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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • It took four sales people to figure this out yesterday.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Someone posted that the rear ledge in the back doesn't have carpeting like the other Avalons. Personally I could never really clean that are since I don't have a small vacuum, so I'm happy it's no longer carpeted, and I think it looks smarter, however they may have done this because if you look close at the ledge behind the head rest, there are three car seat anchors for kids. I don't remember this in my 04. Incidentally even though I love my Mica Desert Sand, I saw a white one today and it was beautiful with grey seats and the darker color wood. Also to someone who mentioned doesn't like wood in the touring, there is no wood in the touring model. Now hearthis my friends. My son who lives in CA, told me he stopped into Millers Toyota to take a look at the Avalon I bought in SC and told me the MSRP was $31,300 plus something, but the dealer had another sticker on the window that had $7,000 added to the MSRP on a separate yellow sheet called Dealers added on mark-up, bringing the price to over $38,000 on this XLS. He said he asked a salesman who said people are paying it and so far his dealer isn't bargaining. Wow, crazy, CA I guess is crazy, and maybe with the high home prices and high rent they must pay they have to get it somewhere. I'm glad I'm in SC and based on this I paid almost 10 grand less, crazy.
  • I was considering installing a Sat. radio(dealer option-$500). The dealer said that I would have a screen attached to the dash to indicate the station etc. I thought this info would be displayed on the audio screen. If this is fact I can go to circut city and get the same thing for one half the price. Did anyone have this option dealer installed and where do they mount the ant. Secondly I also have an 04 Highlander which has the much talked about Hesitation. The Avalon defintately does not. Shifts very smooth and responsive.
  • fd1000fd1000 Posts: 47
    I also wonder about what the XM sat looks like installed. I would be very interested in getting it, if it was interated with the factory stereo. Personally, I am not interested in a extra screen tacked on someplace else in the interior.


    Could someone tell us what it looks like installed, on the inside? (The version offered by Toyota)


  • twobrowns,


    I had the XM Satellite Radio installed by the dealer as part of my deal. I bought a Limited model, which comes with the JBL Synthesis Audio System as standard equipment. This JBL System has a Satellite Radio button on the audio buttons, and also displays the XM Radio info on the information screen in the middle of the dash, so no additional screen is needed to be attached to the front of the dash. I don't know for sure, but if the Avalon you are dealing on does not include the up level JBL Audio system, it may not be set up for the XM Satellite Radio option, so it may require the addition of the screen your salesman is telling you about. If that is the case, I would suggest you look at other after market installers that would sell you the XM Radio for less money.


    They mounted my XM antenna on the trunk lid, passenger side, which I am not happy with. They are repositioning it on Wednesday to the center rear of the trunk lid. Here is a picture of where it is currently installed:



    I agree with you that there is no hesitation in the transmission when you punch it at any speed. I previously owned a 2001 Avalon XLS and this new Avalon is incrementally better in most every way, IMHO. I am truly enjoying this car more and more every day.
  • fd1000,


    "Could someone tell us what it looks like installed, on the inside? (The version offered by Toyota)"


    My XM Satellite Radio is seamlessly integrated into the existing JBL Synthesis Audio System (see my post #1607 above). It is wired into the standard audio system that comes in the Limited model. There is nothing new or additional that had to be installed on the dash or anywhere inside the car. The actual XM receiver was installed inside the trunk, hidden behind the trunk lining on the passenger side. The only reason I know is that I asked my salesman during delivery where it was installed. He had to go ask the service dept. to get the answer. The only visible add on was the XM antenna on the outside of the trunk. See my post #1607 above for a picture. They are moving the antenna to the center rear of the trunk lid on Wednesday.
  • Hi mcardle, you are not sounding like a jerk, you're just being curious. I currently own a 1995 Avalon, I said a couple of years ago, that for my next car, I want a Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Bluetooth Handsfree communication, for me, those are very important safety items, and for the new Avalon to be a flagship, it should have those at least as options, if those are being offered on lower level Toyotas. Below is an excerpt from the article linked by Post #1575.


    Alas -- and someday demand for more safety will change this -- if you want the important features of stability and traction control, you'll have to spring for the $3,000 to $7,000 bump in price the top two models will cost before it is an option. Bastien said it is a situation that Toyota will watch to see if buyers begin to demand safety before luxury.


    I am one of those who like to get more safety and luxury. I would love to purchase the new Avalon, but I want to be completely satisfied with my purchase, and I know I wouldn't be completely satisfied without those 2 safety options being offered.


  • You say you saw the darker wood with the gray leather seats. Was the gray a light gray or dark gray which Toyota calls graphite? I was not aware that you could get the darker wood (which I think looks a lot better) with any color leather except graphite.
  • Re: M35 comparison.. I was going to BUY an M35.. I am purchasing the Avalon OVER the M35, thus the unfair comparison.. Yes, the Avalon is $14,000 less, has the same exact horsepower (280), very similar performance numbers, much better fuel consumption (35% better highway); about the only thing missing out of this $14,000 equation is all wheel drive and a backup screen.. Again, my other car is a C5 Corvette and to call this Avalon a luxo-barge is, well, not what I would call it.. No, it isn't a BMW 540 but the AValon not a Buick Regal either! It is one very nice driver, in my humble opinion....

