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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • webbewebbe Posts: 15
    Was suppose to get one of the Rav4 that was in "port", it was exactly what my
    daughter was looking for-they told her it would be available in 14 days but when she went out to the dealerships and settled on a price they then told her it was gone.
    That another dealership had sold it and it was going to them.
    She was then told about 2 week ago that it could be ordered but it might be 4 to 6 weeks. (She is wanting the Black 6cl 4x4). The thing is they did not require a deposit just told her they had preferenced it. But she has still not heard anything from them. I guy at another dealership that I emailed (didn't tell him about the 1st one) says he can order it and have it in 10 days.
    The second dealership is in a busier area but don't know if he is just trying to get us there.
    Is their a difference in the area or dealership on how fast they can get them?
    Does 4 to 6 weeks not sound like a long time
  • akrsakrs Posts: 1
    Not a good negotiator, want to surprise our son who'll be leaving for college. We are in Fremont, California. Safety, low fuel consumption, good power and reliability is the most consideration in buying decision. Thinking of RAV Limited with the following options:

    Rear Seat Entertainment
    Third Row Seat
    Heated Seat
    Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat Set

    While pricing in edmunds it's coming up as
    Invoice: 28,429
    TMV: 31,850

    What should be the best price?
    How should I negotiate for the best price?
    Are we choosing the right vehicle?

    Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  • Just thought I'd share. I just took delivery on a brand new, gorgeous 2008 Rav4 Limited V6 4WD in Blizzard Pearl with the following:

    Mud Guards
    Tonneau Cover
    Daytime Running Lights
    Tow Prep Package
    Leather Seats
    Heated Seats
    Upgraded JBL sound system (with subwoofer, amp, and steering wheel controls)
    Carpet Mats
    Rear Bumper Applique

    MSRP: $31,200
    Invoice: $28,790

    I PAID $27,235 after my $400 COLLEGE GRADUATE DISCOUNT before TTL.

    Did I get a decent deal?
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 421
    Sounds like a fantastic deal to me lewisca. If I can get a similar deal I'll be driving a Rav4 soon myself. That Blizzard Pearl looks great too.

    I'm going to head to Toyota next week to check them out along with the Highlanders.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Hey...congrats to you on your new RAV4 purchase! I got the same model you did except I have the Savannah Color which I think looks sharp also.
    It looks like you got a great deal. I have everything you mentioned... only difference is I have the XM radio and exhust tip.
    Total Delivered price was 31,554.00. I paid 30,300.00 out the door.

    Hope you love it as much as I do....
  • I'm shopping for a RAV4 in Northern VA area. Here is the spec.

    Base, 4cyl, 4x2 - MSRP $21,100
    Roof rails & crossbars - $220
    17" 5-spoke styled steel wheels - $120
    Daytime running lights - $40
    50/50 split 3rd row seat - $950
    Destination charge - $685
    The total MSRP is $23,115.

    The dealer quoted me $20,500 plus all the fees on the spot without any negotiation. I don't know the invoice price. Is it a good deal or there's still lots of room? Should I wait util before Christmas when dealers are willing to make a deal before year end?

    Thank you for taking time to look at this.
  • That's the ticket to make a Rav4 the best selling vehicle in the US. They've got the technology. I want it now..
  • ljs8ljs8 Posts: 1
    I think it is. =2

    What dealer was this from? I live near there and buying very similar, except 4WD since i"m in southwest (Pittsburgh) PA (Snow and Rain). If I can get a quote, I can use it against the guys here.
  • The dealer is Koons at Tyson's Corner, VA. Hope it helps. Please let me know how it goes.
  • I think you should go ahead and take it. I don't think you can really beat that price in the DC Metro area.
  • I am shopping for the identical car and live in DC. Just got a call from Koons at Tyson's Corner who told me there was no way they could give me the same for $20,500. In fact their starting price (no haggle price that I managed to knock $1000 off of in 5 minutes) was over $22,000. Did you end up buying at $20,500?
  • That's why I am suggesting ted_rav4 to go ahead and take it. If you look at (one of the best no haggle dealer in the DC metro area in my opinion) has a much higher price and invoice.

