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2013 and earlier Nissan Frontier Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vtdogvtdog Posts: 163
    I don't know the difference between an XE & SE, but I got an XE King Cab 5spd a few months ago for $16,100 (out the door). The truck listed for $19,800.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    I'm looking for almost the same configuration, SE Auto, Crew Cab, 4X4, Long Bed. So far best offers range from 21.3 to 22K in Chicago area (MSRP is 27.050 for this trim.
    You can select either long or short bed with Crew Cab (about $700 difference). So for your 2WD version just offer 6000 off sticker and just add TTL. Be strong, it is last month of the old model year. Good luck.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    Which dealer or dealers are offering these prices in the Chicago area? My brother is looking for an LE and best offer has been $4700 off MSRP?
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    Try Woodfield, Star and M'Lady Nissan.
  • mafw1mafw1 Posts: 2
    it sounds like a good deal where did you go to get the deal and is the out the door price included a down payment from you i'M looking to buy the same model. :)
  • I got a quote from for $18,994 for a 2007 Nissan Frontier 4x2 SE Shortbed! It's just an email quote, hope this helps someone out there.
  • I got my 2007 LE 4x4 Crew Cab back in june for $5800 off sticker. That worked out to $400 under invoice/just over $24K. That was with the $2K rebate and very little haggling. Funny thing about Nissan is that they deal (well) like US makers. ie. Good rebates and salesman offers of " any truck on the lot at invoice" (from 3 different dealers in SE MA!) right out of the gate! My gues is that anyone should be able to pick up any 07 leftover Fronty at invoice minus the current rebate.
    You just aren't getting that cooperation when you drink the Toyota cool aid. Been there- Done that! :sick:
    Overall great buying experience on a great truck!
  • Forget MSRP if you want a good deal! Get the invoice prices off or and take them with you. Work from invoice not MSRP. You should get invoice minus rebate and (maybe) minus a few hundred if you are firm. Certainly, don't pay more than $100 over invoice. Also, make sure you agree to "no document fees." This is a common trick many dealerships use to pad the price $200+ (after the sale). Remember there is a hold back on every truck they sell so they are making $ regardless. If one dealer won't play, go to the next.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    Also, make sure you agree to "no document fees."

    Multiple states require that document fee has to be the same for all customers, if the dealer charges one person $200 then everyone has to pay $200.
  • Really? That's too bad. Fortunatly my state isn't one of them. Still worth a try and you should at least know what it is before signing.
  • Why on earth would NMAC charge a customer $5.00 to pay on their website? (Higher depending on type of payment used)

    Get with the program Nissan! Don't buy a frontier, it's junk. I know, I own one.

    To get around this stupid charge, go to your bank's website and arrange for bill payment. Some banks like washington mutual offer free bill pay. Service as fast as 2-5 business days.
  • Bought today at Ken Garff Nissan in Salt Lake City, UT. I thought I negotiated a fair price, but then checked this board and may have paid more then necessary. I'll break it down so others can benefit from my experience.

    2007 Nissan Frontier King Cab SE 4x4 v-6 Automatic
    Black exterior/Tan interior
    20 miles on odometer
    Airbag PKG- side and curtain airbags
    SE Value PKG- power windows, locks, side mirrors. Cruise, remote entry, in cabin microfilter, alloy wheels, 4wheel limited slip, under-rail bedliner(plastic, not spray on), bed rail caps, floor mats.
    Tow PKG- Receiver, Hitch ball mount, class 3 hitch ball, 7 pin connector wiring harness.

    I ran a TMV and Consumer reports and thought offering 24,500 would be fair, and expected to wiggle up a little. I called and said I would buy for 24,500(not including rebate). also said I would pay 149 doc fee max(they ask $299, which is stupid when others ask 150 and CA dealers can only charge $55). They called me back and said 24,500 was a deal but not budging on the doc fee. Since I had decided I can wiggle up a little I agreed to a deal.

    Also traded in my beat up 97 honda accord v6, was given 2k for trade in which is what I expected due to its condition. Factoring trade in, rebate and all the fees, TTL, I got my new truck out the door for 21,909.48. I was pleased but wonder if I could have got lower. Feel free to tell me if I got jobbed or not.

