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Volvo XC70 V70 Prices Paid



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Since this isn't a new vehicle, you might want to post in Real-World Trade-In Values to get some feedback. Make sure you include all of the information about the prospective purchase, including your city & state.



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  • wyattwyatt Posts: 18
    Greetings everyone. I am trying to purchase a fully loaded XC70. The dealer tells me that he cannot locate one of these cars with all of the options I would like close by (east coast.) The few he could find would involve a transportation coast of about $1400. So, rather than pay for that, I am considering factory ordering the car.


    My question about incentives---the dealer tells me that incentives in effect at the time the car arrives at the dealership would be honored, BUT, he could not tell me what those incentives would be. Apparently the current incentive program would not apply to a factory ordered car. So how in the world could we arrive at a purchase price? Also, are incentives applied against MSRP ONLY? I see all of these manufacturers offering incentives, but I do not quite understand how/where they are applied. Can someone shed some light on this?


    My second question, factory ordering. Has anyone done this with their Volvo? I did it with my current car, a BMW, but at the time I purchased it, there was NO negotiating price, and there were no incentives, so the issue of incentives/negotiating never arose. The experience was pleasant. I even got a call to tell me what time the tractor trailer was pulling in the dealership, and saw the car off loaded; it was all wrapped up in shrink wrap. A very good experience. And fun; it was my first European car and all that.


    Anyway, I'd love some feedback. I am vacillating between purchasing this car (XC70) or a fully loaded Pacifica. It seems that there are not all that many Pacifica Limited's either, but they are not nearly as scarce as a loaded XC70.


  • calchcalch Posts: 11


    with incentives you should be able to get a price below invoice.


    In our case for a V70, here are the numbers:

    MSRP 41,855

    Invoice 38,750 (approximately don't remember exactly)

    Carsdirect 37,400

    Buying Price 37,000 (including Advertising fees of $250 in our area)


    With the factory to dealer incentives, the dealer gets the car by that much cheaper. With the $2500 on the V70s the effective invoice price for the dealer is approx. $36,250 (38,750-2500). So in our case the dealer still made about $500 on the front end of this car (37,000 selling price - 36,250 effective invoice - 250 Ad fee = 500). So make the incentives work for you. Check or edmunds to see what prices are like in your area.


    Regarding a loaded XC70, we had the same problem. We looked at XC70 initially, but my wife preferred fuel economy and ride of V70. In CA don't really need the AWD either. We really wanted a nav system and were surprised how few cars there were around. Dealer suggested that only 10% of Volvo buyers want a nav, so not many have it. In the end we got a car that was close, but did compromise on the equipment. Am surprised that most Volvos come so bare considering they are supposed to be higher end cars.

    The dealer can also install many of the options, although some are prohibitively expensive. Our dealer would have installed the nav for $2500, but got estimates up to $4400 for it at other places, so cost really varies. We also have the upgraded stereo and with all the speakers, etc. dealer would have charged a ridiculous price. But dealer can install 10 CD changer in the trunk. So talk to your dealer and see what he can do. Dealer options have a huge margin on it. For example the dealer quoting us $2500 for the nav started at $3500. We did not really want dealer installed equipment, so had to search around a bit.

    BTW, initially we shopped around for E-class and had the same problems, could not find a nav and color we wanted, so that seems to be a common problem. Just all the Japanese high end brands seem to have them fairly standard.
  • wyattwyatt Posts: 18
    You were so kind to reply and very generous with your reply. Very much appreciated!


    Here's the most recent "offer" by my dealer for a factory ordered xc70 since apparently nowhere in America does a car w/this equipment exist:


    climate package,premium package, convenience package,bi-xenon headlamps, metallic paint, wood steering wheel, 16 inch xenia wheels, satellite radio pre-wiring,HU-850 stereo, park assist, DSTC, Interior air quality system.


