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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • davidzdavidz Posts: 35
    Have you asked for your $500 deposit back? If not, that's where I would start. There's no reason they should keep your deposit, if you haven't taken delivery of the car.
  • davidzdavidz Posts: 35
    I read all about the transmission issues, and I bought an ES330 because there's no other car I'd rather have.
  • davidzdavidz Posts: 35
    I strongly suspect that Ray Catena's invoice price includes an advertising fee of about $476. Don't be surprised by it.

    But the next question is - HOW MUCH below invoice?

    When you negotiate a deal from invoice, always do the math WITH THE SALESMAN and agree to a dollar amount before you're done. Otherwise you're opening yourself up to a disagreement and/or unpleasant experience when you go to pick up the car.
  • seabushseabush Posts: 68
    Hello everyone. I was able to cancel the deal. I gave my dealer a credit card for the deposit. The credit card was never submitted. They contacted me this morning to indicate they were fine with cancelling the deal. It's a shame. I really like the car but reading so many negative comments about the transmission leads to believe this isn't the car for me. Now I'm back to square one. :(
  • davidzdavidz Posts: 35
    Seabush, good luck car shopping. Let us know what you get.

    You might want to do what I did. Ask the dealer to take a demo ES330 home for the weekend. I showed up at 4:00 PM on Saturday and returned it on Monday morning. I decided I could live with the sluggish transmission. I also test drove the Acura TL and a BMW. I much prefer the ES330 but that's a matter of personal choice.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    I would at least test drive the ES. Who knows, may be your driving style might not induce the transmission anomaly. The Acura TL and the Infiniti G35 are also very good cars but would ride much harsher than the ES330 and probably won't be as quiet. While these forums are useful I don't usually make my decision based exclusively on what people say here.
  • georgeb7georgeb7 Posts: 35
    did you tell the dealer why you cancelled the purchase?
  • seabushseabush Posts: 68
    Yes. I told the dealer why I cancelled. He indicated it was his experience that it wasn't an issue with the ES330. He didn't put up any resistance.
  • Interesting, I think the transmission works great. Driving it for 6 weeks now and glad I bought it. No better car for this kind of money IMO.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    I think Seabush killed the deal mainly due to a buyer remorse on price, and those tranny issue posts certainly did not help. But like you I am quite pleased with my ES. Not sure it's the best overall car in $30K range, but definitely the best luxurious family sedan for the money.
  • rkurellarkurella Posts: 3
    Just had my ES 330 delivered to my office (TX)
    Silver/Charcoal leather
    ND Package (Nav but no Mark Levinson Audio)
    32500 (MSRP 36,384, Invoice 32427 I was told)
    + 1100 in Excise, 200 in Lic and 80 in Inventory Tax. 33836 in all.
    And, never had to leave my office..

    Drives great very smooth. Impressive Navi system and an extremely quiet ride, unique to Lexus IMO.

    This forum and the people who contribute to this forum are just great. I feel that I got a good deal and a lot of credit goes to the contributors. Thanks.

    I read the Transmission issues, but I feel that there are a lot of car enthusiasts who feel that their cars are their best buddies and hear every noise and care for every scratch. However, there are this vast majority of people who enjoy their cars as a mode of transportation and take pride in the kid of comfort the car has to offer and ignore or willing to ignore (minor) noises and a little occasional jerk here and there. I fall into the second category.

    I also have a Mercedes, that does this occasionally at a stop light and some times while accelerating. But I ignore it. I think it is certainly a matter of life style in most cases as long it is not a major issue or happens all the time. That doesn't mean I don't have a lot of respect for all those who are mechanically educated and experienced and want their cars to perform to their expectations. Just a thought since, I haven't come across an issue where the Transmission was not performing the way it is designed for. But, from some of the posts it appeared that there indeed was a major problem.

    If you feel I may be misinformed, please post what I might be missing. I'd like to be educated and know what to do if in fact I experience the same.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    My advice to you - as long as you are happy as a clam with your transmission, don't go looking for problems. Just enjoy your car.
  • davidzdavidz Posts: 35
    So, did anyone buy an ES330 with Nav from Ray Catena on or before June 30?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The 2005 Windom (the ES 330 in Japan) is up on Toyota's Japanese website. It clearly shows the changes coming to the ES in a few months for 2005. Some quick observations:

    1. By the look of the headlights it seems like they may have the swiveling projector beams.
    2. More chrome on the grille.
    3. Round foglights.
    4. Different air intake in lower front bumper.
    5. Thin chrome strip above rear license plate.
    6. Redesigned taillights (which may be LED, it's hard to tell).
    7. Lighter wood with the ivory interior.
    8. Steering wheel radio controls. r/index.html
  • b4catsb4cats Posts: 5
    Just purchased a new 2004 ES 330 with options PM, WU, and Z1.

    MSRP $33444.00
    Purchase Price $29988.00 (89.6% of MSRP)
    Processing Fee $129.50
    Total minus TT&L $30117.50
  • cpa4ucpa4u Posts: 136
    Was this the Lexus dealer south of town or the one north? Also, what is the Z1 option? Did they still have very many 330's in stock? I live in Ky about an hour from Nashville and am planning to shop the 330's soon.

