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Infiniti M35/M45 2006+



  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    Yeah, that's the feeling I got too, which puts me in the precarious position of considering the M45...not a practical decision considering the New York winters and all (this one seems to want to continue into April at this point.)

    The M35x is ideal in regard to the AWD and the MPG. I have too many friends and co-workers who have to hitch rides when it snows because their 745i/s55/sl55/etc can't keep it's footing. One of my friends blew his tranny trying to rock his cl55 out of the snow....needless to say that he now sticks to his denali when the sky darkens and it's below freezing. No denali here, though.

    I really have to hear what the M35x sounds like at high cruising speeds. If it's too much to deal with then it's back to the drawing board. Probably looking at the A6...again. We'll see.
  • I just purchased my 2006 M45 Sport, with Tech & Journey. The dealer charged me $249 to install a switch in the glovebox that allows me to watch DVD on front screen "WHILE DRIVING"---This is awesome, and proves that the dealers know how to do it.

    Also, they have unlocked the GPS so that all functions are useable, although I have not tried the Point of Interest search mentioned earlier on this forum...I will try that and post back.

    Anyone know how to get the rear camera to display while you are driving? Not much use, but would be "neat"

    Another neat hack would be to get a video feed from the LDW cam...anyone?
  • lurkerlurker Posts: 9
    I just stopped by the dealership with my wife one afternoon. The M35's were behind the building then, and I didn't request a test drive, but they were pretty insistent, so we did. Too bad, because now I'm dying to get one. The salesperson went with us, and he did a good job.

    I like the metal better also, but it's only available on the Sport model (isn't it?), and I'm thinking about a non-sport (also, I'm not a big fan of the "boy racer" wheels on the Sport.)

    Fortunately, if you decide on the Acura, one of the best dealers is in Huntsville. I've bought three vehicles from them, and have always been more than satisfied, i.e., no arbitration agreements, forced options, packs, etc. Also, their prices have always been lower than Nashville's for me, and they have an excellent service department.
  • I noticed that the M35 came with Goodyear tires. I am not a fan at all of Goodyear. The mileage rating on this tire is only 240. This equates to only about 12-15K miles. Here in Florida the rodes are so hard 12K would be good. With the cost of these at about $165-$200 per tire it could be very costly. I was checking on Tire Rack and there are many options on this size tire. Many of them had better mileage ratings, however none had a rating above 400. Any tire this size is meant to hold the rode, thus the rubber is soft and the tire wears fast. A set of tires will cost about $900. With average mileage of 12K miles a year, looking to replace these every couple years is not a great thought. Any thoughts?
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    The dealership accomplished this by grounding the parking brake wire to the NAV/DVD unit. On most NAVs that offer the DVD option (all do but the location of the DVD unit makes it cumbersome to load discs) You can only watch the DVD while the car is in park. It sends a ground or negative signal enabling you to watch it, the switch they had installed simply sends a ground. I'm surprised they actually did this for you. Since it is a liability, and in most states a law, that the driver isn't watching a DVD while....driving. The rear camera would most likely operate in the same manner. A switch would have to be installed on the reverse wire (which I believe activates the rear camera) you would simple flip the switch and be able to see whats behind you while driving. Although the Nav display and rear would not "display" at the same time. you would have to flip back and forth, not very safe to do either while driving!!!
  • I to am amazed that a dealer would do this for you. There is a law against this. Did the dealer warn you of this? I am personally upset that someone would enable this, sorry but it is just much to dangeous!! IMO.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    Good to hear, richcream. Front legroom is always a priority with me.
  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    Do you think this voids any warranties?
    If not, then that is GREAT! I will definitely get this done AND look into hacking the reverse cam and lane departure cams to display while driving.

    It can't be much more dangerous than talking on your cellphone while driving (which is also illegal here in NY, but people do it anyway!)

    I think I'll manage to keep the car on the road. Besides, I can always turn on the lane departure warning if I want to play a DVD while driving!
  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    the interior noise of the M's is literally the only issue that concerns me right now. The car is clearly a winner in virtually all other areas. That the M45 is 4 dBA louder than the GS is significant - that is a lot! I wonder if this "noise" issue is just relative to the AWD and the Sports models, or is it similar in the regular M's as well?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    "Reliability is not subjective in the least!"

