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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • I noticed several people asking about the wood interior colors on the new Avalon but have not seen responsive answers to these questions. From the pictures I've seen, it appears that the lighter wood is the only option for the ivory interior, both light and dark wood is available with the light gray interior and only dark wood is available with the graphite interior. Can anyone confirm this?

    Also, I would like to reiterate the question concerning leasing. Can anyone share what sort of lease pricing they have secured and if so, on what trim level? Thanks

    Mackabee, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Macabee, you will make it, song or no song, I just know you will. Don't worry about posting the test results when your feeling under the weather, just concentrate on the self healing power and I know you can do it. Our prayers are with you Mac.
  • Whatever happened to Cliffy1 who was so good about giving information on the Camry and Avalon boards?
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    The garage door buttons are on the bottom of the rear view mirror. Three, just like used to be on the visor. I have a Phantom Gray Pearl Limited due in in about 8 days. I think I prefer the buttons on the mirror myself, that's just my opinion.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Thank you justme. As PmcB48 said,I liked the accelerator pedal very much. I even looked over at him and said "Who needs a V8??! Very smooth power as I stepped on the gas. I'm pretty sure this car will do 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. We were doing 80 without noticing how fast we were going. The ride is very smooth and compliant. The suspension felt like you were riding in one of those old American big cars that made you feel safe and secure inside but without the "floaty boaty" ride. Road noise was very minimal with the Bridgestone Turanzas this XLS was equipped with I could barely hear it. Wind noise was also minimal. We drove with the radio on at low volume and just enjoyed the ride. It didn't seem we were on a test drive. I imagine the car is quieter with the Michelin tires. I'll find out once we get Pat's Limited in. I'll ask him for a ride around the block before he takes it home. The interior is quite roomy and very comfortable. Visibility is excellent and I didn't see any blind spot when switching lanes on the expressway. The controls also have a very substantial feel to them. I noticed this right away after I got in the driver's seat and flicked the signal light lever to the right. To really appreciate the instrument panel you must see it at night. The white translucent controls for the climate control are backlit and the optitron meters are a sight to behold especially when you first start the car. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie when everything lights up at once and the engine roars to life. Sort of a space ship getting ready for take off!
    : )

    P.S. I wonder where cliffy1 is also. He is a very good friend of mine. We've been around Edmunds for a long time. I'll call his store tomorrow and find out. I hope he's ok.
  • Thanks for your comment about your new Avalon. I plan to order one with XM. Could you please describe the installation in the dash, i.e., is it nicely built in? How about the antenna also. Did you like the installation in general. I had heard or read some comments that were less than complamentary. Thanks for your reply. Hawkeye
  • For a car this large, are the Avalon's side mirrors foldable? It doesn't seem like it in pictures.

    I think that the designers and engineering people really missed many features. Isn't this car the fastest designed and engineered car Toyota has done? Now I can tell they were in a time-crunch.
  • wuzfuzwuzfuz Posts: 12
    This morning, I called our salesman who sold us our '96 Avalon and '00 Tundra - a trusted man. He says the dealership is holding firm on the MSRP since only a trickle of '05 Avalons are arriving at the dealership. He expects the discounts to start about mid-March, and will call me when that takes place.
  • Our dealership, in central Illinois, is discounting $2K from list on the Limited (less nav).
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    My 98 avalon and my 2000 avalon both had much better seats than my 05 Limited. I took mine back to the dealer the next day )after my 40 minute drive home)and told him something had to be done about the seats. He ordered a new seat cover bottom and said they would work on the seat backs to see what they could do. I hope they don't mess them up. Almost afraid to let them mess with them. Might should leave well enough alone, but the 9 hour drive to Louisiana was very uncomfortable! Talk to your dealer, maybe they will fix them.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192 is the web site for a number of Fitzgerald dealerships in the Maryland area, including Toyota (click on the logo); they've been mentioned earlier on this string. Their web site is interesting reading, including their take on dealer "add-ons". They list MSRP, Invoice price, Delivered Internet price, and Delivered Value price (includes $339 maintenance policy). The discounts vary, depending on model; they also respond promptly to e-mail inquiries for individually-configured models. They ultimately told me they would sell a maxed-out Limited for $2000 over invoice (hence potentially more than $2000 under MSRP). They also chop the common $399 dealer processing fee down to $99.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Re interior wood colors, there is no option. I'm pretty sure its light wood on Ivory and Light Grey interiors, and dark wood on Dark Grey or Graphite.
  • If you don't mind sharing, I was wondering how old people in this thread are?
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Thanks for the results of your test drive. Similar to how mine is handling. Stay well my friend.
    Marvin my real name or Just Me : )
  • hawk1eye,

    Please see my earlier posts #1607 & 1608. This morning, I took a picture of the audio controls in my Limited to show you that with the JBL Synthesis Audio system, the XM Radio button is already integrated into the controls. All the dealer had to do was install the XM Receiver inside the trunk and the XM antenna on the outside of the trunk. The receiver is hidden in the trunk on the passenger side under the trunk lining, so it is not visible. The XM antenna was initially installed on the outside of the trunk lid, on the passenger side, which I did not like when I took delivery. I had the dealer move it to the center rear of the trunk lid, by the back window, so there was more symmetry. Here are the pictures:

    Interior Audio Controls:

    XM Antenna Initial Install Location by Dealer:

    XM Antenna Install Location After Relocation:

    The explanation that I received from my dealer when I made the deal was that in order for them to install the XM Radio, it required the JBL Systhesis Audio System since it was already wired and configured to accept the XM Radio. The owners manual shows 3 different audio systems, Type 1, 2, and 3. Types 1 & 2 do not have the SAT (Satellite) button. If you purchased an Avalon without the JBL Systhesis Audio System (Type 3), my guess is that you would have to take it to an after market installer that would have to add additional controls on the dash, or some place else. Maybe mackabee can provide further clarification

