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Volvo XC70 V70 Prices Paid



  • mugnutmugnut Posts: 3
    Anyone have a line on good deals (and/or recommended dealerships to deal with) on an '04 XC-70 in Massachusetts? We are about to dump our '01 Passat wagon and looking at either '04 XC-70 or 04/05 Honda Pilot. If I can get Pilot-like pricing on an XC-70, we'd probably lean in that direction. Any recommendations would be most welcome. Thanks.
  • Strongly considering an '05 V70. Wondering what are the realistic expectations of price flexibility. This is our first time moving into this tier of vehicle and trying to get a feel for what is a fair price.

    Basically trying to see if negotiating utilizing invoice pricing info available here and other sites is a good way to start. I know that there are some actual Volvo people who roam these boards. How often are incentives such as the current manufacturer to dealer $2500 (that doesn't show on Edmunds for some reason), which expires 11/30, available for Volvo. Asking as I will probably be ready to make the plunge Feb to March. Can I realistically expect a similar incentive type deal around that time.

    Thanks for any assistance,

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • I found a black 2001 T5, 58K miles, leather, fine shape on a Toyota dealer lot for $20K. I've just started looking at these. Edmunds shows a dealer retail of around $23K, Kelly shows mid $21's.

    On the surface this looks like a good price, but I am looking for any real world opinions on this price point. Thanks.
  • Does any one have any idea how often Volvo runs their incentives/specials? Apparently the $2500 manufacturer incentive expires 11/30. I think we have settled pretty well on the V70, but will miss this window. I am figuring to be ready to buy in the Feb/Mar time frame. Dealer stated I could give a deposit to hold, deal in place, but doubt they will give me the deal 2.5 months from now (we are going thru home refinancing).

    Thanks for any assistance
  • You sound like me. I am looking at either Pilot of Volvo v 70. Don't want an SUV and am leaning toward Volvo.

    Where is a good place to buy in the Raleigh / North Carolina Area?
  • aleale Posts: 16
    I am looking at leasing either a 2004 or 2005 XC70. Now that it is getting to be late in the year will my chances of getting a good deal in MA increase or not.
  • Ok, I think the following offer is fair, but my wife thinks we should try to do a little better. Help me convince her we're doing alright. The dealer stated the offer without a word of haggling.

    2005 XC70 Barents Blue Metallic Paint
    Premium, Convenience, and Climate Packages
    16" Xenia Alloy Wheels

    MSRP: $40,660
    TMV: $38325
    Invoice: $37,881
    Dealer Offer: $36,881

    I told her a $1000 under invoice is a good deal. Right?

    Stan in Northern California
  • Call me silly, but...I would have to think $1K UNDER INVOICE for an '05 that's only been out for a few weeks is pretty good. Let your wife ask for a dealer add-on of some sort(don't know what you need--seems well equipped). I never felt I had to counter an offer that I thought was fair. Didn't haggle on our latest C70 purchase, no regrets. Good luck!
  • larscalarsca Posts: 60
    I don't think you're going to be able to go much lower than that. You might have another couple of hundreds of $ to deal on, but it sounds like you're getting a really good deal.

    If this was an '04 however... (not over $34,000 similarily equipped)
  • toddwtoddw Posts: 7

      Title says it all. Local dealer is offering an '01 V70XC 2.4T with about 55K miles for $17500. Has leather, CD, cassette, heated seats, sun roof. We'd like either booster seats and/or third row (doesn't have either), but could forego the former or add the latter if necessary. Clean, with clean carfax (was a rental, with one rental car agency). 3mo/3K mi warranty from dealer.

      Our big gripe is that it's LOUD; road noise, like what you get with 'grave digger' souped up off road trucks. Think it may be the Scorpion tires. Would only buy if we could finagle a deal in which I could replace the tires first, to see how it sounds (yeah, I'd be willing to swallow some cost, if this is really a good deal).

      What do you all think?


  • Hi, well, looks like the 1993 850 is going to need about $1400 worth of repairs. I was hoping she'd last 'til Fall of '05, but alas, it looks as if the hearse needs to be called.


    Been checking here for Manu-to-Consumer or Manu-to-Dealer rebates, but I don't see any. Can you verify that there's none available? (I did see that there is some special financing avail) but we're more interested in the cash back.


  • wyattwyatt Posts: 18
    I am looking for feedback on whether or not this would be considered a reasonable purchase price for the XC70, 2005 model. This would be a factory ordered car.




    Met Paint-387

    Climate Pkg-537

    Prem Pkg-2575

    Conv Pkg-683

    Wood St. Wheel-279

    Bi-Xenon lights-602

    16" Xenia Wheels-258

    Sirus Sat Prep-55

    HuU 850 Stereo/6 CD Changer-1032

    Park Asst-344


    Int. Air Quality-150

    Dealer Ad fee-250


    + 3% over invoice ($1235.70) (see above prices, all are invoice prices)

    or a total of $42,425.70


    This compares to MSRP of $44,220.


