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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    havalongavalon: The time of your post is listed as 3:50 am.


  • So I took my car through the touch free car wash. When I got ready to get out of the car I didn't know what to do with the smart key. I ended up putting it in the center console. What the heck are you suppossed to do with it? If you take it with you they can't start they car. I also had to show the attendant how to start and stop the car. Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle in the future?
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Hey everyone...I have a question that you might think is stupid, but one that was directed to me. Before you turn engine off, how many of you guys turn the radio, AC etc. off. I have been told by a friend of mine that you should turn everything off before stopping. They informed me that it is better to start the car without all of this stuff on. I have never done that I'm asking you if anyone else does that, and does it really matter? Many thanks, and I know I will get some response.
    You are great. Have a great weekend, and I look forward to your opinions.

    RONN :)
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    hey Prime Time..IMO you did the right thing by putting the smart key in the center console. That keeps the door from getting locked, and the attendent had access to it. I love the smart key, but you had a great question to ask. There are times it gets tricky on what to do.
    I might add that sometimes when I touch the handle to unlock, it takes longer to do than others. I don't know if you have experienced that are not? I guess it's the way it is in your pocket perhaps. I don't know if others have found that to be true or not. It does work great, and I enjoy not having keys to take in and out of my pocket all the time.

  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    JUST ME Thanks for suggesting the McGuiar Wax. I will get some and try it soon. I would like to see all the swirl marks gone!!!! A great weather day here, hope you get out in that great Avalon today. I have to work. :(
    That was really cool with the intials thing on your car...wish you could send a picture. have fun today...

  • roskiroski Posts: 15
    I suggest you separate the SmartKey from the rest of your keys and just give them the fob or leave it in the console. You can then turn the trunk release switch off in the glovebox and lock it with the physical key to prevent acess to the trunk. You would also need to lock the pass through in the back seat if you want it really secure.
  • roskiroski Posts: 15
    Can someone try this and let me know if you replicate my problem?

    I have noticed sometimes that the volume of voice nav drops so softly that it is hard to hear it and I can replicate the problem every time.

    1- Either driving or stationary, make sure the voice command is working at the proper volume by saying "Go Home". If not, adjust it by using the command "Louder".

    2- After it has calculated the route, issue the voice command "Voice Guidance Off". You should hear a confirmation that it has been turned off, but at the same volume as before.

    3- Issue any other command (like "Delete all Destinations") and it will reply in a very soft voice - the volume has automagically dropped dramatically.

    4- Now issue the command "Louder". It should return to the previous volume setting.

    Can anyone replicate this problem?
  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "...Before you turn engine off, how many of you guys turn the radio, AC etc. off. I have been told by a friend of mine that you should turn everything off before stopping. They informed me that it is better to start the car without all of this stuff on...."

    ronn: Some theories follow. Turning off the AC a minute or so before stopping will dry up condensation on the evaporator and extend its life (condensation promotes corrosion). Turning off AC before stopping also can eliminate those annoying condensate pools that collect on the garage floor. If your garage is carpeted, this is major bummer.

    Turning everything off before stopping and/or starting makes the starter's life easier for obvious reasons. Turning off everything also minimizes possible battery drain if there are shorts in the wiring.

    I've heard all these things over the years, but how many of us have time to wait two minutes while the condensate drains? Think about this scenario, though - Open garage door, idle outside garage for two minutes, AC off, condensate dripping on driveway, listening to The Platters on the JBL Synthesis with bass at +3. Can you dig it?

  • hey groza, it was Friday night over here. But how come YOU were up at 5:42 am today posting a message to me and still posting messages 3 hours later? Have you nothing else to do on this apparently beautiful Saturday morning, like wash your car, maybe?

    OK, time for breakfast and my rainy morning's activities over here.

    DESIGN74, I'll check again later on today for your new photo.

  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    That makes sense, however it would totally defeat the purpose of having the remote starter...which one would only want to get the vehicle heated up in the Winter or Cold in the summer.

    Meaning, I'd leave everything on Auto unless the dealer service techs told me otherwise.

    In fact, in deep summer down South I'd probably make the Temp super cold right before shutting it off so that when I hit the remote start- the vehicle would be nice and cool as soon as possible.

    I tend to think that the Starter motor and alternator plus battery are all designed thinking people will keep things in Auto position most of the time.