    Best of luck to those who are buying, hope this helps. Email me if you are planning to buy in Salt Lake City, I'll refer you and if you buy from Ken Garff then I'll split the 100 bucks with you. Also let you know who was my salesman, he was good to work with.

    What do you think about the Maintenance+ program? I asked for a quote for the top level and was told $700. Part of me thinks it could be a good value especially if I can find it cheaper. At that level it is at least an oil change for every 3 months/3750 miles for 60months/75k miles. If you say $35 for each oil change, that works out to 700 by itself. Then if you include all the other maintenance items like tire rotations, wipers/filter replacements, etc. it seems to me like a good value. What do you think?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    We need MSRP sticker price and any extras added by dealer and price you paid with doc fees. Leave out or subtract taxes as that varies from 300-2000 depending upon state. Get the edmunds or wholesale of your trade in fair-poor condition. On the surface it looks like they gave you a bit on the trade.

    In general, giving yourself the flexibility of just driving to wherever to get maintenance done, especially on your schedule is better than pre paying.

  • Sounds like you did good (despite the doc fee). That's exactly what I paid for my 07 cc le 4x4 in June after a month of research and pitting 3 dealers against each other. That's several hundred below invoice and nearly 20% off sticker if I'm not mistaken. Enjoy the truck! Love mine.

    BTW, Black and tan is SHARP in that truck.
  • I am in the market for a new Frontier-leaving Toyotas. I got a price quote for a 4X4, crew, value pkg, moonroof pkg, tow pkg, manual trans-bottom line for price $ 25,533. MSRP allegedly $27,185. Have to have one built cause there aren't any on the lot with my specs. Haven't talked about my trade yet. Does this seem like a fair deal or have others done better? In Nh if that matters.
  • If you are ordering an 08, I think they are $500-$1000 to high if you include the rebate of $1,500. They are just about selling at MSRP minus rebate. Try a little harder, they probably will deal a little more. MSRP-rebate for the dealer but not for you.

    By the way, the Frontier ROCKS! With the 6 speed I am getting 21-22 most every tank of 50/50 driving. Power? She will fly.
  • FWIW, I also left Toyota 01 Tacoma 4x4. Toyota makes a reliable truck but not a refined truck IMHO. My Frontier has it beat hands down for overall fit, finish, ride etc.

    Anyway, Forget about MSRP until your ready to gloat about your deal. What you want is to research the INVOiCE price for your package and work down from there. If you can get invoice + $0, you're doing OK. If you can get invoice -$500 you kicked butt. ( They keep the rebate and factory kickback.) This can work out to as much as 15-20% of MSRP.

    BTW, you won't get Toyota to deal like that!
  • At this point the price they quoted is without any rebate as I would have to wait until the VIN is created-then see what rebates are available. They are saying 6-8 weeks to have it built-haven't signed on the dotted line...yet! I must say though I am looking forward to a new Frontier!
  • You guys seem lucky indeed! I just took possession on Wednesday a Matador Red 2007 Frontier NISMO CC 4X4 with absolutely every factory & dealer installable option (including extended warranty, undercoating, paint & fabric protection) and I paid CDN$32,548 plus taxes. In Canada, the base NISMO 4X4 CC MSRPs at $39,248 plus Shipping $1,350 plus options, documentation fees & taxes (14%). Extended Warranty, 7 years, 180,000 costs $1,800, undercoating etc. costs $1,349, Tonneau cover $449, Hitch $518, bed extender $299, Hood deflector & Vent Shades $329 installed. I wish I could have bought it out of the USA but Nissan Canada won't honor the warranty! BTW, the base NISMO in Canada is a 4X4 and comes with Fosgate Stereo w/ MP3, XM etc., VDC, Locking Rear, Hill Assist, Moon Roof, Bed Management, etc. The only options are Trailer package, tonneau cover, bed extender, roof rack accessories, pearl coat paint. We don't get as large a selection of configurations as offered in the USA. So far, I love this truck, even if it did cost me an arm and a leg. WAY BETTER than my GMC Sierra SLT 2500 Turbo Diesel 4X4 and rides just about as well on the roads as my Toyota Sienna Van!
  • lax5lax5 Posts: 29
    Although there is some disagreement on Nissan's warranty issue in Canada, I bought a new 2006 NISMO RWD last year and have been told by a local dealership that the warranty will be fine.