    I need to make a decision fairly quickly. Also, dealer advises that Volvo is hiking prices by $500 the first of the year. Has anyone heard about the price hike?


    Thanks for your input.
  • negativenegative Posts: 107
    The manufacturer-to-dealer incentive on the XC70 through January 3 is $1500, so in your example the real dealer cost is $39,690, meaning you'd be paying nearly a 7% markup. Nothing to write home (or to the forum) about, IMHO. If you were negotiating on one on the lot, and they were in tight supply (don't know if they are; I'll be in the market for a 2.5T shortly), maybe 7% would be worth it. But you'd be paying for something the dealer didn't purchase and wouldn't have to finance. I think you could do better. Have you gotten quotes from dealers, or is this the most you'd be willing to pay?
  • wyattwyatt Posts: 18
    There is ONE dealer in town. I thought I was being a smart buyer; I should have known. I have never been good at this! The dealer has them all over the lot; some are loaded, but not the way I want them to be. They've got one on the lot right now that has a booster seat, I don't want that. This car also does not have the Xenon head lamps and I want those. But it is the right color inside and out, and has the other equipment I want, except for the CD changer. I would like to upgrade the stereo, but apparently that requires an Act of God, too. They tell me that they can find one w/the headlamps that is not too far away, but again, it has that booster seat. I do not want to pay for something I do not want. Am I being unreasonable? What do you suggest? They are showing this car at MSRP, around $42000 +/-.


    This dealer also did NOT mention the $1500 incentives, nor did he mention the Lease offer I have seen on another board. All he did was flash "monthly" payments under my nose. Really turned me off. But I thought I did my homework, and obviously, I did not do enough of it!


    I also had the dealer evaluate my 2001 BMW for purposes of determining trade in $$$, and this car is in very good to excellent condition. The dealer low balled me on that, too. So far, this has not been a very pleasant buying experience, but that is usually the case for me.


    I REALLY appreciate your input/help. Thanks!
  • wyattwyatt Posts: 18


    Is this incentive applied to MSRP or to Invoice cost? Should the dealer have disclosed this to me?
  • negativenegative Posts: 107


    It sounds like you WERE being a smart buyer. Unfortunately, Volvo keeps a lid on the manufacturer-to-dealer incentives, and the information is not widely available on the Internet. I know of only one other car-related site that reports them, which I don't think I'm allowed to mention here. How they get their information isn't clear, but it seems to track with what other buyers have reported.


    The dealer has every right not to tell you anything about the incentive. However, if he doesn't tell you, or if he doesn't adjust his price accordingly, he runs the risk of your feeling "taken" once you find out. And that could mean bad word-of-mouth for him later. I'm sure some salesmen don't care about that, since many don't stay with the same dealer that long.


    The incentive is a reduction from invoice price. So if the invoice on a car is $35,000 and the the incentive is $1500, the dealer's ultimate cost is $33,500, not allowing for advertising fees, etc. I'm not sure how the dealer is paid. I believe that he receives the payment from the manufacturer only after you buy the car.


    I would extend my search to other dealers not in your town. Getting quotes from other dealers even if not in your immediate area is the best way to know if the prices demanded by the in-town dealer are competitive. If you're in a hurry to buy before Jan. 1, consider taking some time off next week (like the rest of the world) and do some serious haggling with other dealers, in person, by phone or by e-mail. If they're not too far away, you might consider purchasing from them, or using the information as leverage with the nearby dealer.
  • wyattwyatt Posts: 18
    It always "pays to ask". Your helpful response has made me prepare a list of out of town dealers, and I will be on the phone early Monday morning. Thank goodness, I have next week off and can shop around. I know that I probably should have done that first.
  • negativenegative Posts: 107
    Good luck, and let us know how much you pay.


    I am waiting until January or February. I am betting the incentives will rise, because few people feel like car shopping then. I hope I'm right.
  • wyattwyatt Posts: 18
    But what about the $500 price increase that is coming 1/1/05? Does this not influence your decision as to when you will make your purchase? I do not need to hurry to replace my current car. I **thought** I needed to hurry to get my so called "good deal". There are 3 other dealers within 2 hours from my home, so I will be contacting them early next week and will see what they have to offer.


    On another note...


    Have you (or other forum members)test driven the 2005 XC70? I kept one overnight and had a chance to drive in daylight and at night, and in a rainstorm. The car handles nicely. I did not have a chance to play with all of the bells and whistles. But I did notice that the seat heater is very poor/has a weak heating element. I can barely tell it's on. I also noticed that the door locks do not automatically engage when you get under way. Is this an after purchase setting that you can opt for? And does anyone know if the locking mechanism has an audible beep/horn sound when opening or closing? I like this feature on my current car. Along with flashing tail lights, it has helped me find then car when it is parked in one of those gigantic parking lots at the airport, etc. I also noticed the "rain sensor" wipers are a bit weak, too. Not nearly as responsive as others have been on other cars. Can anyone comments on these or other features, both good and bad?
  • larscalarsca Posts: 60
    The price hike will only affect vehicles ordered from factory after said date. Vehicles already on dealer's lots will not be affected. It's a risk, but there could be some good deals to be made at end of January. It will likely vary widely depending on dealers and regions.


