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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • hawk1eye,

    You're welcome. I too love the XM radio and have it on most of the time I am in the car.

    >> "Do you have the NAV system? I'm not sure that it would really be anything I need other than a toy to play with from time to time."

    No, I do not have either the NAV or the Laser Cruise Control. I have never had NAV on any of my previous cars and, like you, don't think it would be something I would really need or use very much.

    My previous 2001 Avalon XLS was Desert Sand Mica and I liked that color very much. It didn't show dirt, and I never tired of it after 4 years of ownership. So... I purchased the same color again!

    Good luck in your purchase decision.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I had to remove some messages due to copyright issues. We can't copy and paste articles from other sources. Just as copyrights its content, so do other sites - that means the content may not be reproduced without permission (and certainly not without attribution).

    Responses to the pasted article were also removed since the article shouldn't have been here in the first place.

    If anyone has questions, feel free to email me - otherwise, carry on!

  • Test drove the brand new (3 days old) 2006 Lexus GS300 and Avalon Limited; same day.. The Lexus had the distinct advantage of all wheel drive stability and absolute beautiful execution. However, the differences were certainly not as dramatic as I would have thought. i.e. the Avalon was every bit as quiet and well mannered as the Lexus. The Avalon has 35 more horses and 400 pounds less weight to pull around. Yes, the Avalon was much more spirited than the GS Lexus.. The Lexus rear seat room is not nearly as roomy, nor do the rear seats recline..
    The steering wheel adjustments are power and in the memory circuit but the rear view mirrors do not have the external signal flashers...
    Rear window shade is identical to that of the Avalon, as are other components.
    Okay, the Lexus DOES have tire monitoring and rear view backup camera... For $13,000 more dollars, hey...
    Moreover I came walking away from the day thinking to myself that Toyota did one heck of a job with the new Avalon!! Comparing two seeming disparate priced vehicles would seem to be totally unfair..
    Not from my perspective, driving experience...
  • I read Mackabee talking about the Turanzas found on the XLS he was testing? Something like that.

    Is it a factory tire? The Turanzas are used on 17inchs on the Sienna and on the website devoted to the Sienna, there has been nothing but trash about this tire. I'd like some feedback about this tire. I personally don't like it a lot either. Poor traction and tire wear is bad.

    I'm also wondering about the Limited's tires. Does anybody know what the type of Michelins are they? I might be interested in that one when my OEM Turanzas wear out.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    I think Just Me has it right: if it works for you, that's great. Someone once commented that some people try to make sure the grass is greener on their side of the fence by setting fire to the grass on the other side. Some people promoting their preference in cars do so by going to extremes in denigrating other cars, even inventing new words when they cannot sink low enough using the dictionary (worst example was "vomitrocious."). Even people who agree on the same car can't agree on what the best color is. 90% of people drive around with dealer logos on their cars, a real burr under my personal saddle. The new Avalon is not a BMW, or an Audi, or a Ford. If you like it, fine. If you don't, agree to disagree, make your points constructively and civilly, and move on.
  • Picked up my Limited, Phantom Gray, last Saturday. Michelin tires are Energy MXV 4 S8.

    (My thanks for everyone's comments on board, very helpful - by the way, I'm 55.)
  • I'm also interested to know what the 18" wheels look like and the cross width measurement and the size tires that they take.....
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Very well said pmcb48. You took the words right out of my mouth. I will never undestand folks like that. If you don't like the car, fine. Buy what you like and be happy, and let the people that like or love their Avalons be happy and move on! Stop raining on our parade.

    : )
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Quoting from the 1/10/2005 Toyota press release from the auto show in Detroit: "Michelin Energy MXV4 P215/55/R17 tires were designed exclusively for the Avalon Touring and Limited models for iimproved control, responsive steering, and sharpened handling." Energy MXV4 tires have been around for quite a while, so what if anything is new about the ones on the Touring/Limited may only be important to detail freaks like me :-) . I am also not thrilled with the Turanzas on my Sienna. Only 6000 miles, and already uneven wear on the front tires. Their successors will definitely be Michelin MXV4s.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    silva1, I believe the 18 in wheels are made by Enkei and not Toyota. These are usually available in the Southeast and Gulf state Toyota regions. If I'm not mistaken Southeast Toyota owns Enkei or has a big stake in the company. Anytime you increase the diameter of a wheel the tire profile decreases so now you have less sidewall and a stiffer ride. I've never been a big fan of Bridgestone tires either, they do tend to wear faster than other comparable brands and traction is not that great on wet roads. That's been my experience with them.
    : )
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    I don't know the tire, but if you have uneven tire wear, that is more likely an alignment or inflation problem than a problem with the tire itself.
  • Have test-driven 2 XLS's. Both have a scrubbing noise when turning the steering wheel. Finally figured out that the noise is dependent upon how far in or out the steering wheel is telescoped. The noise sounds like it is coming from where the steering wheel turns on the steering column, like it is warped a bit. I really don't know how the amount of telescoping could be related, but it is. Has anyone else noticed this? If you don't use the telescope function, you will miss it.
  • The MXV4 S8 tire is readily available from all tire suppliers and cost about the same as the MXV4. I also read that it was specially designed for the 05 Avalon LTD and Touring models but I purchased them about 8 months ago for my 98 Avalon XLS. I am quite satisfied with the ride and traction of the tires.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    I agree. You couldn't have said it any better, there isn't any reason to trash any other vehicle, and I notice the Avalon people here on this board for the most part aren't doing that. We all see things differently, such is life, who is right, everyone the way each individual sees it. You can only point out the facts, and the spec's etc. are part of that, and I think from some of the posts here we have enlightened and helped some people by giving them a clearer picture in helping them make their decisions. I gave two of my neighbors a ride in my New Avalon, they loved it and will be going to see my dealer in Ga. My Sales manager is no longer there, they won't tell me what happened, but they said it had nothing to do with me and the great price he gave me. This car is a keeper, I won't be trading it in for a long time. Have a great day.
  • I am one happy camper today. Just ordered a Limited with nav, vsc and gold with an ivory interior. Testdriving this car was a real pleasure. The Avalon was worth the wait. I also tested a TL and a ES330. The Avalon came out on top for my needs....I need the big back seat for passengers. I got a great deal down here in Sarasota...way below MSRP even though I will have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive. Might have been a little foolish to order black down here but I really like the look of black with the gold.
  • Could you give us an idea of how much below MSRP. Has anyone seen the red avalon yet??
  • Hello

