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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • rjeokrjeok Posts: 7
    I have a Garmin portable Nav system (Street Pilot III) that we use in our other car. I have noticed that the nav system on my 05 Avalon does not compute a route as well as the Garmin, and the Avalon nav system frequently takes us out of our way.

    A good example is when we bought the Avalon at Autofair in New Hampshire the Garmin computed a route back to our home in Ct of 187 miles; the Avalon Nav system computed a route of 210 miles (quick was selected).

    There are alot of similar examples, do other people have similar problems???
  • Since you mentioned that quick was selected -- quick will not be the shortest route, it will be what the nav thinks in the fastest. Think of the difference between winding mountain roads through small villages with stop lights versus the super highway going around the mountains. The highway may be longer but quicker.

    That said, there is a definite difference between different nav system's calculations. Our Honda sometimes takes you a wierd sight seeing tours that are obvioulsy rediculous. Garmin (original Street Pilot in my case) was pretty good 95% of the time, and had excellent prompts (directions) as you went. I probably like the Toyota the least. But what choice do you have, eh?! I like built-in much better than tacked on.

    Did you see the blurb on the internet a few months ago where the European version of MS's Streets and Trips took people on something like a 200 mile trip, traveling off an island, onto mainland, and then back on again from another angle in order to reach a town that was like 20 miles away on the same island?! I may have the numbers wrong, but the core story is correct. It was hilarious!

  • ejmannejmann Posts: 12
    I too have an XLS with similar features. Love the car except for the remote start. It has a VERY limited range. Mine only works from about 50-75 feet away. My aftermarket unit on our 04 Highlander is MUCH better. Plus, the factory unit on my Avalon requires you to shut off the engine before you can enter the vehicle. The remote starter is POORLY designed. Otherwise enjoy the new car.
  • paulexpaulex Posts: 16
    ejmann - I remember reading on that the range for the starter is 80 ft. Your numbers do sound a bit low. Is there a lot of interference that could be causing this?

    I am still waiting for my car - the dealer told me it is invoiced...they just don't know where it is? I have been hearing "any minute now" since Monday. I can hardly stand the wait! I will post back with any findings on my remote starter.

  • parks1parks1 Posts: 5
    I just completed ~2500 miles. I notice that the steering "feel" seems light. I am used to a tighter & heavier feel. Does anyone feel the same?
    I find the car a joy to drive. I have a few annoyances but nothing to question my choice.
    There is noticeable distortion in the rear window. I miss a place to put loose change like a small change drawer. I am regularly cleaning a haze off the interior windows. I assume this will get better when the new materials stop out gassing.

    If I had to do it again, I would definite choose this car. :)
  • I also have distortion in my rear window. I am taking it to show the dealer because I want it replaced. I look at cars behind me and depending on where I look they can look like SUV's or odd shaped cars. It doesn't make sense why their window would be like that. I have never had a car with distorted windows like that.
  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    Come ON! How often do you look at your rearview mirror? My Ltd's back light is distorted too. So what? I do not regularly drive long distances in reverse. Think about the possible screw ups by the techs that replace that glass. I have a hunch that you'll have a LOT of complaints about the replacement and its installation.
  • parks1--I also have a cloudy haze on the interior windshield amd back window. No matter what cleaner I use, the window never seems clean. Does anyone out there have suggestions on keeping interior windows sparkling clean? What window cleaners are best? My LTD is 1 1/2 months old and otherwise perfect.
    Island Avy :shades:
  • Timely comments, parks1 and islandavy. I noticed the same in the past couple of weeks (after almost 6 months of ownership). Windex doesn't take this haze off. It does seem to go away while the defroster and rear window heater are on, but it is not just a moisture problem, there is a residue that is hard to remove.

  • angeange Posts: 158
    I have had several cars with rear window distortion. It is not uncommon. My other cars had short and sorta flatten autos following me down the road. My Limited has some distortion, but the window is high in the rear and the glass is narrow. The visibility is poor so I use the mirrors. I am beginning to accept all cars are not perfect to all owners. I had high hopes for the Avalon when I was reading all the ads and surveys. I guess a snapshot sometimes imparts a good impression and later with time the overall picture looks different. ange1
  • gwsgws Posts: 67
    "I think it would be interesting to get feedback on real-world fuel consumption. How about everyone post their miles and average mpg so we can get an idea?"

    At about 325 miles, I refilled the tank for the first time and calculated 36 mpg following break-in care (speed changes, mostly rural driving). After a further 300 or so miles of virtually all city use, the calculation was 31 mpg. I did convert from litres per 100 kilometres to miles per Imperial gallons (20 percent larger than those US ones).
  • To those who would be inclined to just pass-off a distorted rear window, I would ask a few questions:

    1. Do you seriously think Toyota would pull this on a Japanese customer at home?

    2 Does anyone really think that the public in Japan would let Toyota get away with this?

    3. Why should anyone be willing to pay $35,000+ for a car with a sub-standard part?

    4. Suppose your local Toyota salesman said, "Hi, Charlie! How would you like to buy a new Toyota Limited with a distorted rear window?" Are you telling us that you wouldn't be insulted by such an offer?
  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90
    Alan...Mine is exactly the same as you at 16.8 mpg consistently for the past few fill ups city driving.