  • b4catsb4cats Posts: 5
       I bought from the dealer southside of town.(Brentwood) The Z1 option includes trunk mat, cargo net, and wheel locks. They have plenty of 330's in stock.
  • cpa4ucpa4u Posts: 136
    did you have to haggle with them very much to get the final price? I have only had one email exchange with the internet sales mgr, but he wasn't anywhere near that much off MSRP so far.
  • I just made a final deal on the phone with a dealership here in TX that will put me $38 below invoice price on a incoming (today at 11am) 2004 Silver/light charcoal ES 330, Premium Pkg. 1, window tinting ($250 value)

    MSRP: $33,654 (without the tint)
    Invoice price: $30,156 (without the tint)
    final price: $30,118 (with the tint: $30,368)
    Drive-out price = $32,505.04

    I tried to get the $750 cash rebate deal for new college graduate, but since I am not one for the last 2 years, I don't qualify for the program. Anyhow, I think this is a pretty good deal. I should be able to pick up the car this weekend.
  • slvajonesslvajones Posts: 14
    Is it possible to purchase a 2004 ES 330 below invoice in the Sacramento California area? Cardirect can get this for 200 over invoice in that area, so I'm wondering if one could do better on their own. Any recommendations for a good dealer/salesperson in this area, or a town close by, would be very much appreciated. Please email me. Email is in my profile. Thanks. :-)
  • I have no idea why anyone would mess around because of $200 on a $35K car.
  • slvajonesslvajones Posts: 14
    Any recommendations for a good dealer/salesperson in the San Francisco area, or a town close by, would be very much appreciated. Please email me. ( Thanks. :-)
  • chenghchengh Posts: 9
    I am looking into this car as well. I am looking for a car with navigation and premier sound system. I got a quot from Lexus Stevens Creek said 2004 ES330s with Navigation and Mark Levinson sound are now all fully equipped to one MSRP of $38,554, reduced to a selling price of $34,514.
  • slvajonesslvajones Posts: 14
    chengh - Thank you. You should also try Coliseum Lexus in Oakland. My sister just purchased that same vehicle (with Mark Levinson) from them for 34k. I also got a tip from another board that Longo Lexus in El Monte California would sell a 2004 ES 330 below invoice. Good luck.
  • menhirmenhir Posts: 3
    I purchased with premium package (alabaster/ charcoal grey) from Lexus of Silver Spring (DC area)last month. MSRP $33344, purchase price $30000 (90% of MSRP) plus taxes and tags (OTD $31116). Love the car. Thanks to folks on this board, I did the entire deal on the internet. Best car buying experience I have ever had!

    One question. With regular unleaded, I seem to get about 20 MPG on mostly highway driving. Is that the norm? Will I benefit by switching to 89 or 91 octane? Thanks for any advise.
  • branminbranmin Posts: 6
    Posted this on another forum and hope you can help me......

    Slightly OT and not sure if this is the right forum but appreciate your replies. Been looking at the LS430 and ES330(2004) and made up my mind that couldn't justify the huge difference in price between the two, even though the LS430 is quite substantial.
    Anyway..keeping in mind what you have been saying about the 2005 about to hit the showrooms(and whether I should wait) and the Salesman has virtually told me that he wants to make this sale by the end of this is what he is offering. He has a Gold coloured 2004 ES330.(which comes with the following)
    MSRP----- 31725.00
    Heated front seats.........440.00
    HID 640.00
    Power Rear Shade 210.00
    Nav system package with
    in-dash CD player and
    6 Disc CD player 2220.00
    Wood/leather Steering
    wheel and shift nob 330.00
    Cargo net 59.00
    Trunk Mat 69.00
    Wheel Locks 66.00
    Delivery fee 625.00
    Total $36384.00

    The salesman then tells me that this particular car comes with Exotic Wood trim which adds another $895.00 for a total $37279.00.(can't seem to find this package announced anywhere, even on Lexus's website, thought it came with this wood??) Provided that I take the car by the end of this month he will deduct $2000.00 and give me $1000.00 for my 92 Lincoln(which is all it's worth, unless I sell privately for perhaps $500,00 to 1K more)

    So we now come to $34279.00
    Fees and Service
    Inspection, cleaning etc
    (BS or normal?) 499.50
    Waste tire and lead acid 8.50
    Sales Tax(6% in Florida) 2087.22
    Tag and Title 150.00

    Grand Total $37024.22 this a good deal?(keeping in mind that Naples FL. appears to get much higher prices than elsewhere)...I thought around $35,000 might be nearer, or am I wrong........or should I just wait for the 2005 version?
    Sorry for the long post......Bran.
  • mybullmybull Posts: 3
    After driving Infiniti I35, ES330, and X3 we have decided to go with ES330. Interested in finding the bottomline price for ES330 so that I can go to the dealership with more accurate data.
  • acracklacrackl Posts: 10
    Thanks for this board. It helped me. Here's my input.

    Year: 2004
    MSRP: $33924
    Options: PM, HN, Sportdesign edition, WL, LM, GN
    Invoice: $29975 (NADA new car guide)
    Paid: $29857
    OTD: $31984 (Tax, 6.25%, TTL, doc fee, Inv Tax)
    Financing: 2.9% , 60 months, Lexus Finance
    Date bought: 7/31/2004 (might have had something to do with the price)

    Did I get a good deal? I got one that I am very happy with. The dealer was Sterling McCall. I had the most wonderful buying experience with them. All negotiations thru' internet. Went to the dealer to complete formalities. The car is great. I went into this after reading extensively about the transmission and test driing it myself.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Congratulations on the new car! I think you got a great price. Anytime you can get a new car for dealer invoice is a great deal. Rebates are an exception to this but there are no current rebates on the ES330. By the way, how much was the DOC fee?
  • acracklacrackl Posts: 10

    Thanks. The doc fee was $50. I believe it is capped at $50 by law in TX (it says that "A documentary fee may not exceed $50 for a motor vehicle contract ...") in the sale contract.

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