Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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I am in NJ area and was quoted by a local dealer for about 1500 off MSRP (retail 35171). I wonder if the deal is good enough -- any room for bargaining? Also did they improve the transmission on the new model.



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    That's not a bad price. I managed to get about $1400 off on my 2004 ES-330 - but that was only because I paid $190 for AND, I got a pretty poor tradein value. Of course, I was in a bind and needed a car quickly and had my heart set on the ES-330 and the dealer knew it. I think you did well, but you can always try for more.

    The transmission has been significantly changed. New gear ratios and electronics. I certainly haven't had any problems with mine.
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    I have managed to negotiate the price down to $2500 of the MSRP. There are two dealers willing to give me that price in NJ. My car will be arriving on the 25th. I am happy to hear your experience after reading all the negative posts about ES300 model. Keep us posted.
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    Can you please tell me/us which two dealers in NJ is willing to go down that much. We will be shopping for a new car this week-end and the Lexus dealer in Ramsey is one of the ones we are planning on visiting. If this is one of the dealers you got such a good discount ? Do you know if they have any cars on the lot to test drive ? Many thanks in advance.

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     $1500 off MSRP is some-what fair for a car that just came out. If you shop around and see what's in stock at other dealerships, you may have better bargaining power, just don't make the mistake of frequent visits to the same dealership and saleman since they'll know you want the car. I'm sure the dealers will deal a little more when they sell all of their 2003 models.

    As far as buying experience:
     I've mentioned in another forum that Roseville Lexus LAUGHED at my offer of $2000 below MSRP, while the salesman at Fulton RD Lexus stated "I can sell you the car for $1500 below MSRP", and Fulton RD Lexus COULD NOT DELIVER as stated - What a waste of time!

      I then called Colliseum Lexus in Oakland, CA that I did not want to pay the $39,000 MSRP for the car, and they offered to sell me the car at a respectable discount. I then left a $1000 refundable deposit to order mine, but my wife was in a rush for my new car since licensing fees will triple in CA on October 1, 2004. I was happy with the price they gave me, but my wife really pushed me to buy the car in the next week or two.

      I then discovered that the Number 1 West Coast dealership was in El Monte, CA - Longo Lexus. I called them at 3:30pm and told the salesman what I was looking for and he offered to sell me the same car at the $39,000 MSRP I found in Sacramento at an Awesome discount! (Needless to say, I received a discount greater than the standard disounts off MSRP many dealers offer.) At 4:00pm, I bought my plane ticket and guaranteed the salesman I was going to buy the car. My plane landed at 8:35pm and the salesman was outside ready to drive me to his dealership. We arrived around 9:15pm and drove up to my car for an orientation. I then signed all of the prepared documents and wrote out the check for the total we agreed on, and I was on my way out the door in my new car at around 9:45pm after a facility orientation. There was a lot more that the salesman did for me, and he totally went out of his way.

    Bottom line is buy the car for what's it worth to YOU and learn from my mistake of frequent visits to the same dealership. Lastly, don't make buying a car an emotional decision.

     I will not post the discount or price I paid since the deal sounds too good to be true for this time of year for a 2004 ES330 fully loaded.
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    "I will not post the discount or price I paid since the deal sounds too good to be true for this time of year for a 2004 ES330 fully loaded."

    Stop being SILLY and post the price you got! That's what the internet and this forum is for! To exchange information!
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    Looking to possibly purchase ES330 priced at $34,700. Have the flexibility to check at least three dealerships in the middle TN - northern AL area. What should be the minimum price off MSRP I should negotiate for? Edmunds has not listed invoice prices yet for this model.
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    ...... They make some beauties and I love em', but it seems the new body style isn't flying off the shelves .. 03's with 6/7k with all the stuff are only doing the $27's at the auction .. I got a feeling (if properly handled) you can snatch one for around $1,0/$1,5 over invoice, dealers seem to have bunches of them in stock and the ES330 is here ..

