Righ Axle seal leaking and new plugs with valve adjustment on 2011 Honda Accord SE CVT 99K miles

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Just went to the dealer for an oil change. The dealer then said I need new spark plugs with a valve adjustment for $439 and a right axle seal replacement for $284.01. Then there is a transmission leak and they estimated $125.00.

I don't see any fluid anywhere and I don't know if these are fair prices or not. I am in unfamiliar territory. I have never had any of these issues with a Honda. Any guidance would be sincerely appreciated.


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    The labor to do a valve adjustment is 1.5hrs according to Mitchell. The spark plugs if done at the same time would realize at least some overlapping time but are listed as .6hrs. Along with the plugs, you would also have the plug boots and the valve cover gasket. The price you were quoted is higher than expected, but how fair it is cannot be judged by that alone. What is "fair"? Someone else, somewhere else could be quoted half the price and still believe that it wasn't fair.

    The "axle seal" leak would be expected to be a transmission fluid leak. Is there more to the story? Are there two leaks? Or were they referring to a CV (constant velocity joint) boot? Is the $125 of that actually a transmission service?
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    the cardoc3 - thanks. I have learned that going cheap is not wise so when I say fair, I mean I don't want to pay a 30 to 40 percent premium. When these folks want $140 bucks to replace the airfilter and the cabin filter, I have to be a bit cautious. So they gave me a picture of an axle seal and said the rear right one needed to be replaced by observation. Then they took a picture of the transmission and ground which was wet underneath and said the 125 bucks was to diagnose the leak not to fix it. Now when I look underneath the car at home, I see no leaks under the tranny, and there is nothing wet anywhere, so I am not sure if I should take it to another dealership and have them do an inspection or not.

    The car only has 99K miles on it and I want to keep it another 5 to 7 years if possible. It really is a great car. What would you do? Thanks again for your insights they are appreciated.
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    WWID isn't a question you can work around since I would simply address any issue(s) myself. You should seek another opinion, and not necessarily a dealer as top independent technicians can handle everything that the dealer can, and in some cases more. The tune up and the valve adjustment you could have them quote for you, but again choose them by their capabilities, and in that you will likely be pleased all the way around. Then have them check for any other issues while they have it and see what they advise.
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    Found this thread and the dealership just told me the seal for the right axle is leaking too and quoted the same amount $284.  My car has 111,000 miles so am wondering if this is now a common problem around the 100k mark. Oh plus the $125 transmission fluid service.
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    As good as today's cars are, 111,000 miles is still a lot of miles and seals dry out and begin to leak sometimes.

    I wouldn't call that a "common problem" just one of those things that can eventually cause trouble.
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    Certainly plausible as a normal maintenance item on a car with 111K on it.
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    You and I remember when a car was shot at 111K assuming it made it that long!

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    People often say "They don't make them like they used to" and it couldn't be more true. The 200,000 miles of today is the 100,000 of a decade ago.
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    Valve jobs were common around the 50K mark. The engines rarely made it to 100K without an overhaul and possibly even a rebore. Automatic transmissions were overhauled around 50-75K.

    Tires lasted 20,000 miles maybe and about the same for drum brakes.

    I recently looked into an engine that had blown a head gasket after around 250,000. I felt no ridge in the cylinder walls at all.

    So, Cardoc what do you attribute this too? Much better oil? Hotter operating temps?

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    There isn't any one thing, you have to take all of the advances in vehicle technology as a whole to account for how much better the cars are.
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