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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • "Getting 18 mpg in town, love that. NO hesitation NO torque steer."


    I'm curious as to what octane gas you are using in your new Avalon, 87/89/91?? The Avg Fuel Economy on mine says only 16 MPG since I took delivery, and I now have a little over 100 miles on the odo. My lower amount is probably from running the car, without moving at the dealership, prior to taking it home. I asked my dealer when they filled up the tank, what octane they used. He asked their shop personnel that did the prep and they said 89. They did not know that 91 octane was recommended. I plan on switching to 91 on my first fill up.


    Thanks for your reply.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    My octane choices around here are 87, 89 & 93. I filled up for the 1st time Sunday night and used 89. I'm not gonna be concerned about full performance.


  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    In what seems to be an about face the Boston Globe has written an early Avalon review. Shortly after the release of the second generation I had asked Royal Ford why hadn't he written a review. He said in his email, that Globe readers were not interested in the Avalon but rather more interested in BMW and such products.


    Nevertheless, yesterday's review was lack luster. This is what he said, in part. "Why look higher when there's Avalon?

    Toyota executive Ernest Bastien calls the Avalon ‘a move-up vehicle’ for Camry owners who don’t need a luxury brand.


    This car, at these prices, could be a tough competitor for Buick, Mercury, Ford, and Lincoln, which once dominated this niche." - en_theres_avalon/
  • BUCKWHEAT: Many thanks for your information on the XL Fog Lights. I would to purchase a car with leather Touring Model) just to get the lights.
  • I sell toyota's here in OH, and hope that someone within Toyota Corp in CA or at TMMNA in N. KY reads this. The care is truely awesome and a *major* improvement over the previous dated Avalon. Some suggestions that I am surprised the new generation does not have. Where is the low tire pressure warning system? We have this even in our economy Corolla's! No maintenance reminder indicator also that we have in many lower models now.. odd. No sonar park assist in the Limited either... big omission!! I am most disappointed in the stereo though. The top line JBL does not support the new super audio or DVD audio format! MP3 feature would be good.. but mainly the new audiophile format is NEEDED! Also the Nav system does not support Bluetooth and no back up camera either!! As a 13 year vet with Toyota.. I am always impressed by the depth and quality of engineering and assembly.. but ya missed some cogent features on this car!!!
  • The wife and I looked at the new Avalon this past week. Generally very impressed. Our dealer had just the right combination that we want...Limited, titanium, everything but nav. However, there was a major defect in the rear wheelwells, especially on the left. A second edge could be see following the inner arc of the well. This was not found on a second '05 Avalon on the dealer's lot. Has anyone else noticed this defect? Very surprised that it passed quality control. We passed and are waiting to take a look at another Avalon that's due-in shortly.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    Imagine that.


  • I second those comments. What I didn't know was that the corolla now has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, thanks for that info. I have said in pass posts, that I was disappointed with the 2005 Avalon, when it didn't have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Bluetooth communication capabilities, those two features is keeping me from purchasing the 2005 Avalon, hopefully those are corrected in the 2006 version, if not, I would really have to start considering some other brand and model (Acura TL and Infiniti M35).


  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    This is old news, see post 1509. Healey is just regurgitating what he read somewhere, not that he tested. The test are people who are driving them like me and others that have posted, and there is no hesitation issue, test drive one yourself to convince yourself and to see the truth. One other thing, people talked about the side molding, I have been looking at cars like never before, and so many today on the newer models, Acura, Honda, Mercedes, etc., don't have the side molding. I also am looking at dings, and many with molding have the dings anyway, above and below the moldings. So unless like I have always done, park the car so far away from others, if you live in a big city or park on a street because you don't have a garage, a car with a ding is a sign that you don't have to worry about the next ding, because after the first one, you can relax. Have a great day. Anyway to be serious, there are ding specialist today that can pull it right out if that is so important to you to cough up 50 bucks more or less for the each ding. Dings are a fact of life, so are bumper scratches. Maybe we shouldn't buy any cars anymore because all bumpers are plastic, no more real chrome bumpers made of metal. Buy the way, take a look at some cars that have side moldings, like the Camry, if you really look at it, the molding is so flush to the car it won't prevent any dings unless an open door hits it in just the exact spot to stop a ding. I hope that car purchasing decisions are made on, reliability, comfort, pleasure riding for you and passengers, etc., rather than dings.
  • One of my grad school professors described economics as the study of the decisions people make with respect to money, individually and collectively. I thought that was rather apt, and I mention it so you don't think I'm trying to pick a fight, but I found your comments above to be curious.


    Tire pressure monitoring and Bluetooth are two things 99% of Americans have never experienced in their cars; but, they are now make-or-break for you? I agree, those are newly emerging options that one would expect to enter an automaker's line from the top down (like HIDs, SmartKey and other neat stuff), but would you avoid the 2005 Avalon if the Corolla didn't offer one of them?