    If you look at fitzmall's invoice, you will notice it is higher than the Edmunds's invoice. It is because Edmund's invoice doesn't include the advertising fee. ted_rav4's quote is even lower than Edmund's invoice. Meaning the quote doesn't include the dealer's holdback. Well, to make a long story short, Edmund's invoice include dealer's holdback for Toyota vehicles. Yes, I know it is ridiculous to have dealer's holdback in the invoice, but thats how Toyota pricing system works. When I got my Rav4 a month ago, I got the pricing printout from 2 different dealers. Both had the holdback as their "factory invoice". Dealers don't negotiate that (I have tried Costco as well)

    Anyway, this means that ted_rav4 actually has a very very good quote. My experience with Koon is not that great (others have better experience). Hope he can get it.
  • w33zyw33zy Posts: 2
    Just wondering if Im getting a good deal. Its for an 08 RAV4 V6 4x4...
    its on order but should include the following:
    - daytime running lights
    - tow package
    - roof rack
    - the poles w/ net thing
    The quote is 24,200 OTD, is this a good deal?
  • webbewebbe Posts: 15
    Just curious, how long did they tell you it would be before you got it. That
    is about the same as my daughter has ordered and about the same price
    but they told her 4 to 6 weeks. Long story as to reason why so long such
    as they have to preference it to their lot from Toyota since their is not one
    like that within a 5 state range. We are in Kentucky.
  • w33zyw33zy Posts: 2
    they told me about 6-8 weeks. So I have to wait quite a while.
  • Hope I can get such a great deal.

    the invoice is $21,267 includes the $685 destination charge, so the price is almost $800 below invoice.

    BTW, can anybody help me: when people here talk about the invoice price, do they include the destination charge?
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 421
    I was hoping for an informed comment on how I'm planning to tackle my next car purchase. I'd like to keep it simple and here is how I see it:

    1, I want the new vehicle for invoice. Invoice +$200.00 is my limit.

    2. Out the door price is Invoice (+200 if I have to) and tax, title and license. Period.

    3. I am also trading in a 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe. Edmunds calculates this car in "clean" condition at 20.5k, in "average" condition at 18.2k. I'd put it in between those two based on some scuffs and scratches, so 19.5k is my price on the trade in. Minimum of 19k.

    As I see it they will not only make money on my trade in, but if I do buy from them they get my business on any work done on the car as well. Not to mention financing if I go through them. Is this reasonable? Should I shoot for better?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I am quoted an internet price of 21,200 for Base 4x4 4 Cyl. with the following options. (in MA)

    Base, 4cyl, 4x4 - MSRP $21,200
    Includes following option.
    Roof rails & crossbars
    17" 5-spoke styled steel wheels
    Wheel Locks -
    Daytime running lights
    Carpet Floor Mats

    State Taxes, Title and registration extra.

    Is this a an OK price?
  • Want to buy 2008 RAV 4 Base model 4 cyl.
    Factory invoice is $21,100.

    Dealer will sell out the door price $22.000. is this a good price.?

    Can someone tell me if the Toyota has better deals due to rebates in Dec?
  • Are you referring to the 4WD or FWD? The FWD would cost close to $ 20.5K and the 4x4 for $ 21.2K
  • thanks.

    So I should bargain some more.
    You say the out the door price you say is 21.2K?
  • I think it's a good price. Do you mind sharing the dealer's info?
  • Actually, it was an oral quote and I don't have something written down. I have been looking at Kia Rondo, which also has 3rd row seat and is $3k-4k less. I was so into buying a RAV4, but after test-driving the Rondo, I found it also very well built and felt good. Anybody has any comments on RAV4 vs. Rondo?

    Anyway, the dealer is Koons Toyota at Tyson's corner.
  • IRA Toyota in Danvers - Entire deal was discussed and finalized over the e-mail and phone.
  • ellayellay Posts: 15
    Hi. My first post...I've decided this is the vehicle I want to buy (with a few options not listed on the Edmunds workpage--remote start for example) and am dreading the process. I've read about the geat deals you guys have gotten; yet when I look at Edmunds Tm price, it's within $50 of MSRP? I've looked at these numbers for a couple trims and the TMV price is nearly the same as MSRP. I can't go into a dealership "armed" with the MSRP. Have I misunderstood what this number means? I read it was "what this model is selling for in your area". Anybody had good experience with this model in the Louisville area?
  • webbewebbe Posts: 15
    Yes we live in Louisville, Ky and been helping my daughter with her purchase
    and it is all just just a hassle. I have bought before but forgot how much I dislike
    dealing with these sales people.
    The prices she has been quoted is not bad but the run around on getting it.
    Don't know if there telling the truth or just want to sell her higher priced ones.
    Dealers will tell you something to get you there and in the process and then
    have some excuse. I am also going through the process only on a different make.
    She has waited about 6 weeks and still no Rav4. She has been told that Toyota
    only builds so many Base ones and even if the dealer preferences it there (to their lot) their is no guarantee they will get it or when. Seems they make mostly the sport and limited. Some of this is due to the fact that it is not yet 2008 but mostly to try to get the sales person to sell the higher priced ones (sport and limited). As according to one of the dealers Toyota has taken a more conservative approach by not building the base ones.
    My daughter has decided to go ahead with the sport since he agreed to it for about
    $1000 more and has what she wants with a few extras but even then it is coming from one of the surrounding states if he can as she is wanting the black 4x4 6 cl. This was decided as of yesterday.
    The whole process is just such a unnecessary pain.
    He has quoted her $26,000 for the sport.