  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Jordan it was the lighter grey, whatever they call it, graphite if that's it. It was very nice with the darker wood. Mine has the lighter wood, (Birch) in my desert sand mica, I happen to love it, I always loved the lighter wood, I have wood floors in my home and are light color in maple wood.


    Future, I don't know what Avalon you drove, but mine does not hesitate, and I'm a lot younger than 79. I do believe you, I don't know if that could happen with some cars, but as you can see here from several posts, so far no one has has that lag you speak of. As honest as you are about that, I am just as honest. I put it through several tests going slowly, fast etc., it just smoothly finds the next gear without me feeling any hesitation with the tranny.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    GEORGE, I COULDN'T AGREE MORE. I loved my 04 Avalon, but this 05 is nicer in every way starting with the styling, I won't be trading this one, it's a keeper for a few years.. It feels great when you sit inside. George, if you had an earlier Avalon, I have a question. According to the brochure, the leg room is about a half inch shorter in the 05. But I feel like I have much more room than my 04. What is your experience? Unless my seat goes further back which of course will give you more leg room??? I can really strecth my leg out. Please answer, thanks.
  • burlburl Posts: 40
    Look folks There are a number of people in here That have driven or bought Avalons. Some swear it has throtel hesitations and a transmission that some times has to hunt for the gear it wants AND SOME THINK THOSE PEOPLE ARE NUTS because they can't see problems all.


    Both could be right.


    Cars have individual personalites like humons do and will not feel quite the same as the next one that you drive. Also we all know that the transmission programs itself as it buils up a

    history of the driving habits it has experienced in fact as I remember You have to reset it by driving it for so many (miles-Minutes- stops or something) if the electronics have been "killed" by a dead battery etc.


    The people in here are not stupid or have any particular ax to grind on the subject and they are swearing they are seing different results.


    Maybe the throtel body car be adjusted ( not to my knowledge but maybe......


    Why can't both be right on the particular car they drove ???????
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    I guess it's possible Burl. Have a great day.
  • And an excellent point regarding the hesitation/hunting; we are talking about early production vehicles here and still somewhat prone to variability.. I have done everything in the world to try and force 'hunting' but to no avail. And I know how to confuse automatic transmissions! This particular car is smoooothe as silk and always in the right gear. And yes, with each Lexus that I pass I smile thinking of the incredible relative bargain that the 2005 Avalon is.... And to think that the new 2005 Lexus GS300 is going to have a whopping 240 horsepower!

  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    See my earlier post, do you feel like you have more leg room than an earlier Avalon in drivers seat than before??/ If you never sat in an earlier one then the new 05 I guess you wouldn't know. It just seems to me that I have more leg room in my 05 regardless of the brochure saying it's a half inch less.
  • No big deal but take a peek at post 1384..
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    I bought an 02 Avalon sometime ago, and put on FOG LIGHTS and Driving LIGHTS (Auxilary) myself. From my experience, it was a little labor intensive but well worth the end result. If I had to do it over again, I would, but I would make sure you had a good stereo or automotive electrician shop to do it. If there are no knock out sections in the front bumper, you can place them in the front grille if there is room and if it does not divert too much air from the cooling fins.


    I did the above. I measured the space I had available under the front bumper and did not use the knock out portions in the fender for the OEM lights. You could purchase them but they were cost prohibitive at the time, I think $250 each lens.


    I bought two sets of PIAA 1500's one FOG, the other Driving. They measure about 5 inches wide, 2" deep, and about 1.5 inches width so they fit very well under the front bumper recessed just behind the grille. I used sheet metal screws to fasten them on. Both of them have separate relays, and they are gathered with other wires through the fire wall and then cleanly underneath. I got two Toyota switches, that fit neatly in the dummy squares on the bottom of the dashboard fascia under the steering column just to the left. I believe in the XLS and later model XL's, the VSC switch is there, but at least you have one dummy hole. Toyota has switch that fit in them terrific.


    The most important thing about FOG or Driving lights, is that you adjust the beam. Most people don't take the time to do this, nor the dealerships. You have to have a level surface and a far wall to do it. See the PIAA site for beam adjustment if anyone is interested.


    Not sure if this is applicable to the new Avalon, but I bet you can fit a nice well made FOG light in the grille section and afix it to the bumper.


  • This is a great thread. Very informative with a helpful exchange of information. A couple of questions and concerns that someone might be able to help me out with. I'm really particular about the body and go out of my way to avoid door dings. How important is it to have door guards? Any after market stuff that won't make the car look goofy? Do you assume this will be corrected in the 2006 model?


    Second - in Denver you pay at least sticker. When do you expect production wil be ramped up to meet demand and drop the price?


