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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bgsayebgsaye Posts: 6
    My wife and I purchased a 2006 RAV4 Sport last week. When we test drove the car I noticed that the tire cover was not installed. I asked about it and the dealer showed me a form in the glove compartment that was filled out by the manufacturer. The form said that they were out of tire covers and would send one. We also got a "We Owe You" form from the dealer saying they owe us a tire cover. I'm not really concerned about it, but I am interested to know if anyone else is (or was) missing a tire cover.
  • robwar1robwar1 Posts: 11
    Hey Wfcny:

    I'm about to purchase a Rav4. Can you recommend a good dealer in the NYC/Long Island area? I understand that they vary greatly in terms of honesty and professionalism.


  • janetsuejanetsue Posts: 8
    I think you got a good price. I got the exact same RAV4 with those options for $22,300 in Denver, Colorado thru an auto broker. I am just loving the new Rav4!
  • Hey-

    I got my RAV4 4wd V6 LTD from Neil Toyota in Lynbrook. I was in and out with my new car in 2 hours (It had just been delivered and I was there at the right time). They were extremely professional and had good knowledge of the vehicle. I am probably going back there this week to get my wife the V6 XLE camry...
  • lampwalklampwalk Posts: 17
    Hi--We had put a hold on an allocated RAV4 coming into Burnsville, MN (hope to get a refund on the CCard fee, as this was not a special order), but we found one closer to home for close to the same price. So, this hold will hopefully come off today or tomorrow--so if anyone is looking--they can call Burnsville and probably get this vehicle immediately:
    RAV4 V6 Base 4WD, Everlade metallic, 3rd row seats, Roof rack, Side Airbags, Towing Package, 17" Steel Wheels. MSRP 26,250. WE got it for $24,497. But it is quite a trek for us to drive over to Twin Cities. They have a $50 doc fee. So, finding a similar unit (Silver, not green and had alloy wheels) closer, to us, we are letting the vehicle go up in Burnsville, so somebody will get a good deal up there if they act fast!
  • I am in California San Jose, the dealer quoted me RAV4 v6 base 2 wheel drive for 28,000.
  • wfcnywfcny Posts: 7
    I went to Prestige Toyota on Route 17 in Ramsey, NJ, I built the car on and submitted the request to 5 different area dealers. Prestige called me, I dealt with the internet department. The gentleman that assisted me was very motivated to sell, just rembember to take everything they say with a grain of salt. eg. he called me and told me these were hot and in demand, I told him Johnston toyota had 3 and I could pick one up any time... Overall, very proffessional and I got a great deal with minimal hassle.
  • devlodevlo Posts: 2
    Hiya everybody,

    I am searching for a '06 RAV4 and have been checking out the forums to hear mostly positive owner experience w/ the new model :)
    I wanted to gauge my price quote offers w/ you guys to see if I am getting something fair. South Florida's a pretty hot market but there are also plenty of Toyota dealerships in the area.

    I requested a RAV 4 (Basic model/V4) in White/Silver (w/ no extra options)
    Headquarter Toyota dealership offered $21,168 for a basic model equipped:
    6 CD Changer
    Roof rails/Crossbars
    Daytime running lights
    Tounneau Cover

    I'm not interested in the 6CD changer or the crossbars or the cover. The dealer priced the options at MSRP.
    I checked and a similarly equipped RAV4 is priced at $20,861.
    Kendall Toyota dealership offered internet pricing of 2% over invoice for any RAV4 model they had in stock (oddly, they didnt tell me whether they had the model I was looking for in their lot)
    According to, a similar RAV 4 (like the one above) goes at invoice for
    $19,821 TMV. Tack on 2% on to that = $20,217.42
    But the Big If with this dealership is whether they have an entry-level RAV4 not loaded w/ options...the internet salesguy also said they wouldn't budge from this pricing scheme (but who knows?)