    I guess I must not be following what the message here is. I agree that looks are subjective. Generally speaking, I have not been a fan of BMW interiors of late. The X3 has a certain look to it and generally speaking the sports seats in Terracota look, to my eye, quite nice. I am also a fan of the Audi A6 Amaretto interior and the Infiniti Bourbon interior.

    My comments pertaining to the Infiniti had to do with dialogs with people I know with "premium" Japanese luxury cars (e.g., Lexus, Acura) -- the owners of these cars (and these are folks I know and work with) speak of them [when they speak of them at all] in terms of how they can just put gas in them and forget about everything else because they are reliable.

    When one of the folks who has a BMW took his car (an X5) in for service he was provided with a BMW loaner (either a 3 or 5 series) and he remarked about its performance and handling.

    These anecdotes probably don't prove anything, but they can be influential. I have "tolerated" what many here would probably not tolerate from my German cars (although I have not really felt put out) because they provide a certain "driving experience" that I had not believed could be had in a Japanese car. Part of this opinion had been cultivated by the owners of the cars themselves. My real estate partner bought a Lexus LS400 and kept it for 200,000 miles with the only thing beside regular maintenance required being a new paint job at around 100,000 miles (the car looked new literally at 100,001 miles.) He finally got rid of the Lexus (he sold it to his son) NOT because it had anything wrong with it -- he just wanted a change and was almost afraid the car would outlive him.

    He never, however, found the car itself a "joy" -- actually he said it was a very nice "fancy Avalon." And, he meant that as a compliment.

    He had had a Mercedes S class and although he did love the car (and had passionate things to say about the driving experience), every time we would talk cars he would re-tell the story of the $1,400 repair to the driver's power seat.

    Other similar contrasts persist to this day, as I noted in last month's C&D with their comments about the new Lexus GS and their belief that it was a perfect but passionless car.

    I rented a Lexus GS300 in North Carolina for a couple of days when I was on a biz trip -- the car was very nice, completely isolated me from all audible sensory input -- the beginning of my impressions about Japanese luxury/premium cars.

    Then the build up to the new RL, a test drive of the TL, the G35x and finally the "M" -- the TL (in a straight line) was very impressive, the G too was an eye opener -- finally the M35x reminded me of a "more powerful Audi A6 3.2 with a sport suspension."

    The difference in "perceived passion" remains, but it has been mitigated substantially by these Japanese entrants of late.

    BTW, I still think the BMW 5 looks like a Pontiac with a bustle -- I don't care for it. I like the look of the Audis and even though it is not "exciting" I also like the look of the M's.

    The M, at this point, is the one to beat -- I just wish the "crowd" over at the Infiniti store was as "into cars" as the crowd at the BMW store.

    That is what I was talking about and how I got to those impressions.
  • Why in the world would someone want to watch DVD WHILE DRIVING? To me you're either driving, or watching a movie on DVD, but doing both at the same time seems pretty risky not only for the driver but for others on the road. I hope you don't live in Illinois.
  • my45my45 Posts: 26
    Many of us want this for our front passenger for trips. I can understand why it is illegal, but for those of us who are responsible and attentive drivers, I don't see the problem. It is no more distracting than watching the map scroll by on the nav screen. In fact it is probably less distracting, as I bet many will be trying to read road names off the nav screen while driving.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I'm with you -- I certainly hope the dealer got him to sign something (a waiver) saying that they do not think the DVD should be played while driving.

    I can just see the lawsuits now -- worse, though, the accidents, and potential for injury (or worse) if you got engrossed in a movie and stared at the screen for 2 seconds which at 60MPH is 176 feet.

    If I owned the dealership, I would not allow that to happen.

    On the other hand, I don't see why you have to have the car in park and the brake on to watch a DVD -- being in park would be sufficient IMO.

    I listen to books on CD and it is possible even with some of them to get pretty engrossed in the "theater of the mind" and not be fully engaged in driving. Who knows what we'd do with a movie playing!

  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Interesting post. For what its worth, the LS430, particularly the Euro-sport version (if you can manage to actually locate one) is a lot more entertaining to drive than the LS400. I know, I used to drive one. I do agree though, that reliability is still Japan's biggest draw.

