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Acura TL Maintenance and Repair



  • revrasrevras Posts: 63
    It is amazing to me that Acura has the nerve to say this PROBLEM is inherent to the car and no recourse is available. In a car costing close to 35K, vibration above fifty mph should not be acceptable.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    To REVRAS,

    I agree!

    I recently filed a lawsuit regarding the vibration issue and other quality related problems such as rattles. Acura stated that the vibration is a " characteristic of the 04 model". Some folks who purchased 05 models have also reported vibration but I’m not sure that it’s the same problem.

    Acura did not even attempt to address the rattles in the car or the falling headliner ( which they replaced, or the anti-freeze smell which emitted from the heater for the first 6 months of ownership.

    Acura is a real Class act……as in class action!
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Ok thanks for the reply. My question for those of you here, I want a sort of a poll question for those that have the 04/05 you have the vibration problem? Please just answer YES or NO. Thanks!
  • ed31cincyed31cincy Posts: 56
    To Kennynmd:
    I have an 04 TL. Bought in late August 04, and I now have 14K miles on it. The vibration I experience is from 48-60 mph. It feels like one tire is just slightly out of balance. It really isn't that bad, but when you are spending $35K, you expect better. My dealer rebalanced the tires and it was a shade better, but not perfect.

    I guarantee that the first time you really put your foot into the accelerator, the first time you use a Bluetooth phone, the first time you see the interior blue lighting in the nighttime, the first time you turn the volume past 14 with a DVD-Audio disc in the sound system, you will FORGET all about that vibration!

    I am absolutely sure a few people here have TL lemons, but remember that this is the "problems and solutions" board. You are going to see problems. Look at some other car model's problem boards too. I am crazy about my TL and I can't wait to drive it each morning. I'm sure a lot of people who post here and on the other TL boards share my sentiments. I hate to say this, but just remember this car is built in America, and I still think our assembly line workers and American parts suppliers are not world-class, even when working with Japanese engineering.
  • NO. '05 TL 6M Non-Nav. It's perfect.
  • aaarghaaargh Posts: 230
    No - 04' 5AT - 15K miles.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    04...Yes... 11K
  • battrlbattrl Posts: 12

    '05 Auto Navi
  • tcltcl Posts: 42
    No, early 05 auto. no any other problems.
  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Posts: 134
    No, 04, auto, navi, 29k
  • I had it back FOUR times. First time they tightened all the screws in the door panel and "supposedly" removed the plastic the detailers failed to remove. Second time the ordered a new door panel. Third time they changed the door panel,a nd the last time they replaced the window door run and sash. SO FAR, SO GOOD!
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,094
    Nope, '05 Non-nav auto.

    But I have had the disappearing outside temperature reading issue half a dozen times in my first 4 months of ownership. So it ain't perfect...but it is smooth, quiet, fast, good looking, well built...!

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • njlawnjlaw Posts: 7
    No vibration or other problems - '04 TL Nav - 14k miles.
  • zeustlzeustl Posts: 2
    Yeah Dude the bridgestones are crapp! you need to get the Michellan tires they are much better! my neighbor works at an Acura Service center and thats what he told me was the problem. Luckily i had the Michellan tires on mine when i got it.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    NO - '04 auto with 6,000 miles, 11 months.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,330
    '04 YES (Nav.+ many rattles)
  • danny1878danny1878 Posts: 339
    No vibration/rattle 04 without nav with 25kmiles :shades:
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I guess the monitor is not linear. I looked less than 1 week ago and it said 70% left. Today I looked and it's dropped to 60%.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    View Poll Results: With those who have vibration issues, how have you dealt with the problem?

    Complained to Dealer/ACS, not resolved 27 ......... 69.23%
    Complained but resolved to your satisfaction 9 .......... 23.08%
    BBB Arbitration and won refund of $$ or new vehicle 1 ...... 2.56%
    BBB Arbitration and lost 2.56%
    Hired attorney and won refund of $$ or new vehicle 1 .... 2.56%
    Acura’s policy of only dealing with those who complain is cost effective. Not many folks are willing to hire an attorney or go to arbitration. Most people will live with the car for a few years and trade it in…

    Acura admits that the 04 TL has a harmonic vibration at speeds of 48 to 61 mph. It’s characteristic of the 04 model…Acura will tell you this…

    Many 04 owners have the vibration, but cannot recognize the vibration because of the car’s rough ride and poor tires. The vibration gets mixed in with all the other road noise.

    But a discriminating driver, perfectionist, or car buff will take notice…. particularly in a brand new car that costs 35K.

    If you drive the car on a new road at speeds of 50 to 55 mph and then maintain that speed for a few minutes, you will feel the vibration.

    If you drive fast, you will go in and out of the vibration zone so quickly that you will not notice it.

    :lemon: When you get your 04...'05 TL AT, slowly accelerate to 50-53mph. Then hold it around that speed. The car should be in 5th gear. Very slowly tip into and out of the throttle like you're trying to maintain around 50-53mph. Tell us if you feel the engine lugging or vibrating
  • aaarghaaargh Posts: 230
    It rounds to the nearest 10 percent, but I think it is linear (at least to the way you drive). Why, I don't know. If it's doing the calculations, why not show the accurate number. STUPID design. Whoever decided that at Acura should be fired.

    When it get's to 15% (or 10%?) percent , it rounds to the nearest 5% I believe.

    Actually, I think the whole trip computer design is very poor also. Why do I have to hit the select button EVERY TIME to see it? I want it to come on the way I left it when I last turned the car off. Why Can't the miles to empty be on the same screen? I don't care how long the car has been running since the last reset.