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    The dealers in NJ are Difeo Lexus and Lawrence Lexus. I have sent request for quote to dealers thru the internet in Central Jersey and most of them quoted between $1000-1500 of the MSRP. Both of them were professional to deal with. I did most of my negotiation over the phone and it didn't take me long for them to accept my offer. I am buying my car from Lawrence Lexus since they have the color I wanted. If you want the salesperson name email me at [email protected].
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    I have to admit that I stand with gekko2 on the question of price disclosure. After taking up a substantial piece of the board with your song and dance about what you did and why, why are you so cutsey about disclosing not your price, but your discount under MSRP? It feels like 2nd graders on the playground. Stop being such a dweeb.
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    You didn't check out Ray Catena in Oakhurst, NJ? Usually they flatten everyone else's numbers because they are the biggest lexus dealer in NJ.
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    I will not post the discount or price I paid since the deal sounds too good to be true for this time of year for a 2004 ES330 fully loaded.

    that guy probably works for longo. haha. anyways, i was quoted 32852 for a BASE 330. what are some techniques i can use to lower the price? thanks.
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    Is no one buying '04 ES 330's at this time, are they unavailable, or is it that no one in all 50 states is willing to discuss what they bought, what they paid, and what they paid under MSRP or over invoice? Help!
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    Came across internet website "". Got a price from them for ES330. looks good. anyone heard of the company or any experience dealing with them in the past.MSRP just under $39000. selling price $35900 fully loaded with Nav & MarkL pack.
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    Never heard of

    I just closed a deal today on a 2004 ES330 fully loaded with nav/levinson system....$36026. Thought that was a pretty good deal. For all those people in Vegas looking for a good deal on a Lexus, head out of mine at Lexus of Torrance. Apparently, the people in Vegas think because they are the only dealership in town that we have to buy from them. I think they've forgotten about a very large state called California! Eureka!
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    I also never heard of
    Where are they located ?
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    try this address "[email protected]" if you can't locate them. i got the response immediately. good luck I think they are located in california, but they will ship almost anywhere.
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    I used costco's buying program to contact a dealer in chicago for price on es 300 in dec 2002.It was ~3400 off retail. Used this price to force a metro detroit dealer to match price. Worked perfectly. I won and dealer won(maybe not at the price he wanted)
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    I'd recommend The disadvantage is that you have to pay just under $200.

    The advantages are:
    1. They have a huge list of dealers. In Tulsa, OK, there wasn't a single dealer for AAA or Sam's club or any of the other online services. CarBargains produced 7 within a 500 mile radius and gave me prices I could use to negotiate with the local dealer.
    2. The price was incredible. A month ago, I could have bought a Lexus ES330 for $1,000 UNDER invoice (I decided to get the 330 instead).

    But your approach is the same as mine. Get your best price and ask the local dealer to price match.

    Good luck.
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    One dealer in Northern Virginia offered $1595 above the invoices prices listed at whether I buy from what they have in the lot or special order one.

    Another one said $2000 above invoices. I am working with the third one to see if they are going to agree on $800 above invoices.
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    and in No. Cal. you have to order it and wait so the price is not soft here., esp. the ones for NVA/ML. $2000 above inv., that's just above $35K for NAV/ML option (?), would be very very nice here. Lucky Virginians.

    Same thing goes for 2004 TL. It goes for msrp (and a wait line) and guess what: It's pretty darn close to ES' 'actual' price now.
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    I am interested in the dealer quoting 1000 over invoice price in N Va.
    please respond stonycreek
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    At Westside Lexus in Houston I received $1700 of MSRP ($37424) on loaded ES 330 (except VSC and Variable Suspension). They had to get the car from New Orleans dealer and had in one week. Excellent service in my opinion.
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    I just took delivery of a 2004 ES330 and am paying $500/month for 36 months based upon 20,000 miles per year (60,000 total). While the lease price might sound high, the nearest competitor was $65 more per month. I found the people at Prestige Lexus (Ramsey, NJ) to be very professional and honest. There's a reason why they are the #1 dealer in the Northeast.
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    When I was looking for a RX330, I called them. They ship from dealers in CA. I didn't go to them because of my concerns in being liable for damage during shipping and delivery.
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    I just took delivery a 2004 ES330 in Bellevue, WA. I paid $32,984 before tax ($625 destination included)with options: Heated seats, HID headlamps and Rain-sensing Wipers, Preminm 6-CD changer, SVC, Wood & leather steering wheel & Shift Knot, Power adjustable accelator & brake pedals with memory, Cargo net, Trunk mat and Wheel locks. Plus I got the body strip free (a $330 value). MSRP was $35,314.00, I only shopped with one dealer (but I did a lot of homework) and I insisted not to make any offer. I do not know whether the price is reasonable in our area.
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    What's in a body strip? Also, what'd be the price for one with NAV/ML in the dealer at Bellevue, WA? Do they have more w/o NAV/ML like most dealers? Did you have to pre-order or the car was in stock already?
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    Although I bought a gs300, I'm sure Brannon Hills at Coliseum Lexus in Oakland could work a deal on a 330. He beat Longo's (El Monte) pricing on my gs300 and got me in under the October 01 license fee increase.
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    I got 1500 over invoice price for ES 330 with nav,but this dealer in N. VA is willing to go down to 1000 over inv for non NAV.
    what do you guys think.
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    $1,500 over invoice is the standard discount being offered now. If you really do not need the Navi, $1,000 is a good deal. Of course, better deals could come in the next few months once the 04s start filling their lots.
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    What's the actual price for the es330 with nav/ml being $1500 over invoice? Less than $35K? Anyone can get that in No. Cal? Not too many people buying lexus in N. Va or what?

