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Volvo XC70 V70 Prices Paid



  • Anybody else in the midst of buying a new XC70 and want to compare notes. Currently, I am looking at a new 2004 XC70 - White Color - Premium Package - Touring Package - Booster Seats.

    Currently the dealer is quoting $32,400 (MSRP is 39,240.00)

    Anybody else doing better?
  • boeingairboeingair Posts: 6
    WOW! Carbuying101, how do you get so much below MSRP? Edmunds shows no incentives for that model...?

  • boeingairboeingair Posts: 6
    Also, any hosts, I would like to do some lease number-cruching...may I have the residuals for a v70 2.5T 36 month 12,000 miles per year, and the money factors as well? Also, what can I expext as for discount?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Boeing, check in with my partner Car_Man at the "Lease Questions - Ask Here" discussion in the Smart Shopper Board

    Smart Shopper and Wagons Message Boards
  • nixonnixon Posts: 11
    My dealer in Austin Texas is offering $5500 off MSRP on either the V70 or the XC70.
    I'm afraid to pull the trigger so late in the model year w/out the incentives in place.
  • bondmombondmom Posts: 7
    We're in the process of negotiating on one as well right now. Getting quoted $6500 off MSRB with just a little haggling. A lot of dealerships up here in the NE seem to have a lot of V70s and XC70s in stock to move before the 05s roll out in 2 months. My guess is you can get them down some more but not sure how inventories are in Texas. The XC90s have cannablized the sales of XC70s according to a sales manager I talked to so the discounting is fairly large.
  • huskyfan2huskyfan2 Posts: 11
    We live in Charlotte. Just bought a V70 2.5T navy blue metallic with premium & sport package, child booster, and 3rd row seats.

    Paid $30,960 (not including 3% tax and $325 dealer fees and tags). In addition we get a $1000 rebate from AAA (regional AAA offer for Carolinas).which includes a $1000.00 rebate from AAA.

    Although I have heard conflicting reports, it seems like Volvo is offering about $5000 dealer incentives in the form of a free premium package and additional cash back to the dealer.
  • nixonnixon Posts: 11
    My dealer in Austin Texas is offering $5500 off MSRP on either the V70 or the XC70.
    I'm afraid to pull the trigger so late in the model year w/out the incentives in place.
  • nixonnixon Posts: 11
    I pulled the trigger this weekend on a V70 2.5T with Premium, Sport, and Child Booster Seat Options. We paid $31,000. (33K or so w/tax, title, and license)

    I couldn't find any info about dealer incentives other than a $1000 rebate available to Volvo Finance customers.
  • larscalarsca Posts: 60
    I just checked and got quotes that seem to be out of this world. I checked there last month and got some pretty good quotes, but now it's about another $2k lower. I've heard that usually can't actually find you the cars for such a low price as they quote you, but it's still a good indicator of what's going on with incentives and so on.

    For example, I checked the S60R last month and got a quote for $32900 - today it was under $30k! Same incredible deals on all models except the new S40 and all the XC90. Still, if you've been thinking about buying I don't think it's possible the prices will fall any more than now.

    I'm in the process of buying a house so I'll have to sit this one out, but if that wasn't the case I'd be on my way to Volvo dealer right now to put money down on a V70 2.5T or an XC70. I can't decide between them...
  • bondmombondmom Posts: 7
    Just purchased a 2004 xc70 - black on black - w/premium package, touring package, alloy wheels and bi-xenons. Paid $33,400 which should be abt $3600 under invoice. Didn't have to push the dealer too hard given the manuf incentives and the number of vehicles on the lot. Probably can do even better if you want to shop around with different dealers in your area. This dealership has provided us with good service in the past so wanted to buy from them. Paid quite a bit less for this xc70 then I did for my 1998 V70 XC almost 7 years ago!
  • chalkpiechalkpie Posts: 21
    Visited my local (Long Island) Volvo dealer today. Was quoted a price of $32,278 for a new 2004 XC 70 with the Premium and Touring Packages included. I assume alloy wheels are part of this deal as well. Sticker price of these cars are $39k+!! Seems like a fantastic deal considering I haven't even begun to bargain or deal yet. Guess they really want to move the '04's pretty badly. I would love to get this car for a tad under $30k - that would be amazing. Has anybody gotten this car with these options for less?
  • larscalarsca Posts: 60
    I wouldn't say that getting it under $30k is impossible, just not very probable. You could try, but $32,278 is pretty good for both premium (this package is free right now as part of a national promotion) and touring (so this is what you'd pay extra for).

    I think more realistically, based on part memory, part internet research, you could get the premium and touring package equipped XC70 for a tad under $31k, but lower than that doesn't seem possible.
  • douginmadouginma Posts: 19
    Hi, we're in Mass (little w of Boston) and are considering a base with auto...nothing else.

    Local dealer (in Nashua, NH) mentioned that there is now 2K Manu-to-Dealer cash available on remaining '04s. I checked here at Edmunds and there's no mention of this cash available, but mentioned 3k available.

