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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • I'm in the south east region but I would suggest you just contact as many dealers in your area on the internet you can. Most dealers have web sites with a method to contact them and ask for their best deal. You might be surprised at what they come back with. In my area I contacted aprox five dealerships and got replys via email of anywhere from 25oo over list to list to 1K under and then what I ended up with! Even the dealers you've been to I would email their internet dept. and see what they come back with.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    The Avalon does share the same transmission as the ES330. I didn't notice any particular hesitation during my one test drive in an XLS. Maybe Mackabee would comment as well; he's driven an XLS and a Touring version, and was duly diligent in his accelerator pedal research.
  • Great job Boatsman ........where in the Southesat do you live and which model Avalon did you purchase...Perhaps because I am a female I have not had much luck trying to negotiate buying the 2005 Avalon. I love this site as I am learning and need all the help I can get Thanks!
  • USA TODAY review said Avalon hesitated at slow speeds, see earlier post for link.

    Some folks here pooh-poohed the review because so far it's the only one. But not a lot of reviewers noted the lag right awayin the ES....
  • I am in Florida but I don't think it matters if you let your fingers do the work on the internet. I got a Limited. All my negotiations were done on line so they don't even need to know if your male or female until you go in to sign the papers.
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    The April Motor Trend road test made no mention of hesitation when you step on the gas, in fact they indicated surprise as how fast the acceleration was even beating the TMC release info.
  • I currently own a 2001 XLS which I have been very happy with. My biggest problem is marginal legroom. I am 6'7" and am pretty well balanced between torso and leg length. Happily I was able to find an XLS without a moonroof. Living in the San Fernando Valley outside of LA I am generally trying to avoid the sun rather than having it tan my thinning scalp. I am hoping to check out the new Avalon. I would be happy to get one with most of the safety options, navigation, suspension, and that IR speed thing seems interesting.

    I was very concerned when I saw some discussion here about a reduction in legroom. Good grief, 75% of the time I am the only one driving, and 95% just me and a passenger. I think the folks in the back should be comfortable, but I could sure use another two inches of track travel. Right now with the seat all the way back and as low as it goes I have about 2.5" clearance from my shin to the dash.

    I went to the auto show in LA and sat in all the big cars that sold for under $50,000. Could only look at the Avalon not sit in it. The only other car I could fit reasonably well into was the Nissan Maxima, and the Chrysler 300. I was surprised not to fit in the Lexus models, or Cadillacs that well. Mind you in an emergency I could fit, but not for a long distance. Going to a car show and having such limitations is sooo frustrating. Really cannot do much about how tall you are.

    I rented a Chrysler 300 when I was in AZ and drove it around most of the state. The legroom was great. But I do not want an underpowered car and do not think the hemi would be very economical and Chrysler does not have the dependability record that Toyota has.

    So, can you get the Touring without a moonroof? The dash appears to slop away a bit more than on the 2001. Any suggestions, any hope??? I really enjoy the forum and look forward to chatting with you.
  • psypsy Posts: 122

    Ive heard good when it comes to purchasing in B'ville, Muskogee and Mcalster. I did buy my Ranger in Tulsa and thought I was getting a good deal at 15k. Okmulgee and Henryetta both wanted close to 17k. Then I saw the same rig in Ft. Smith for 13k. And the Ranger was a net deal. Ive learned my lesson. Dont swim with the sharks in Tulsa.

    I saw a white Limited with the windows blacked out today and chrome black wheels on it with black pin striping. Looked real nice!!! Just shuddered to think they might have as much as 40k in that ride if they bought it in Tulsa.

    For giggles I went to a 3m detail shop today and checked on pricing to do 3m tint job on a large sedan and a clip job on a clear bra. $1250.00 bucks. I need to change carrers.

    Im leaning more twords a Touring for the firmer ride. But it dosent come in the dark blue. No heated or ventlated seats. I know I will get on a two lane in Arkansas if I get a xls or limited and then be doing supension mods.

