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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • luegoluego Posts: 13
    $1,500 over invoice is the standard discount being offered now. If you really do not need the Navi, $1,000 is a good deal. Of course, better deals could come in the next few months once the 04s start filling their lots.
  • What's the actual price for the es330 with nav/ml being $1500 over invoice? Less than $35K? Anyone can get that in No. Cal? Not too many people buying lexus in N. Va or what?

    BTW, Brannon at Oakland tried to sell his last es300 with nav/ml back in July/Aug for $36K thinking that he got the last one in Bay Area. There's very few left indeed but it just showed that he can be very greedy too. Don't know what he's thinking. Why pay a 300 with a price that can get you a 330 other than that you may not get one es330 to your liking by 10/1. Still...
  • You can check with the dealer for their inventory and availability of NAV/ML package.
    I was told that they have more shipments come in this month. I picked my car from their stock.
  • dbh126dbh126 Posts: 7
    Hi all,

    Just joined and wanted to post info on my experience buying my new Lexus ES330. I bought from Lexus of Orlando and the car had a MSRP of $33,444.00. I paid, $30,980.00 + Tax, Tag, and Title for an Out the Door price of $33,046.00. I have nothing but praise for the dealership, no hassles, very informative, very courteous. In and out in a couple hours last Sunday.
  • arungarung Posts: 8
    One of dealers I am bargaining said dealership charge adv money(LDA) which comes around 397 after all other charges.processing fees for dealers are different also (100-239)
    The I car price I am interested jumps upto around 32999 which comes to be 1600 over invoice before tax/tags and this is for Base +premium plus(as seen on
    what do you guys think.
  • Is that about just $1,000 over invoice. That sounds very good. Did they quote you that price to begin with?

    I am wondering can anyone get a nav/ml with a few pre-installed goodies (the top package) for $1K over invoice too. I've been to lexus dealers a few times and they always have very few with nav/ml, if any at all, in stock. They do have lots more non nva/ml in stock. And when you ask for it they say you have to pre-order one wtih nav/ml, esp. if you have a color in mind. Right away they are not willing to budge price much when they have to pre-order for you.
  • arungarung Posts: 8
    One of the dealers is ready to sell the nav/ml for 1495 over invoice price(best deal).
  • Does it come with VSC and AVS with an invoice price of $34,225? So you are talking about $35,720 for the top package?

    Where's that dealer if you don't mind, and is $1,500 over for NAV/ML a realistic target in all US regions?
  • arungarung Posts: 8
    This dealer is N Virginia.
    I am not sure whether I can give the name,as right now I am in nego with them.
    I have totalled all invoice price and will pay 1500 over total invoice price +tax/tags/proc if I buy one with Nav/ML,but I am not sure whether I shoud pay LDA (adv fees) or not.
    If you want their name email me at
  • babs43babs43 Posts: 13
    I'm seriously looking at the ES330 as my first choice of new car. Also looking at Infiniti G35 (real nice, but too small for me) and M45 (more money than I'd prefer to spend). I need help with a price. I got a quote on the ES 330 with VSC, HID, AVS, Premium Package, heated front seats and wood steering wheel, for $33,500. I'm thinking that's way too high considering the invoice numbers provided by Edmunds. For that price, I would hope to get the Nav System with the Audio package. Is that unreasonable? I need an expert opinion! Thanks!
  • My ES330 is similar to what you're looking at, although I don't have VSC or heated front seats. The best comparison I can give you is that I got nearly $1500 off list. Some people (presumably better negotiators than I) have gotten closer to $2000 on a low end ES330. Those are the kinds of figures you should be looking for.
  • How are you guys doing? As a salesman for Lexus (In fairness I will not disclose who or where), I just had to open my mouth about this. For all the Lexus owners in here, you know that the Lexus ownership is much different than Chevrolet ownership. The reason for that is because we spend more time and money to make it the most pleasurable experience in getting a new car. But in order to spend money, we must make money. And I am not talking sticker either. All that your $4000 and $5000 off MSRP's are doing is turning Lexus back into a Chevy dealership. (ie Dealerships are cutting back on the loaner car fleet mainly because of cash flow and dealerships that used to offer valet service are thinning as a result. Now, I won't mention the name of my dealership but we aren't known for the best price. And because of that we can offer valet service and we always will have a loaner car for our customers. Which in the end is more important than getting an extra thousand bucks off a car at another dealer. I apologize, but I just had to vent. And also, because we don't sell for invoice, we retain the highest resale value in the industry. But I can see that dropping because of stuff like this. (Look at Infiniti's resale value)
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    I logged on to CarsDirect today, and used a zipcode for Los Angeles (91311). For a base 2004 ES330, the MSRP is $32,350 including freight. Invoice is $29,151. The CarsDirsct price is $30,301. It appears that the Los angeles market is still very competitive.
  • If there's any dealer willing to sell you an ES with nav/ml with invoice now, you'd run, not walk to get it. But I'd imagine it'd be from a place where very few people want a lexus ES.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    It's the same car isn't it.
  • but people different, ala, supply and demand!
  • rbrrbr Posts: 108
    Unless you are specifically spoofing your name to resemble another dealership, I presume you are associated with Lexus of Lehigh Valley in Emmaus, PA (Allentown/Bethlehem). As to your comments, the good news is I agree about the service we received at that dealership (ES 300 and GS 300) -- they did provide valet-delivered loaner cars and for a while even filled my wife's ES 300 up with gas after servicing it. The service manager when we were there (mid 1990s)was great -- maybe he's still there.

