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Ford F-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What was the final price? I'm looking at that truck except 4wd.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Ford Family Price less $1500 rebate. I did not get the $1000 clearance cash as I did not use Ford Motor Credit. Maybe I'm just naive, but I just used the "employee" price as a "no haggle" price like they use at Saturn. Mine stickered for about $33k and I paid almost $25k--plus taxes and fees.

    You need to buy it, it's a great truck. I know other trucks are priced lower; but, they are not built as well. Ford gives you the thickest frame, heavier attachment of the bed, 4 wheel antilock vented disc brakes, a heavier suspension, and so on. After seeing the difference on the F-150 page on, I don't see why anyone would buy anything else. Good luck.
  • I had to turn this deal down. Does it sound good, it was $10k below retail (my banks loan value) at $17,800. 64k miles is the only downside of this nice truck, all in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition, gray w/ black/gray cloth int, 18" wheels, center console/bucket seats, bed extender, many more options + carfax checks out good. Trade in on edmunds was $17,200 and dealer retail was around $24k I think.

    I'm sick about not being able to get it, but I'll find another one in a few months.
  • I just picked this up Wednesday. An 05 F150 XLT 4X4 with a few options. I knew someone at the dealership who helped me negotiate. I think I did O.K.

    Here's the sticker:

    Price Information MSRP
    Optional Equipment
    2005 MODEL YEAR
    5.4L EFI V8 ENGINE 895
    7200# GVWR PACKAGE
    JOB #2 ORDER
    TOW & GO STD 4
    TOW & GO DISCOUNT STD 4 -1,245
    TOTAL SAVINGS ($1,245)
    TOTAL MSRP $33,870.00
    EMPLOYEE PRICE $28,615.00
    CASH BACK ($1,500.00)
    FORD FAMILY PRICE $27,115.00

    After that I took advantage of the $1,000 Financing credit. Then they took off $2,800 in holdback/factory to dealer incentives.

    TOTAL MSRP $33,870.00
    TOTAL PAID $23,315.00
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I learned how wonderful the reverse sensing system is on my 2 week old F-150 over the weekend. Backing out of a parking space, looked first (of course), suddenly BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! Stopped and saw a Nissan Sentra that had started backing up from the other side. She must not have looked, becuase when she turned her head toward me, she had a real surprised look on her face. Had it not been for the system, I'm sure we would have hit. If anyone is wondering if the system is worth it or not--it is!!
  • Reverse Sensor is worth its weight in Platinum! One weekend morning at home, I started up, put it in reverse and got a continuous tone from the Reverse Sensors. I checked all my mirrors and didn't see anything. What the heck?? I had just walked behind my F350, 4x4, Crew Cab, Long Bed 15 seconds before, so I knew there was nothing behind me. Yet, that little voice in my head said "No! Don't go!!."

    Got outta the truck to look and almost wet my pants! My then five-year-old son had wiped out on his scooter directly behind the truck and was now sitting on the driveway behind my bumper starting to cry because he had scraped his hands and knees. When I said "Goodbye" to him a few moments before, he had been on the sidewalk 50 ft. away. Yet there he was, on the ground behind my 6800 lb truck!! I couldn't have seen him from the cab even if I was in the back seat looking out the rear window.

    This was three years ago, and I still have the occaisional "what-if" nightmares about it. I am extremely grateful I bought that option.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Wonderful example. Thank God everything worked out!
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    I have them on my (soon to be ex-) 250 and am a firm believer that they should be REQUIRED equipment, you know, like tires...
    I just bought a Titan and it had to have reverse sensors as well. I haven't had a close call quite like yours, but just knowing you have that extra protection is peace of mind.

    The "danger" of having this though, is that when you drive vehicles without it, you have to make a mental note of that to yourself. For example, when I drive my wife's Envoy, I have to continually remind myself that it doesn't have it (that is, when I'm backing up). You CAN get conditioned with this.
  • Anyone special order a F150 4x2 ? How long did it take to build?
  • sunnesunne Posts: 3
    '04 F-150 SUPER CREW......Looked and looked at dealers.....wanted too much for my pocket..found with a private owner with only 17,000 miles....had to sale...included esp extended warranty....offered 19,500...he took a great deal....try buying from private may do better alot....better... I love my truk..!! :-)
  • Any ideas on how I can sell this truck? I owe $22K on it, and with the way prices have been falling on trucks I'm not sure how good I'm going to do.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,165
    You might try posting your question here:

    Advice on selling your car

    I'm sure you will get lots of advice!

