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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • David,
    Where can I find the Lexus district news memo. I want to make sure I get the 9700C model since I just placed my order last week and the car is suppose to be on at the dealership this week.
  • Narrowed my decision to these two vehicles. 3rd row seating is important with 3 kids (ages 5 ,7 and 10). Sequoia's size and 3rd row is perfect. I am worried 3rd row in GX may be too tight, but otherwise the Lexus seems like a fantastic vehicle. Any thoughts?

    Without much negotiating the Lexus dealer has quoted me the 9700 C with Nav and DVD at $48,700, plus $600 acq. fee and the Sequoia dealer quoted me the 2004 Limited with no DVD at $42,000. Any thoughts?
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    You can't go wrong with either vehicle...they are both that good. However, in your situation, the Sequoia may provide a little more "neutral territory" for your 3 kids to claim.

    I'm an empty nester, so the Lexus is the perfect size for me. But if I still had 3 kids at home, the Sequoia would likely win.

    Another reason I think the Sequoia is the best vehicle for you, kids are social i'ts likely that each of your kids is going to have some bud's they want to roll with them from time to time. Those are the times you'll really appreciate having the extra space. Fewer fights over whose friends get to go.

    It sounds to me like you want the Lexus, but your wife will probably be happier with the extra "kid space" in the Sequoia.
  • To the Sequoia/GX buyer. Where do you live. I amd trying to get a ~3500 off MSRP on a new GX with 9700C package. The max I have been able to work to is 2500 off MSRP.
  • akhtar1, I am in Northern CA. I am looking at a 9700 C that had NAV with camera and every option except KDSS. The MSRP is $53,224 and the fleet manager gave me a price of $48,701 without too much negotiating. Best advice I have found on Edmunds message posts is to go straight to the fleet manager at a dealership. I have found they are less likely to go through the painful 4-square pricing BS sheet that they keep taking to their "Operations Manager." The fleet manager will cut to the chase more quickly.
  • I finally got $3750 off MSRP on the 9700C here in VA. Hopefully it will be delivered as priomised.
  • By the way I did talk to the guys from fleetrates. At least on the phone they did seem pretty helpful. No pressure. They basically offer $4000 off MSRP. Any options added will be at invoice price. They put you in touch with the dealer and thats it. The only reason I did not go with them was the Approx $900 shipping from CA. It is definetly a great source for people in CA. The did say that they were expanding and hope to be doign business on the east coast soon. They also said taht they are going to be adding Mercedes and BMW soon (Jan) to their offerings.
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    It has been widely reported that Fleetrates is the latest venture of a guy that was charged with taking about a million-dollars of buyers money in Florida (Luxury Cars of Palm Beach), and not delivering the cars, or worse...delivering cars, but not paying off banks to clear the titles. He moved to California and started over again (twice). Fleetrates is said to be his latest venture.

    I don't know if they are legit or not. This is just what I have seen reported. I hope they are legit, cause their advertised prices are very compelling. Investigate, before you invest!
  • I just sewed up a GX lease yesterday. 9700c nav, rear, 3rd row, wing, lcks, mat, net, etc... 53593 was the sticker. 539+tax/mos. Blue/Grey
  • Believe me, I am not endorsing fleetrates. But just describing my experience. I was very skeptical about claling them , but felt very comfortable once I was on the phone with them. I know about the Florida thing and stopped short of asking him about that. If they were somewhere on the East coast I would definetly give them a shot. Even now I bought the car over phone/fax with a dealer. I don't think fleetrates would be any different. Just don't give any cash. If you book a car using a Credit Card you should be pretty safe. Once the car is delivered , thats when you pay the rest.
  • phiily,

    What dealer were you working with in Northern California? Thx.
  • I was just checking. Since he told me that the shipping is ~800 to VA I did not pursue it further. As a matter of fact Igot an e-mail from him today just promoting their deal on GX 470. According to e-mail the new KDSS is available also
  • Hi, I am also in norhtern va...where did you get your gx at 3.7k off msrp. I am also looking at fleet rates but would prefer to go locally especially for the 800 in trasportation, etc.
  • Lexus of Rockville. I doubt they are going to do it for this year delivery
  • San Diego area - Just put a deposit down on a GX w/ Lev/Nav and 3rd row. No rear spoiler - makes it look like a Sequoia! A little over $3500 off of MSRP. They were already offering $2200 off of MSRP for the December sale. It wasn't easy. All I can say is, if you want a nice mid-size 4WD, NEVER drive this car. You won't buy anything else... unless you can afford $65K+++ for a Range Rover.
  • zmegazmega Posts: 2
    I just got my 04 GX with all options except Link and KDSS. I also added Gold Pkg and rear spoiler for about $4.7k below MSRP and YES it has the rear view Camera! The car is unbelievable and I've test driven Porsche, BMW X5, Range Rover and Volvo but none of them even come close to:
    1- Smoothness silkiness refinement
    2- Quality of workmanship
    3- Ride
    4- Off road Capabilities
    5- Reliability
    6- Price

    of GX470. Its the best value and SUV for those who are not into Brand-Name and Status b.s. :-)
    I drove this car for a couple of months (2003 model) and loved it and did not notice any of the issues that were discussed by other members. If you are looking for one then don't waste your time on any other SUV.

  • zmega: Congratulations on all levels: acquisition and price! Would you share with us the dealership from which you purchased? Thanks.
  • Could someone please advise me as to the exact percentage hold back number for the Lexus GX 470? I believe it to be 2%, but I would appreicate a confirmation. Thanks
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    We say it's 2% of the Base MSRP:


    Steve, Host
  • Lexus is buying back all 2003 GX due to the GVWR issue to settle the class action lawsuit.
    This is told by my sales rep.
    Can someone confirm this?
  • I live in the Philly, PA area and have been shopping for a while. All the dealers in this area insist that Lexus has not started making the GX with rearview camera yet. One told me probably next summer, another told me they might start in January.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Guess no one else has gotten their check yet, Mouse. Heard any more?

    Steve, Host
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    They're pulling your leg, man. Several posters on this thread are already driving their 9700C models, WITH the rearview camera.

    If they're scamming you already, it can only go down hill from here. Watch your back!
  • I just ordered a GX with the rear camera in my new SUV. The MSRP increased about $350 and Lexus is shipping the option now. My car should be in around 12/29/03.
  • They are LYING!!!! The 9700c's are out there. I took delivery last sat on one. They just want to get rid of the 9700b stock. Not very reputable if you ask me.
    I can only say my buying experience from a dealer in FL was outstanding. Delivered everything promised, and did it EARLIER that expected.
  • ops1ops1 Posts: 25
    I drove a GX 470 with a backup camera earlier this week in New Haven, CT. Dealer had only 1 on the lot.
  • Well the back up cameras are in the 2004 models already. Being the resident expert in this area(waiting since the end of August) I can tell you production started in Japan around Nov. 7th and started to arrive in the states in the beginning of December. Any GX with the 9700 C Model has back-up with Navigation. You can not get the camera without the Nav. package. It's clearly stated on the sticker if it's a 9700 C model and you have's listed under the options in Navigation/Mark Levinson Package.
  • I took delivery of a 9700C on 12/4 which had the rearview camera, KDSS and all the other goodies. Would highly recommend the rear camera and KDSS and Tustin Lexus in So.Calif.
  • tony50tony50 Posts: 15
    How does the KDSS alter the ride? Is there less wobble or bounce after hitting potholes or coming to hard stops? Do you notice less leaning in hard turns? I'm curious what improvement you get with the extra $2K option.
  • nytracon can you email me the dealer in FL you used?
    My email address is
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