    However, as to your "markup" comment, I respecfully disagree completely. I have never paid more than 1,000-1,500 over invoice for a Lexus, and that dates back to my first ES250. I cant say this works on all models, but it has worked on the four "Lexi" that we have owned over 10 years, and it seems to me that Lexus as a brand has only improved and expanded. I'm in the market for an ES 330, and if that isn't the margin range the dealer is willing to live with, then there is some very good competition down the street. Its supply and demand, period. If you all are getting more than that I suspect its because people dont want to travel to Doylestown or Philly to get one.

    The dealer makes a lot of money, from whatever markup there is to holdback, service visits, accessories, extended warranties, etc. The price, as virtually everything else in the world, is determined by supply and demand, period. Also, most of your customers are there because they manage their money well and can afford a nicer car. They're not going to pay more money because you are complaining about -- reading between the lines, if I may -- not making enough profit on your personal sales. And, although I cant imagine this happening in a Lexus dealership, the first sales person that complains to my face that I'm turning the dealership into a Chevrolet dealership (or a Ford dealership, as you commented on the LX 470 Board) wont have to worry about writing up my purchase order.

    In the meantime (smile) lets hear about those "X above invoice" prices, ladies and gentlemen! And, frankly, I wouldn't mind a friendly debate over what constitutes a reasonable price in the mind of a Lexus dealer (if that falls within the limits of this topic, in deference to our moderator).
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    and lehigh has a point. If some dealer drops the price such that the great service can't be built in, the great service has to go away.

    I can see the following scenario: dealer A and dealerB are in a close proximity, but dealer A charges more and offers better service. Dealer B short shrifts the service. So, the buyer ends up buying from dealer B but getting their service from Dealer A.

    As a Lexus owner, I know I am paying more for a Lexus than I am for a Camry. What I don't want to see is Lexuses moving over to the Toyota side of the house. I would hate the scenario where, becasue ES300 owners were cheap, they started selling ES300s at Toyota dealers.

    I do take issue with one thing lehigh implied. It is not the buyer seeking a cheap price who is to blame for the situation he fears, but the dealer who is undercutting his competitors.
  • arungarung Posts: 8
    I have been offered 32950 for that car and am aiming to get down to 33500.
    bargain more,
    answering for the carsalesman.nobody wants to pay more for a car if somebody other has paid less for it.
  • rbrrbr Posts: 108
    I agree with your price shopping vs. service point completely. I would never buy at one dealership for price and then go to another dealership for service -- I dont think that's fair. That's just me, though, and I will accept your point. I think any dealer, including a Lexus dealer, should have the right to limit the higher-value services (such as loaner cars) to their own customers -- those that are willing to pay the price that dealer demands. I dont know that such a policy isn't followed anyways. Although many Lexus dealers give loaners out for virtually any service visit, the Lexus corporate policy is that you are only entitled to one for a repair that requires the car be kept overnight. In fact, when I moved from MN to Allentown and tried to get my ES250 serviced at Lexus of Lehigh Valley, they didn't give me a loaner.

    I dont think there's any risk of an ES becoming available at a Toyota dealer -- its one of Lexus's higher volume cars even though they seems to be selling regularly for $1000 or so above invoice -- my original point was that this has been the case since the ES went on the market in 1990, and it doesn't seem, to me, to have had the effect yet of negatively affecting the brand, or the service associated with the brand.
  • babs43babs43 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the advice everyone. I guess it's supply and demand. I did notice when I walked into the Lexus dealer it was packed! Both Acura and Infiniti dealers were empty. That tells you the more popular car. I'm probably going to wait to purchase my ES 330 around the December holidays. Maybe I'll get a better deal. BUT, if Infiniti is willing to come down a lot on the price of a car, I may be pursuaded.
  • First of all I appreciate the positive criticism. I thought I was going to get verbally beaten in this room. Back to pricing. As far as more profit for me, that is a positive but I believe there is more to selling Lexus than just profit. Myself, being a younger guy, can live on very little. I did well at a good university, so I can be doing a bunch of different things. But I chose this because I enjoy sales, and I enjoy the product. And because of that I am not in it to make a quick buck. Sales is based on building a clientele, and that is how you become successful.