    BTW, Brannon at Oakland tried to sell his last es300 with nav/ml back in July/Aug for $36K thinking that he got the last one in Bay Area. There's very few left indeed but it just showed that he can be very greedy too. Don't know what he's thinking. Why pay a 300 with a price that can get you a 330 other than that you may not get one es330 to your liking by 10/1. Still...
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    You can check with the dealer for their inventory and availability of NAV/ML package.
    I was told that they have more shipments come in this month. I picked my car from their stock.
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    Hi all,

    Just joined and wanted to post info on my experience buying my new Lexus ES330. I bought from Lexus of Orlando and the car had a MSRP of $33,444.00. I paid, $30,980.00 + Tax, Tag, and Title for an Out the Door price of $33,046.00. I have nothing but praise for the dealership, no hassles, very informative, very courteous. In and out in a couple hours last Sunday.
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    One of dealers I am bargaining said dealership charge adv money(LDA) which comes around 397 after all other charges.processing fees for dealers are different also (100-239)
    The I car price I am interested jumps upto around 32999 which comes to be 1600 over invoice before tax/tags and this is for Base +premium plus(as seen on
    what do you guys think.
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    Is that about just $1,000 over invoice. That sounds very good. Did they quote you that price to begin with?

    I am wondering can anyone get a nav/ml with a few pre-installed goodies (the top package) for $1K over invoice too. I've been to lexus dealers a few times and they always have very few with nav/ml, if any at all, in stock. They do have lots more non nva/ml in stock. And when you ask for it they say you have to pre-order one wtih nav/ml, esp. if you have a color in mind. Right away they are not willing to budge price much when they have to pre-order for you.
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    One of the dealers is ready to sell the nav/ml for 1495 over invoice price(best deal).
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    Does it come with VSC and AVS with an invoice price of $34,225? So you are talking about $35,720 for the top package?

    Where's that dealer if you don't mind, and is $1,500 over for NAV/ML a realistic target in all US regions?
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    This dealer is N Virginia.
    I am not sure whether I can give the name,as right now I am in nego with them.
    I have totalled all invoice price and will pay 1500 over total invoice price +tax/tags/proc if I buy one with Nav/ML,but I am not sure whether I shoud pay LDA (adv fees) or not.
    If you want their name email me at [email protected]
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    I'm seriously looking at the ES330 as my first choice of new car. Also looking at Infiniti G35 (real nice, but too small for me) and M45 (more money than I'd prefer to spend). I need help with a price. I got a quote on the ES 330 with VSC, HID, AVS, Premium Package, heated front seats and wood steering wheel, for $33,500. I'm thinking that's way too high considering the invoice numbers provided by Edmunds. For that price, I would hope to get the Nav System with the Audio package. Is that unreasonable? I need an expert opinion! Thanks!
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    My ES330 is similar to what you're looking at, although I don't have VSC or heated front seats. The best comparison I can give you is that I got nearly $1500 off list. Some people (presumably better negotiators than I) have gotten closer to $2000 on a low end ES330. Those are the kinds of figures you should be looking for.
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    How are you guys doing? As a salesman for Lexus (In fairness I will not disclose who or where), I just had to open my mouth about this. For all the Lexus owners in here, you know that the Lexus ownership is much different than Chevrolet ownership. The reason for that is because we spend more time and money to make it the most pleasurable experience in getting a new car. But in order to spend money, we must make money. And I am not talking sticker either. All that your $4000 and $5000 off MSRP's are doing is turning Lexus back into a Chevy dealership. (ie Dealerships are cutting back on the loaner car fleet mainly because of cash flow and dealerships that used to offer valet service are thinning as a result. Now, I won't mention the name of my dealership but we aren't known for the best price. And because of that we can offer valet service and we always will have a loaner car for our customers. Which in the end is more important than getting an extra thousand bucks off a car at another dealer. I apologize, but I just had to vent. And also, because we don't sell for invoice, we retain the highest resale value in the industry. But I can see that dropping because of stuff like this. (Look at Infiniti's resale value)
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    I logged on to CarsDirect today, and used a zipcode for Los Angeles (91311). For a base 2004 ES330, the MSRP is $32,350 including freight. Invoice is $29,151. The CarsDirsct price is $30,301. It appears that the Los angeles market is still very competitive.
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    If there's any dealer willing to sell you an ES with nav/ml with invoice now, you'd run, not walk to get it. But I'd imagine it'd be from a place where very few people want a lexus ES.
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    It's the same car isn't it.
  • lexusrocklexusrock Member Posts: 74
    but people different, ala, supply and demand!
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    Unless you are specifically spoofing your name to resemble another dealership, I presume you are associated with Lexus of Lehigh Valley in Emmaus, PA (Allentown/Bethlehem). As to your comments, the good news is I agree about the service we received at that dealership (ES 300 and GS 300) -- they did provide valet-delivered loaner cars and for a while even filled my wife's ES 300 up with gas after servicing it. The service manager when we were there (mid 1990s)was great -- maybe he's still there.