    As for the locking. First off, no, Volvos do not beep when you lock or unlock. If you can't find your car on a big parking lot you'll have to press the panic button to set off the alarm. Not nice to other people, but oh well...


    Your dealer can set up the vehicle to lock its doors when you hit 10 or 15 MPH. This isn't something you can do yourself, dealer have to do it.


    As for seat heaters and rain sensing wipers... Thos I know nothing about.
  • wyattwyatt Posts: 18
    Thanks for your input, Larsca.


    Today I got word from an out of town dealer that he could sell me an 2005 XC70 with the Premium, Climate, and Convenience packages and the car also has the Bi-Xenon headlamps. He is quoting a price of $39,052, minus the $1500 incentive for a final price of $37552.00. I think this is a pretty good price. Anyone care to comment?
  • Looking at pre-owned XCs in Central New York (Syracuse)and found a nice 2004 with Premium, Convienence and Climate package, 15K miles, white, for $33995. Initial "offer" from dealer was $32995. Then we offered $29995 (I know, low, but worth a shot!), they said no way could they get that low. Came back with $32700, then $32,500. That's where we stand. We really would like to be around $31. Is this unrealistic? Should we hold out? Salesperson keeps telling me she only has "hundreds" to work with and that's it. Any opinions?
  • From my observation, cars, used or new, in east coast tend to be more expensive than in Calif, where I moved from. About a month ago, I talked to a lady who finally sold her 04 XC70 with almost all options except Xenon for $27k at mileage 20k. At that time, there was another seller for a similar car asking for $29k but only 5k miles.


    I know dealers charge more than private parties, but if you do a search in with 150 miles within zip 92677, you should be able to find some cars with similar miles and options (in Power Irvine Volvo) lower than your dealer's asking, if you can get the car back to the east.


    If I were you, I'd hold the purchase. I think in winter XC is more in demand. Also, with more newer design of 05 XC70s, 01-04 should have more lower pricing pressure with time.
  • wyattwyatt Posts: 18
    Can anyone shed some light on what I should expect a dealer to charge me when he has located a car that meets my criteria, but has located this car on the other coast, but will transport it to his dealership?


    Since this car is not already on his lot, how does this affect his holdback?


    I REALLY would appreciate some help from those of you in the "brain trust" .


    Many thanks.
  • Locally in my area, there are some 2004 XC70's with an Internet Price of $30,295. The price started at $34,995, and they keep lowering it. You could print one of these deals out and give it to your dealer as a bargaining tool. Look at This is in Clearwater Florida. The XC70 isn't very "hot" down here, so your dealer may bring that up.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .... **From my observation, cars, used or new, in east coast tend to be more expensive than in Calif ** ....


                 Actually, it's the other way around, the miles is what does it ... Left Coasters will pay the same money for a 25k vehicle that a East coaster will spend on a 12k vehicle, the higher mileage is what the Left Coasters live with .............. :)


  • calchcalch Posts: 11
    Shipping a car coast to coast is likely to cost you significantly. I would try to have them search incoming cars in a 300 mile radius.


    We bought a V70 at the end of the year in Silicon Valley. The car was transported up from the LA area (Irvine) and the price was $550 for one car going down and one coming up. Since this is not coast to coast, I assume your dealer will have to pay a few hundred more. If they do not swap cars, the price will probably be similar. Have them show you the quote from the shipping agent.


    I believe the dealer initiating the deal has to pay for the shipping, but am not sure how exactly that works. The shipping did not influence my purchase price (MSRP of 41,855 sold for 37,000, which was $350 below carsdirect), so I am not sure whether the dealer had to really bear all of the cost. Also think Volvo dealers make 5-7% on the back end, so there will be plenty to make up for the shipping. When they buy a car from another dealer though, rather than trading, they loose some of the back-end and that makes the deal less attractive to them.


    I did not get into the hold-back, since if the car is traded between dealerships, they have to pay the hold-back on the car that is traded.


    Hope that helps.
  • wyattwyatt Posts: 18
    Thank you for sharing your experience and information. It will be of help to me.
  • Howdy... I'm lookin at 99 V70 5-speed with 92,000 miles for about $7000. This is under blue book and the car seems in GREAT shape (would prefer leather, but stick is more important to me...) Any feedback? This will be my first Volvo and I'm counting on that "live forever" reputation of theirs! Thanks!
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