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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I wish they were...
  • jsf09jsf09 Posts: 5
    Okay, read through pages of these postings and became very annoyed. I own a '04 TL, traded in a BMW for it in August (smartest decision even with my tire problems). If you are one of the few who don't have issues, well goody-gum-drops for you, but there is a problem, Acura does recognize it and is replacing tires on the car to try and fix the problem. So for all of you who like me are having problems, call Acura, not your dealership but main Acura. Some '05s are having problems too. According to the Rep from Acura if you didn't get an '05 with the Navi you may have tire issues since the tires are Bridgestones. 05s with Navi have Michelin's and are fine. The NSX has the same problem, burns through tires in 6-12K, and the 350Z's are having similar tire issues. Don't let a tire problem keep you from enjoying a GREAT car, the most fun, responsive 4-door sports car on the road (personal opinion of course). However, I do know it's not a little problem, the whole car shakes, makes steering difficult and has nothing to do with thinking everything should be perfect and everything to do with safety and what's normal, this kind of shaking is NOT NORMAL. The performance tires are softer, you drive on them, get them nice and hot, they stick to the road better. Now you let the car sit and the tires cool off, leaving a flat spot (again very soft tires) this is causing the vibrations and shaking. The longer the car sits the worse the vibration is. Anyone else out there with the problems...I feel your pain. Call Acura, get them replaced and trust me you'll fall in love with the car all over again.
  • lexylexy Posts: 5
    anyone here own the 2001-2004 lexus gs 300's? Looking into buying this OVER the new TL due to tranny problems, rattles, noises, and MULTIPLE other problems in these forums on the TL's

    Problems with lexus - very few, and NO rattles or TRansmission problems!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Yeah, but they have the sludge problem with the V6. And the styling, like almost any Lexus/Toyota, seems awkward at best.
  • lexylexy Posts: 5
    there is no sludge problem - the gs have INLINE 6's and V8's - sludge problem on the earlier v6's on suv and toyota cars - NOT ON LEXUS GS
  • jsf09jsf09 Posts: 5
    This is a TL Problems-forum. Trying to help people who have similar problems, save people time, energy and frustration. Visit the Lexus forum, I'm sure you will hear very similar issues.
  • You must be kidding right?

    I dont own a TL but my brother in law own a GS300. His comment was Its a boring car. 220 hp/220lbs torque with 43k price tag and cant even outrun an V6-accord.

    And if you read its review you'll get the picture
    But I agree that GS300 has very little problem but also you have to remember that they only move 400 units of car per month. Comparing to TL's approx 7,000 unit a month, it will certainly eliminate any manufacturing problem/defect.

    My neighbour lent me a TL 2004 because of the snow lately but with a promise that I will lend my baby the G in the summer. Loved the TL, I just cant wait to show him what my baby got. Anyway I dont see any problem with his 1 year old car.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    BBB Arbitration Hearing

    I have an arbitration hearing this week regarding the vibration in 5th gear.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or useful suggestions?

  • my wife's 04TL has the Bridgestone's and has 17,700 miles and 14 months old - tires are down to 3/32 and need replaced. Call the local dealer and was not happy to hear this but would not help. Sensed there is a growing problem here and now we are dealing with Acura headquarters. Any advice on how to get this fixed - car is vibrating over 55 but now until tires get fixed will only drive around town
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I think the key is to get Acura to admit openly that they have no idea what the cause is, and how to go about fixing it. In my previous arbitration, the final question the arbitrator asked Honda was "Can you estimate how long it would take to diagnose and fix the problem?" The answer: "No". I think that, as much as anything else that was said in the hearing, cinched it for me.
  • lexylexy Posts: 5
    I must be kidding?

    is style, performance, really that much better in comparison of the ACura TL over GS 300

    Just wondering how many show of hands had TL problems?

    It seems all the used TLs for sale made in US>
    Where are the ones made in Japan (ie, vin starts with J)

    And if you go to msn autos - OMG - 30+ acura TL's from 2004

    Sounds like many of you dissatisfied.
    Anyway, if you want to outrun an accord, get the GS430! The gs 300 is a perfect fit of reliability, luxury, performance (with sport edition)

    any thoughts - I realize I am probably not on right board. Just wanted to contribute something
  • jsf09jsf09 Posts: 5
    That was exactly my problem too, My car is only 6 months old with less than 10K. Acura Hdqtrs readily admitted the issue to me, called back within 24 hrs to schedule a time to replace my tires. It depends on the Tire Number, they are claiming Bridgestone TU2's are okay, but the other Bridgestone's are not. Gosh I forget the number though. Also I have 2 friend's with TL's as well, they chose to have Acura give them the money it would cost to replace the tires, took it and put it towards new Pirelli's and the other Torenza's (sp?). They didn't want to fuss with bridgestone's anymore and went to tire makers with a history of making excellent performance tires. Both of they are very happy and thousands of miles later are vibration free.
  • I have read a number of messages and I would like to know what action needs to take place to get Acura's attention on the vibration and other quality problems. What is the first step?
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    And thirsty.

    Not a single 04 TL in MSN autos under my zip code (30153).
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    I think we need a smart, hungry Philadelphia lawyer.

    Are there any smart lawyers out there that would like to make a lot of money suing Acura? The lawyers make all the money in class action but that’s okay. I just want to teach Acura a lesson.