    What was your final cost for your truck, all in including taxes? Which city did you buy it in?
  • I bought it in Moncton, New Brunswick at Champlain Motors. We only have the one Nissan dealership. I Paid $29,700 on the road, out of pocket based on $32,485 (incl air tax) less $8,000 trade-in on a 2000 Sienna CE. HST was $3,620 if you want to work it back. For that I have the premium package (Rust Proofing, Sound Insulation, Paint and Fabric protection), Extended Warranty to 7/160,000, Tonneau Cover, Sliding Bed Extender, Rubber Floor Mats in addition to the carpet mats, Hood Deflector, Vent Shades and the Chrome Tailgate Handle Kit. The truck was brought-in for me from 417 Nissan in Ottawa as a dealer inventory exchange. My dealership made a mistake, they believed they were swapping for an SE CC Short Bed and got the NISMO. (I only asked for an SE CC short bed) I sincerely believe they lost money as they had to pay tranportation from Ottawa to Moncton plus the price differential was about $6,000. I looked in the States but the warranty issue worried me as well as the dealership I attempted to deal with in Virginia wouldn't spell-out what the truck had for equipment/options so I concentrated on the one close to home.
  • mafw1mafw1 Posts: 2
    :) i'm on the marker for a new frontier looking to buy a 07 frontier 4*2 king cab xe manual trans. xe preferred pkg. power pkg. bed liner floor mats. sticker price is 19,760 what do you guys think is a good price for this truck
  • A Dallas area dealer has a deal for $15k on the Frontier.
  • vtdogvtdog Posts: 163
    I bought one over the summer. It stickered at 19,800 I got it for 16,100 out the door.
  • looking to buy a nissan or tacoma

    Nismo crew cab
    4x4 with Traction and techology package

    what are you guys paying? i saw some old pots back from July some of you paying $23? and getting the bed extender and floor mat along with it? I'm sure it was a clearance price

    what do you guys think now? thx!
  • Got one tonight for 15k in Washington state.
  • We just purchased a 2007 Frontier NISMO Crew Cab 4x4 from Empire Lakewood Nissan in Lakewood Colorado.

    Gloss Black:

    Options Equipped:
    Rockford Fosgate Stereo 6CD changer
    Bed Extender
    Cargo Divider Gate
    Rear Locker (NISMO standard?)

    Out the door before taxes---$24995.00 it had 7500 miles on the clock. Pristine condition. No paint chips, no looked like the bed was never even used to haul anything substantial, no mars on the bed lining from lumber/mulch etc. Tires still pretty much unused, no offroading gouges on side walls. Interior was just detailed...but no damage to any of the interior fabrics or plastics.

    The Dealership was a good experience. I was able to talk them down $1000 off their asking price. I tried for more, but when I saw Kelly BlueBook online at $30920 for dealer asking price, I knew they weren't going to budge any further. The dealership, as all dealerships go....was very quick once you say "im interested"...paperwork signed within hours...(very high credit scores helped.)

    It was the only NISMO CrewCab on their entire lot, new and used-- a lucky find!
    They had a lot of 2008 rolling in, and I could tell they were really trying hard to clear all of their 2007 stock. PS-- buy a truck at the end of the month, the sales manager is paid on UNITS sold not commission, walk in on the last week, and he will want to see his paycheck increase--DEALS TO BE HAD!

    I feel like I got a wonderful deal--24995! its a great truck....and its snowing outside right now and I HAVE TO GO TO WORK! YEA!
  • not sure about the XE but for reference I got a 08 King cab SE (V-6) Auto with the VTP for 17,700 OTD (less tax, title, lic) last night, probably left a little on the table... think it can be had for 17,400 - 17,500 if you work it. (I am near the new orleans market)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Is that the 22000 msrp 2wd model? 4500 off msrp for an 08 SE king would be a very good deal.

    Happy Drivin

    not sure about the XE but for reference I got a 08 King cab SE (V-6) Auto with the VTP for 17,700 OTD (less tax, title, lic) last night, probably left a little on the table... think it can be had for 17,400 - 17,500 if you work it. (I am near the new orleans market)
  • steevosteevo Posts: 386
    You are happy so good deal but its a used car. A quick glance this month at the online deals show 2008 Nismo Crew with moonroof for slightly less due to rebate.
    Never look back!
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