    Third - for those of you that have seen various colors - and I know this is personal preference - what color lloks good on this car? I wasn't impressed with the silver. How does the white look.


    Fourth - what interior colors give you the darker wood?
  • I'm sure you did a nice job, anytime you don't use the factory wire harness it gets involved, fuses/relays/switches/mounting and wire through the firewall involves labor but as you know I was responding to littlejohn600 question about a dealer installation using OEM Toyota parts. I have personal experience with using all the required OEM parts necessary for a factory like installation on my wifes 04 Corolla LE that already had the appropriate wire harness it made the job a lot simpler..
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    GEORGEVETTE,if you would answer my post to you regarding driver leg room I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.

    Just Me
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    SHODDY WORKMANSHIP!!!!!! Please have those incompetent read the directions for installation and install it properly. The pics are great. The installation makes me ill. Have them put it where it is suppose to be, on the roof, centerline, just off the glass. They can run the wire down the rain channel, and use automotive chaulking to secure it.


  • Thompson Toyota of Doylestown PA. gave me a price for a Limited of $33,206 with the MSRP of $34,929. They did this on their 1st e-mail response to my request for a price. I haven't negotiated further yet. Am I the only one that doesn't like all the wood?
  • Regarding front leg room.. I am 6' 2" and find leg room totally adequate.. I have not been in the car since Sunday night as I have been relegated back to my Sequoia; Avalon is wife's car..... Certainly as roomy as my Sequoia/Corvette.. My son is 6' 4" and again, no problem either front or back seat for him. (actually, he loves the back seat as it is the first time he can stretch his legs; we had a Cadillac Seville before and he could not even get in the back seat, much less sit in it..)

  • Off topic, but I think this message board has the tallest group of posters in the Edmunds arena. I'm a shade under 6'5", and have seen multiple people mentioning that they're somewhere north of 6'1".


    Obviously, the size of the vehicle has something to do with that, but I keep thinking of that VW commercial, and the salesman that steers people to the right car on sight. Wonder if I'll hear "Hey stretch, check out the Avalon." when I show up at the dealership. :)
  • Using the age demographics that future1 has posted for the Avalon, tall owner/operators should be on the height diminishing scale and those who find it tight right now might be a perfect fit in less than a year. :-)
  • wesgwesg Posts: 24
    1. Does Toyota have a factory order system?

    2. Do California cars have different systems, such as "clean air" attachments like they have had in the past?

    3. Does Toyota have a demonstration package that shows off/explains the Navigation system?


    Thanks in advance...Wes

    P.S. Best wishes to Mackabee...
  • fd1000fd1000 Posts: 47
    Thank you so much for the reply. That makes the XM radio much more attractive. I will now be checking into having it installed on my upcoming Avalon.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Just finished reading the past three days of posts. I stayed off the computer on Sunday and rested. Yesterday was a very busy day at work with all the e-mail leads that came in Saturday night and Sunday so I spent the entire day replying to those and entering them on my lead tracker. Today I went to a half day training session on Avalon and the competition. I wish all of you here could attend those sessions. I came back with tons of information which I will share with you as time permits. Today is my mid-point treatment with my chemotherapy and I'm feeling a bit winded. (Maybe cause I'm typing too fast!) : ) I'll also try to answer some of the questions and the first one will be the legroom question by Justme. Although the brochure states the legroom is less in the 05 than previous generation, it is not. Reason that Toyota had to print it this way is because the way legroom is measured. That was explained to us today. The 05 has a longer seat track and legroom is measured from the center of the track. The reason the track was elongated (both front and back) was to accomodate shorter driver's especially women. In regards to the available leather interior(s) our region will not be ordering the light gray shown on the brochure. We were shown the Ivory, Graphite, and Light Gray and the Light gray did not look right. They also showed it to a focus group and they did not like it. So don't expect any light gray interior(s) in the Central Atlantic region (VA,PA,MD,WV,DE,NJ)as the distributor will not order. I got a few pages of materials to go over plus a DVD so I will share more info with you. One thing before I say goodnight; we did not get to drive the car as I believe a "ride and drive" is scheduled for next month. This was mostly "classroom" learning although we did have a Blue Mirage Limited with the Ivory leather to play in for a bit plus a Chrysler 300 and a Nissan Maxima to compare. The Chrysler looks like a "macho" vehicle to me. The exterior size of the vehicle betrays the interior. When I got in the vehicle I felt a bit claustrophobic. "Where's all the room?" I thought. The dash layout and materials were very nice. One thing that puzzled me in a $33,560.00 car was the passenger seat. The seatback had a manual lever and the seat cushion was power. Who thought of that design? The Maxima's interior was very nice also. Fit and finish were excellent and I still don't understand why the cloth interior on the Maxima is not as nice as their leather interior. I have driven the Maxima and there is a lot of torque steer which is basically non-existant on the 05 Avalon (have not driven it yet!) Just going by the videos I saw today comparing the vehicles. More tomorrow!

                        : )

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