  • ellayellay Posts: 15
    Thanx for confirming what I'm getting myself into. How does her price quote compare to the sticker price? If you were starting the process all over, where would you start? Did you do the internet quote thing or just start hitting dealerships? Do you mind telling me which dealership was the lesser of the evils? I'm ready to buy the RAV4 and you're right...the whole process just turns me off and I've kept this car another year just to avoid that.
  • webbewebbe Posts: 15
    The sticker price on the sport she hopes to get is 28,400 and the quote is 26,400.
    The base she was going to get was $26,500 for the sticker and quote of $24,500. Both had quite a bit but obviously the sport has more, moon roof and ect. The base I though was actually the better deal as it also had extra options installed including tow package and alot. But as I have said pain getting it and then told her it was sold.
    The dealers we have dealt with is Oxmore and Swope in e-town.
    E-town has been better but not sure even if they are on the up and up but is
    the one she is dealing with now. On Oxmore they were horrible. Could just be
    the sales person we dealt with. Just non professional and added fee's on without telling her then did not want to give her deposit back-but ended up doing so after I complained.
    What I would do is do as much by email as you can. Have them send you the print out on the car you want and then negotiate the price-just make sure the car is actually on the lot. If they say it is not but can it within so many days then have them write that on the deposit that you can get your deposit back if not received by then. As I said earlier the main problem we have had is they say yes they can get it there in 10 days but then cannot. It is true that she was specific on what she wanted (black, 4x4 6cl and tow package) but they should just say up front how long it actually takes. If you don't want specifics then you might not have that much of a problem.
    It is just that most of car sells people's tactics are obnoxious (though some seem nice at first) and I say this as a person that sold Real Estate for more than 10 years
    dealt with many but have yet to see a car salesperson that wouldn't put most R.E. agents to shame in that area. I hate to bad mouth them and I keep telling myself that it far and few but so far that has not been the case. I am now also talking about my own experience as I am also negotiating my own car purchase and dealing with both has been a bit much.
    The guy in e town seems nice enough and if he gets this car and it goes through ok I will post back and let you know.
    One other thing if it was me and I didn't want the Rav4 right away (if your getting the 2008), I would maybe wait as long as you could or at least closer till January.
    Unless their is one on the lot that you want, as a lot of the problems she had was getting the suv there. I think they (Toyota) knows if you order ahead that you are anxious to buy and would prefer not to sell the base and let one choose their own options. Money and more convenience for them.
    Sorry so long-venting.

  • ellayellay Posts: 15
    Hey, Thanks Webb, for the insight. It's really helpful to me hearing your experience because I'm sorta stuck since I set my heart on the RAV4 before I knew what a pain it would be to get one. I think I'll spend the next two weeks online with dealers-Round1. In the meantime I'll visit the dealerships (I live in the Knobs so I'll hit GreenTree and L'ville both) to look at colors I could live with (like your daughter, I'd really like Black in the Base 6cyl, but have been looking at the 4X2 since I won't be towing and all of them have the traction and stability features that apparently make the AWD less a factor). I had to drive to Greenwood, IN to get my last car, so I'm not afraid to expand my search...will also check out E'town.
    Then about Mid Dec I'll start making offers and get the best price and the best in-writing delivery date (that's good advice-waiting a bit). Keep me posted on your progress--this helps a lot.
  • Purchased: Brand new Classic Silver 2007 ("leftover") Rav4 LTD 4 cylinder 4x4...heated leather power seats, moonroof, Bluetooth, 6-CD JBL/MP3 stereo, satellite radio compatible, cargo mat, 2 cargo nets (one on poles), etc. (fully loaded, in general), dealer-added door edge guards, wheel-opening moldings, pinstriping

    Place: Large dealership in Central NJ

    Sticker price total (MSRP): $29,467

    Price I paid: $25,678

    The final selling price did not include the additional $500 I insisted they give me on my trade, to get closer to the $25,000 that I wanted to spend.

    How I did it: I walked in letting them know that I did not need a new vehicle, that I did not want to be fed their typical BS that they try on everyone that walks in the place, that I knew their dealer invoice price for the vehicle, how much their dealer holdback was (2% of base MSRP), I pointed out other money they were making that is not general public knowledge, I mentioned the money they were losing by having the '07's sit for so long (a little research goes a long way), and I didn't back down against their fast-talking managers, or allow myself to be "worn down" (a typical tactic they use). The negotiations went on for almost a week, but the end result was worth it. My husband calls me a pitbull, and the people in the dealership offered me a job! :)

    I ended up with the price I wanted for my trade, a more than reasonable vehicle sales price (the accountant told me "Trust me...they lost money on your deal), and the finance rate that I requested (I refused to go over 6% for 60 mos.).

    Now I hope the Rav treats me right! ;)
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