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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • jl618jl618 Posts: 64
    In the September 2005 issue of Consumer Reports, the article on the Lexus GS300 states "As in the Infiniti, the screen doubles as the backup system monitor when the car is moving in reverse."

    It also lists one of the HIGHS as the optional backup camera.

    According to Edmunds, the backup camera is included in the navigation system option ($2250 MSRP/$1895 Invoice).

    Is the GS300 navigation system a virtual clone of the Avalon's? If so, it shouldn't be too difficult to add a rear view camera for those of us with the Avalon nav.

    Anyone know?
  • haggishaggis Posts: 10
    After waiting since early June, we picked up our Limited yesterday and put on about 180 miles driving home. You wouldn't believe how many problems we noticed with the car in a relatively short trip. The fog lamps were not loose. The tail pipes were aligned properly. The rear window had no distortion. The seats are very comfortable and there is no "pleating" problem with the leather seatback. The drivers seat adjusts more ways than I can use. All of the door locks work properly. There is no misalignment of the dash panels. The radio and nav covers don't stick. The remote start worked on the first try. Putting our address for "home" into the nav also worked on the first try, and there was no problem using the joystick. After starting the car, I said "Go Home" and the nav went into action. I tried many voice nav features on the way home and it only misinterpreted me one time, and that was when my wife started talking while I was saying "North Up". On our three hour drive we never heard a rattle or squeak from the strut towers, seats, doors, seatbelts, windows, rear deck or mirror bezels. The seatbelts never became constricting. When it started getting dark, I lowered the rear window shade and didn't accidentally open the trunk. Never once did the side mirrors get broken off while passing cars in other lanes. As far as I can tell, no bolts fell out of the car. On the straight highway I took my hands off the wheel and the car did not drift to the left or right. Part of the trip was about 45 miles winding through the mountains on a two lane road, and the steering felt very comfortable. Worst of all, there was no dreaded transmission hesitation, even though I used the accelerator a lot to keep the speed varying as recommended during the break-in period. All I can say is "Worst car ever" ;)
    The Avalon is an absolutely great car with great features. No car is perfect. There are tens of thousands of new Avalon owners like myself who are excited and satisfied with their purchase and I am happy not to have encountered any of the problems mentioned in this forum. This forum has provided me with so much helpful information and I would recommend anyone getting an Avalon to read every page in the manual available at ToyotaIGuide before driving off the lot. I get tired of a few people here who hang around and gripe the most, nit-pick and curse Toyota, but that is their prerogative. Many people tend to post to a forum only when they have a question or a problem, but I am pleased to post about a very positive experience with the Avalon. I would recommend it to anyone who can still drive a car safely. :)
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 570
    Alan if you check the 2006 Camry vs the 2005 Camry or the 2006 Corolla vs the 2005 Corolla, you will see that the 2006 engines all have less power than their 2005 versions. I believe this is due to the 2006 new method of calculating Net Horsepower.

    Some engines from different manufactures pick up a few horses, some lose a few.
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    Now I'm seriously interested in this car..... I will never buy a new vehicle without Stability Control, which I consider every bit as important a safety feature as airbags. But I hate sunroofs, and I'm not wild about leather seats and fake wood trim either. Now I can get an Avalon XL with VSC. Great news!

    Now, if only Toyota would make the firmer Touring suspension and steering bits an option for ALL models (instead of a separate model).... well, one can't have everything I guess.
  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    Well you obviously got a lemon!! Probably the salespersons fault. Go figure.

    This was the best post I've read in a long time. Enjoy your new LTD. My 06 is due in on 8/11 and so now I'm getting ready for all the disappointment you've encountered.
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    After enthusing about the prospect of buying an XL with VSC, I see from the website configurator that VSC is only available as part of a package (B) that also includes the CD changer and sunroof. I don't care one way or another about the CD changer, but I don't want a sunroof. Anybody know if it would it be possible to do a "sunroof delete" on an XL with Package B? Thanks.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I don't know the answer to that question. I haven't heard anything that indicates that's one of the enhancements on the horizon, but that doesn't mean it isn't somewhere in the pipeline.

