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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tony50tony50 Posts: 15
    So how did the dealership deliver the GX to you--did someone individually drive the vehicle the 75 miles to you or did some delivery company drive it to the nearest lexus dealer who then brought it to you?

    At the hand-off, did someone go over the vehicle checking for any damage and explain how to operate some of the systems, if you asked?

    Did the GX have a temporary tag on it so you could legally drive it until your permanent plates come in?

    Who keeps the title until the GX is paid off, the bank or you?

    Did you ask Mission Viejo Lexus about doing a special order for your GX? If so, could you still get the $4 to $5K off the MSRP? Or, did you just get the most popular configuration with the best discount available?

    It looks like you got a great deal. The real test is would you use these guys again?
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    Let's here about the experience. You may have read my thread about them on this and the other GX forum. One of the main operators had been charged with defrauding customers in car deals in Florida. Please tell us about your experience.
  • Man, after seeing you guys talk about them, I would never do any kind of business with them.
  • st61st61 Posts: 1
    I am in the process of trading in my 2000 Rx300 for a 2004 GX. they have offered me $19,000 for my trade in and $49500 for a new 2004 GX with Nav, DVD and 3rd row seat. Is it a good deal. I will have to wait 2 -4 weeks for the white, 2 weeks for the ash blue. Any thoughts. They also have a 2003 Meridian blue on the lot they will sell me for $47000 with all of the above plus a spoiler. but the blue scares me with scratches.
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    Glad to hear you had a smooth transaction. I agree that if what they say they are doing--simply matching up dealers with buyers for a finder's fee from the dealer is actually the truth, then the risks should be limited to working with a dealer far away from you. If they don't handle any of your money, then you should be OK.

    As far as working with a dealer on another coast, I'd be concerned about them leaving off certain options such as a spoiler or tow hitch or something like that and stiffing you for the $500 or so and saying that wasn't included. That's actually mentioned by a customer on their website testimonials, that her spoiler got left off. I guess you could minimize your risks by having some sort of written contract with a copy of the invoice or window sticker specifying exactly what you were getting.

    Perhaps this guy found a legitimate business this time, I don't know. Maybe donovan8 got lucky. I just know my brain won't let me knowingly do business with someone who's been charged with fraud. I guess I'll pay around $500 for the peace of mind.
  • Couldn't you just get the dealer's phone number from and then call the dealer just to verify the transaction?
    If you wanted extended warranty, you would have to talk to the dealer directly anyway. So if you call the dealer and tell them what's going on, and if they can verify doing business with, then there should not be a problem.
    But yeah, as long as I don't have to give any cash, that's okay by me.
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    I don't think you even need to do that. From what I understood, LexusUs just negotiated the price and model with you and when you said yes, they would put you in touch with the dealer and then you and the dealer handled the rest and they stepped out of the way.
  • tony50tony50 Posts: 15
    Has anyone ordered from a dealer on the other coast, and how smooth did the delivery go? Did Bubba just drop it in the driveway and split, or did a Lexus sales rep do it making sure all was well? If some option you ordered was not there or there was damage, how smoothly was it resolved? I think this is what bothers most people about cross-country orders. It is a whole lot easier just to drive the vehicle back to the local dealer and get the problem fixed than complaining about it 3000 miles away.
  • I am looking to buy my GX in early 2004, when KDSS and the rearview camera become available. Can anyone recommend to me a reputable dealer in Northern or Southern California who will deal? I will go anywhere in California. What have people been purchasing '04s for recently? Thanks in advance.
  • Donovan8 has been posting the same thing for the past couple months. They are the exact posts. Obviously, it is a scam. Why do you think he is the only person talking about the company??? Look at every other discussion and you will find it.
  • I'm not sure what you are saying. Are you implying that I am Donovan8? Nope. Donovan8 touts, which I think is very suspicious.

    I want to know the names of dealerships in CA where people are getting good deals at. I don't want to travel out of the state because I want the ability to hold the dealership accountable. I live in No. Cal, and I find the motivation somewhat lacking. About $3k off MSRP is what I am running into.
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    Can't tell you about California, but in North Carolina, I found one dealer out of three that was willing to go to $3K off MSRP, another stopped at $2K, the third finally offered to match the $3K but I was already put out with them by then. They said they really didn't need to discount these trucks to sell them.
  • Just took MN delivery of GX 470 having dealt first with Lexusus and then brokered to Lexus of Glendale in CA. Saved approx $4,000 off of MSRP. Shipping to MN was $650. I can honestly tell all that are interested that this was nothing but a positive experience from the initial contact to delivery. I would do it again in a heartbeat!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Anybody know the status of the Florida litigation?


    Lexusus, fleetrates, and all have the same address when you do a whois search and all point to Luxury Cars of Palm Beach, Inc., the defendant listed in the above press release from the Florida AG's office.

    Steve, Host
  • tony50tony50 Posts: 15
    How did Glendale deliver the GX to you, by trailer truck to your home? Did you do a check-over with the delivery guy? Would you do business with Glendale and LexusUS again?