    What I think is starting to happen though, is that the US and Korea are starting to learn how to make cars almost as relible, so Japan is starting to figure out that boring reliability cant carry them forever. Something else has to justify the price premium over Korea, and performance isnt something that Korea has figured out how to do yet. Mazda, Nissan and Subaru seem to be at the forefront of this new performance oriented direction, with Honda and Toyota's entrenched conservativism holding them back some.
  • Mark, just curious, you say you don't like the BMW 5, but on the BMW '06 3 series forum you say "this one is on your list". Doesn't the new 3 look a lot like the 5?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Folks, come on!!

    >> It can't be much more dangerous than talking on your cellphone while driving

    >> It is no more distracting than watching the map scroll by on the nav screen.

    So what? That doesn't make it OKAY!!! It is an extremely unsafe thing to do, both for you and for those in cars around you. I know it is illegal in a lot of places, maybe everywhere.

    With that said, let me remind you that your Membership Agreement specifically states does not allow the promotion of illegal conduct or activities or fraudulent schemes in the Forums. Specifically, you may not advocate illegal conduct...

    Further discussion about how to accomplish this will be removed.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    I'm with you. If someone else wants to watch a movie in the car, sit in the back seat. There's already enough things to worry about on the road without having to deal with somebody watching a particularly engrossing episode of "24" instead of driving.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I haven't seen the new 3 series in person. I have seen the pictures of the interior of the new 3 -- and I think the INTERIOR is pretty darn nice -- the pictures of the exterior along with the text in the major US automobile magazines has led me to believe that the Bangle-ization of the 3 is actually quite mild.

    Since my wife will soon be the owner of a BMW product, the sales rep has sent me an e-invite to test drive a new 330i, in hopes that I might be so swayed to buy a 330xi, since she knows I will only consider an AWD vehicle. She also has tried to seduce me with a new 5 series with "the new engine at 255 HP" -- big deal, same as the Audi A6 -- and the fact that the new 5 can be had with AWD.

    OK, so I got into a current 530 while my wife was filling out some papers, the interior of this black car was black, the wood trim was black and the car had black tinted glass (what is it with BMW or BMW dealers, don't they believe in "color?" -- every darn car on the showroom floor was either BLACK or Silver or Grey for Pete's sake; and, 90% of the cars on the new inventory lot were the same, don't they come in blue, red, green, white and something other than a shade of BLACK????)

    Where was I?

    Oh yea -- I think the new 3 may not look half bad -- but it may come down to the impression the M has made on me thus far, which is to say "considerable."

    I have always thought BMW's were overpriced -- the new car from BMW is $100 less with more stuff on it (can you say a page from Sony's book?)

    I just wish the BMW salespeople and customers were over at the Infiniti store. But, I can probably get over that.
  • You may think it is funny but it is so much more dangerous than a cell phone. You do not look at a cell phone while driving. Just because people "do it anyway" does not make it right. Good luck and please stay out of Florida.
    It may very well void the warranty! Hacking into the system is changing factory presets, which unless done by Infiniti will void the warranty, and even then it seems like it might void the warranty. Even if someone there does do it don't think for a second that it is legal.
  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    First off, if one were to hack the system to play DVD's in the front, I would HOPE they would be doing so for the benefit of their passenger(s) and not actually attempt to watch a movie while driving. That, I agree, is dangerous (and moronic.)

    That said, cell phones and navigation systems present similarly distracting driving hazards, and I don't think it's anything worth getting all bent out of shape over. At least I'm not going to.

    I live and drive in NY, so dealing with moronic-cellphone-using drivers, not to mention scores of drivers who do not obey stop signs and red lights (ever been to Brooklyn?), much less DVD or cellphone laws (!!!) (haahaaa) is just a part of the everyday driving experience.

    As far as 'hacking' the lane departure and reverse cameras to display while driving, I don't see how either of these would present any more of a distraction than your rearview mirror. I just think it would be a "cool", if useless, feature to have.

    If I do catch a flight down there anytime soon I think Floridians can rest easy as I doubt any rentals offer computer hacked display screens.

