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Ford F-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • soapsoap Posts: 17
    I don't know man, I have a post somewhere in this thread I believe on what I paid. I bought a 2006 FX4 Screw on Jan 1st. sticker was something like $38,500 or so and I paid $26,500 before TT&L with no trade-in. This was a brand new vehicle with 12miles on the odometer.
  • tammym71tammym71 Posts: 1
    I have 2006 f 150 supercrew GTR. I love my truck but I cant keep it. when I got it I traded in a 2mth old dodge durango I paid cash for 33,000 they gave me 25,000 trade in I put another 5,000 down got the gap extra wrnty. my payments are 425.00 a month I cant pay that anymore so I go to trade my truck in, granted I owe 24,000 still om my truck they only wanted to give me 21,000 then they said well we will give u 24,000 what I owe so in other words, I can just give them my truck and get nothing out of it. Am I going to be able to trade it in anywhere? Exlt condition 5950mls -I think Im going to get Screwed out of everything. The Gtr pckge was 10,000 and the truck was 35,000 and I cant believe they offered me the 24,000 only I dont know what to do
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    If you can't make the payment, you don't have many choices... As you found out from your Durango, trading newer cars is expensive...

    If the dealer will give you enough to pay off your loan, you should probably take it.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • soapsoap Posts: 17
    $10,000 for a GTR package? What was that rims and a body kit for 10K? Ouch!! Your best bet is to sell privately. Forget about trading that in.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    sorry to say it, but you're learning the hard way.

    You're a salesman's dream :shades:

    But you've come to the right place (Edmunds) to learn what to avoid in the future.

    good luck.
  • eclaixpeclaixp Posts: 46

    I am considering purchasing a 04 F-150 SuperCab FX4 with 41000 miles from a private seller. The seller might be willing to let it go for $17000. Is this a good deal? It's supposed to be in great cosmetic and mechanical condition. It has leather seats, 6 CD changer, Spray in Bed Liner, Tow Hitch, and don't know what else. Are there any known issues for this year and type of truck? Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    issues with the '04 FX F150?

    oh yea

    you will find allot of compaints in the 'problem' forum for the 4x4 version of the F150 2004 and newer. Best to make sure there is no vibration coming from the rear of the truck/transmision.
  • I'm looking at a 1995 Ford F250 Styleside XL H/D SuperCab 4x4, with the 460v8. It has 114,000 miles and they're asking $5,800. Is this a good deal? It looks to be right a blue-book, but what kind of problems can I expect to find on this truck with this many miles? Any other user experiences with a similar truck? Thanks!
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    Soap what part of Idaho are you in? I was born and raised in the Pan Handle.

    The biggest problem you will have with a F250 4X4 with a 460 in it is getting by many gas stations. :D
  • soapsoap Posts: 17
    Not sure what post you read, but I live in Houston, Texas not Idaho. And I have the F-150 not F250 with a 5.4L V8. I'm actually thinking about trading it in today on a car due to gas mileage.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    My bad you were replying to "Newtoidaho"
  • tampa2tampa2 Posts: 18
    Dear Forum:

    I am looking at an F150, 2006 with 16,500 miles, second owner. It's a 4X2, sliding rear window, tow package, sun roof, no NAV, no supercharger or other options. The guy is asking 26.5K, private party. Does anybody know what a fair price for this vehicle might be? What about trade in value? We are both in Florida. I've heard black book/trade in value is somewhere between 20-23K.


  • Has the recent Fed rate cut affected Ford interest rates? Does anyone have the rates for 60 month and 72 month loans through Ford for Tier 0 credit?
  • Try going to It will give you trade in private party and retail prices for the vehicle you are looking at.
  • I am getting a price of about $30100 + TTL. With 0% 60 month finance. MSRP $33100. Is this good with the financing?
  • tampa2tampa2 Posts: 18

    I bought a 2007 Harley Davidson in December with the saleen package, discounted it about 7K off MSRP and they RARELY move off those vehicles. I'd look at invoice for your truck as the starting point, then subtract the rebates or choose the financing option. Based on what I remember the invoice of that truck is likely lower than 30K, given a 33K MSRP. I'd suggest invoice is likely about 28K. Nobody's buying trucks right now and Ford is hurting, plus the 2009's come out in 6 months with a redesign of the F150. I guess what I'm saying is you can get a better deal, at least invoice minus the rebates or taking the 0% APR. You can probably get better than that if you are willing to walk away/shop around.

    Good luck!

  • Just picked up my new truck in Las Vegas at Gaudin Ford.

    2007 F-150 Lariat 4x2 Super Cab 6-1/2' Bed.
    NAV, sunroof, Sirius radio, Audiophile, trailer tow, reverse sensing, pwr pedals, leather captains chairs, traction control, pwr rear window, two-tone paint (Bright Red/Pueblo Gold).