    I hope this helps.
  • It would be interesting if anyone that already bought a new Avalon would post the MSRP and price they paid. I test drove one today - quick and a smooth ride. Does anyone have the red avalon or have seen does it look?
  • I paid MSRP for my Limited - $34,929, which came from the factory with VSC/Traction Control/Brake Assist, and Carpeted Floor & Trunk Mats. As part of my deal, I got them to add the XM Satellite Radio, All Weather Mats, and Mud Guards at no additional charge. Those 3 items had a combined MSRP of $610. It was the first Avalon that my local dealer received, so they were not willing to do much better. I could have waited a few more months to get a better price, but I had a local buyer for my 2001 Avalon XLS that paid me a good price so I made the deal.

    I have been completely satisfied so far with my new Limited. IMHO, I believe it is incrementally better than my 2001 in most every way.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    My MSRP was $31,629.00. Add another $739, for taxes, administrative costs etc, Total $32,368. I paid $29,400, so take off $2,968, and that is the difference how ever you apply it. Hope that helps.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Thank you Marvin. My name is Victor but all my friends call me Vic.
    : )
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I'll check on the type 1 and 2 and let you guys know. As far as the age of the posters here, I'm 49. I know we have one as young as 22 and another as young as 82.
    : )
  • I'll be 58 within the week. Replacing a '95 Bonneville with an Avalon for the wife (her age is a state secret). Also own a Dodge Caravan and a '67 Corvette...the latter I bought new, when in college, and it recently underwent an off-the-frame restoration (took 2.5 years to complete!!#*!!). It looks and drives better than when new, and it's my pride-and-joy. I've noticed other Avalon/Vette owners in the forum...must be a logical explanation somewhere!
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    I'm 48, but my liver is going on 72!:)
  • I'm 55. Besides the '05 Avalon, I also own a 2004 Corvette, which I purchased new in Oct. 2003. So you could say I have both a practical and impractical side :)
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Hi Vic, Thank yo. I'm 69 but feel like 30.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I just looked through all my materials on the 05 Avalon and it seems that the car has to be equipped with the EJ option which is the JBL Synthesis system that is standard on Limited and optional on XLS and Touring and has the SAT button on the radio controls. I could not find whether it will be available on the XL as a factory or dealer installed option. I guess you could do an aftermarket installation but it would not be integrated into the factory unit.
    : )
  • burlburl Posts: 40
    Although I died last year there is enough of me left to called 61 years old

    One of my hot buttons is noise level. I like dead silence and have used several methods that help on any car or thtruck
    ?? Can the laminated windshield on the Limited be used as a REPLACEMENT on the XLS??????? although it is at little early they should be avavailableow or soon....I don't mind paying for the change out if it realy Helps ????

    One trick that works well is to use 2 layers of very thin CORK underneath the Thickest matts U can find.
    Same goes for trunk cargo matt and even underneath
    the insulation under the hood

    Vibrations and sound transmission are the enemy.
    Don't remember if the 05 has thicker windows but this is a big help if has or can be replaced.

    Not Crazy just like dead silence.
    Thank you for your information on the subject.
  • Thanks guys for sharing your ages. I am in my early 20s and I was just interested to see if Toyota was able to create more *buzz* about the Avalon in order to attract younger buyers.

    Thanks again.
  • I have been researching the New avalon for a while now and I gotta tell ya, this is the best forum ever!! I have learned so much from you guys that I couldn't find anywhere else. Thanks guys.

    Now to get down to business. First off, I have driven the 2005 Toyota Avalon and I Love it. Yes, it could be a little quieter and I'm not so crazy about the plastic panel covering the radio but overall I think it is definitely a big improvement over the previous generation Avalon which was just plain hideous!!! I currently have a 1996 Avalon which I am considering trading in. I was actually quite surprised that the Avalon didn't come with Bluetooth and XM Satellite Radio standard on the Limited. I also thought the leather on the XLS looked cheap compared to the Lexus Leather.

    I was wondering if anyone has any pics of the Graphite interior with the Darker wood trim. I was considering an Indigo Ink Pearl Avalon Limited with A light gray interior but since they don't currently offer this combination I'm thinking about getting the Graphite interior. I don't like the blond wood trim with the beige interior so I would probably have to get a different color if I wanted the light gray interior. Has anyone seen an Indigo Ink Pearl Avalon and what are your impressions. Thanks
  • i have seen the dark wood on the light gray interior in the Maryland area.
  • rtimbortimbo Posts: 24
    Just purchased an Indigo Ink Pearl XLS with the ivory interior. I think the combo looks very classy and upscale. Had to pay full MSRP as dealers here in So. Cal have very few 05’s in inventory and quite reluctant to give any discounts.

    Having just replaced an ’05 Dodge Magnum RT (Hemi,340 HP), with the Avalon, I have to say I don’t feel I’ve lost a lot of power. Although off the line torque is significantly less, power on the highway is great. Quality of materials in the Avalon are vastly superior to that of the Magnum. I do, however, have a problem with the door over the radio, it gets stuck in the closed position and requires a screwdriver to pry open. Dealer has a new door on order and should receive it in a couple of days.

    Had Sirius satellite radio in the Magnum and loved it. Tried to find out if it was available on the Avalon in place of XM. I know its available on other Toyota models with the JBL stereo. I think if it’s not available now, it probably will be in a short time. If anyone has any info, please let us know.

    Overall, I feel upgraded by purchasing the Avalon. The new styling is sure attract younger buyers. It's a high quality vehicle with many features at a fair price.
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