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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • I have the same exact problem. The dealer couldn't (wouldn't) reproduce it because of the high speed. I've heard that it could be exhaust related probably due to some resonance at that speed. Did you try it in 4th gear at a lower speed but the same rpm as when you're in 5th at 75 mph? Let me know if you come up with something. Mine is an 05 SE V8.
  • coloroncoloron Posts: 14
    I bought a new 06 SR5 V6 a few weeks ago. It is very smooth and quiet on the highway except for a whine from the transmission. As long as the tranny is under load (accelerating) it is quiet but when I'm going down hill and let off the gas so that the tranny is braking, even slightly, it has a very noticeable and very annoying whine. It's not noticeable around town but on the highway it is very obvious. Is this a normal characteristic of these vehicles or should I be complaining to the dealer? I'm really hoping it can be fixed. Any chance that it might break in and quiet down after more miles (only 600 miles on it)?
    I love the SUV in all other aspects but this noise gets on my nerves very quickly.
    Thanks for the help.
  • robg4robg4 Posts: 32
    I haven't noticed that on the 06 SR5 I just purchased.
  • robg4robg4 Posts: 32
    Someone told me road salt will eat on alloy wheels and chrome. Is this true?
  • ecampoecampo Posts: 3
    :sick: I own a Toyota 4runner SR5 and six months ago I had to have the head gasket replaced, now it has happened again and my mechanic told me that this time it was due to the freeze plugs. I have put only about 4,000 miles on the car since the new head gasket was put on. Also, I live in Los Angeles - moderate to warm climate, not cold. Can the freeze plugs cause the head gasket to blow? The car had not recently overheated and was not overheating the morning that the head gasket blew. I am beginning to feel like my mechanic is looking for a reason to cover his faulty work.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I feel the same way!

    It's not under warranty after only 4K miles? I would think any reputable mechanic would at least talk price reduction after that short a time.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Well I'm not going to tell you everything is perfect, cuz it ain't. But I would buy the same vehicle again, despite a few issues I've had.

    You can expect excellent handling, good power, and braking second to none. Negatives are the 4Runner gets tossed around in crosswinds, rides rough, and has the crappiest HVAC controls I've ever had to deal with in 30 years of driving.

    Just the same, nothing is perfect. The 4Runner was still the best vehicle in its class in 2003 and I have no regrets.
  • Some of us had a similar issue, but we heard it all the time. Lubing the driveshaft zerk fitting where it meets the tranny output shaft cured what I was hearing. There were many posts about similar issues here in the past. I'd suggest using the search function. You might find your cure.
  • ecampoecampo Posts: 3
    I would think that it should be covered by a warranty. I don't think I should be charged at all. After all he should have checked everything when he performed the work the last time.
    He has not told me how much he is going to charge me yet as he is still looking throught the paperwork, but I just wanted to ask other people's advice on the matter in order to be prepared. Shouldn't the freeze plugs be covered by his work?
    Any technical advice is appreciated.
  • A couple of things. One, is 40PSI the correct pressure? Check inside your door. I have an SR5, and the recommended PSI is 32. Second, check your spare tire air pressure. This issue has been addressed in this forum quite a bit. If you have put air in all four and the light is still on, your spare tire needs the air! Hope this helps.
  • grahmmgrahmm Posts: 28
    Be sure and check the spare if you haven't already
  • grahmmgrahmm Posts: 28
    In all fairness to the technician they should have run a pressure test upon completion of of the head gasket work and a cooling system pressure test would have been taken to help isolate the original leak unless it was spewing all over + if the vehicle ran well for 4,000 miles after the repair chances are the head gasket repair was good. A 1994 called for the coolant to be changed at 30,000 mile intervals. If this were neglected the coolant will eat away at the cooling systems components and could have been the cause for the head gaskets failure as well as the freeze plugs. Toyota also specifies its red coolant for Toyota products. This is a non acidic and non silicate formula engineered specifically for their vehicles & use of the green coolant can hasten some failures even though they (Prestone/etc.) say they work in all vehicles. The shop should be willing to show you the hard copy the tech made notes off of (if they use such a system).
  • ecampoecampo Posts: 3
    Thanks for the information. Although I was diligent in keeping my truck in good repair, I do not know what type of coolant they were using. Shouldn't my mechanic know what type of coolant to put in each time? Also, does this mean that I should pay another $1500 to repair the gasket again or should he carry some of the responsibility?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    there was necessarily anything wrong with the repair, although it is possible for a faulty head gasket repair to take 4000 miles to reach the disastrous stage.

    I was thinking more that as a goodwill thing, they would help you out on the cost of doing it again if there is no warranty. After all, it is a very expensive repair that is meant to last MUCH longer than 4000 miles.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    I used to own a 1999 Toyota 4Runner 4WD Limited and had to replace the rotors every 5-10 miles... Anyone out there has experienced similar issues with the 2006 4Runner V8 4WD???
  • I have a 2005 V8 4WD with 24k miles. At my 15k service I had 90% left front and back. Most of my driving is freeway and I do tend to be easy on breaks. My Isuzu Rodeo went 150k before I insisted that we do the front pads.
  • I have a 2000 4-Runner.

