Used Range Rover Sports

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Currently looking at used RR Sports, and I am seeing a lot of price fluctuating. Why is that? I mean a lot seems to be between the years and the miles which seems obvious. What are realistic prices for a used RR Sport? and How long before anything happens mechanically? I've been told that they are problematic. I just want some honest opinions out there. How old and how many miles would you consider a cut off for getting a used RR?


  • akashpcakashpc Member Posts: 9
    Well, it depends on a lot of factors. Year, mileage, how well maintained the car was, etc. best bet is to use kbb and search auto-trader for local deals.
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    I'm trying to sell my 2013 White RRS HSE with 28k miles for $51k o.b.o. Im in Houston Texas
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    Asking prices are just your First Amendment Rights in action. You'll see wide fluctuations if you rely solely on monitoring asking prices. That's why auction data is much more reliable.
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