    My dealer installed a new radio cover today replacing the broken one that got stuck closed. They also replaced a damaged visor.
  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    I might be insulted but I surely wouldn't be anal. It's just a car people. Get over it. Mistakes are made and life goes on. Again, "IT'S JUST A CAR". You think that 40 and even 50K plus cars don't have problems? Get real!!!
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    54gradsteds - curious, do you own either an 05 or 06 Avalon? Noting some of your recent posts, you commented on sloppy workmanship, laser lens issues, lack of foldable mirrors and now the problems with the distorted rear windows. Would you not agree that the best way to pursue getting corporate Toyota to address these issues would be to encourage written complaints versus beating the drum via an internet blog? I would really hope that the myriad of complaints (some rather picayune) that I've read on this board are seriously addressed in writing, rather than public whining about them - it's the only way something might get done.
  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90
    I have the same haze on the front and back windows too and it's worse on hot humid days. Also my glasses haze up a lot when I get out of the car on hot humid days. I don't remember this happening with my other cars. Any relationship?
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    The best glass cleaning product I have used is "Stoners" glass cleaner sold at auto parts stores like Pepboys and Autozone. I just used crumpled up newspaper. If the glass if very dirty, it might be necessary to apply and remove the product twice. Works great for me with no residue and it cuts through the grime. It's much superior to Windex or similar products imho.
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    Make sure that you use a window cleaning fluid that does not have AMMONIA as it will remove the tinting from the glass.
  • Perhaps there is a defect in the interior finish materials. They might be 'outgassing' at a heavy rate in your Avalon. This outgassing could precipitate on your glasses and then coagulate when they are subjected to a sharp temperature or humidity change when you go outside. The coagulation might cause a hazing that you see.

    If you can, get a friend on relative that has contact lenses to try a ride in your Avalon. If their contacts 'haze' over, then you might have a safety issue that you could register with the NTSB and the National Association of Contact Lenses Manufacturers.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    My glasses always haze up when I get out of an air conditioned car into the hot humid weather. Same thing happens when I come out of a cold, air conditioned store into the hot weather. I seem to remember something about that weird happening in science class.
  • Touche', Zekeman1 ! You have a point, but wouldn't you think that Toyota would pay more attention to THIS forum, (that is, if they're on the ball), than probably ignoring one or two complaints which they would more often than not pass off as coming from a few cranks?
    No, I do NOT own a new Avalon. I have, however, owned a new '85 Cressida, and a new '95 Avalon, the latter of which I still have, with its 162,000 still-purring miles on the clock.
    I had every attention of purchasing its 2005 replacement Avalon, but now, after having monitored this forum for months, I have a wait-and-see attitude.
    I'm not prepared, considering the kind of dough required for purchasing a new one, to meekly say to myself, ..."after all, it's just a car..."
    I expect BETTER THAN THIS FROM TOYOTA, and, I submit, so should you. Otherwise, they'll be slipping down that slope and will be passing off trash like GM, Chrysler, et-all have done to us for a LONG time.
    I've been around the block a few times, and am not foolish enough to buy a car that we all know can and should be more defect-free than we've been reading about.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Toyota probably knows about this forum and someone reads it, but if you really think they're going to act on various (and sometimes, repeated) complaints, they must have more time on their hands than you think. My experience is that the individual who takes the time to sit down to compose a literate letter to the powers to be, will get a response. It may not be the response they want to hear because of their specific problem, but if enough people take the time and effort to write something legible (and not vent like a broken firehouse and make a fool of themselves), the suits will listen.
    I started out in 1978 with my first Honda and in the 80's bought my first Toyota - an 85 Camry...since then it's been another Camry, an Avalon in 98, a Lexus, a 4Runner, a Tundra and now another Avalon (05). I also expect alot from Toyota and I feel fortunate that my LTD has been trouble free. My wife just bought a new Highlander. Based on my past experience with Toyota, I didn't hesitate to purchase the Avalon.
    Sure, I have the infamous "distorted rear windshield", but I find myself looking out the front most of the time and not through the rear window. And with the sunscreen up, it's not noticeable. Gas mileage is very good but I don't put each tank under the microscope to make sure it's better than the last. My windshield is pretty clear when I wash it - I haven't seen microscopic scratches when the light hits it just right. Fit & finish inside is very good - seams along the dash don't appear to vary beyond 1/32 of an inch overall; the sound system is pretty good and I'm not bothered by the fact that my XM radio doesn't scroll along to give the producers of each song, not to mention the singer's name.
    This is a really terrific board, but personally I think people have way too much time on their hands based on some of the complaints that I've read. But each person's complaint is important to that person and they have a right to post it -- the good part is that perhaps someone out here has a solution to the problem!
    Hopefully Toyota will correct some of the issues people have brought up otherwise the consumer will be focusing on a Japanese model built entirely in Japan.
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    perhaps the new materials are "gassing" and causing the problem but seeing that cars are well ventilated the problem will probably dissipate within a few months of ownership. Clean the glass thoroughly using my recommendation of Stoner's glass cleaner. Repeat as needed. My bet is within a short time the hazing will cease if it is caused by "gassing."