    Which dealer in IL discount at $2k

  • They mounted my XM antenna on the trunk lid, passenger side, which I am not happy with. They are repositioning it on Wednesday to the center rear of the trunk lid. Here is a picture of where it is currently installed:

    Thanks for the pics. At the chicago Auto show they displayed the same setup which was quite ugly. Did your dealer reposition and what affect, if any, did the antenna have on the trunk lid's finish
  • I paid 34900 because of the extras. I have not seen a red one...only silver, graphite and white. Based on the online pricing guide, I paid about 3000 below msrp.
  • Thanks... that's the best deal I have heard yet about $1000 above invoice. Has anyone done better? By the way, what area of the country are you in (which dealer?)
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Is a wine red color. Very nice on the new Avalon. Someone posted a link to an e-bay auction that showed that color. Some dealer in Pa. I doubt they still have the car, buy you may try searching e-bay for it. Lots of pics taken during the day in plain sunshine.
    : )
  • thor1thor1 Posts: 4
    I live in SE. Local dealers (4) all want this $699 markup of questionable value as option package. Any luck out there getting them to negotiate this obvious rip-off? !!!
  • "At the chicago Auto show they displayed the same setup which was quite ugly. Did your dealer reposition and what affect, if any, did the antenna have on the trunk lid's finish"


    Please reference my earlier post #1707 which includes links to pictures of the XM Antenna before and after relocation from the passenger side of the trunk lid to the center rear of the trunk lid. The XM antenna was only on the passenger side for about one week before being relocated by the dealer at my request. It left no mark what so ever on the trunk lid. It is attached by a magnet and some double sided tape. The reception is just as good in the new location as it was from the original location. I can't understand why Toyota would recommend it be installed in such an awkward location (passenger side).
  • Thank you... It sounds similar in color to my 95 red avalon which is close to the color of cranberry sauce. Would you say this is correct? Go Jeff Gordon.
  • cusafrcusafr Posts: 184
    Just looked at one today at our local dealership. A drive-by type look because they are not open, but they did have the red one and a Tan/Gold one. Both very nice in my opinion. My wife did point out how the dirt was showing on the Red, but you could hardly see it on the Tan. Of course, I like the Red one better...

  • Sarasota Florida
  • Perico1
    I'm glad to hear that you like your color combo. I'm planning to order a black limited with the gold trim also. Could you tell me if the trim on the inside is the light or dark choice? I would appreciate hearing back from you. Congrats on your car. You seem very happy. I hope I can put one together that makes my feel like you have described. Thanks, again. Hawkeye
  • Thanks, mackabee.......I just test drove the Limited fully loaded about 30 minutes ago and the ride reminds me of my GS300 that I traded in. The looks are really nice, they had a red, it takes some getting use to the nav system, even the salesman was not sure how to operate it. I'm so impressed by this car, I will be getting one, sorry Acura TL (nice car but too tight and I'm not exactly a small guy). I'm 6'2", 245 and this car fits me perfect, the power was great and there was no noticeable torque steer, slight hesitation, but not like the GS300 had. Never though I would be looking at a Avalon at my age (35) but this one is really growing on me. Great job so far Toyota.
  • Anyone out there who can tell me what they are getting for gas mileage in the city and on the highway using 87 octane regular gas?
  • Someone was asking about what a monthly lease payment would be. That's difficult to answer without stating some assumptions. (Warning, econ geek alert.)

    Let's assume the following:
    - Limited trim
    - $35,000 final price
    - excellent credit rating, 4.7% APR
    - 36 month lease
    - 15,000 annual mileage allowance
    - no trade-in

    The site is showing a $1,478 up front payment ($500 security deposit, $400 fee, $578 monthly payment), with a $578 recurring monthly charge.

    If you change things...
    - Touring trim
    - $27,500 final price
    - Very good credit, 5.2% APR
    - 48 month lease
    - 12,000 annual mileage allowance

    then you're looking at $1,148 up front and $373 a month thereafter.

    Hope this helps.
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