    Good question to ask the sevice techs though. I just watched the section on mynewavalon regarding the Temerature controls. They suggested leaving it in the auto mode. Then again...they don't care much about wear and tear. :-)

  • gbinplanogbinplano Posts: 65
    I believe most cars bypass accessories when engaging the starter motor to maximize current available for starting.
  • nomar69nomar69 Posts: 49
    Hi all, I've been to several dealers here in the Northern VA area requesting a fully loaded black LTD including laser cruise control. At least one dealer told me that they cannot find LTDs with the laser cruise control at their dealership or any of the other dealerships because "it's just not a popular feature". Has anyone else in the No. VA area, who wanted this feature, had this problem? Do I have to go to a state where that feature is desired/popular? Your input is appreciated.

  • jll1jll1 Posts: 12
    Wife's requirements were white exterior and anything other than the light ivory interior (based on her previous experiences with cleaning light interiors), although she really liked the looks of it.

    Our agreement is that I handle the exterior, she the interior.

    So, ordered blizzard pearl with graphite (having never seen one).

    Had charcoal been available for the Limited we probably would have gone that way.

    The car arrived two days ago (nav, laser cruise, VSC, remote starter, XM). She has NO misgivings. I have NEVER seen her so excited about a new car, and we have had many, from Cadillacs to Jaguars to ....

    The color combination is wonderful with the dark "wood."

    35% window tint front/rear (Washington State requirement).

    Dealer moved XM antenna from side of trunk lid to the center near the brake light as described in earlier posts in this forum. Would prefer it to be color-coordinated and perhaps roof mounted though.

    Exhaust pipes proper.

    Thanks to all in this Forum we have NEVER been as prepared when "shopping" for a new automobile.
  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "I believe most cars bypass accessories when engaging the starter motor to maximize current available for starting."

    Mr. Plano: Please do not confuse us with facts.

  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Groza....Thanks for the info.....and yes your idea sounds great..I like the Platters, also 3 Doors Down.. Thanks for the info...I will now turn evrything off before the car.

    RONN :)
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    If you notice when you start the car none of the accessories work. They are all disconnected by the start switch/button. Do not worry about it. Turning off the AC prior to engine shut off will cut down on the water puddle in the garage, but here in Georgia you do not sit in a car and do this just to keep the garage floor dry.... not more than once, anyway. :)
  • larryt22larryt22 Posts: 125
    Wow! After reading from several of you about clay bar, I decided to try it today. I have read about this stuff in the past but never had tried it. Even while using the clay bar I wasn't sure I liked it. However, when I was done, all I can say is wow!!! Does this stuff ever do a great job. I picked up a kit by Mothers at AutoZone. It had the clay bar, liquid cleaner and carnuba wax in the kit. Used all 3 products as was directed.

    I am attaching links that I think you can see the shine. WARNING, this is an 04 Camry and not an Avalon. I still just dream about the Avalon. However, I think you can tell how well this worked, plus you can get an idea of what silver stripes look like on Phantom Gray, even if it is just a Camry :-(.
  • teereevesteereeves Posts: 69
    larryt22, your 2004 Camry is SMOKIN!!! Your car looks great, I was able to see your reflection in the paint. I will keep Mothers in mine. Thanks for the pictures.

  • jordan7jordan7 Posts: 77
    I believe Northern Va is in the Central Atlantic distribution center. They are packaging Laser with Nav and you can not get one without the other. I would not think that would be a problem as long as you will accept both.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    JUST ME....Thanks so much for the info on McGuiar NXT wax. I went today after work ,got some, and waxed the car with it, and wow what a difference!!! It took most of the swirl marks out, and it really does shine!!!!! IT IS GREAT!!! Black Beauty is glowing...can't wait to take it for a spin on Sunday.
    Hope you have enjoyed your Saturday and I'm sure you have been out in your car today. By the way, you need to name yours as well.
    Do you turn everything off in your Avalon before you turn off engine? This is in response to an earlier post I did today.
    Thanks again for the great wax info!!!