    The place to ask is in the Forums Software discussion - which would also be the place to try to drum up support for the idea since it isn't on topic here. ;)
  • dcboaterdcboater Posts: 16
    Good evening, some of you might remember my first post, grinning from ear to ear after returning from my Northern VA Toyota dealer after laying down a $1,000 deposit for a 2005 Blizzard Pearl with Ivory perforated interior. Well, two weeks later now and the dealer has come back to me saying the only thing they can do is wait on a 2006 delivery in late August or early September. He didn't mention a "renegotiate" or any pricing differences.

    My question is should I allow him to keep my $1000 for another month or so, even though it is not a prescribed factory order and he will still try a "dealer swap", only this time for a 2006 model ? We haven't really signed a "deal sheet", all I have is an email of an agreed upon price after trade, taxes & title (out the door) and he has my check (already cashed).

    I'm thinking I would be better off demanding my $1k back and "shopping around" for the best 2006 "order" price (I'm picky about what I want) and selling my 97 pristine Q45 outright instead of trading.

    Your thoughts please --- all assistance is very much appreciated.

    dcboater :confuse:
  • rwb2rwb2 Posts: 85
    Gosh, you had the same experience as me when I got my LTD back in Febuary and I've had ever since. But I have another problem. My mpg seems to be higher when I put 87 octane in the tank than when I fill up with 91 or 93 octane ( 27 vs. 25). This is probably because I can't drive as fast since I'm losing all that horsepower. Damn that Toyota. :)
  • heheh nice post i cant wait another 2 weeks to get my hand on my blizzard limited :D with touring rear spoiler ;)

  • gwsgws Posts: 67
    One is invariably better off selling privately rather than trading in if the vehicle is in decent condition. Dealers buy at wholesale and sell at retail - which leaves plenty of room for the private transaction to be profitable. In Canada, sales tax applies to dealer sales, but not to private ones, creating an additional incentive.
  • donb1donb1 Posts: 49
    I have had my XLS for one month and have found no defects at all and am very happy. I spent the last week on a business trip driving a Dodge Magnum. It is supposed to be a hot car but I gotta tell you I could not wait to get back to my Avalon waiting for me at the airport parking lot. It really confirmed I DONE GOOD
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    My vote would be to get your $1K back! The dealer has been usingyour $$ and wants to continue to use it maybe until September...what do you get? Will there be more delays? Curious, what dealer is it? I used to live in NVa and bought Toyota's there.

    If it were me, I would be heading in another direction with my $1K to find another dealer who would shoot straight with me.

    I was lucky - I wanted a Blizzard Pearl LTD and my dealer simply turned his "swap guy" on and he found me one - right off the assembly line and I had it 2 weeks later...this was in early June. After seeing the agony everyone is going through to get that color, I consider myself fortunate.

    Personally, I would bail & get my $$ back - and be VERY candid with them why you are going elsewhere.
  • amoxomaamoxoma Posts: 11
    Picked up my 2005 Avalon XLS with JBL-12 speaker system, VSC last Saturday. The 52-mile round trip (42 highway) has been very smooth, feel like I'm floating across the rubble-patch that is the PA state interstate system. And Billy Holiday never sounded better. By day 4, I had the seats adjusted perfectly - there are quite a few degrees of freedom there! Averaged 24.5 MPG for the week, on the cheap stuff, A/C full blast, and that also includes some leisurely around-town driving on Saturday. I'll need to do some experimenting there with different gasoline grades and different driving styles. Tonite I filled her up with 93. All in all, I would have to say that I couldn't be more pleased.

    But just now, because of this forum, I went out with my flashlight to check the fog lights. Sure enough, they are loose! But I don't consider that to be a big deal - when I take it for service, I'll have them fix it up. I once owned a Chrysler - after that, it's hard to be upset about loose fog lights.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Thursday I had the pleasure of a 436 mile round trip on the rubble patch that is the Pa. Interstate system, I loved that line, thanks. Anyways after getting to Philly I spent the next 2.5 hours driving around town. I plugged in 3 different addresses into the Nav system and it faithfully took me to all 3. I sure couldn't have done it that easy with maps.