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  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Hi. I recently sold my 04 f250, super clean, super good condition, ridiculously low mileage. In short, a real cream puff. Honest. With gas prices going up up up I knew it would be tough sell, although for the life of me, I never understood it when a potential buyer would try to talk me down in price and cite gas prices as the reason why. I would just tell them to go look at Aveos and not 250s if they were wanting to save money on gas! If you're in the market for a 250, or any truck for that matter, you aren't necessarily looking for high MPGs.
    Anyway, I digress. I would say that if you can, sell it yourself. Get it cleaned up and run a nice add in the paper. Don't cheap out on the add. Include a picture if you can. I wouldn't bother with Ebay or Autotrader. I tried in those places and while I got one or two lame responses, it simply wasn't worth the expense. I did, however, to my surprise, get inundated with calls from other companies wanting to broker or consignee the car, meaning that for a fee, they would sell it for me. No thanks. That might be a nice service, but as far as I could tell, it made distance between buyer and seller a factor, and when you're having a hard time selling a truck in today's market, you don't need that.
    What worked great for me was to park it in front of my friend's parts store. Lots of traffic in the store and out front on the main road. Eventually a contractor happened by, liked what he saw, and called me. You see, I had targeted contractors as the likely buyer of my truck, not some average joe who just wants a truck to have a truck. (Know your customer!) We eventually struck a deal. Did I get the best price. Not really. Was I happy anyway? Yes.

    Lastly, some obvious stuff. Don't overprice the truck. Forget KBB or Edmunds. Like it or not, real or imagined, I think gas prices have had a detrimental effect on the price of trucks. Patience is the other factor, and maybe the most important one now. If you wait long enough you'll get your price, or something you can live with.

    One other thing. I did take my truck to Ford dealers, and also Carmax for the heck of it. Their offers were virtually identical, but the important thing here is that they were several hundred dollars more than the dealerships were I was seeking to buy a new truck (nissan). That surprised me, but just a little.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks a bunch. I was going to bite the bullet and take the 18K the dealer would give me, but I think I'll hold out for awhile.
  • sicklysickly Posts: 1
    This weekend I'm planning on buying an 01 f-150 4x4 xlt extended cab with a 5.4l (from a Ford dealer). It's got 50k on it, pw/pd, cd, and a bedliner. They'll give it to me for $13,995, but with no certified warranty (just the 90-day dealer warranty). It seems like a good deal, but I dunno. Looking for any input anyone wants to give up. :confuse:
  • Is there any cash holdback on 2006 ford f-150?
  • Thoughs on this deal. New 2005 STX 4x4 Super Cab, Options incl Chrome clad wheels, 6 disc cd changer, 4.6 V8, aling with the standards. $19000 before tax, title etc..... ???
    Stickered at 30,015
  • pbstpbst Posts: 4
    I'd say that's a great deal! 37% off MSRP is very good. Is that below Ford Family Price and rebates? If so, I'd like to know how you got them down lower.
  • Anyone purchase a 2006 truck yet.. If so, what are you experiencing as ideal % to expect off of msrp?
  • I too am looking to price a F-150 this week. Interested also in a cross section type of pricing info. Hopefully, people will post their experiences. Finding it very difficult in finding an 06' FX Supercab FLARESIDE 4X4 with the 20' tire setup in a two-tone WHITE however. Have located 2 silver units with the just mentioned option.
  • cdguess2cdguess2 Posts: 7
    I looked at the 2006 models, but ended up buying a new (last one on the lot) 2005 F-150 SuperCrew Lariat 4x4, Arizona Beige, 5.4L V-8, auto, towing pkg, dual heated pwr captain's seating, leather interiors, premium sound 6-CD w/MP3, parking sensors, 3.73 limited slip, pwr adj pedals, pwr sliding rear window, 18" alum wheels... MSRP $40,695... paid $30,088.
  • I am getting very tempted to lease one of these with the 6cd, power seat, running boards, two tone paint Texas Edition. >>>>>>0 down, 199 month for 24 months, 10.5 miles, .5 %apr, Lease End Value of 18716, with option to buy (which i might. I have to pay the 1500 tax up front because I'm leasing in Texas but am using customer cash to do it.
    I cant purchase at advertised price of $21,778 but this red carpet option may be the ticket at a purchase price of 22,575. Still working on the deal and about to get more offers seeing my confidence in leasing is growing! TY edmunds! :)

    The 4.6L isn't flexfuel capable but it is smaller and 1500 customer cash. My rebates right now are at 6235.

    I'm open to Options Suggestions... so far i'm thinking tow package and bedliner since I can't modify the vehicle myself. Looking forward to comments and other buying experiences.
  • cls2cls2 Posts: 2
    What Dealer are you working with? Last weekend, Mac Haik (in Houston) advertised a similar deal for $149/mo with $999 so it's basically the same deal. I think they required teh $1000 down so you could get the matching $1000 from FMCC.

    THeir pricing indicated that the truck could be purchased for 19,990 so there may have been a slight difference in optoins.

    I'me very tempted to do this.

    By the way, the deal I saw wasn't a lease, it was a balloon payment. If you are thinking of purchasing the truck at the end of the term, you definately want the balloon payment instead of the lease. If you go with the lease, you'll have to pay taxes again when you buy it at the end becasue the title is going to change hands from FMCC to you.

    When I read the ad I figured it was some sort of a scam, but it sounds like it's legit.
  • I actually haven't shaken hands with anyone yet. The ad I saw was Maxwell Ford in Austin but the salesman I actually got a sample worksheet from is with Riata in Manor(Just East on 290).

