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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I've driven over 50,000 miles with canoes on my roof, and it's been my experience that bungee cords and rubber straps fail more often than rope. Can't beat a trucker's hitch although lots of people like straps with cam buckles.

    Steve, Host
  • dpengdpeng Posts: 5
    Hi ramza39,
    I bought a 04 V8 SRS 4Runner early 2004 and have been stuck with a problem since then -- annoying humming noise from transmission at or above 72 mph. Brought back to dealers many times but got no fix; some said the noise is normal, some even claimed the noise cannot be heard. If you do decide on a 4Runner, here is my (hard-learned) advice: test drive at least 3 different 4runners on both local and highway and then choose the best one. Do not be fooled by the sales: "the 4Runner is a quality product (many of them are!) and Toyota is fully backing its product". The truth is that not all 4Runners have been created equal and, when it unfortunately has a problem, it is hard to get the problem fixed from the dealer -- they usually deny the existence of the problem or claim the problem is normal. Good luck on your purchase!
  • dlxraydlxray Posts: 3
    I have the Dunlop Grand Treks. I have read many different complaints on this problem and I even drove a newer 4Runner that had Michelins on it and that also shook the wheel on the highway! I cannot beleive that Toyota can't resolve this.
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    I have the GrandTreks on my 04 as well. I had a shimmy/vibration after a wheel balance. I eventually had the tires re-balanced using a more advanced balancing machine. The GrandTreks do not seem like very good tires, but the recent specialized balance seems to be a major improvement.
  • dlxraydlxray Posts: 3
    Do you notice the shimmy only at certain mph? Mine shakes at 59, 64, 68 mph... after 70 mph the shake can be felt in the seat. I don't know what to do any more. The truck was $38,000 and I'm disgusted! Maybe I can get the dealer to change the tires. ???
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    I don't see why everyone seems to put down the Dunlop Grand Trek tires. I have over 18000 miles on mine and don't experience any shake, shimmy, or otherwise abnormal tire wear. Perhaps the predominant problem is the need for tire balancing, which has been previously suggested.
  • onesononeson Posts: 2
    Just wondering if the 4-Runner is comfortable for drivers over six feet tall. I've read some complaints from people saying that their heads hit the moonroof on the SR5.
  • mr43mr43 Posts: 1
    My 1997 rear seals leaked at 80k miles. I had the drums replaced and the seals in Sept 02. Had my car inspected again in June, no rear brakes...Had them replaced again and the seals and just had vehicle inspected again. No rear brakes! Anyone else having this problem? Toyota is very unresponsive.
  • kullenbergkullenberg Posts: 283
    Get one without the sunroof. I'm 6'4, and have plenty of room without it. I realized that in my previous vehicle I used the sunrooof maybe 3 times in 5 years.
  • I am just posting this so other owners can take a close look and avoid problems:
      I purchased this 2001 2WD SR5 4runner new. At aprox 20k miles I had the differential gear oil changed. I now have about 24k miles and noticed what I thought was a very slow leak at the diff. drain plug. Turns out the seal where the bellhousing meets the differential had a leak and was dripping down to the drain plug...very hard to notice. The work / repair is covered under the drivetrain warranty fortunately.
      When I first discovered the leak a few days ago I checked the fluid level and had to add aprox. 1/3 quart to bring it up to full. The diff. holds about 3 quarts total. Does anyone know if driving mostly in town for 1-2 thousand miles with the gear oil aprox 11% low could do any long term damage to the pinion gear or other components ?
  • Is there any one know if the new 4runner needs break in for the first 1000 miles? If so how crucial it is? I read the manual and it said it will add up economical value in a long run. I have a hard time driving at 60 mile per hour on the right slow lane in California freeway, every body push over 70 to 80mph. Thanks.
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    My owner's manual was not clear about a break-in period for the 4Runner. Even if you want to be careful, you don't have to stay below 60mph. Just keep the RPM's under 4,500 and vary your speed if driving for long distances on highway. This should suffice for the first 1,000 miles or so.
  • Thank you very much for the info. I did not know you need to vary the speed, but at least I have kept the engine speed under 2,500 RPM at this time for the first tank full gas. So far so good, no problems.
  • The manual has information regarding the break-in period. My memory believes it is for the first 1000 miles.

    Response to Onesone: I am over 6' and have the limited WITH sunroof. The power seat has so many adjustments that you can find a comfortable position.
  • I just the drove the car under all sorts of conditions so there wasn't a break-in so to speak.

    I did learn, however from a Toyota Dealer that the computer on the car learns your driving habits and adjusts itself as you drive the car when new. I don't know if he was blowing smoke, but thought I would mention it anyway.
  • Almost all dealers of any car will now tell you that their auto transmission cars will "learn" your driving habits. I hate equipment that is smarter than me, so I purposely drive all different ways. My transmission will probably have a nervous breakdown and I'll get stuck paying for the counseling!
  • I remember seeing a few posts warning that the clear plastic that covers the gauges can scratch real easily. Has anyone found a safe way to clean them. I was just gonna use a soft damp cloth. Thanks
  • I just replaced my lens. It was only $18.00. Took about 15 minutes to replace it. I figured to try and clean it good I would have to take it off anyway, so I just replaced it. Mine was awful, from now on I am just going to use my air compressor and blow it clean.
  • I use a damp clean chamois and just wipe very lightly to get the dust off.
  • Think i'll try the chamois first but it's good to know that changing the lens is no big deal. thanks again.
  • Would you provide details on changing the lens? Thanks.
  • Hi guys and gals, just bought 04 v8 limitted this past labor day. So far so good except after engine turned off there is a loud ticking noise that will go off and on. It sounds as if it's the muffler when cooling off but this thing is really loud. Like I am inside the house (den) next to the garage (closed) and I will still hear it.
    Also is it just me or anybody else experienced this. Whenever I stepped on the brake while at a standstill the break pedal would feel like it would vibrate as if the abs is activated.
    This thing only has 200 miles in it, still under break in.
  • You should of waited and get the 05' v8. Many of the bugs i heard are gone and the v8 now produce 270 horsepower compared to the 235 the 03-04 has. Toyota hasn't release the gas mileage yet.
  • Yeah , I know but I need to get a hold of one for an upcoming trip (post break in ) to tow. Besides i've always had good experience with Toyota's. Worse comes to worst I'll just get rid of this thing and try a different manufacturer (except american car)
  • dhuadhua Posts: 2
    Consumer Report rated 03 and 04 4runner engines as "unreliable". What were the common problems? Would Toyota solve those problems by installing the new engines in 05 models? I am interested in buying a 05 V6 Sport edition, but concerned about the quality. Is the V8 engine a much better one?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
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  • Answer> Consumer Reports is "unreliable". You can read EVERY post & not one has a blown engine.
  • If I'm not mistaken, the v6 is the same engine in the o5's. They just changed the transmission to a 5 speed.. Also, the v6 got an unreliable rating because of the fuel line issue(which is fixed). The v8 never got a bad rating.
  • What would be the noticeable difference in the 4 sp auto and 5sp auto? V6 4.0 liter engine
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