    However, as to your "markup" comment, I respecfully disagree completely. I have never paid more than 1,000-1,500 over invoice for a Lexus, and that dates back to my first ES250. I cant say this works on all models, but it has worked on the four "Lexi" that we have owned over 10 years, and it seems to me that Lexus as a brand has only improved and expanded. I'm in the market for an ES 330, and if that isn't the margin range the dealer is willing to live with, then there is some very good competition down the street. Its supply and demand, period. If you all are getting more than that I suspect its because people dont want to travel to Doylestown or Philly to get one.

    The dealer makes a lot of money, from whatever markup there is to holdback, service visits, accessories, extended warranties, etc. The price, as virtually everything else in the world, is determined by supply and demand, period. Also, most of your customers are there because they manage their money well and can afford a nicer car. They're not going to pay more money because you are complaining about -- reading between the lines, if I may -- not making enough profit on your personal sales. And, although I cant imagine this happening in a Lexus dealership, the first sales person that complains to my face that I'm turning the dealership into a Chevrolet dealership (or a Ford dealership, as you commented on the LX 470 Board) wont have to worry about writing up my purchase order.

    In the meantime (smile) lets hear about those "X above invoice" prices, ladies and gentlemen! And, frankly, I wouldn't mind a friendly debate over what constitutes a reasonable price in the mind of a Lexus dealer (if that falls within the limits of this topic, in deference to our moderator).
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    and lehigh has a point. If some dealer drops the price such that the great service can't be built in, the great service has to go away.

    I can see the following scenario: dealer A and dealerB are in a close proximity, but dealer A charges more and offers better service. Dealer B short shrifts the service. So, the buyer ends up buying from dealer B but getting their service from Dealer A.

    As a Lexus owner, I know I am paying more for a Lexus than I am for a Camry. What I don't want to see is Lexuses moving over to the Toyota side of the house. I would hate the scenario where, becasue ES300 owners were cheap, they started selling ES300s at Toyota dealers.

    I do take issue with one thing lehigh implied. It is not the buyer seeking a cheap price who is to blame for the situation he fears, but the dealer who is undercutting his competitors.
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    I have been offered 32950 for that car and am aiming to get down to 33500.
    bargain more,
    answering for the carsalesman.nobody wants to pay more for a car if somebody other has paid less for it.
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    I agree with your price shopping vs. service point completely. I would never buy at one dealership for price and then go to another dealership for service -- I dont think that's fair. That's just me, though, and I will accept your point. I think any dealer, including a Lexus dealer, should have the right to limit the higher-value services (such as loaner cars) to their own customers -- those that are willing to pay the price that dealer demands. I dont know that such a policy isn't followed anyways. Although many Lexus dealers give loaners out for virtually any service visit, the Lexus corporate policy is that you are only entitled to one for a repair that requires the car be kept overnight. In fact, when I moved from MN to Allentown and tried to get my ES250 serviced at Lexus of Lehigh Valley, they didn't give me a loaner.

    I dont think there's any risk of an ES becoming available at a Toyota dealer -- its one of Lexus's higher volume cars even though they seems to be selling regularly for $1000 or so above invoice -- my original point was that this has been the case since the ES went on the market in 1990, and it doesn't seem, to me, to have had the effect yet of negatively affecting the brand, or the service associated with the brand.
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