    Like I said, not trying to be a jerk, just curious to see if it's the lack of those options that turned you off, or the fact that Toyota offers them on a lesser vehicle that is the bigger issue.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591




    Specifically, no sunroof, no auto climate control, the minimal amount of useless buttons, terrific headroom, a large trunk, etc.


    My rear brakes seized also at less than 40K in NE winters. I replaced the rotors with aftermarket premium rotors and had to relube everything else as well as change the pads. I did not realize the XLS came without a sunroof, but maybe different regions had different packages.


    Reclining reat seat does not interestme. I am not a chauffeur, nor do I take long trips were kids sleep in the car.


    Having my head hit the top of the roofline is a show stopper, New Avalon or not.


  • I spent last week driving just about everything in the Avalon's class including G35, M35, etc..

    The M35 comes *close* to the new Avalon but at $50,000 out the door, 23 mpg highway...

    I cannot believe how wonderfully this new Avalon is: what a package! I am 6' 2" and have room to spare headroom-wise.. Yes, the M35 had a rear backup camera but, again, about $15,000 more money! Less horsepower, poorer fuel economy, more road noise, more engine noise;

    New black Avalon LTD on its way for hopefully Thursday delivery......

    I still do not know how they have achieved this:

    sorry to quote Healey but this IS the finest car I have driven since I had the pleasure of driving a Rolls Royce silver shadow.... Simply incredible, in my opinion..

  • future1future1 Posts: 103
    "Healey is just regurgitating what he read somewhere, not that he tested. The test are people who are driving them like me and others that have posted, and there is no hesitation issue"


    Umm, just to be fair and balanced, I did drive the Avalon and there was a pronounced hesitation. It's true that Healey may have repeated what he saw elsewhere, but it may also be equally true that "positive" reviewers are doing the same -- reiterating each other's rave reviews.


    I suppose the fact whether or not the Avalon has a delayed throttle response is a function of your driving style. I am so used to my Nissan Maxima and even my wife's Civic Hybrid (with the continuosly variable transmission), that I never think twice about how gently I should hit the gas. I guess that means that I drive aggressively.


    When I test drove the Avalon, I quickly found out that I can't drive it the same. Because of the throttle delay, the pressing and releasing the accelerator gets out of sync with the engine response, especially if you alternate (up-down) in a sequence.


    It's also probably true that most people who drive like gentlemen (figuratively speaking) will not notice this issue at all. I would also speculate that because most of the Avalon's owners are people of certain respectable age (79 or something, I've been told?), they would drive that beast in the corresponding manner (not trying to catch up with the hooded fellow on a pale horse, that is), and would therefore unlikely to test the limits of the throttle or its drive-by-wire technology.


    It's all perfectly logical and makes sense. Except for one thing: I wouldn't call the Avalon "a high performance flagship". That's all.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    I agree with you Georgevette. I couldn't be happier with my XLS. Someone here posted the XLS doesn't come with a moon roof. Gee, don't they do any research for themselves, the moonroof is standard on the XLS. Tire pressure notification, they have to be kidding, I never check my tire pressure, the dealer does every time I take it in for my 3,00 mile oil change. I never had a tire problem. Give me a break, that's a reason not to buy this car and buy something less comfortable because of this. Is this just finding something to criticize for the sake of criticizing fine, but it's no reason not to buy a car that is best in it's class in every respect, and they have given so much more then the 04 over what they took away. Read the posts guys and gals, do some research, everything has been posted here and you will come away being more knowledgeable than before and won't make so many errors regarding the new Avalon, and will be a better consumer with the facts that will make it much easier buying the car, Do your diligence, this car beats them all in this size class and price range overall. Stop knit picking although it is every ones right, but what a waist of time. I realize there are some people who post here who might drive Buicks or whatever and hate the fact that the Avalon is such a wonderful automobile and better now than before so they post and make statements that aren't true. THEREFORE MY ADVICE IS, DRIVE THEM ALL LIKE LIKE SOMEONE SAID, COMPARE EVERYTHING THAN MAKE YOUR DECISION AND REALIZE DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS, BUT DON'T MAKE UP THINGS OR BEAT OTHER AUTO MANUFACTURERS THAT MAKE A FINE AUTOMOBILE. If styling is more important to you than other things, than go for it, someone might think your choice of style is ugly, welcome to the world of fashion, what one loves, one might hate, but that is pure conjecture, opinion, not fact, so don't beat it up, lets be civil and fair. I HOPE MACABEE IS DOING WELL WITH HIS TREATMENTS, I MISS HIS POSTS. Okay, forgive me if I was windy, but these trash posts are just that. Georgevette good luck to you and happy motoring, you bought a great car that is almost flawless, even the top name plates have some flaws, nothing is perfect and if someone is looking for perfection he is fooling himself.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    I had some initial discussions with a couple of dealers in my area and they all said they would not discount off MSPR at all. I was only expecting the get the Kelly Book value for a trade but as we started discussing the price I decided to push a little harder and was pleasantly surprised by what I ended up with.
  • That XM antenna is really obvious on the trunk lid. I installed an after market XM radio, and placed the (magnetic base) antenna INSIDE the rear window on top of the center brake light housing. It has worked flawlessly, even with window tint.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    I played around with the Smart Key on the demo car and liked the concept. I asked the dealer this question but he didn't know. My current Avalon has a Valet key that operates only the door and ignition with no access to the truck.