    Thanks, I feel much better now that I got that off my chest.
  • To tedescm1 (or anyone else who has sued Acura or is willing to)

    I am interested in your lawsuit. Is this a personal one or a class action? I am having all sorts of problems with my new 05 TL. Acura "appears unwilling to even acknowledge they have a problem, much less FIX it. I have a whine in my transmission, (PLUS I had a hole in the seat cover - they replaced it but did not do a good job - , and a door rattle, that "hopefully" is now fixed.) Acura replaced the transmission after MUCH complaining, but it still makes the same noise. The "NORMAL CHARACTERISTIC" excuse does NOT cut it, ESPECIALLY when one pays $35 K for a car billed by the manufacturer as a "LUXURY sport sedan". This is anything but "luxury". It appears there are WAY too many problems with the new TL's, for which Acura does not wish to accept responsibility. That is "no way to run a railroad", and I feel we "passengers" are getting a lousy ride! Is there any "class action" interest or information out there?
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    o wolfman59 :

    I purchased my 04 nearly two years ago and have nothing but problems They include:

    Poor Tires
    · They ruined my Wheels putting on new tires
    Defective leather seats
    Defective Seat memory unit
    Badly designed Transmission (2nd gear and oil pump)
    Sagging Headliner which i had to fight to get replaced
    Harmonic vibration in drive train ( they have no fix)
    Creaks and rattles throughout the cabin
    Rattles from glove box (had to buy foam to stop rattles)
    Constant lies and deceitful conduct from salesman and service representatives

    I first filed a BBB suit, but a lawyer friend advised that the BBB arbitration is owned and sponsored by ACURA. He said the BBB process is a joke …on you!

    I cancelled the BBB process and went with a private lawyer.

    I had documented all my visits to my dealer (12 in 15 months) and retained the services of a very large lemon law lawyer in Philadelphia Pa.

    My case will be heard in Dec 05. It takes about 8 months to go to court. I am told that Acura usually settles out of court. But I’m more than willing to blast
    the s ---- out of them in court.

    They are the ultimate low life in companies…. They are nothing more than common thieves
  • ed31cincyed31cincy Posts: 56
    "want good advice..? ..buya G-35!"

    Before recommending that model to anyone, you really ought to go to the Problems and Solutions message board for the G-35. The G-35 has some serious issues also with the coupe and sedan. How about unexplained acceleration? Tranny noise, heavy tire wear, tire pressure monitor problems, etc. It makes me want to hug my '04 TL.

    I know you have more than your fair share of problems with your TL. I hope you win in court and I think you deserve to win. No one should have to go through what you have had to face. However, I don't think that your car and a few others on this board are a fair representation of all '04-'05Acura TLs.
  • darrenwdarrenw Posts: 23
    unfortunately it happened to my G35. Touchy brakes, rough transmission, vibration, and some electrical problems. I am planning to sell the car soon and hopefully gonna get the TL '06 with sh-awd (when available).

    They sell almost 90k cars a year on 04 alone and according the polls above, I consider it very very few that has problems. You guys are very lucky. I should've bought the TL in the first place. Dang lucky me.
  • fdcapt2fdcapt2 Posts: 122
    I'm driving an '03 3.2 TL, and I've been waiting to buy the new '05, or '06 in the fall. My present car has had some minor problems, such as the recall and replacement of the tranny, some noises, and my CD player croaked twice and had to be replaced. After reading what some of you are saying about the new TL, and also hearing plenty of complaints on 2 other Acura TL forums, I'm seriously worried about my next Acura. I've been test driving the TL at many of the Acura dealers here on Long Island, and was pretty much sold on the car. Now, I'm really up in the air. Most people blame the fact that the car is made here, and not in Japan anymore. It's a good reason considering the difference between the quality of some of the other Japanese made cars. You would figure that a car costing so much would be better made, with not as many troubles. And as far as the Acura dealers, I see I'm not the only one who has had problems. :mad:
  • ed31cincyed31cincy Posts: 56
    The kinds of problems I see on many of the message boards completely amaze me. It's sad, really. To plunk down 35 large and then be frustrated month after month is terrible. I stayed away from BMW for that very reason. My neighbor worked for a BMW dealer and would bring troublesome cars home from time to time just to see if he could duplicate the customer complaint.

    I really think the blame rests on manufacturing and not on engineering. I also think the "first year curse" still lives, no matter what brand is being built.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    to Ed31cincy:

    I agree...with your assessment!

    I 'm sure the 05 and 06 TL will be great cars.

    It's just unfortunate that Acura will not address or stand behind the people like me, who were dumb enough to buy an early model TL.

    Acura’s attitude is just very poor………...
  • revrasrevras Posts: 63
    I think the vibration issue w the TL is well documented and as a previous writer suggested, if you can be happy with a great stereo and 275 hp, then perhaps a fairly punishing ride accentuated by vibrations at over 55mph is no big deal. I just wish the Acura dealers were more honest in presenting this car as a luxury auto. I may be crazy, but to me a luxury car does not vibrate, as a characteristic of the ride. At this price point there are so many other good alternatives that don't exhibit vibration - as a characteristic of the car. I purchased one of the first Integra's in the USA back when Acura was just introduced in the mid eighties. The Integra was a great car. I thought I would give Acura another try with the TL and have to say - no more Acura for me. I was fortunate tho, there is still a good market for this car and I was able to unload it with minimal financial damage after 2 months of vibrations and rough,punishing ride on uneven street surfaces Before dumping this car I did change tires but it really didn't help. As Acura is happy to point out- AFTER the sale- vibrations are a characteristic of this model.
  • Re: DVD Audio; unless I am doing something wrong, the DVD-A side of a Dual Disc (one side CD, one side DVD-A and DVD) does not work. Since it looks like most DVD-A discs are now going to be made in that format, it will be a challenge being able to get use out of the 5.1 DVD-A feature.
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