    I am wondering what my next step should be.
    Can I renegotiate w/ these internet sales guys? Email them the pricing for my area? Plus insist not paying MSRP for option packages?
    How does this work after getting these price quotes?
    Any insight would be helpful! Especially any comments from South Florida buyers.
  • greg36greg36 Posts: 6
    Just got a quote:

    with all standard equipment plus: tonneau cover, roof rack, aluminum wheels, side airbags, running lights, and floor mats
    MSRP : $22,289
    Internet Price*: $20,908

    Deal or No deal?
  • sandyosandyo Posts: 6
    Look at a few other prices. I checked out 4 places and the larger places had better prices than the 2 smaller places.
    I believe all rav's had the roof rack and 50 state emissions that I looked at. I was pricing base 4x4 v4 at under 21k. I wanted side curtin airbags so I paid a little more. I'm up north tho.
  • did you have the leather pkg, moonroof, and/or 6cd changer, side bags? I have a quote for a v6 ltd with above features for $28800 + tax etc. Sounds a little high to me.
  • wfcnywfcny Posts: 7
    Yes, it is all listed in my options list in my original post. In addition, my price included the remote starter and dimming mirror. I did not get third seat or the DVD. Was this a face to face quote? In the ny area? Your price is fair if you are going to buy now. Remember timing is everything. Salesmen are rated/incented on the cars they sell monthly,Dealerships are rated on a quarterly basis. I closed on my car March 31st.
  • It is very difficult to find a V6 4wd ltd with Leather and Heated seats installed at the factory. I could have had it put in by the dealer, but opted not to.

    Window Sticker
    2006 V6 4wd LTD:
    MSRP: 25,870
    FE: 0
    GY(Side airbags etc): 650
    RL(Daytime running lights): 40
    SR(Moonroof): 900
    EJ(JBL): 340
    TO(Towing prep package): 160
    C4(Carpet Mats): 119
    Delivery etc: 605
    TOTAL 28,684

    Amount paid including all: 27,117 (everything Tax title and Doc fees.) :blush: :shades:

    I know I got an awesome deal, and the people at the dealership were amazing...I think that I was in the right place at the right time, it was the middle of the week, looked like a slow day, and the delivery truck was unloading. I had my TMV from Edmunds, and negotiated like a pro...even got the first oil change free.
  • This is my buying experience so far- After looking at every small suv on the market I made the decision to buy the Rav4 v6 limited. The local Toyota dealership in Naples, Fl called me and I made a appt. to drive one in Feb. I arrived on time for the appt. but the salesman dumped me for another couple who had missed their appt. two hours earlier. They had the car sitting in front of the dealership and said they could not find the keys. Several people were waiting in line to drive it so we left. I went to the dealership at the end of April and drove a v6 and really loved it, only I would rather have a limited. When we sat down and tried to make a deal, they tried and tried to talk me out of that car as they have none in stock. They also would not even look at my trade in - they wanted me to put $1000 down and said my trade in would be worth what they could get for it on the day my car came in. They were really rude and their was no getting the price below $28,000. We left and went to the Ft Myers dealership where they were really accomadating and friendly only they had no Rav 4 v6 limiteds. We were tempted by the Highlander and drove one, but I prevailed and put in a order for a Rav4. They did look at my trade-in and gave me a fair price for my gas gussling limited ford explorer. There was no haggling on the price of the car for a v6 limited with options they were just under the $28,000 from the first dealership. A few days later the salesman called me and said they had a car exactly like I wanted lined up but it had been sold at another dealership. He said 10 ravs would be put into the this area in May. Now I am wondering if I will ever get a car and is it worth the wait? I don't understand how all of you can get such good deals when there are no cars even available. The first dealership had a $3000 area charge and the second one had a $1500 charge added to the price of the cars. I am paying $2000 over the MSRP listed by Edmunds. Any thoughts appreciated.
  • sayers1sayers1 Posts: 42
    I had some similar experiences in my buying experience. Big push to unload a Highlander on me, but I wouldnt budge. Promises of we'll have one here for you in a week. I even put down $500 dollars to allocate one, then THAT never showed up as promised. The RAV4 V6 LTD's are so hot, the only way to go is to find one on a lot and go after it. I found one online on a Friday morning, then drove 4 hrs to the dealership on Monday to buy it. Well worth the trip for me to get what I wanted. I ended up paying about $1000 under MSRP. Good luck.
  • congrats!! the same car that i look will cost me about 30k out of the door in california bay area. where are you ? and what dealer is that... i am still waiting for 4x2 v6 basic and none of the dealers that i go have it. they only have limited and sport version or the basic 4x2 v4.