    He goes on to say:

    The MSRP for such a vehicle would be $44,820 (based on the Volvo price list for 2005) We are prepared to offer you a sales price of $42,552 plus tax and title. This amounts to about 2.3 per cent over cost. We also will offer you any available factory-to dealer incentive that is available when you pick up your car. Currently, that incentive is $2000, which would drive your price to $40,552 plus taxes. There is a good chance that we will still have a factory incentive when you pick up this car. It could possibly even be more than $2000, but it could also be less. Volvo does not allow the dealers to lock in the dealer incentives, but I would not be surprised if it was still around $2000.

    If you decide to finance this car, we should be able to arrange bank financing for you in the mid to upper 4 per cent range. This is assuming today's rates for the best credit."


    Any feedback?
  • jah3zjah3z Posts: 1
    wasn't planning on writing to anyone till I saw your letter. I hope that I'm not too late. DO NOT BUY THAT CAR. We purchased a 99 XC70 brand new 5 years ago. Love the car but hate the extra $2700 we've put in the car repairing expensive engine oil leaks. two of them ($1500), computer chip replacements (1200.00). Save your money and look into the 2002-2003 models. Supposedly, Volvo has improved on the computer problems. I don't know if they've improve the engine seal problems. Good Luck if I didn't get this Advice to you soon enough.
  • Loaded...leather, 3rd seat, sunroof, computer, tinted windows, cold wx pkg, 19,000 miles...$30,000 in April 2004...FYI


    (sold my nephew the 1997 850 w/115,000 for 6K...gave him the fam discount...)
  • Have you tried plugging your specs into the Edmunds TMV estimator? I came up with $40,516 as "what others are paying"in my region (Baltimore/Washington/Mid-Atlantic).


    So, it looks like you'd be in the same ball park if the incentives really do apply.


    If I were you, I'd ask what's the closest car to your specs they can find, compromise on some of the options (wooden steering? xenia wheels?), take the same or better per cent over cost, and lock in the current factory incentive.
  • zsteve1zsteve1 Posts: 2
    Recently I've looked at a 2000 V70XC with automatic transmission. I was surprised to learn that after 42,000 miles the car had had a new engine, turbo, and oil pump installed. Since that time it has only been driven 100 miles, and the owner is trying to sell it. The owner told me the original oil pump was defective (It didn't pump oil to one of the cylinders.). Since you recommended that "Stick shift" avoid the 1999 model above, should I be suspicious of this 2000 unit as well? I've never owned a Volvo; were there problems with oil leaks that need to e avoided? I'd appreciate you feedback.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    I'm sorry, this discussion is about Prices Paid & Buying Experiences. Your question really belongs in the main Volvo V70 / XC70 discussion where it can be answered.
  • I got mine for about $2800 under invoice. (Premium, Weather, Sirrius, metallic paint)
  • winnwellwinnwell Posts: 8
    Is this a good deal for a new fully-loaded XC70 AWD(with third row option): 36 month lease, 12K miles per year, $2,500 down and $485 month? Please advise. Thanks.
  • douginmadouginma Posts: 19
    Looking @ a base V70 and a dealership in RI is telling me that Volvo's offering a $5K bonus on base V70s (I know, I know, I should consider a higher V70 model, but this is what we're considering)

    Has anyone else heard of this??? Edmunds doesn't list it in the Rebates area (I would think it would be listed under the M-to-D rebate area but there's no mention of this anywhere in the Incentives area)

    If this is true, I think we'll buy now rather than in the fall.

    With the x-plan pricing, base 2.4 with auto and metallic comes out to slightly over 25K which I think is a heckuva deal.
  • itrollsitrolls Posts: 11
    I don't see any rebates out there now. Let me know if you confirm this. 5k rebate was available last august. Can u wait another 5 months?
  • douginmadouginma Posts: 19
    Here's the body of his email:

    Thank you for your email. The problem with the Internet is there may be some inconsistencies. I will price out the entire car using a Volvo Pricing List which is how we build our cars. Every dealer has updated pricing since Jan. 1st.