    Can someone verify that 3K is available now? Also my co participates in the Ford Partner Recognition Program, so I assume that if we find a base we start from the FPRP pricelist, add any option that are on the car and then deduct the 2 or 3K (or whatever the dealer will part with), right??
  • bondmombondmom Posts: 7
    Bought an xc70 just 2 weeks ago from same dealer. Not sure how Ford program works, but there definitely are incentives out there although not listed on Edmunds. See my previous posting. I got $6500 off MSRP with little haggling which would lead me to believe there could be more incentives - but part of that is the premium package which it sounds like you don't want. I have heard of others getting as much as $7000-7500 off MSRP. A few weeks ago this dealer was sitting with 40-50 XC70s between their 2 dealerships so I would haggle with them.
  • douginmadouginma Posts: 19

    Thanks for the info. BTW are u in NH??? If u are in Mass was it a PITA to register the car in Mass? I would think not, but since we've never done that, I thought I'd ask.

    While I'm physically closer to the dealer in Southboro, MA, I might venture up to NH to get a good deal.

    My gut is telling me to wait a little longer and hold out for the 4K back on V70's like Volvo was doing last year. But my brain is saying "You idiot!!! Even though the '93 850 you're driving now has 193K, it's paid for!!" :)

    Who should I listen to??

    BTW, who was your sale guy/gal at the dealership in NH and did you shop other Volvo dealers?
  • jaa37jaa37 Posts: 67
    Anyone out there leasing an XC70? What is a decent monthly payment to be found right now? Thanks!
  • bondmombondmom Posts: 7
    Yes Doug - I'm in NH. We did buy another car a month ago in MA and had to get registered in NH - wasn't a pain but my hubby took care of it. :)

    The deals seem good now and the problem with waiting may be that you have less choice of color if that's important to you or you may find the options you want won't be there or you'll be forced to take options you don't want which defeats the purpose of the good deal you'll be getting by paying for something you don't want. I can give you some good contacts at both the Nashua deal and the Manchester deal but can't post here or they'll be removed. If you want to let me have your e-mail, I'd be happy to send you the details.
  • douginmadouginma Posts: 19

    I'd like to get the name of your contact there, but I'd rather not broadcast my email address in the text of a reply. I don't see a way where you can click on someone's ID and get their email address. Is there a way??? BTW, I did have a brief conversation with "Jason" at the Nashua location, if that was the name of your contact.
  • I know someone who is looking to sell a xc 70 with 6600 miles that is about 7 months old. It is silver with grey leather, and has a moonroof, 2 booster seats, and the third row seat.

    At first glance, this looked like an awesome deal, but now it looks like people are getting brand new wagons well below the invoice price.

    The other thing I have to consider is an 8% tax here in the Chicagoland area. So, it's really like getting it for $28,703.

    Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  • bondmombondmom Posts: 7
    Bridgetesch -

    I'm confused is the $28,703 the price you would pay or the price discounting the 8% sales tax?
  • bondmombondmom Posts: 7
    Doug -

    We talked to Jessica in Nashua and Bob in Manchester.
  • Sorry to make it confusing... The price they are looking for is $31,000. Since it would be a private party sale, I wouldn't be required to pay her sales tax. I.e., it would be $31,000 out the door. I may be able to haggle with her, but am not sure if someone may snatch it up first if it is such a good deal?

  • njmike4njmike4 Posts: 1
    Purchased a XC70 Silver/Graphite, Premium Pkg, Touring Pkg, Booster Seats, Upgrade Wheels for $32,275. MSRP is $35,340 afer incentives (see below). I might have been able to do a little better if I wanted to go to a larger dealer, but the convenience for going with the local dealer is worth it for me.

    Not sure if my X-plan helped much, but the dealer indicated that they get 1% cash back on these sales.

    Current incentives valid through 8/31 are "free" Premium Pkg, $2000 factory to dealer cash on non-base models (units with any package are non-base...$3000 is avail for base models), 1.9% financing for 36 mos. or 2.9% for 48 mos.
  • middymiddy Posts: 2
    Volvo V70 2.5T Nautic Blue Metallic/Tan Leather, Premium & Sport Package Paid $29K + Sales Tax, with Volvo Finance at 3.9% for 60 months. Price includes special price incentives including $2000.00 marketing support from Volvo, plus no charge premium package valued at $2489.00 invoice cost. Very good deal, in my opinion, for such a wonderful car and Volvo safety. Yes, the new models are on the way, but changes to 2005 model, can't make up for the great deals on 2004. I think they had 1.9% back in June for 60 months, but maybe they will again, now that I bought mine.LOL.

    Also, love the fact that Volvo includes scheduled maintenance on new models. No hassle deal and very happy with my new purchase. I live in Southern California.
  • I just paid $29700 for a 2004 V70 Volvo - total price out of the door including a premium package, a climate package and a sealant and leather protection package. I had a trade-in and I did not think I got a good trade-in for my car. So far I love this car because it is such a stable and comfortable ride. Hope this car will not break my bank with repair bills in the later years.
  • dizzyptdizzypt Posts: 3
    Just at the dealership last night, without any haggling I was offered $31,000 total for XC70 w/ premium and touring package. That includes a $2000 rebate. Are there anymore incentive/rebates out there and / or is that a descent price?
  • Wow...what dealership was that at?
  • armand1armand1 Posts: 9
    I would be interested which dealership that is as well. Last week I offered $31k for XC70 w/ premium and touring package and the DC dealership salesman laughed. I'm going to try MD and VA dealerships, I've heard they are nicer to work with.
  • jaa37jaa37 Posts: 67
    NJMike--what dealership was that?
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