    Must be someone out there!
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    and with luxury and space sub par to ES. The plus is that it's a RWD although my friend can't really tell much difference between that RWD and his previous Camry. Power wise GS300 hasn't that much to perform. It's a very reliable car for sure. Personally I don't think GS looks nearly as sporty as TL.
  • Thanks for the help and advice. Acura hasn't returned our call but will be ready when they do.
  • lipplipp Posts: 58
    Having a similar problem on a MB C240 with Michelin tires. Get vibrations at 40mph when car is cold. Dealer is changing tires to Continental and claims problem will stop. I hear that I will burn through the Continental tires in 25k miles. Anyone having a similar problem? Any tire suggestions?
  • jsf09jsf09 Posts: 5
    I think the Dunlop's SP Sport 5000 are the way to go, they are getting really good reviews. Pirelli's are okay, but people have said they have flat spot problems too (which is what is causing you vibration). Go to, they have pages and pages of reviews on tires, you can read the reviews from people who drive similar (highway, back roads, racing, aggressive, etc) and have similar model cars to see what they thought of the tires. It's got reviews on all brands.
  • jsf09jsf09 Posts: 5
    I know it's frustrating, seriously I can sense the aggrivation, been there. But really it's not an Acura problem (though they did chose to put Bridgestone tires on the car). It's a tire problem, and from what I understand you won't win, go after the tire maker. But that to is a long shot. Flat spotting is a common problem with performance tires, and is not a safety issue (meaning the tires will not fall apart). I felt the same way you did. "Someone has got to pay, and it's NOT gonna be me." Call Acura, you'll get what you want from them, but also rememeber this is what goes along with having a 'high performance' automobile, unfortunately there are limitations and you have to accept the good with the bad. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do. I would think your time and energy are better spent on something else though.
  • Hi, I bought a new 05 Acura TL yesterday. I got a great deal $32,670 and 3.9%, but when I went into sign the papers they asked me about buying extra coverage on the car. It wasn't called an "extended warranty," but it would cover basically everything for 7 years or 100,000.

    My question is...does anyone think that buying this extra insurance for $1900 is necessary? Has anyone decided to buy it or not to buy it and why?
    Thanks in advance for your help. They said that I have three days to decide, otherwise the price will go up at the end of the month.
  • exb0exb0 Posts: 539
    No one can tell if you need the extended warranty or not, but $1900 is ridiculous. “The price goes up in three days” is nothing more than a pressure tactic.

    When I purchased my TL a year ago I was offered the 7/100K 0 deductible Acura Care plan for $1150. You can buy that plan any time as long as your car under manufactures warranty, but the price does go up by $50 or so for every year or 12K. Also, you can buy this plan from any Acura dealer.
  • tokashtokash Posts: 12
    exb0 is correct. $1900 is a ridiculous price and the "3 day" deadline is indeed a pressure tactic. If you want to get a 7yr/100k/0 deductable warranty for a reasonable price, go to Or you can just tell your dealer that you can get the same thing from that website for $1160 and ask them if they will match it. If they tell you it's different than what they're offering, they aren't being truthful with you and I'd suggest you take your business somewhere else (you can buy this Acura backed extended warranty from any dealer). Don't let them insult your intelligence.

    And all in all, Acuras and Hondas are considerably reliable. I personally think that if you use that money instead to keep your car properly maintained, that alone is as good as an extended warranty in my opinion. Of course there are exceptions. Not every car is built perfectly. I believe, however, the problems people post are a small minority. Those people who aren't having problems with their cars don't usually go into a "Problems and Solutions" forum. Why should they? Their cars are running perfect. Anyway, that's just a little aside.

    Buying an extended warranty is a personal choice. Some people feel more secure with it. But if you do opt to get it, just don't let anyone price-gouge you on it. Good luck!
  • Thanks guys, you are right and I totally agree with you and value your input. You have helped me make the right decision not to purchase the insurance. They are crazy!

    Thanks Again!
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    To TLGirl79:

    Actually, it’s not totally a tire problem…

    For months, the dealership lead me to believe that the tires were at fault. But that is only half of the problem. The real problem is that the transmission shifts into 5th gear at 45mph causing the car to lug. Lug is a tem used when you have selected the wrong gear at the wrong speed. The car lugs and vibrates up to a speed of 60mph and then reaches the correct speed band and the transmission smoothes out.

    Acura knows about the problem but chooses to call it a characteristic.... instead of a problem. I think it’s a design flaw. The Acura rep told me they are working on a fix. I’m not sure if the 05 models are doing the same thing! I was told it was corrected in the 05 but you can’t believe what they say. Perhaps someone with a 05 can comment.

    If I thought new tires would solve the problem, I would just buy new tires. I 'm surprised they don't call the vibration an enhancement.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    i paid $900 for the 7 year extended warrenty.

    Shop around!
  • armandarmand Posts: 178
    If it were a design problem all TL's (certainly '04's) would have it. Mine which is an '04 built in Feb. shows no signs of such a problem.
  • All- If you are interested in reading thru the documentation from correspondence between Acura and the Hat'l hwy transportation safety board, check out the files at: m
    Put in your vehicle info (mines a '02 TL but I'm sure all the years affected will bring up the data). They are big files, but have some interested info embedded in them..
  • Mine is also an 04 with no sign of such a problem.

    I can confirm (and I believe every TL'04 owner will agree)that the tranny does NOT shift into 5th gear at 45mph. Why I know this because I drive at a 45mph speed limit road everyday (for 20 minutes) and I hate doing 45mph which is @2k rpm/4th gear (IMO its a waste of gas). Did some testings of how to get better mpg, it turns out somewhere between 51-55 @5th gear and tranny will only shift @48-49mph from 4th into 5th gear.

    No wonder yours is very different!

    Marcdavidoff, btw about the NHTSA website, I think we all agree that its pretty clear by now that there is no defect investigation on 04.
  • gmac1gmac1 Posts: 1
    We are looking to buy the TL with the 15-Spoke Chrome-Look wheels. Has anyone had any problems with pitting? We are in Nebraska and do have salt and sand on the roads in the winter. Thanks.
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