    Cost: 2005 V70 2.4 27418
    metallic paint...408

    Dealer invoice equals....29771

    X-plan is 2% over add 595

    Your cost = 30366.42

    - $5000 = 25366.42 dead cost (not sure what he meant by "dead cost")

    We have no way of telling what programs will change for the months to come. That is so dealers can not sand bag and forecast deals for the coming months. I would THINK this 5k program will stick around but there is no way of telling.
  • if1if1 Posts: 11
    Anyone buy a v70R lately?
    Considering one, but curious as to what others have paid.

  • keithandkeithand Posts: 10
    Very nice car. Had 04 RX330 too and sold it as only needed 1 car and we chose the Volvo over it for its more sporty feel etc.

    Leased 0 down, 36 months 12k miles for 550. with tax.

    Black over taupe (not beige), xenia wheels, bi-xenons, DSTC, boosters seats, climate and prem. package. Think thats it. Raised light height as too low from factory and much better and farther lighting accomplished. 12k miles in 1.5 yrs (retired at 48 now 51) and drive mainly between our 2 homes in FL/MI.

    Great gas mileage and quality car.

    Highly recommend although can hardly wait to get Chrysler 300C when the lease is up.
  • drewxcdrewxc Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if Leasing a 2005 XC70 would qualify for the below dealer incentive:

    $2000 Dealer bonus is available ONLY on vehicles that are listed on "Base Car" Sell-down Bonus Vehicle Eligibility List. See dealer for list.
  • I just wanted to post a message regarding the dealership experience that I have
    experienced over the last 3 months at Volvo of Tacoma at Fife.

    My wife totalled our '02 Lincoln LS V8 on 1-6-05. We loved the car, it was
    gorgeous and a blast to drive. However, our needs had changed. She wanted to
    consider SUV's and wagons, I wanted to consider wagons and minivans. We are
    going to be starting a family in the next 2-3 years so safety was a big issue.

    Having agreed to look almost exclusively at wagons and small SUV's we wound up
    driving 27 vehicles in 3 weeks. We drove 5 different V70's over the course of 4
    visits to the dealer. They were always happy to accomodate us and seemed eager
    to answer any questions or concerns that we had. To their credit they were never
    pushy or asked for our sale. Their entire approach was to be available to answer
    whatever questions we had and allow us to make our decision on our timetable.

    We wound up ordering a V70 2.5T on January 29th. It arrived on April 20th at the
    dealership at which time the general manager called to inform me that it had
    just come off of the transporter and that I was welcome to come look it over and
    expect that it would be ready for delivery within about 24hrs. We went back the
    next day and the red carpet treatment continued through the F&I and delivery

    I would highly recommend the entire facility without reservation. Our sales representative and the factory/european delivery liaison were particularly wonderful to deal with. I had stopped at one other Volvo dealer during our shopping process and was treated rather poorly. My only guess is that the salesperson at that facility was not convinced that a 30 year old was a potential sale for a $40K+ vehicle. I had a similar experience (27 years old) when we initially started shopping for our $43K LS. The salesperson that treated us with respect and decency made out quite well I believe.

    If you are interested in dealing with our specific sales people, send me an email and I will be glad to provide you with their info.

