GMC Acadia cracked driver side seat

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The plastic seat casing in my GMC Acadia has cracked, with no excessive wear and tear or anything that should cause a seat to just crack. I have been in contact with GMC corporate since 8/6/15 regarding my issue and concern that their is an inherent defect in the plastic/faulty manufacturing of the seat that is causing the seat to crack. My neighbor has a 2014 Denali Acadia and his seat has cracked within the first year and half (under warranty of course). My car is out of warranty, but this should not occur in a car that is a few years old. The car was purchased new. Our local dealership has said that they see this problem frequently and that it is a problem. GMC corporate has been very slow to resolve this. The representative I have dealt with says they are going to replace the seat, but continues to give me the run around. I have asked for a supervisor, and it always seems a supervisor is unavailable or nonexistent. I am extremely frustrated and feel that GMC should stand behind their products and take responsibility for a faulty design that is causing the seats to crack. If a brand new seat is cracking, than clearly there is a design flaw in the manufacturing of the seat, or an issue with the plastic they are using. There is a reason the dash boards cracked, resulting in a recall and I feel if this was looked at more closely GMC would have a similar issue with their seats cracking. I am extremely frustrated 2 months later, and the lack of customer service. The representative I am dealing with is constantly not returning phone calls and I have had it!


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    I am happy to report that this issue has been resolved by GM.
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    sprov said:

    I am happy to report that this issue has been resolved by GM.

    Good deal!

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  • ktrue57ktrue57 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issue with our 2012 Acadia. It started about 4 weeks ago, and the seat plastic bottom simply broke!
    I have an appointment to have it looked at with our local GM dealership on Friday, but wondered: do I need to contact GM headquarters?  
    This seems to be a very common problem with these cars.
    It is a first for us-not the quality we expected in a car like this.

  • valveguy2valveguy2 Member Posts: 7
    Help> I had the same problem with my 2011 Denali Acadia. Dealer says this is normal wear and tear. I had only 65K miles.
    I had it replace at my cost but I am not happy. Can someone help me?
  • carolynm4carolynm4 Member Posts: 1
    I also  have a 2015 Acadia and the driver seat frame cracked!     It cracked right above the electric seat controls!  

    There are other complaints on the Net!   Glad its not just me!!  

    Dealer  said  $400 for a new seat ???????
  • dda40xaug84dda40xaug84 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 Acadia and at 20488 miles had the driver's seat trim replaced under warranty. The plastic clip broke on the left front corner, the plastic trim between the seat and the seat switches broke and the plastic trim clip broke on the right rear corner. This same problem happened again and at 42000 miles I just paid nearly $300 to have the same trim pieces replaced. When I picked up the car I noticed that the switch component was out of place. Was in a rush so pushed it back in and left. After a week or so, the switch component has popped out 3 or 4 times and the plastic clip has come loose at the right rear corner. There is an obvious design flaw in the structure and strength of the plastic because in over 5 years, there have been zero problems with the passenger seat. I am going to contact the dealer and GM as well.
  • winsokswinsoks Member Posts: 2
    I'm having this exact issue with my 2014 Denali. I had a 2009 GMC and didn't have this issue; it also had power seats with over 70,000 miles on it. I thought I was upgrading when I purchased the Denali. The customer service has not been good. I was told during my initial call that it would not be covered because it was out of warranty. I indicated that such was unacceptable. I was to receive a call back within 24 hours; I received one 42 hours later to be told to take it to the garage and have it fixed and then we would discuss. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!

    I have been trying to work with customer service who just told me that 45,000 is excessive wear and tear; therefore, outside of their warranty. I asked to speak to a manager and was refused. She said that her manager would tell me the exact same thing. I told her that other vehicles are being taken care of based upon this forum. Of course, she didn't care. I told her that such was unacceptable and that I paid purchased a car that cost over $50K and I wanted the cost to replace an inferior plastic part to be paid for by GM as it has been for other GM customers.

    Repeatedly she said that there was no one at GMC available to speak to me for at 24-36 hours. She told me I could go to the media or whatever but GM would not cover the costs. I told her that I would continue to call and was advised that I could call all day for all she cared. I was upset and louder than I should have, but told her that I simply wanted to speak with someone else besides her. Again I was refused.

    I then called back and was told that I was not permitted to record my phone call with GM. Funny, they record all of their calls but prohibited me from recording mine. If you live in a state which permits recording if only one party knows, don't tell them you are recording. I was placed on hold multiple times, the first for over 15 minutes. I was at work so I called on two lines. If you ask for my recordings, they will show that I repeatedly asked to speak to a manager but was refused. I repeatedly asked if GM was telling me that there was absolutely no one there in a higher level position besides Level II customer service to speak to me. I repeatedly asked them to confirm that they were saying that GM would not cover the cost of the repair because they felt 45,000 was excessive wear and tear. I repeatedly noted the numerous complaints and reports from service centers saying that they all break - on another forum someone reported that their repair center said it wasn't a matter of it your seat will break but when.

    Each of the representatives asked me if my senior advisor offered me a $200 voucher to help offset the costs; my total cost for repair of the plastic pieces and installation was only $220. Of course I was not offered that option to help offset the costs. I am on another phone call with them as I type this and have been on this call for 31:38. I was told that that the call was escalated someone will be in touch with me 24-40 hours later. We will see. I told them they could read my report here.
  • gaemcock01gaemcock01 Member Posts: 1
    sprov said:
    I am happy to report that this issue has been resolved by GM.
    I see this is 3 years old but can anyone tell me more about GM resolving the drivers side plastic seat cracking?
  • LorettaLoretta Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 GMC Acadia. For the third year in a row, the plastic seat covering has separated at the front seam. I’ve purchased and replaced it at my expense the first two times but clearly there is a design flaw. This should NOT be an $300 annual issue/expense. Can someone suggest a recourse for me to try?
  • Bd83Bd83 TampaMember Posts: 1
    I bought a 2012 acadia last yr and september I had to replace the driver and passenger seat panels 2xs myself already. The driver side is broken yet again! We are talking almost $400 just for the stupid seat problems its getting really old already. Is this part of a recall I can get addressed?
  • jean3957jean3957 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2012 Acadia and both front seat plastic has had to be replaced. I had it replaced and paid for this both times. Now the driver's side is coming unsnapped which means it will soon crack again. I chatted with GMC agent and he said it wasn't a recall, so I need to take it back to my dealer. I did take it back and all the dealer can do is replace it again. I did not let them replace it. Cannot believe such a bad made piece of equipment.
  • jean3957jean3957 Member Posts: 2
    Bd83 said:

    I bought a 2012 acadia last yr and september I had to replace the driver and passenger seat panels 2xs myself already. The driver side is broken yet again! We are talking almost $400 just for the stupid seat problems its getting really old already. Is this part of a recall I can get addressed?

    GM says it is not a recall. It certainly should be.
  • MulberryMulberry Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2018 Acadia Denali and front driver seat is being cut by the plastic casing around the leather seat. Have taken to the dealership and they repaired but it only lasted two days before the casing started cutting into the seat again. Definitely is a problem.
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