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My 2001 tundra v8 4.7 litres Will not go past 90 miles per hour I'm not a speed person but I like to know my truck is in top shape Odo reads 99073 on the i way I tried pushing it to a 100 mph but it not go can anybody tell me what's happening to my truck

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  • mosesjoshmosesjosh Member Posts: 4
    okay this truck has been parked for a few years now haven't been driving for a while do u think the injecters would cause this 
    my mechanic to me the other day that it's showing sign that it needs cleaning
  • mosesjoshmosesjosh Member Posts: 4
    Also if it was the computer how would it do that and how can I change it
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    It's not the injectors, and it isn't the computer so don't waste money like that. The truck wasn't built to go that fast so it simply doesn't.
  • mosesjoshmosesjosh Member Posts: 4
    I think Ur right
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