    Spoke with a buddy of mine today that is a past Tacoma 4x4 champ. Use to have factory support. He loves his wickedly modded trucks. But agrees Toyota dealers have well earned the nick name toyota stealers. Hes bought 3 Tacomas in the last 5 years, but refuses to buy his fourth cause of all there silly fees and also wants a avalon but has decided to find one used in 06.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 337
    I solicited approximately 12 dealers in the greater DC area a few weeks ago and got decent responses from 9 of them. I was slightly suprised at the low level of response I got from Koons, the big gurellia on the block. I've bought 2 other cars from them and so have a decent history with them.

    I wound up buying from Younger for 2 reasons, they were very prompt in responding to my inquires and questions and they were good about keeping in touch by e-mail and not calling.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 337
    I picked up 2 filters Wednesday from my local dealer. They were 6.35 apiece, full price, which is what I paid.

    I have an internet toyota dealer that will sell them for 3.99 each, plus shipping. Usually I can order 6 at the same time for the same cost in shipping as for one from this dealer. So I know where I'll be buying from in the future.

    With less material involved with these new filters I'm suprised, kinda but not really, that they aren't cheaper then the "old" style. Although the new filter includes 2 O rings and a plastic thingy.

    First oil change is scheduled for first thing this morning, right after work.

  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    There is more legroom in the Toyota 2005 Avalon than your 2001. Research Macabees posts on this of a couple or three days okay when I mentioned it felt like I have more room in my 05 XLS than I did in my 04 regardless of what the brochure said. It had something with how they measure the track from the center and the track is longer now. So trust me, go sit in one and you will be amazed how much more leg room there is now.
  • Does anyone know a website that has posted some pictures of the interior of the XL models?
    I went to my local dealer but they didnt have any 05 with them.
  • Where do you live and what model did you buy? Thanks
  • Put Bluetooth and a TPMS as available equipment on the limited and I will buy it today, otherwise I will have to trade in my '02 Acura TL on a new have 1 year to comply :)
  • Tallguy,

    Yes, you can get a touring model without a sunroof. As a matter of fact, I have actually seen one in my region already.

    I would expect the touring model without the sunroof to be a rare bird though. Right now, I don't think many Avalons are even touring models, and the number without sunroofs would probably be that much smaller, but they exist.

    I know exactly what you mean about height. My younger brother (who is ONLY 16) is 6 feet 4 and still growing and he can BARELY fit inside the driver's seat of my Altima. He is gonna need a car bigger than MINE! Mind you, I am only 5 feet 9, and I plenty of space, but when he drives, I like to sit on the passenger's side of the back seat ;)

    Good luck finding the car of your choice. If I didn't have my Altima, I'd be seriously looking into a XLS or Touring model Avalon.

  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    I am not familiar with the abbreviation TPMS, but there's an infomercial out there by the guy who does the Oxyfresh one, touting a device which clips on a cell phone and allows it to play calls through your car stereo. That's basically what Bluetooth does, yes? Can't remember the product name, but you could try the "As Seen on TV" website. Has to be much cheaper than the difference between a Limited and an RL. :-)
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    Being 6'5" I'm glad to hear that the front legroom in the new Avalon is actually at least as generous as the old model, if not better. Why on earth would Toyota report a driver's legroom figure based on setting the seat midway back?? I believe it is standard practice to put the front seat at mid-travel when measuring REAR legroom, since the position of the front seat affects rear legroom, but it is ridiculous (and meaningless) to measure front legroom that way.
  • angeange Posts: 158
    I ordered an avalon limited 2005 for 2723 below msrp. it has everything on it except the navigation gaget. This was found on the internet and I still had to negotiate some more. this is near phila pa. ange
  • I just ordered a limited with every option avilable for $3,545.00 under MSRP total cost before Tax & Reg. was $35,500.00. I live in Washington State there are good deals out there but you have to do your home work and shop around.
  • TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

    Most of these "As Seen on TV" products are cheap knock-offs that won't live up to what they claim it to be!
  • rewoprewop Posts: 35
    Will one of the more Toyota-educated forum members explain how the dealer gets the car you order. I thought it came directly from the factory but it appears the dealer is trying to trade a car he ordered for one that meets my spec but is going to another dealer. He is very vague as to what he is actually doing, but is confident that he will have my car in the next 3 weeks. What is this process that the dealers have to find the car specified by the customer?
  • This is a standard procedure called "dealer trade" that enables a dealer to get you the specified car in less time than ordering it from the factory.

