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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    I know how you feel! When we picked up our new Ltd in the late afternoon we went to dinner. When we parked I tried to turn off the car. It took us five minutes and a reference to the "quick start manual" to figure out how to shut down the automobile!
  • angeange Posts: 158
    I bought a Limited because you get about 10 features not on the XLS. The cost is somewhere around $3000 more . People report the seats are better in the XLS. My comparason showed no difference. I was not real happy about the 2005 Avalon seat quality compared to pre 2005 Avalons. I have no problems with the thinner padding and plets in the leather panels. The air conditioned seats make me forget about the seats.

    One item that I do not like is the Laser speed control housing and location. It is located at the bottom of the passenger side grill and nothing matches it on the other side. It appears, someone said,"woops,locate it here". My kids tease me about "the one eyed Avalon". May be Toyota did this on purpose so they can say they improoved the 2006 or 2007 models. Anyway I think the Limited is a BARGAIN. ange1
  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    The 06's are on the road now.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Maybe we should rename this board "Toyota Avalon 2006+" ?
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249

    I have yet to see any 2006 invoice prices on the web. Do you know what the base invoice is on a 2006 LTD?

    -- Tom
  • Loose Fog Lights [ange] >

    I'm not really happy with the "resume" functionality on my Limited. My '95 Diamante was MUCH smoother. The '05 Avalon tries to do it(increase >10mph) all at once and there's usually a big lag(timewise,at highway speed) between activating "resume" and it kicking in. I'm a big cruise control driver but, this annoyance is starting to ween me off it...

    There's a few minor things I'd like to change abou this car but, overall she's Awesome!
  • sobsob Posts: 15
    Thanks for your comments, ange1. The 10 features you mention don't appear to me to justify the $3K+ added cost. The basic enjoyment of the car isn't changed that much. Would you concur that the std audio system in the XLS is acceptable in lieu of the JBL option? I'm now leaning toward a plain jane XLS with no options except for floor mats. In your region, have you become aware of deeper discounting by your local dealers on the closeout '05's in view of the launch of the new '06 which occurred this past week? The factory appears to still be holding off on sales incentives for this auto. Further comment please.

  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    JBL is available on both XLS and LTD but costs less w/LTD. The actual price difference between base XLS and LTD models is not $3000 - it's about half that (maybe actual selling prices are slightly more for the LTD but should not be $3k more). I'm sure you're already aware of the extra options and different seats you get w/Ltd vs. XLS, so I'l just ask you this - Is there any one LTD option you cannot do without (a must-have)? From a value perspective, the added options you get w/LTD for $1,500 to $2000 over an XLS are definitely "worth it", but if there's no must-have LTD-exclusive opotion, then go with the XLS. Besides, the seats are more comfy in the XLS, and you'll use them every time you drive the car.
  • I bought an LTD about 3 weeks ago and I think if you are a road warrior that uses the car for work there are some distinct advantages that were worth the extra $2000 or so you will pay. Here's my opinion, with a rough value I place on each.

    The JBL system is excellent - you judge whether that's important to you. ($400)

    The smart key system is great - just wait till the first time you come out with your hands loaded and just have to bump the trunk button or grab the door handle without fishing for keys. Especially in the rain. And its a real wow factor. ($500)

    The air cooled seats are more of a benefit than I originally thought they would be - especially here in the south. The perforated leather looks sharp, and if you are tall, the power driver's seat extension is a godsend. Seat memory is nice if you share the car - not as much value for me. ($400)

    I have been spoiled with HID headlights on my last two cars. Personal preference that I think adds value since I often must drive at night in the boonies. ($200)

    The rain sensing wipers are another real benefit if you live in a rainy climate. And these work much better than others I have had (VW). ($300)

    Finally, the rear sunshade is nice - I leave mine up when parked on hot, sunny days. ($100)

    That's $1900 of value for this person. Add to that the upgraded interior details and the nicer looking wheels, and it made sense to me. Finally, along with the NAV that I added, these are the touches that will keep me happy for a year or two longer as some of this technology becomes more common at this price point.

    I paid $3500 under sticker or about $1000 over invoice 3 weeks ago before the dealer's real end of year push began. Either way you win. Enjoy!!