    I can understand your dismay, though. I think providing DVD/Nav screens to voters who couldn't master the punch-card ballot would be disastrous. =(

    Enjoy the sunshine!
  • ljwalters1ljwalters1 Posts: 294
    Cell phones and can create hazards b/c they take a driver's mind and ears off the road. Nav systems take one's mind and eyes off the road, but thanks to voice systems that speak the instructions, this can be alleviated somewhat. Movies are only enjoyable when you're totally engrossed - looking, listening and paying attention, so it's a lot worse than cell phones & nav systems. Even if your intention is to play movies for the passenger, I think the temptation would be too hard to resist. Think of how often you're reading or doing something else, but a noise from the TV makes you look over.

    Plus, the distraction of the nav system should be counteracted by the amount of times it prevents someone from being tempted to make a sharp turn from the wrong lane!
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Pat, very sorry!!! I know I described a little too much information...yes it is illegal and there are law suits in other states.

    I find it hard to believe a dealer would perform this. Although being in the aftermarket business for years I know some will do anything to make a sale. The M34/M45 does not fall into that category at this point, neither do most dealerships in general.

    I believe the owner lives in NY where mobile phones are illegal to use. Funny though, one state over where I live, CT, it is not illegal to drive and talk on a mobile phone. I few vendors have actually complained, stating a lost revenue stream because of no law.

    Lastly, voiding warranties is strictly per dealership and relates more to "their" policies then the actual manufacture. lastly, in the event any modification is made, most service techs would not be able to find it.
  • What functions of the GPS are locked and why would they be locked?
    Also, how accurate is the GPS in locating your car?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    Location accuracy varies, but within 15 - 30 feet is pretty typical.
  • yeagerdayeagerda Posts: 16
    My 5-day old M45 sport tires are Bridgestone Potenza RE050A, with load/speed rating 94W, and treadwear rating of 140! Yep, that is 140... not 410, but 140! replacement price is $271/tire. What is not very clear is whether or not this is a RUNFLAT tire?? Does anyone know?
  • wagenatcwagenatc Posts: 8
    I drove an M35x tonite and specifically paid attention to the noise issue. Didn't bother me. A bit of noise with hard acceleration, but I kinda like that. Minimal noise at cruise.

    I think in part it depends on what you are driving now. I'm coming off a TT, which also has a nice note.
  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    I too test drove a M35x tonight specifically to focus on the noise factor.

    In this, my 3rd test drive of this car, I was finally able to get it on a traffic-free highway and open it up a little bit.

    The engine really snarls, but in a good way, and delivers very torquey acceleration (it was pretty much redlining through each gear when I really stepped on it, which I like.) No lags between the automatic shifts which were pretty much unnoticeable if I wasn't watching the tachometer to detect them.

    At typical 'round town cruising speeds of 30-50mph, the noise is negligable. Only during acceleration does the engine growl and it's a rewarding sound, not at all high and whiney like some 6's out there.

    Now I'm gonna leave out rpm's here because, although the M35x was revving relatively high, the noise was relatively less than what most cars would be producing at the same rpm's.

    -Cruising at 70mph, the noise was a non-issue.
    -Cruising at 80mph, the noise was only slightly noticeable, not enough to make me seriously consider not buying the car.
    -At 100mph, yes 100mph, and I wouldn't even have noticed it by the smoothness of the ride...only the cars whose butts I was coming up on made me glance at the speedometer (cuz I was so focused on picking up noise.) So at 100mph, the noise was mostly from the 18" tires and wind resistance and not particularly from the engine.

    Verdict: Noise is not an issue that should stop someone from buying this car, IMO.

    Overall, this drive only confirmed my earlier feelings that the M35x is a fantastic machine.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    lordbarron wrote:
    They have unlocked the GPS so that all functions are useable.

    From what you're saying it sounds like they've unlocked the GPS in a way that allows access to all GPS functions while driving, but it in a way that doesn't require you to toggle a switch.

    Usually, the GPS is unlocked by disconnecting the motion sensor wire with a switch. When the switch is togggled back, input while driving is disabled but the GPS position is accurately updated for motion.

    If your GPS is working properly, and you can access all NAV functions while driving, and you have no switch to toggle then that would be good news and big news. Is that the case?

    If so, it may mean that it's been done through software with a hidden menu option, and I'd sure like to know about.

  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    I dont think mine is a run flat tire.
  • kfhmailkfhmail Posts: 199
    Yes, I do want to test drive both a sport version and a non-sport to see/feel the difference. But I am hoping the sport will be OK because I would prefer the metal trim.
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