    Is there something similar with the Smart Key or does the valet get access to what I have in the truck too?
  • My other cars are a 2000 Corvette, 2001 Toyota Sequoia, 2000 Chev Duramax diesel and this is the most seamless shifting transmission I have ever driven.. It never hunted or questioned during the 200 miles I drove in combined city, highway.. A LOT of stop and go traffic.. Shifts were just undetectable except for the tach moving around...

    The 280 horses are quite real.. I would not hesitate in putting "high performance" next to the Avalon... Especially when compared with its much higher priced brethern such as the yet to be released 240 HP GS300 Lexus at $50,000, Infinity M35, at $48,000..

    I went out last week with the goal of purchasing an Infinity M35X.. I only stopped in at the Toyota dealer as a whim on the way back from the Infinity dealer... I am sooo glad I did!
  • I am really warming up to the new interior on the 05 Avalons but whats with the plastic "washing machine" white buttons on either side of the radio. They really do not match the otherwise nice interior. In my opinion, they really cheapen the new look. I think raised black or silver buttons would look better.
  • Yes, there is something similar with the Smart Key. Here is how it works:


    1) Open glove box and hit the button to the left side of glove box door to turn remote trunk lid access off.


    2) Lock the glove box using the small mechanical key that is inside of the Smart Key fob and pops out via a small button on the side of the fob.


    3) Using the same mechanical key, lock the trunk pass through small door in middle of back seat behind the pull down arm rest.


    4) Give fob to valet to park your car, but take the small mechanical key with you.


    The fob will allow the valet to start and park the car, but the trunk will not open using the remote trunk release button to the left of the steering wheel, nor the button located on the passenger side rear tail light, nor the trunk release button on the Smart Key fob.


    When the valet returns your car, just unlock the glove box with your small mechanical key and push the button on the left side to turn remote trunk access back on. Then put the small mechanical key back inside the Smart Key fob.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747


    Personal attacks? Impressive, and classy.

    Here were my exact words:

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ -

    Abfish, I respect your thoughts and opinions, but what I'm saying is that when you make nebulous statements like


    "Being pretty sure front diameter are a certain numrical value, and being sure are too different things."


    its hard to understand what you mean. In my book, "sure" and "certain" are the same thing.


    Also, I dont think we need your condemation. Saying things like "Shame on some of you" isnt exactly the best way to ask your question, if its actually a response you want and you're not looking to assail people, which is how it seemed.



    You act as if I have some vested interest in the Avalon- I dont, Im not one of the designers or engineers. I enjoy reading the critique of this new model, both in the mags, on the web, and the folks here.

    I think there are many warranted criticisms. And I would recommend that if you feel so strongly on Toyota producing an Avalon with no autoclimate control, more trunk room, rear head room, etc, you should make it know... to them especially. Or, maybe you should also check out the Ford Five Hundred, which has the added benefit of being available with AWD, a Toyota oversight.



  • Hi Alpha:


    Did you get a chance to test drive the new Avalon ? If and when you do, post your comments here. I like your insightful, unbiased opinion. Btw, how do you like your new job ?
  • I agree. I do not like the light wood and the metal covers. I wish they would give you more interior color options such as beige or tan to go with the red exterior. I wish I could get the limited without all that ugly wood and ugly metal. I have a 95 avalon and the interior looks much better than the 05. I was all set on buying one until I saw it at the Phila Auto show. Does anyone know if they will offer different color combos, and no wood in 2006?

      Take a look at the interior of the new Lexus that is a beautiful car.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Motown, how goes it! Thanks for asking about the job, its going well. Good to hear from you. Drop me an email sometime!


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    A couple of you who are having a personal disagreement need to take it off-line. It doesn't belong here. Thanks.
  • I drove a 2005 avalon limited. It is a fantastic car and drives better than our 2004 lexus rx 330. We also have a sequoia and it is actually a lot quieter (with less wind noise) than either of them. I found it as good as the Lexus LS 430, it has less luxury and perhaps a little less of the power of the LS 430's V-8. IF any of you have leased this vehicle please post the payments you have. I would like to lease one if I can get it around the lease prices for infinite Gx 35's or the Lexus 330.
  • I don't understand why people are comparing the Avalon to the M. Have you driven both cars? The M blows away the Avalon in almost every way. The M handles like a BMW while the FWD Avalon handles like a Camry. The Avalon is nothing more than another lux boat from Toyota. There's no comparison.
  • I measured space over my head in my 96 and the 2005. Both are sunroof types. Front head room is about the same, with about an inch and a half to two inches (seat all the way down). The 96 has three inches rear seat head room vs. zero for the 2005.


    Note: The passenger front seat in the 2005 does not move up and down like my 96. The seat feels high, but my head did not hit the roof (close).
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