  • gbinplanogbinplano Posts: 65
    Yeah, I hate it when I get an idea. I tried to beat it out of my head but I was too late!
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    HI RONN... First of all I'm so happy the McGuiar worked for you. Secondly, I had just come in from the garage, where I waxed the hood and trunk again, I'm becoming nuts taking care of the car, my wife is beginning to think I'm losing it, but I'm not, I just love our car RONN. Anyway it was funny seeing your post since I just waxed those two items and came in to check our forum while I give it a couple of minutes to dry. You have to admit it is easy to apply and wipe off. Yes, I turn everything off before I shut down the engine, just a habit over the years thinking it's better when I start it up, although don't know how true that is anymore, but like my first 1,000 mile oil change and 3,000 miles every time after I keep doing what has worked well over the years never having a problem with my engine. Yet I am flexible with so many other things. Okay RONN, I just shared your post with my wife and will call my car the "Golden Chariot". I love the three initials by the two doors. Have a great Sunday my friend and thanks for letting me know it worked, again I'm happy for you since I know how swirl marks would bother me. Before these car washes here in SC that don't touch the cars with brushes, rags or anything, I used to have the swirl marks and that was before I knew of McGuiar. I used to use Turtle wax, the swirl marks were still there. Today I don't even allow my dealer to wash the car, because the guys that do it don't use the Sontara lint free smooth non-woven fabric I use. They would cause some swirls.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    "Hi all, I've been to several dealers here in the Northern VA area requesting a fully loaded black LTD including laser cruise control. At least one dealer told me that they cannot find LTDs with the laser cruise control at their dealership or any of the other dealerships because "it's just not a popular feature". Has anyone else in the No. VA area, who wanted this feature, had this problem? Do I have to go to a state where that feature is desired/popular? Your input is appreciated."

    I bought my LTD 2/10 in Hagerstown, MD. It has laser cruise & NAV. I've read here and a couple other places that Toyota has had trouble keeping up with the demand for the LTD version with the laser cruise. Seems like they weren't expecting the LTD to be so hot.

    Have you looked at & Try too.

    Carmax in the DC area has quite a few 05 Avalons listed but no Limited's.

    In my opinion I'm not sure that the laser cruise is worth the extra bucks.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    "...I will now turn evrything off before the car"

    Ronn, no need to do this. When you start the car everything else is switched off so that the starter circuit get all the volts & amps. Try it and you'll see.

    I too plan on using the remote start and the AC on the upcoming hot & humid days. I used it the first few weeks when it was still a cold February.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Larry, nice looking car EVEN if it is ONLY a Camry :)

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    For those of you that are washing your new Avalon every 2 hours...What do you use to remove bug splatters from the nose of our car? My long handled brush isn't doing such a great job, it is almost too soft. I need something hand sized I guess that will scrub but not scratch.

    Did I tell you guys I had 2 water faucet/spigot/sillcocks installed near my driveway?
    1 is city water that has a lot of lime, the other is softened and filtered just for my new baby. Our house only had the one outside faucet clear around the opposite corner of the house. This makes washing the car so much easier.

  • tobortobor Posts: 1
    I want to thank everyone who has posted to this topic. I've read them all and appreciate the knowledge I've gained (especially the site - good stuff!). There's already a '99 Av in the family, and we're looking to add the new '05.

    We've test-driven a Touring, but I'm really interested in a LTD with NAV, VSC, and mats. Has anyone seen a Blue Mirage with the darker wood (I'm assuming that would HAVE to be in the graphite). Would really like impressions/pictures of this combination.

    Thanks and keep up the great posts!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Here's the scoop on Ltd with or without Laser cruise control in Central Atlantic region. The vehicle order TVO for the month of March had all production LTD's without Laser cruise whether Nav or no Nav was ordered. The TVO for April has laser cruise on vehicles with Nav. All these cars will be at the dealers around mid-May. You may find one with the laser cruise which I doubt since this car is so hot that was one of the earliest made. My educated guess is that they misjudged the demand for the LTD and also for the laser cruise, but then again I've still to figure out why they build the cars the way they do with some options available one month and not the next month. :P
  • I wax my car with Meguire's liquid cleaner-wax. Been using it for 20+ years. I wait until it's very dry & then use an old terrycloth towel to wipe off the wax - no swirl marks. I think the swirl marks come from the orbital waxing machines or when one doesn't allow the wax to completely dry.
    I have my 05 Avalon for about 1 month now. I'm bringing it back to the dealer for an oil change in 1 week. Only problem is the alarm. It goes off whenever it feels like- for no reason- when it is on. I'm sure the dealer can fix it or replace it. No worrries, it is under warranty. :)
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    MIKES,I put a good coat of wax on my front bumpers to begin with, I overdo it and the side mirrors and tip of my hood. I find by doing this that the splatters come off much easier, sometimes by adding nothing and just wiping the small guys, it's like they were on a Teflon coating. I also use the Turtle bug and tar remover, I put that on the hard splatters and wait a couple and then wipe off and haven't had any problem removing them. I'm sure just plain soap and water would do just as well for the bugs but not any tar deposits. With my mud guards I don't get the tar splatters behind the front tire or rear, under the belly. Some really good coat of wax Mike I believe is the first prevention to getting them off easier. Trust me that in SC where I am, we have plenty of those little creatures and the love bugs forget, when they are out your better off in the garage, LOL.
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