  • rlinfan1rlinfan1 Posts: 1
    Seems that we missed the $3000 manufacturer to dealer incentive. In the past have they traditionally returned later in the model year?
  • gl70hhagl70hha Posts: 2
    Is there a overseas delivery for VW?
    I'm not able to find anything about this?
    Any help will be greatelly appreciated.
  • wally6wally6 Posts: 4
    Re: price paid for a V70R, I'm happy to report there's an 05 safely tucked in my garage as of about 5 weeks ago. Mine is a black (which looks great w/the blue leather seats and interior accents), 6 speed, w/premium and climate package. I leased through Chase. There's seems to be a major incentive through Volvo to lease (at least this vehicle) through Chase as it allowed a $5,000 deduction right off the top (I was told this at two different dealerships). After negotiations my capitalized cost ended up at approx. $35,300. The MSRP was $43,300!!! It was more than I wanted to spend but I fell in love in with the car, and "My God", the price/value was too good to pass up. So far so good with about 1,800 miles. The brakes squeal a bit when cold and I've noticed the clutch linkage is kind of loud with the windows rolled down when shifting casually around town. I looked at a lot of vehicles but the R just hit all the right buttons for a family guy living in a snow belt who still wants a bit of cut and thrust!
  • tmactmac Posts: 6
    I guess they are pushing out the 2005s to make room for the 2006s. Prices look lower than I have ever seen them for the xc70 and the s80.
  • itrollsitrolls Posts: 11
    What prices are you seeing for xc70 and s80...I'm interest in both of them. Thanks for your help.
  • kmcgkmcg Posts: 14
    Here's the best I've found: The base V70 (base = no sunroof, cloth seats, etc) is about $25,850 and the XC70 base is priced at $28,742. These are prices that seem quite low to me, especially for the XC. They come from a high volume dealership that appears to be experimenting with no-negotiation pricing on some of their cars. It works for me! I tried to get another dealer to match it, and they wouldn't. So, should I do it??
  • 12431243 Posts: 1
    bought today: $32,998 for XC70 with metallic, premium and leather (MSRP $40,175) no-negotiation price. Stutz Volvo / Salem, MA
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    In Chicago they are offering $7,5000 of the MSRP on all Volvo XC70s???!!!
  • melrosemelrose Posts: 6
    First off I'd like to extend a big "thank you" to and the folks who post here. This site literally saved me a couple of thousand bucks on my new XC70. It seemed to be the only (or one of the only) site that knew about the $4000 manufacturer to dealer incentive. I even paid for the CR new car price kit, and if I had just gone by that I would have paid right around invoice!

    Here are the details: 2005 white xc70 w/premium, climate, convenience, DSTC, and rear park assist: MSRP $41,655, Invoice $38,783, paid $34,812. After I had alreay committed, another dealer offered the car at $34,400, so it's possible to do a little better.
  • misspeppymisspeppy Posts: 1
    This week my husband and I test drove a 2005 V70 2.5T and loved it. We had done our homework and were ready to buy but there was just one problem---there was a very noticeable vibration that could be felt by the driver and passengers alike. My thought was that the tires were not properly balanced. The salesman agreed (he could feel it too) and assured us that he would have the service department check it out and fix the problem. The next day we returned and he informed us that all V70's have tire vibration and basically we should be willing to live with it. Is this true---do all V70s come with tire shimmy as standard equipment? Was the salesperson waiting for the turnip truck to turn around and pick us up after the test drive? One other major issue---the salesman also said the price on the car was non-negotiable. There was a $4K markdown on it already (which was great) but I've never heard of a dealer who won't give a little, even if it is just a token negotiation (other than Saturn). So the two issues here are first, should we be willing to accept that all V70's have some tire vibration and second, it is typical for Volvo dealers to refuse to negotiate on price? Should we be looking for another car? By the way, there is only one Volvo dealer in our area. The next nearest one is 150 miles away. Thanks in advance for all your input!
    Miss Peppy
  • liner3liner3 Posts: 1
    I need help purchasing an 04 silver XC70 with premium and climate packages. This car was used as a loaner/demo by the dealer and they have it listed at 33,495.

    I feel 29k would be a fair price for this car but am unsure, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    I am located in the mass area.
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    We just bought a 2005 XC70 with Premium, Climate and Convenience in silver with black leather for $33,500. Was stickered at just above $41K. Happy with the purchase and LOVE the car. Smooth ride, good acceleration, gorgeous interior. Even the stock stereo sounds very good. Wife is in heaven (she cried when she saw it in our garage with a red bow on it).

    My car is an Infiniti FX which I love. But I have to admit I might just sneak out early one Saturday morning and grab the XC70 for a ride...

    Jon B.
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