    rbr-You hit it right on the nose. Our customers could go to other dealerships and pay less, but they understand the benefits our dealership has to offer. Valet service for one. The other mentioned dealerships do not offer it. And the ability to show them how and why we are #1 in service in the district. And the Ford comment was because they were talking about fleet sales. And you are correct about Lexus not becoming Toyota. But there is a large difference between what we sell and what Toyota sells. If you look at the other cost cutting highline dealers, they don't have too much more to offer than their sister stores. (Acura, Infiniti)

    atoews- I apologize for making you think I implied buyers are cheap. That is not the case. I know how it is from both sides of the spectrum. And you are correct with other dealers undercutting their competitors. What I meant was rather than looking at price, take a look at everything you are getting. If anyone is familiar with Wegmans, it is the same idea. You pay more for groceries there, but isn't it the most pleasing supermarket to be in? And you rarely come out unsatisfied.
  • Got, what I believe, a very good deal for fully loaded 2004 ES330 (NAVI, VCS, Gold Emblem etc except AVS - the wait for this option is 120 days). The price was about $2K below MSRP (BUT they had it in stock and I also had a trade-in, so you might get a different $ if it needs to be ordered or there is/not a trade-in). Picking it up tonight.

    2 visits to the dealership - on Sat for test drive and last night to negotiate/sign the contract. Even though the place was packed on Sat, Marcus Laurence (the sales rep) was very kind, not pushy, let us drive both ES330 and RX330 (we were not decided whether to get a sedan or an SUV), and very polite and informative - spend 1.5 hours on us even though he knew we were just looking. I would recommend him highly (I did observe other sales reps and was not that impressed).

    One hint - negotiate the price 30 mins before they close for the night !
  • rbrrbr Posts: 108
    Ahhhh (smile) ... but you didn't comment on the most intriguing issue ... is $1,000 -- 1,500 a fair markup, in your opinion? You mentioned $4-5,000 under MSRP being a problem, and you implied that selling at invoice is a problem if I recall correctly, but you never really commented on that point. Also, I am interested in whether you think Lexus margins have shrunk since discussions like this one have been occuring online.

    thanks and best wishes.
  • Haha. I feel like Joan of Arc. I don't think my posts have changed anything, but I was just giving folks the view from the other side. And as far as the profit issue, which does not reflect my dealerships ideas, would be $1500 off. We don't try to sell you accessories, warranties, insurances, etc. And you mentioned the dealer gets holdback, service work and such, but on the other hand, you have to include internal charges for loaner cars, valet drivers, parts, equipment, overhead, insurance on all vehicles, etc. I've seen posts for 2-3k off, but I would bet they are not getting the entire package that other dealers can offer.
  • purchased a es330 today, It had a premium package on it which kicked up the price with leather and wood steering wheel, locks and couple of mats $1,000.00 However, my price was still $2,100.00 off of the invoice. I was sort of urged that $1,500 to max of $2,000 was the going rate off msrp. All of this and I received windows tinted as well and delicious basket of goodies. So stick with it folks there is some room to negotiate. sticker was 33,444.00 paid 31,350.00. This was in San Antonio, Texas
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I think you meant to say you got $2,100 off the sticker price, not off the invoice price.

    Enjoy your beautiful new car.
  • gekko2gekko2 Posts: 87
    lehigh - While I respect your right/need/want to earn a living selling, I could give a crap about valet service, gourmet coffee and pastries, leather chairs in the waiting room, car wash after service, etc. etc. etc. and all the other Lexus dealer service fluff. I don't need my ego stroked by the dealership. My ego gets stroked when I look at my net worth statement. SO - that's why I don't pay $50+ at the Lexus dealership for an oil change for my ES. I go to the Toyota dealer and they do just as good a job mechanically(if not better), with the same parts/oil and definitely faster and cheaper without the fluff. For the people that DO want all the Lexus fluff, let them pay for all that via the Lexus dealers inflated SERVICE prices. That's why Lexus SERVICE costs so much more (as well it should for all the fluff). But since I don't use or want any of that crap and prefer to take my Lexus to the Toyota dealer for service, let me choose to rightfully NOT pay for that crap via the SALES PRICE of my car. Let me pay for the car invoice cost, plus some reasonable dealer expenses/profit, plus some reasonable salesman's commiss. Let it be a WIN-WIN situation rather than any of us try to be a pig. Pigs get slaughtered. Low price isn't everything, but if you want to charge more than the dealer down the street, you better have more than just fluff to justify the additional cost. Thanks and good luck.
  • First, forget that I'm a salesman for Lexus because I am not trying to sell anything on here or look for sympathy. While I understand your positioning as far as the fluff goes, wouldn't you agree that that is the reason to purchase a luxury vehicle. Most cars today have the same features, comfortable ride, and will get you from point A to point B. The main reason why people move up is to be pampered and not have to worry about salesmen calling everyday, among other things. If you are so happy with everything Toyota has to offer on the service side, why aren't you driving one? Sure there are differences between the two cars, but the ultimate difference is the satisfaction level. If it is the L on the front, those parts can be bought anywhere. But I truly believe you are missing the boat on luxury vehicles. No matter where you purchase your vehicle (even if you pay invoice or whatever) it's a no-brainer to take advantage of what is included with the vehicle.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    I am interested in buying either a used 03 ES 300 or a new 04/05 es330. Has anyone actually test driven both cars back to back. How big is the difference in performance? Your insight would be helpful in my decision making process. Thanks
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