    In all I spent 10.5 hours in the car, when I got home my rear was still feeling great. This is the best riding car I've ever had. Oh, and fuel economy? I averaged 29.7 for the r/t.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    I now have 10,300 miles on my LTD, Monday it goes into my local non dealer mechanic for its 3rd oil change. I'll be putting in Mobil1.

  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    "In Canada, sales tax applies to dealer sales, but not to private ones, creating an additional incentive."

    Arizona used to be that way, but I think they changed it. In MN, we get screwed if we sell ourselves. We then have to pay sales tax on the full price of the new one. There may be a way around it by running the sale through the dealer and buying the new car outright though.

    BTW, does anyone know if 'used to' or 'use to' is proper?
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    What an enlightening post. I can see how 'wife talking' could be a problem for lots of people. :-) You have an 05? Musta gotten their act together.
  • tweetwee Posts: 1
    Has any one heard what will be new in the 2006 Avalon? True, the 2005 came out only six months ago, but the 2006 is coming out in late September. After such significant changes from 2004 to 2005 there are bound to be errors and omissions and problems. Whether small items like loose fog lights to larger issues such as the Avalon transmission problems, one would think Avalon HAS to make some corrections or improvements to continue their positive sales for the next year.

    So, any news on the 2006 Avalon??
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It's "used to" because it's past tense. And while I'm at it, not that you ever did this, another common mistake is "alot" - the phrase "a lot" is two separate words. :-P
  • jose7jose7 Posts: 11
    I've had my car Touring for a week and love it. Got the windows tinted and had Colormatch paint the XM antenna (looks great) and will have it centered on trunk by back window. Now on to the problem. Has anyone else had a problem with the back doors not unlocking? I've tried all the automatic setups for locking/unlocking the doors, both the driver and passenger door releases, the key directly in the door, manually trying the locks from the back seat. None of them will work! Basically I can't open the back doors! Any similar experiences? Other thoughts or suggestions? I called the dealer and a neither the salesman or the service tech has never heard of this problem. So I have an appt on Tuesday. Thanks for the help and a great forum...
  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    When the doors are unlocked can you open the rear doors from the outside? If so it's probably the child safety locks that manufacturers are putting on all vehicles now. That's the only thing I can think it would be. Good luck.
  • jose7jose7 Posts: 11
    The rear doors don't unlock at all. I can't open them from the inside or outside.
  • sobsob Posts: 15
    Please comment further on your statement that 06 lease rates are up. What were the old rates for the '05's.......specifically the XLS. Thanks
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Haggis, it was so nice to read your post. You share my sentiments about the Avalon. I have over 7,000 miles now and no problems.
  • fragmirefragmire Posts: 97
    Regarding your comment about joystick vs. touch-screen ... Don't forget that the $22k Prius has a touch screen Nav. The placement of the Nav on the Avalon, however, sort of make touch-screen Nav not very ergonomics though since the driver (or even the passenger) would have to reach out quit a bit to even touch the screen.
  • angeange Posts: 158
    One suggestion is to have your deposit refunded and check out other dealers. Today in the Phila area a dealer advertised $3500 off MSRP and had 26 Avalons on their lot. E-Mail ange1
  • dcboaterdcboater Posts: 16
    Firstly, thanks all for your valuable insight and advice. Secondly, the dealer here in NOVA (Koons - Arlington) has given me an offer I seemingly can't refuse, that is, the same deal that we negotiated on a 2005, he will honor on a 2006 and has promised my exact Blizzard White with Ivory interior (and my specified options : Option package B (VSC, CL, NAV), CF, WL & V2)) delivery in late August or first week of September.

    I don't think I can go wrong getting a 2006 for the same price as a 2005 ? btw, my negotiated deal is $1800 off MSRP and a good trade for my 97 Q45 (6,000).

    Also, if you get a chance to view this week's PBS "MOTORWEEK", there is a splendid review/test of the 2005 Avalon.

    Thanks for all the feedback - great board !
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    Thanks "DCBoater" for mention of the test in PSB MotorWeek. While I wait for my new Avalon I am trying to read up as much as possible. Here is the link:

    link title

  • rwb2rwb2 Posts: 85
    Is "firstly" a word? :D
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