997-2004 old body styles out there. Because of that the new body style will also plummet in value as more are bought and the used car market has old and new body styles to select from.

    There is a lot of satisfaction in having the new body panels and nice, new. It is such and incredible premium we pay for that.

    The prices on the new style are also much higher than the old. We simply do not know if the truck is built any better or if the manufacturer has
    devised more profit per vehicle.

    Don't get me wrong, I want want want the new style
    but it is such a high price on my future.
  • lbrtdclbrtdc Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 04 F150.

    ford.com website information:
    base MSRP $27,935 + options + destination = MSRP of $29,365, invoice of $26,150.

    Edmunds TMV others are paying: $24,029 after $2500 rebate.

    Paid just under $23,400.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    all I know is what I read in the paper

    LA Times this weekend ran adds (2 at this price) F150 supercab's at $9,0000 off MSRP. Factory cash back was bumped up to $3,000 plus $500 for a graduation discount, $1,000 FMCC cash back and the rest dealer discount.

    Don't ever let a dealership tell you they're loosing money on a car - even if it's below invoice - there's soooo much fluff built into their pricing model it's wacky.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    I tried to buy an F150 XLT Supercap at a dealer a couple weeks ago at $7,000 off MSRP as advertised at their competitors. He said he would match the deal only to back out once I showed up with my check book in hand (said he must of misunderstood me - said he couldn't possibly sell a car an lose that much on the deal).

    That same dealer, just 2 weeks later is now advertising ALL F150 Supercabs XLT at $8,500 off MSRP.

    I'm a little disapointed that I may have passed up an additional $1,500 in discount, but more dissapointed as to how a dealer will lie to you and even let you walk off the lot to go buy a truck at more $$ at someone elses lot. Go figure.
  • mrjjgittesmrjjgittes Member Posts: 156
    I've been seeing some unbelivable deals on f150s in the paper lately. "9 grand off every f150 supercab", and the like. However, I am really interested in an f250 supercab, 4x4, w/ the powerstroke. I've seen stickers at $40k for an xlt f250 supercab 4x4, which I'd love. Anybody have any opinions on what a good ultimate price would be on one of these? Or is hoping for a great deal on a diesel just too much?
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