    I googled Tx/Ok and got an ad from Southway Ford Near San Antonio. It was (0 down, $179, 10.5k for 2yrs). I Called and asked for the internet department and asked about the 1000 match. Carman (our local well of knowledge)stated in the Explorer Lease discussion that you could use part of that model's "lease cash" as a downpayment and get it matched. Well they said I couldn't with the f-150 and It wasn't a lease but a red carpet option. It kinda broke down from there but that's another story.
    I think i'll stay closer to home for my deal.

    Looking on the Ford Finance site I read more on their "lease" option. There seem to be three and i'm still a little confused with their explanations. But my worksheet has a balloon so I'm good and will make sure. Ty for the alert!

    My MSRP needs to come down because the TXOK discount is on the Sticker so my residual may come down, But if I want to exercise my option to buy is this neccesarily the right thing to do.... should I just try to get the $935 rebate savings instead (can i Carman?) and then negotiate my lease end purchase price lower than my Residual? hmmm

    That brings me to rebates... I need to know more. With the balloon are all the ones listed good for balloon "purchase/lease/option". NOTE: the perfect match doesn't show up anywhere on the incentives page. It should be there somewhere along with the .5 apr finance for lease/purchase option. Ford wants to move these gas guzzlers! They have me at 4000 rebates right now just like the Ford Site. Is this a combo of the $2500 (assigned to dealer?)and the $1500 for the 4.6l (can i cash that out to me? and put 1000 down...) or something else all together. They said if I Qualify the student/grad $500 would apply (i'm finishing UT via distant learning).

    I need to learn more about rebates and what fees i can expect with the balloon ... they got a 50 doc fee on me i'll try to nix. ;)

    Oh.. Riata is part of Lief Johnson. My truck will probably be pulled from their stock . Their inventory is online @

    Hope this ramble helps... lol. I'll post more after tomorrow's ads and my first dealer visit. I'm taking it slow but think the tx limo or the explorer will be in the driveway by month's end. I'm hoping for a couple options now :D lol. GL with your hunt!

    This lease deal is better than the Impala one posted up front even if insurance and gas adds expense. But TY Edmunds. You are priceless
  • dkowitzdkowitz Posts: 4
    Is the $30,088 after all dealer incentives? If so, what does this include?
  • Hi all. I'm looking at this truck, which has the heavy duty tow package and just a hair over 51,000 miles. It looks to be in clean-excellent condition based on reading the descriptions on this site and its loaded. We've road tested it a couple of times and are pleased with the vehicle.

    The dealer is looking for $13,988 and I'm offering $13,200 as we're paying cash. I received a message that they took this truck in as a trade for $13,500. After reading the values on this site (and KBB) this seems unheard of. I've never had a dealer give me more for a trade than KBB value. I've seen retail value for this truck (fully loaded) from $14,200 - $16,400. So they've under priced it? They offer a 60 day 3,000 mile warranty on it. I'm now waiting, waiting, waiting to hear back from the sales rep.

    In the climate of rising gas costs (seems like a daily occurrence these days) is it not a good climate to negotiate the price of what is more a pleasure vehicle, versus a work vehicle??

    Is it a fair price they're asking or should I wait for the next one?
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    First, off, take what they have to say with a grain of salt.
    Second, look up the blackbook value. Here's a link to copy/paste to your browese: panish=NO

    That's ballpark of the wholesale value, which is probably what they paid for it from whoever it is they got it from.

    Third, take what they have to say with a grain of salt.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Ok, I've had a chance to go in and check this out some more. I researched the Blackbook value to be $9,470 - $11,610, and that's being generous. If they took this truck in on a trade, rest assured that they would only offer what they might get for it in the event they could not sell it and had to take it to auction. This is about what they would get. Another thing: there is no 2001 vehicle in excellent condition no matter what they may claim. In automotive circles, "excellent" is reserved for cars that are virtually just off the showroom floor and for a few more miles. It goes down from there. As nice and clean as it is, and as nice as they represent it to be, in the world of used cars, it's not "excellent". You bring up gas prices and worktruck/pleasure truck. It may be that gas prices depress the market for used trucks, but the way I look at it, people who are looking for trucks generally aren't all that concerned about the price of gas anyway (otherwise they'd be buying a prius) so I would think it's a fairly neutral thing. The prior or anticipated use of the truck should have little bearing on the price unless its prior use turned it into a heap.

    Bottom line, I would seriously doubt he offered 13500 for it on a trade. I would offer the dealer 10500 and go up to 11, NO MORE. I don't know where you are or what your market is like but that's what I'd offer, and then walk if he does't take it. There are tons of f150s out there. Oh, be sure to have a mechanic check it out before you buy.
  • Just bought a 2006 F250 fully loaded Lariat with Capt's chairs, everything off the lot was 48,000. In California that is a good buy, let me know what you think.
  • lariat10lariat10 Posts: 22
    I know ford canceled the owners loyalty rebate was wondering if ford might increase the rebate on f-150s before the end of the month.
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