    Bill :shades:
  • jhutonjhuton Posts: 6
    I have recently joined the forum for the 05/06 Avalon and have read quite a bit about those concerned that the NAV is not touch screen. From experience, I also own an '04 Lexus LS430 that does have the same NAV system, but with the touch screen. Though touch screen systems is fine, I find that the Nav in my week old '06 Avalon is as easy to navigate as the touch version and most importantly the screen on my lexus is continually finger-printed and smudged from touching. Not a huge deal, but in certain sun conditions the dirty screen makes seeing the map difficult. So far the Avalon screen seems crystal clear and intuitive to navigate. Also, as others have pointed out, the location of the Avalon Nav screen would be uncomfortable as a touch screen -- though I wouldn't want the Avalon screen closer as it would impede on the roominess of the cabin that prompted me to buy Avalon in the first place. So far love the car!
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    That happens to me when I forget and kill the car with it in drive then put it in park. You have to put the car in park and then kill the engine.
  • jhutonjhuton Posts: 6
    Good luck w/ deep discounts on 05 Avalon models. Even with the '06 models arriving in the next 2 weeks, the Chicago market is such that all the 05's have been accounted for and/or promised for exchange with other dealers.

    The best price I have seen on a Limited is from msrp of 37,900 down only to about 35,000 for an '05. Most dealerships are having a hard time keeping Avalons in stock for test drives. Some have opted to have an Avalon loaner car just to ensure that one will be near by for test drives. Good luck with a good deal, but 05 Avalons (and certainly not 06 models) will ever sell at or below invoice in the near future - as some other postings may have suggested.
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Whoops the price difference between XLS and LTD is $3k - my bad.
  • I took delivery of my XLS last Friday. All is well -absolutely no problems - EXCEPT, I truly wish I had bought the Limited! The front panel is a manmade "whatever" - unlike the Limited that has woodgrain paneling. And the heated & ventilated seats and the traction control and the higher quality leather. My only extra's are the mats, the mud flaps & the wheel locks. My game plan is to keep it a year and trade up to a 2006.
    Good Luck with your decision ;)
  • My sales manager told me as early as August 28th to look for the 2006 Models! ;)
  • I don't understand your question, did you mean 2005+?
  • Sorry for late reply . . . just joined the forum.

    I have added the laser cruise control to the list of "Options" I refuse to do without; There are so many benefits and so few minor inconveniences; it is perfect for the highway, especially when you are in traffic that is changingn speeds . . . I live in Las Vegas with a lot of road construction . . . very often your speed will go from 70 to 40 . . . the control is perfect for this in that you have predetermined the distance to the car in front of you; no system like this is perfect . . . for example I find I must change the distance on occasion . . . especially at slower speeds; and in going from 40 back to 70 the car will inevitably shift;
    The main thing to remember is that you are driving and if conditions change abruptly simply cancel (with steering switch or brake) and reset;
    A friend was looking at the Avalon and was going to buy one without it until I took hom for a test drive . . . they went and bought the limited!

    Good luck with yours . . . I love everything about mine . . . especially the smart key and voice navigation.
  • tmeframetmeframe Posts: 80
    When I had the Avalon loaner (while mine was in the shop for a week), it had the JBL stereo, and I had a chance to compare the "JBL" and the standard stereo.

    For over $600, the JBL stereo is severely over-priced when compared to the standard stereo. When I compared them closely, you can see that in-dash for the JBL looks exactly like the standard in-dash unit. I started to believe that the differences in the in-dash unit were effected by software only- the surround effect, etc.. I was also led to believe this because the little "JBL" sticker on the unit was on crooked.

    I will grant that the "JBL" version probably has better speakers, and obviously a sub-woofer. However, the subwoofer my be good @ around 60Hz or so, but when compared to the subwoofer-less standard, the standard has better bass in the all-important 70 to 100 Hz.

    Truth be told, the standard player is as good if not better in some areas than the JBL. The "surround" effect while nifty, isn't very realistic, and the DJ's sound like they're in a trashcan.

  • sobsob Posts: 15
    Steve, you hit the nail on the head. You have confirmed the suspicions I had on the lack of value of the JBL system. Thanks so much for your comments. The info should be helpful to all forum members.