    Here is the breakdown of the deal:

    MSRP: $36,285
    Invoice: 33,074
    My Price: 32,000
    Rebates: 8,000 (Ford $5500 + 1000 FMCC + 1500 RCL Loyalty)

    Out the door: $24,000 + tax & tags

  • I am thinking of special building a 2008F150XL.MSRP is $22300 do you think asking $7000 off of MSRP is reasonable?If not how much can I try to get off?
  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    We're being offered a new 2007 4x4 F150 XLT supercrew for $23,500. The sticker is $32,153. I know it's a lot off the sticker, but these trucks obviously aren't moving. Is this the best deal we can get?
  • Hi warren, I'm in the market to buy a truck, and I was wondering how you got those rebates? can you shere some tips? thanks.
  • tampa2tampa2 Posts: 18

    The only way to know a "good deal" is to shop around, check prices, and be willing to make a deal. The elusive "best deal" is all up to the customer and their requirements. If you are basing your "best deal" solely on price, then shopping based only on price is your best bet. Shoot a bunch of e-mails out, call the internet managers, and tell them you will buy the truck today at what you consider to be the "best price". I think all the trucks are priced pretty well right now, that's why I chose to buy one in December of 07. 9K off sticker is pretty good considering the sticker is only 32, that's about 30% off. If you want to get lower, show up with your checkbook and offer them 1500 off that price. You'd be surprised what happens when you pull out your wallet, prices can sometimes go down even further.

    Good luck!

  • tampa2tampa2 Posts: 18

    The rebates are posted all over the net, including on this site. I signed up for consumer reports car service and that was pretty decent. It's basically the same information you can get from Edmunds plus they give you the dealer holdback (I could not find dealer holdback on Edmunds site). The 2009 F150's come out soon, so they are already dealing on 2008's, lots of rebates and incentives there. If you have a 2007 you like you should be able to get it for 2-3K less than the 08, otherwise your better off going with an 08.

    Good luck!

  • dbweaverdbweaver Posts: 88
    I special ordered my F250 4x4 with the 6.4 liter deisel, camper package, towing mirrors,tilt,cruise and air conditioning nothing else. The msrp on the sticker said $34,935.00. I drove away with it for $30,022.00. 2.9% APR for 60 months. I wander how much they still made off of me. I feel like I got a pretty good deal though. What do you guys think?
  • We got a great deal on our F150 with discount package, rebates and x-plan at end of March:

    $26435 MSRP
    -2000 SXT Discount
    21683 Z-Plan Price
    -3000 Rebate
    -1000 FMCC rebate
    -500 Retiree Bonus rebate
    -500 Because I asked what else since was end of month
    $16683 OTD

    $650.50 3.25% Sales tax, plus tax, title and tags in OK.

    Ford jams you on the interest rate if you go with them. I've got 800 FICO and still got socked with 8.99% rate for 60 mo. I refied with my credit union last week for 4% for 60 months. Come out ahead taking that rebate though....They're stupid to think people won't refi.....

    Great truck for the money. :)
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    where does Ford get off charging 8.99% interest in today's market?

    also, your deal really shows just how rediculous MSRP and Ford pricing in general is in the real world. It's like the dealer saying jump through this hoop, duck and crawl over there and then slide down that tube and swim back and jump over a fence to see what price you get -

    I had to do some of the same stuff when I bought mine - $500 of the deal was predicated that I had a contractors license which made me scramble for a bogus piece of paper to finish the deal.

    I mean $26,000 for a regular cab F-150? Who set that as an MSRP?
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    I just saw a commercial on T.V. this afternoon. In the town of Hull, (province of Quebec) Canada. If you buy a Ford F-150 in stock and you finance it 100% you get the choice between a A.T.V. 500 cc or a 500 cc motorcycle as a "free gift". For a plain F-150 it comes to 588.00$ (can.) / month for 60 months. You kind of pay for your "free gift"
  • asylum575asylum575 Posts: 72
    In NY, they are advertising employee pricing on Ford F series.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    I believe this is a national advertising campaign - I see the employee pricing ads here in California as well.

    FYI: Employee pricing is deceptive. It certianly isn't lower than what you could get with some well guided negiations or even better than when they offer something like $10k below MSRP which is common on some of the pricier SUV's on the market.

    To think that the public can get their cars for the same cost as the employees of Ford, which they can, just shows how worthless employee pricing is to the employees of Ford. It isn't worth much more to the public either.
  • Your very wrong on that. Its not xplan pricing its A-plan. Which unless your looking at a truck during model year change over you can't pay that price for it! Your saving at least $1000 off what you can negotiate. Now with that said the prices are not a whole lot better than last month with higher rebates, but your advantage comes on the tax side. You pay taxes on rebates not on discounts so your acutally saving more money than you think! But to say employee pricing is deceptive, you have the wrong information.
  • tampa2tampa2 Posts: 18
    GoBlue and Others:

    A-Plan and X-Plan are great programs, but you can do better now. I bought my F-150 Harley Davidson with Saleen package, very rare truck they don't offer X-plan on usually, for X-Plan less about 3K. Yes, X-plan minus about 3K. This was back in December, I have the invoice to prove it. How did I do it? Well, they weren't selling many trucks back then, and they still aren't. I had a trade and I knew what the value on the trade was. I showed up with my checkbook and told them I'd give them XX cash and my truck for the Harley. After about 5 minutes of "we can do this for this price per month" I made out a check for the XX price ($30k), then put my keys on the counter and told the guy to see the GM, he had 3 minutes or I was gone. We made the deal, it took 3 minutes, and they wanted to do it X-plan because they made more money that way, or lost less that way, depending on your perspective (they get money back somehow for that plan, not sure how it works). They gave me more for my truck than it was worth, plus they subtracted an additional 2k from X-plan. I don't know how they did it and I sure didn't care. I had tried this tactic with 2 other dealers and had to leave without the truck. The 3rd time was the charm. If you have cash or great credit then you can make all kinds of deals happen. If you have a hard time getting money then you're going to pay more. It's just my 2 cents. This is my 3rd F150 and I love them.

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