    I am also one of those in the "holding off to buy" camp as my 300M with almost 90k on it still runs and looks almost like new. A couple of things I hope they improve on the Avalon is the "steering feel" and also hope they beef up the cornering stance and handling on the limited model.That's one thing I love about the 300M--it handles like a dream. And it has the most comfortable seats in the business. And it's been one of the most dependable car I have ever owned. If I do buy an Avalon, I can see switching out the struts for a slightly firmer ride. Perhaps I would settle for the struts from the touring model.

    I do love the Av for the dash layout including the location of the nav unit, the high powered engine with decent gas mileage, the whizz-bang features, and the roominess and quietness of the cabin. And for the price I feel it's a good bang for the buck.
  • jim250jim250 Posts: 23
    Bought an '05 Avalon Limited in the Desert Sand Mica color six days ago. Options are laser cruise control, NAV, VSC, and floor mats. There were about 52 miles on the odometer, and the car had arrived at the Madison, WI. dealership only a few days previously, having been built in 7/05. I have put on about 450 miles so far and love the car. Have not noticed any window distortion as others have mentioned. My other cars have always had that film on the windows after being parked in hot, sunny weather with windows closed. No big deal. Yes, steering feels light but not objectionable. I note that the closeable controls for Nav, etc seem to stick when I open that panel. That is, it opens about 1", then I have to nudge it to fully open it. Does anyone else find that too? Also, on every Toyota I have ever had, the windshield washer fluid reservoir's filler tube has a removeable plastic mesh screen which filters out particles so they don't enter the system and subsequently clog the spray nozzles. My new car doesn't have any such screen in the filler neck, but it looks like there is a small ridge in the filler neck which could support such a screen. Does anyone with an '05 Avalon have that filter screen in place?

  • rwb2rwb2 Posts: 85
    zekeman, as always you've given another insightful post. You are absolutely right about written complaints. Keep them short, sweet, and to the point. Take the emotion out, and get directly to the point. Don't go down the road of pointing out the time the service dept. was rude or the fact that you don'd like the color of the trim, etc. Try to never go more than a page (this is key). Try to send it to an individual as far up the food chain as possible. Keep copies as evidence and its not a bad idea to copy your dealer.
  • angeange Posts: 158
    Maybe the Goverment should test the air in the cars to see how much solvents from the interior materials the car is made of that condition with time. The air handling system parts are mostly plastic. Another question, "where does the black go from highways made of tar and stones."

    Your glasses get fogged when getting out of a cool car is due to condensation. I think highschool chemistry tells us hot air holds more moisture than cold air. Turn you air louvers away from you. ange1
  • angeange Posts: 158
    Good comments.I agree with you re Toyota and it's small items of concern to some of us.

    I bought a 2003 Chevy S-10 for 14,500, new, and never took it back to the dealer. But I didn't pay much, didn't expect much so I did not give it the real hard look. However, it is put together pretty well.

    Re Toyota doing something about the Forum comments. I am not sure they wiil do anything very quick. The issue with Lexus hesitation, it has been there for two years that I am aware of.

    Some years ago we had problems with Hond Goldwing motorcycles alternators burning up around at about 25,000 miles. Everyone knew about it, articles everywhere, and still all that they did for a couple of years was to guarantee the alternator for 50,000 miles. The GWRRA learned that Honda had had a hugh supply on hand and they were willing to take their chances. They lucked out as the problem was that the alternator produced electricity at 100% output all of the time and it only happened to riders who rode 60-80 mph for 2-4 days, taking long trips. The wires actually burned off the alternator outlet.

    All of the auto manufacturers take certain risks regarding auto issues. They do surveys and because they are money driven they go where the bottom line has a bigger plus. ange1
  • Hi Jim:

    I have the exact same problem with the access door. It seems that there is a misalignment. The dealer is aware but I didnt want to tie the car up at this point for a couple of days. I suspect that they dont have a factory fix yet.

  • dajabdajab Posts: 35
    Sorry, ange1, but they're not talking about simple condensation of water vapor on cool surfaces. These vapors are various types of volatiles that are used in the manufacturing of plastics and vinyls that make up an automobile interior; they contribute to the "new car smell". (It's more like advanced college or professional chemistry: outgassing is a big problem, for example, on spacecraft structures made of light synthetic materials, which can shrink a significant fraction of an inch in size when you don't want them to, simply because of the gasses that escape from the materials into space.) Outgassing is a potential enviromental concern in a new automobile interior, but hardly unique to the 2005+ avalon. Perhaps there is an Edmunds forum for automobile environmental issues where this has been, or could be, discussed in detail.

    Is there, Pat?
  • haggishaggis Posts: 10
    54gradsteds, for someone who has posted an awful lot of complaints about the new Avalon and Toyota in this forum, I assumed you owned an 05 Avalon. Since you don't, could you be one of those "cranks" you mentioned in your post? ;)
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