  • actuly they started selling the 06 avalon heres a link a one car pooped up before yasterday :D :
  • 79mark79mark Posts: 1
    In March I purchased an 05 Phantom Grey Limited and have been very pleased with the car to date. However, I noticed there were some fine scratches in the front windshield that are only visible in bright sunlight. The pattern of the scratches does not match anything the windshield wipers could have caused and I took the car into the dealership and they agreed the scratches looked like defects in the windshield. Back in May they agreed to replace the windshield under warranty and after waiting several weeks for a trim/seal strip to arrive from Japan, they replaced my windshield yesterday.

    When I went to pick it up I did a close inspection of the new windshield and it appears to be worse than the original. Some of the scratches can even be felt by running your fingernail across the scratch. I don't know if this has anything to do with the special sound reducing windshield Toyota is putting in the Limited and when I did a search on this site, there were no results which indicated anyone else had experienced similar problems. The dealership service manager who also examined the new windshield yesterday indicated he had never seen anything like this in a new windshield.

    Has anyone else noticed any of these scratches in their windshield? Again, they are only visible when it is very bright outside and the light catches it just right.
  • njnynjny Posts: 34
    When I purchased my 05 Avalon Ltd in April 05 the only Satellite option available was XM.
    After reading posts here that the 06 was shipping I checked Toyota's site and sure enough they now have the option to add Sirius Satellite integrated into the JBL Sound System.
    Called my dealer and they have placed the order for the unit.
  • fragmirefragmire Posts: 97
    I know this is sort of off-topic (sorry Pat), but I'm in need of a auto shipping company for my new Avalon from DC to SF. Does anyone has any experience with or know of any auto shipping company that's trustworthy enough to leave my Avalon with them?
  • promikepromike Posts: 35
    I have been considering the Avalon and when I visited the Toyota website today I noticed that the specs and pricing for the '06 were posted. It shows 268 hp and 248 ft-lb vs the '05 which was 280 hp and 260 ft-lb. Can't imagine Toyota putting up bad numbers on their own site, but on the other hand can't imagine them reducing hp.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Actually the engine for the 06 Avy is just as powerful as the 05. The difference is how and who comes up with ratings. For MY 06, Toyota and a lot of other manufacturer are having their power tested independently by a group known as the SOCIETY FOR AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING or SAE for short. IMO this the way it should be done as some makers in the past have fudged the HP numbers of their cars. Two example I can think of is Hyuandai doing with the Sonata and Ford doing it with the Mustang Cobra. Both times, SAE ratings were 10 to 20 Hp lower than the manufacturer's ratings. Now does anyone know why SAE number tends to be lower than the manufacturer's ? Are they only calculating the number that goes to the drive wheel ?
  • You know, I swear it was not in the book until after you posted your message! :blush:

    Seriously, I looked in the book and at and didn't find it. So, last night I went page-by-page and found it. Too bad their index is so poor!

  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    It's not that the SAE is doing the testing, it's that they tightened the testing standards to make HP ratings more accurate. The new standards close loopholes for things like testing with super-slick oil or without accessories, and they also require that a 3rd party certify the testing.

    Here's an article at Autoweek that talks about it:
  • nonjth13nonjth13 Posts: 89
    I believe that SAE changed the way Hp and torque are calculated recently which results in lower ratings for some engines than last year's models. see below from Autoweek

    "SAE re-defining horsepower

    The Society of Automotive Engineers has tightened standards for measuring horsepower, and the results are now showing up on spec charts across America. That’s good if you’re building Corvette Z06s, which went from 500 hp to 505, but it could be bad if you end up with a 197-hp (vs. a nice, round 200-hp) Civic. SAE periodically revises the thousands of standards it certifies; horsepower was revised in August 2004 to close loopholes for things like backpressure from exhaust systems, the use of super-lubricity oil in the engine, the number of accessories that must be hooked up during a test—all the things dynamometer monkeys think of to get a better power rating. SAE also added a requirement for an independent witness to certify the horsepower testing.""
  • So what are you guys sayin is the numbers is similer to the 05 avvy !?
    somebody get this thing corected please !

  • Dependable auto shipper or DAS is very good. I shipped a lexus from miami to NC without any problems. They are a bit pricey but good.
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