    First of all, dealers cannot just order any number of cars in any configurtion they like. The manufacturer assigns each dealer a number of cars each month, usually in the most common combinations. This assignments depends on many factors including the dealer's sales volume.

    Let's say you go to dealer X and ask for an Avalon Limited in Black. He is not getting one in his next assignment, but he knows that dealer Y is getting a car similar to what you want. Dealer X contacts dealer Y and make an agreement with him that dealer Y would send the Black Avalon Limited to dealer X, and dealer X would send dealer Y another comparable Avalon. Dealer X and dealer Y usually split the profit as if they (together) sold you the car.

    Usually you can get a better deal when the car is at the dealer's lot, rather than through a dealer's trade.
  • I took a test drive in a new XL today and would like to know if my experience was representative. Unlike my 2003 Avalon, which is perfectly smooth when I accelerate from a standing stop, the '05 Avalon jerked slightly each time I initially gave it some gas. The pedal was stiffer than on my '03, so that might have something to do with it. (And I don't know if that's something that can be modified.) When I was very careful I could get a smooth start, but I also have a '99 Taurus with lots of pep and low-end torque and this Ford also jerks from a start (moreso than with the Avalon); I find it really annoying. Has anyone with an '05 Avalon also noticed this (whether it bothers you or not)? Or could it have more likely been behavior specific to the car I test drove? Thanks for your help.
  • Ange...I wish I would have seen your post before I just order a limited for $1723 below MSRP with the only options of vehicle stability control stuff and floor mats. You got it for exactly $1000 less than me. Strange that it is exactly $1000 less. Where did you get it. I live in Southampton Pa just north of Philadelphia and bought it at Thompson Toyota in Doylestown. I tried Conicelli but they would barely budge. I did the internet shopping but only Thompson was willing to do anything over the internet. Everyone else wanted me to come in.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Your dealing with a more powerful responsive engine than your 03. You will learn just the right amount of foot pressure to apply to avoid the jerky start. You just get used to it, just like anything else, and you won't have the jerky sensation anymore.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You're almost correct but not quite 1violinist. First of all it's called an allocation and not an assignment. The first route is to see if there is a car like the customer wants in the local area that dealer A trades with. If there is than dealer A contacts dealer B and decide what dealer A will give back to dealer B. In this case it will have to be another Avalon as they are hot potatoes right now, otherwise dealer B can ask for a Sienna or another car that they may need or like for their inventory. They do not, I repeat do not split the profit (where did this come from?) on the contrary, if the car has to be driven from dealer A to dealer B and vice a versa, both drivers have to be paid. In the event that dealer B doesn't want anything back, dealer A buys the car outright from dealer B and dealer B keeps the holdback and dealer A gets no holdback. The best scenario is if the car is on allocation and in A status meaning it has yet to be built and dealer A also has a car in A status that both are willing to trade for, then the cars are re-directed at the port so that one goes to dealer A instead of dealer B and vice a versa. No two dealers can sell the same car to a customer. There is a thing known as a "Courtesy delivery" where a customer may purchase a vehicle in California and have the selling dealer arrange for pick up in Texas. The selling dealer would pay a couple of hundred dollars to the delivering dealer to have the vehicle cleaned up and have a salesperson go over the features with the customer.
    : )
    : )
  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    Jimmy, where in Washington State are you, I've tried most of the dealers around King County and not much movement off MSRP.
  • Just picked up my new Limited from King Toyota in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Probably the best dealer I have ever done business with. Dealt with the internet person and everything she promised was delivered. Smooth as silk.
  • I live in Tacoma and it took a lot of time and walking away from several deals to find a dealer willing to except my offer.
  • mastromastro Posts: 39
    I've been narrowing a purchase decision and was considering a Camry V6 SE or XLE, along with an Avalon. I came across a number of posts on this site (not this forum) regarding a tranny and/or hesitation issue that impacts a number of Toyota and Lexus models with 5 speed automatics (see links below).

    Due to this, I've ruled out the Camry for now. Have any new Avalon owners experienced any of this hesitation issue? Thanks.
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