  • vmotvmot Posts: 9
    Wow!! This is a truely Awesome deal!
    It is much below the invoice.
    I got the same ( Minus the JBL) and paid $1200 over what you paid..! I had searched the internet and edmunds and I had gotten the deal at $490 over invoice...I am just wondering about your deal since the invoice itself would be over or almost 26K. I negotiated at 26K+ paid about 2200 In taxes and fees ( 8.75% tax).
    Where are you located?
  • jebinc1jebinc1 Posts: 198
    We just purchased a Pacific Blue RAV4 "Limited" 4X4, 4 cylinder from Michael's Toyota in Bellevue WA. Options include JBL stereo system, Power moon roof, side and curtain airbags, mud flaps, rear bumper protector, and more. MSRP was $27187. I paid $27087 or the Costco price. Couldn't find hardly any RAV4's in the Seattle area. We really love the Limited Trim and the Pacific Blue color. What was really cool was that our actual vehicle will be in a national commercial! :) They were filming it yesterday just before we took delivery.
  • wfcnywfcny Posts: 7
    New York. Prestige Toyota in Ramsey, NJ.
  • wfcnywfcny Posts: 7
    I am in NY too, purchased at Prestige Toyota in Ramsey, NJ. I paid exactly what I wanted to pay. It was perfect. I paid the extra $14 bucks at the consumer reports site to get the true invoice and HOLDBACK information. The CR report is line by line every option and package. I saved thousands on that $14 investment. I paid the ridiculous 8.75 NY tax too. I recommend negotiating from the dealer price not the invoice.
  • karlzunikarlzuni Posts: 20
    Are you saying there is a difference between the invoice and the "dealer price"? What does consumers tell you that isn't on the invoice? The invoice the dealer howed me included the holdback (about 2%). thanks.
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    Just got a Natutical Blue Metalic Base 4x4. The car is from the dealer inventory and comes with options:

    GY Curtain & Side Airbags
    DR Roof Rack
    CF Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat Set
    CD Tonneau Cover
    AA 17" Styled Steel Wheel
    RL Daytime Running Lights
    EF Rear Bumper Applique
    and Portfolio Extended 6 Yr/75K warranty

    MSRP without the Extended warranty is $23,764, with Edmunds invoice of $21,453.

    Paid $23,284 total after all taxes, registration, and fees.

    Price of the car is $19,744. This include $400 college grad rebate and dealer fees. So final cost to me is $19,344, about $2,000 under invoice. I fall for the extended warranty offer at $1,500.

    I have to say that I don't particularly like Toyota interior though, I think Honda do a much better job on the interior of their cars.
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    Forgot to mention that the catch is I have to financed 85% through the dealer and they charge very high interest (if you go through with them you will end up pay 23K after 5 years).
    I can pay off the loan after 4 months, so I plan to transfer most of the balance to my credit card with 0% APR on my first bill, and then pay off everything on my 4th bill.
  • wfcnywfcny Posts: 7
    I did not even ask to see the invoice. Two of my options negotiated were not installed in the vehicle so the invoice was of no value to me. I showed the dealer my list of options and their price as reported by Consumer Reports. The dealer did not refute my prices or holdback. It sounds like the prices quoted on Edmunds might favor the dealer.
  • philliplcphilliplc Posts: 136
    i assume the $23284 total includes the $1500 for the warranty? otherwise your numbers don't make sense :)
  • philliplcphilliplc Posts: 136
    in my experience edmonds tmv is almost high, although i assume that's because it's an average of price shoppers who get deals, and uninformed who pay way too much.
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    Yes, it include the warranty, taxes, and everything. I actually pay $22884 after the college grad rebate.

    Warranty cost quite a bit. We did have few problems with the 03 Honda Accord we got few months after it was introduced. Consider this Rav4 is also the early production lot, I guess I am paying for a peace of mind.
  • greg36greg36 Posts: 6
    which state you are?
  • blueravbluerav Posts: 12
    The dealer is in Long Island, NY.
  • bmarchandbmarchand Posts: 16
    I am curious if anyone has used CarsDirect to buy? I thought it was supposed to be hassle free and cheaper but I think it may end up costing me more. They located the car I wanted but it had two unwanted money making items for the dealer, Security System Upgrade and Toyoguard Plus Protection. These seem to be adding about $1000 to the price. Is there anyway to get them removed? I live in SW FL so have no use for the rust proof, am getting leather interior so no need for the fabric protection and I belong to AAA so I don't need the towing. Anyhow, I was quoted for a RAV4 V6 2WD Limited, with moonroof, side curtain airbags, JBL AM/FM CD, daytime running lights, leather interior, and the two unwanted items at a cost of $31,048.73. Then I was told that they might only give us $500 for our trade in, plus we have to pick it up at a dealer somewhere in Florida which could be as much as 8 hours away. He has not responded to my inquiry of the dealer. I think I recommend staying with your local dealer.
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