    As for the dealerships in MN, did you ask any to match Glendale's offer? Did any come close?
  • car transport carrier arranged by lexus of glendale delivered the GX to my front door. I spent about 10 min going over making sure no scratches, rock chips, etc. Interior had been wrapped in plastic by the dealer to assure no dirt on the inside. As previously mentioned, I would make another purchase via this way both through lexusus and lexus of glendale. also, salesman at lexus of glendale phoned at a pre-arrainged time, on their $, and spent approx 1 hour going over the GX.

    best I could do from local dealers was 1,000 off msrp
  • I went through received 4k off MSRP. The new 2004 GX 9700C has tire pressure monitor and rear backup camera with NAV option.

    Fleetrate was great. Very informed and all transactions are done through the lexus dealer at the Fleetrate price. No problems and only 1 transaction thru fedex from/to the lexus dealer. Should be getting the GX in about 12-15days.
  • motu1motu1 Posts: 6
    Congrats on a nice deal. Does the 9700C also have the roll-sensing curtain airbags (RSCA)?
  • Yes. I have a copy of a Lexus District News memo that says the following:
     New features - 2004 GX470

    Begining In November production, The GX470 will offer two new standard features:
    1) Tire pressure monitor system
    2) All new Roll-Sensing Side Curtain Airbag System

    These features have been added with no increase to the base MSRP. Additionally, Lexus is also offering an all-new Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System available for an option price of $1,750. Finally, the Navigation system on the GX470 has been enhanced to now include a rear back-up camera, similar to the RX330 and LS430. The price of the Navigation System with Camera and Mark Levinson Audio package (NL) will be 3,050, reflecting a $350 price adjustment. These vehicles will show up in your inventory as 9700C instead of 9700B.
  • motu1motu1 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info! The local dealer knew nothing about the updates (except for the camera). Glad to hear the news. I paid about $5k under at Lexus of Thousand Oaks and the vehicle is due-in mid-December. But, I don't know if this type of deal is repeatable because of special circumstances. We committed to a 1st vehicle only to find that it sold 10 minutes prior. Then, we worked the price lower on another color and committed, only to later find it had the wrong color leather (gray). I think I got a good deal because they were trying to move the 9700B units and I was lucky enough to get switched into a 9700C. Anyway, I'd say $3-4k off msrp for the 9700C units is still a great price. For you shoppers out there, I highly recommend Lexus of Thousand Oaks. Thanks again for the info David S.
  • sybelesybele Posts: 42
    The part responsible for the clunking noise was replaced today. I'll be driving the GX periodically over the next couple of days and will report on the outcome. Thanks for the info.
  • Did a deal last weekend for a '04 GX (rear camera/tire pressure gauge) with nav, levinson, 3rd row and rear entertainment. Wanted a specific color (dark blue/gray interior), and got it, for $48,000.
    So I called yesterday with a couple of simple questions and was told that the sales person is no longer with the company. So I spoke with one of the managers who told me that car is not available (I have a signed purchase agreement). He didn't have a good excuse, but is trying to get me into colors I don't want, or to let him do the rear entertainment after market. So, two questions:
    1. How hard can I push this for price concessions/added options?
    2. Does anyone know if aftermarket rear entertainment affects resale value??

    Thanks for your help.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'm sure the sales person wasn't authorized to sign your purchase agreement - who did? Take this issue straight to the GM of the dealership and have him honor the agreement you have. Assuming you also signed a legitimate purchase contract, you have legal rights to enforce it.

    As for the aftermarket RES, I'm not sure how it affects resale, but it's sure not worth (or priced) the same as a factory installed system on the vehicles (MDX, Pilot) that I am considering. I could get an aftermarket Sony system for about $900 installed vs. the factory system for $1,500. However, it does not integrate as well with the front dash controls and, from what I understand, would not be covered by the car warranty. It's not the same, period.

    Get the deal you signed.
  • I wouldn't go with it. We have had all sorts of problems with it where I work. I'd stick with factory
  • I'm waiting to get the GX 9700C. Some dealers have told me that I should put my order in now to make sure I get the car I want (color/options).
    I'm concerned that once I put in my order, the dealer may try to put me in a different color, try to stick me with the aftermarket DVD or delay delivery.

    I thought about asking for a penalty for not delivering on a timely basis or the exact car I signed for.

    Any thoughts?
  • I would certainly get some guarantee. Don't make the same mistake I did. I put my order in...even saw the allotment sheet they had just gotten in. The car was on it's way. Now, magically, it's not. Something happened that they won't tell me about (got more money for it???). So...definitely write in some protection for yourself.
  • If not at the dealership by said date, deposit is fully refundable. That is what we do here
  • bjoyebjoye Posts: 35
    I guess it depends on who you're dealing with. I never signed anything with my order, just gave the sales guy my credit card # for the deposit. He delivered exactly what I wanted, down to the letter. No problems, no switching.
  • Keep in mind, when you get the factory DVD entertainment system I think you lose the rear audio option that allow for backseaters to listen to a different radio station thru headphones and remote.

    anyway an aftermarket system with two headrest 7inch monitors are about 1500.
  • Thanks for all the advice. Sounds like the thing to do is to find a good dealership to work with. If anyone has had good experience with any in southern fairfield, ct. Please let me know. Thanks
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