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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • My wife accidentally closed the garage door on my new Avalon badly scratching the white bumper showing black undercoat. Can this be repaired easily or will I need to live with the marks or get a new bumper.
  • I currently us an XM car kit with a head unit that has a cassette deck. Although the XM installation instructions say the antenna needs to be mounted on at least a 2 square foot metal section, I have had fine reception merely by placing the antenna on top of the dashboard. Makes me think that mounting the XM antenna on the rear package tray in the Avalon will work fine also. If I wind up buying an Avalon, I will have that tried first. I can't try it with my current car since it is a station wagon.
  • Thanks. I have a 2001 XLS and looking to buy a second one (2005) probably Limited. I am just hoping 6'7" I wont bump my head on the inside of the car. Will let you know. Love my '01, but always thought it was a tad underpowered.
  • At 6'4", I was really interested in the Mercury Montego. Preferred it over the Ford due to HID headlights and LED taillights. After a short test drive said no to that car. Felt very uncomfortable in the driver's seat, like I was going to fall off of it due to very little lateral support. There was a lot of road noise. The headlights, in spite of being HIDs, were very disappointing - didn't shine very far down the road. Drove an Avalon Touring immediately afterward. Oh, what a difference!!!!
  • Re 2043
    I have a feeling that should work fine. My XM with a house kit works fine three feet from a closed north facing wall.
  • "Also, what is up with the $449 charge for XM radio? Does this include a one year subscription? Is this factory installed?"


    The $449 charge for XM includes a free three month trial subscription. After that, it is $9.99 per month. If you sign up for 2 or more years, it lowers the monthly charge somewhat.

    XM can be installed at the factory or by your local dealer.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Alpha I agree with you regarding Abfisch's comments regarding hitting your head. I'm also over 200 and tall and am fine, and if I had a problem I would lower my seat which we both know can be done simply by putting your finger on the long switch and pushing down on it in the center. The console is fine, what is he talking about here, that is his personal preference, it isn't a problem, so why buyer beware. Amazing. Come on guys, lets get real. We know the Acura TL won't allow you to sit in the back without pulling your knees in, does that make that car buyer beware, no, that's the way that car was designed without thoughts of passengers in the rear seats, and anyone buying the car makes his decisions appropriately, that doesn't make the Acura a bad car. Again it's personal preference. We have seen so many posts here of tall people, 6feet 5 inches tall some over 250 lbs without a problem. Give me a break.
  • If there was no structural damage which I doubt it can be repainted. I know because my 2001 got damaged in a hit and run in a parking lot while I was sitting on a jury on one of those auto rear end chiropractor debate trials. Imagine my joy to come back to my car while performing my civic duty!

    About 3 years ago it cost $380, for the rear bumper. Keep in mind they kept the bumper, but replaced some molding. So if it is just refinish and paint it could be substantially less.

    Good luck and try to be kind to your wife, I am sure she feels worse about it than you do!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If someone finds the headspace wrong for his tastes, that's just how it is - wrong for his tastes. Others might not find a problem with it. There is no right or wrong here, it's all a matter of personal preference, as you say - to which everyone is entitled.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I found that review interesting when it was originally posted. Judging from the tone and the fact that the Avalon is compared 99% to only the GM competitors, the Buick Lucerne in particular, it almost seems as if the reviewer (probably a regular guy/gal like you or I) has a somewhat vested interest in GM. Theres a LOT of assumptions made regarding many things about the Lucerne that may or may not be true.

    My proposed title to the article is "The 2005 Toyota Avalon vs. The Expectation of what the 2006 Buick Lucerne May or May Not be in V8 Form Only".

  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Right on Pat, few choice selected words, you said it all and made the point so well. Thanks.
  • Thanks, there was no structural damage(except for all my wife's crying) and as I told her--it is just a car not a member of the family. If it is repainted will one still be able to tell it was scratched. If so I may choose to replace the bumper. I can handle $300-500 just didn't want to spent more if it can be repaired.
  • I recently purchased a 2005 XL Avalon. Moon roof, remote start, home link, and other stuff. MSRP was 29350. Traded in 2000 Chrysler 300m. Mint condition with only 51000 miles. Got only Kelly book for trade in but didn't/should have shopped around. Love the car, so far, but I am disappointed in the way the cloth interior fits. It has wrinkles were it shouldn't be. I'm having the dealer look at the seats tomorrow. Other than that, the car have performed well. I personally like the new style. I was getting a new Chrysler 300 but my wife hated it. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I really like the new stye. Any one else get a new Avalon with cloth interior and notice not fitting well?
  • Did just the paint rub off, or is it gouged into the bumper? That might make a difference.
  • tbirdtbird Posts: 19
    Thanks everest & barclay3 for responses. Will test drive one with stability control on a wet day and see how it does. I'm not as concerned in my part of the south as we have snow about every 7 years. Your are absolutely correct in saying that XL and Touring models should have stability control as an option. I still have sometime before in need to pull the trigger. Old girl did pretty good with our 5.0 mustang with manual 5 speed so I feel she will be OK with this. Heck she'll thing she is in high cotton with ABS, auto and curtain airbags.
  • Anyone know where I can find some good pics of an Indigo Ink pearl Avalon Limited? I'm interested in getting an Avalon in that color but my local dealership doesn't have any Avalons with that color in stock. Has anyone purchased an Indigo Ink pearl interior with a Graphite Interior? Could you comment on your purchase. Thanks