    For some reason I decided to install an aftermarket stereo. When it was all said and done everything worked except the lighting on the instrument panel. The warning lights on the panel work. The light that indicates "D" or "R" when in drive or reverse also works. The only problem is the overall illumination of the panel. I can't see a thing at night.

    I tried fooling with the dimmer switch. I tested all of the fuses and they are fine.

    Would the dimmer relay have something to do with it?
    Could I have pulled out a wire somewhere?

    Does anyone know where this light plugs into (i.e. behind the dash or glovebox) so I can see if pulled something out?

    Any help or input would be appreciated.

    Regardless - Thanks to all!
  • grahmmgrahmm Posts: 28
    If he's a Toyota tech he should know the proper type of coolant to use and it will be reddish in color if a general tech they might have no clue. The head gasket is a tough one - did they send the heads out to be checked? If the heads are warped another head gasket repair might be needed (if that was missed the first time).
    It's possible they might goodwill part of the repairs if it did not look like it was overheated in the meantime. If you have any doubts as to their work you might want to contact whichever state agency monitors auto repair shops, in Calif it's the Bureau fo Automotive Repair. It's possible there might be a history of complaints with this shop or the specific tech. If nothing else it could give you some leverage toward a compromise of some sort. I know the BAR here always strives to achieve something on the customers behalf + they will review the shops records with regard to that specific repairs -- food for thought. By the way the non factory coolant would not cause instant problems it's something that takes place over time. A dealer ususally checks PH level in coolant (their supposed to occaisionly).
  • ggoinsggoins Posts: 57
    thanks for all the input. especially about the mileage....was thinking about that...
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    I used to own a 1999 Toyota 4Runner 4WD Limited and had to replace the rotors every 5-10k miles... Anyone out there has experienced similar issues with the 2006 4Runner V8 4WD??? So far there is only one response...:

    "I have a 2005 V8 4WD with 24k miles. At my 15k service I had 90% left front and back. Most of my driving is freeway and I do tend to be easy on breaks. My Isuzu Rodeo went 150k before I insisted that we do the front pads."

    I would like more responses specifically if there is a noticeable vibration on the steering wheel when braking straight or downhill...

    Thanks in advance.
  • crmcrm Posts: 1
    Just took a 2003 SR5 (2WD) 4Runner home today from the dealer (Mercedes, not a Toyota dealer - so not certified). Has 50k miles on it. They have agreed to let me have 3 business days to return - I want to have it checked by a mechanic, I know a really good one, but should I take it to a Toyota Dealer? Also, the inspection at the dealer revealed an oil leak - stated they had it fixed and gave me the completed check list. After driving home, about 50 miles, the "Maint" light is on - owners manual says "replace engine oil". Help! Is this a serious problem? Any advise on what to have checked? The vehicle "looks" very nice over all, but I'm no mechanic and there's no extended warranty unless I buy it.
  • I'd return it, permanently. Don't tell Mercedes you had anything done on it.
  • grahmmgrahmm Posts: 28
    The vehicle should have the remainder of the powertrain warranty to 60,000 miles through Toyota which could address the oil/fluid leak. If you decide to have the inspection done have a dealer do it. They can see more in a half hour than an indepandent would see in twice or three times the time + the dealer will know what he is doing. The theory of operation is completely different at the dealer level for the better.
  • calvinycalviny Posts: 13
    I tried to replace both front shock; but, it is so rusty & hard to get the old bolt & nut out...
    any trick suggest to me with many thanks...
  • Squirt or pour a tiny bit of oil over the nut end. Let soak overnight to allow the oil to penetrate the grooves if it can. Then try to remove again. Good luck.

    If that don't work, there are still many options, but start with that as it will work most of the time. Also, make sure the bolt isn't spinning while you're trying to remove the nut. If it does spin, then use another wrench to stabilize the bolt, but be careful of any brake lines or other things that the wrench may come in contact with.
  • I have a '05 SR5 4WD. Based on the discussion here, I thought it was perfectly OK to leave the truck in 4 HI mode all the time. But, this morning, when I took it in for an oil change, the service advisor stated that I was damaging the drive train by doing that. We could not get into details as it was early morning and he was quite busy. Is he right?
  • As long as it's unlocked, it's perfectly fine. I've done it since I bought it new. FWIW, my dealer made the same complaint. I suspect they either know something Toyota isn't telling 4Runner owners, or they don't know the functionality of the vehicle.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    The dealers just don't know what they are talking about on this issue. The only difference between the V6 system and the V8 system is the option for 2WD on the V6, other than that they are identical. Toyota gave it the 2WD option because they figured someone buying a V6 would be looking for better gas mileage, so they gave it a 2WD option to increase it a little more. When it is in 4WD unlocked, it is in the same mode the V8 is in all the time. You should call the service manager and ask him why it is not good to run it in 4WD. It is very bad that the service departments don't know how these trucks work, because they probably scare a lot of people.
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