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Low ball offer Volvo 242 DL classic coupe (Cali) - insurers can offer drivers a replacement?

dondrogadondroga Member Posts: 2
edited August 2015 in Volvo
Insurance company has accepted liability.

  • Low ball offer $2300- for my Volvo 242 DL classic coupe.
  • In their appraisal they found two dealers in the area and got 2 'expert opinions'
  • I challenged this with valuations from tow other dealers
  • They came back with n independent appraisal
  • They have not based their offer on two comparable used vehicles that were either sold or listed for sale within the previous 90 days.

• In some states, insurers can offer drivers a replacement vehicle rather than a cash settlement.

Is California one of those sates?

• If I'm not happy with cash settlement can I demand the replacement as there is no way $2500- is going to get close to a similar vehicle the replacement vehicle option might make them come up in price or at least end up with a replacement vehicle.

Facts & opinions welcome

Driver cut me off coming out of private property. Handed over bogus insurance papers. Had to do a DMV search. Finally found vehicle had insurance but is capped at $5000!


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