    Has anyone purchased an Avalon in the Tampa or Orlando area?
  • I am sure it scratched the bumper as well as the paint.
  • This guy must have had 6 shots of Jack Daniels before writing this lame, pathetic review. You have to be wearing beer goggles if you think that the Buick Lucerne has a nicer interior than the Avalon. It seems like a GM employee is posing as a legitimate auto reviewer.
  • larryt22larryt22 Posts: 125
    Saw the Car & Driver TV segment today. I was shocked at how much they cut down the LaCrosse. I think the only bad thing I heard them say about the Avalon was the suspension was too soft to their liking. It looked like the Avalon was a Touring model as it had leather and no wood on the dash.
  • I am the owner of a 05 avalon xls. and right now I'm a little sick at my stomach.
    I am a died in the wool avalon man, having had 2 of the previous 5 years. Love 'em. This new one is not avalon quality. Road noise is terrible. Not the smoothest ride either. All else is great, as expected.
    I am beginning to see if I can help this noise problem. Would love any suggestions.
    I thought about selling it on e-bay. Thought about trading for a lexus. Lots of stuff going through my head. yes, I did try it, but I guess I didn't get it out on an expressway and hear the wind noise and the road noise.
    If I had paid sticker for it I would really be sick, that would have been 34,701.
    Oh, well. I have been in here with you guys for 6 months, reading everything, waiting , waiting for this car to hit the market. Ran right out and started shopping. Drove several, loved them. Finally got a really good deal. Bought it. Little by little the noise got to me. Sorry, maybe venting will help. Keep up the good work.
  • star51star51 Posts: 17
    Just a thought: are all the windows completely closed to the top?

    Once had a similar problem (on a 97 Lumina) and it turned out the back-seat passenger had left the window open about 1/4 inch!
  • Picked up my new limited yesterday. My experience is exactly the opposite. Very quiet, stable feeling car. I love it. No hesitation in the trans. The larger footprint will require some adjustment, but overall very satisfied. Thanks for all the good info on this forum.
  • nkjpnkjp Posts: 2
    One of my famiy member has a Avalon and the cloth does not seem to fit well. But she said that it gives it a classic look... I dont agree with that, but other wise the car seems like a lexus with cloth seats!
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    My viewpoint is like yours, my XLS is definitely over my 04 a better riding, more comfortable car and just as quiet. As far as this link goes,
    The author spent a lot of time talking about the dash not lining up with the door trim. He's right, I always noticed this about all my Avalons and always wondered why they couldn't get this right. However the overall comfort of the Avalons and this one even more so far outweighed that. He talks about the great seats, the engine and fantastic radio and nice styling even though not crazy in love with it, doesn't it make you realize he is nit-picking, trying to find something. If you look at the picture of this Buick you have to tell me in comparison to the Avalon, it's dated, if you look at the dash even if things line up, it's also dated, ordinary IMHO and nothing to brag about. See folks if we want to critique anything we can. Like I said once before, put everything on the balance scale, and once again IMHO, for overall comfort, interior space, front and rear, engine power and quietness etc, the Avalon in the same price point beats them all and Consumer Guide agrees.
  • fd1000fd1000 Posts: 47
    It was too bad that Car and Driver could only spare 2 minutes out of 30 to review the Avalon.

    They didnt mention any of the cool new features that are available.

    They managed to mention Buick and Avalon in the same sentence, as usual.

    Then they managed to say that it was not that fun to drive.

    That's it! Gee Car and Driver, thanks for the indepth review.
  • I really wanted to buy a 2005 Limited. So I waited, and waited. I called the dealers in my area left messages about calling me to drive one when it got in. Never got a call back.

    So two weeks ago I went out there just to see. What luck, they had just gotten in a Limited the day before.

    Having owned two other Avalons of each of the body styles, I thought this version looked the best of the three. BUT....

    I was really not overwhelmed by the car. Not sure what it was.

    Clearly it has more power I could feel that, It rides nicer than my 2002 with 100k on it, and it was quite.

    I just never felt comfortable with the interior and the instrument gauges. Lots of wasted space. I wish the car I had driven had NAV...I think I would have liked that...

    So unfortunately,,, I think I will keep my 2002 and drive it another 50K or so...very disapointing...

    NOT a bad car....just not compelled to rush right out and buy it....My Avalon is doing a great job and I did not feel the delta was that great.
  • tassotasso Posts: 33
    I tell you guys, my almost 800 miles have been a dream. QUIET, but I have the Limited. Smooth. Door to dash clearence equal to a Lacrosse on inspection, BOTH worse than a Olds Alero I saw in the parking lot.

    Forgive me - if the noise is that bad ask if you can purchase the acoustic deadening front windsheild found on the Limiteds.
  • agentagent Posts: 56
    Hey Buckeye6 Want to sell it? How much? Where are you?

    Everyone... What are you averaging for gas mileage?
  • Stability Control (SC) is much more than dealing with snow (I happen to be a PhD nuclear physicist). Let say, two years down the road, your Avalon's tire tread had come down and you are driving on a rain-induced slick road. SC could be the difference between a major accident and not having one.

    I will not buy any car without SC, let alone a high horse power one such the 2005 Avalon [I also wouldn't buy a car without side curtain air bags].

    I hear that the auto-journalists who test drove the Avalons criticized the Toyota management for not offering SC as an option in the XL and Touring versions. I take it that the management took it to heart. My guess is that coming 2006 model year, Toyota will offer SC across the Avalon model line.
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