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Toyota Prius



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    I've seen several black Priuses; that seems to be the dominant color of the demo units dealers in my area got. Anyway, I think the car looks good in black, and the ivory interior is a nice contrast (I think grey is available too). I saw a black one driving past me the other day and it looked kind of stealthy. That being said, I'd never buy a black car because of all the salt spray in my area in the winter, but if you like black on a car it suits the Prius IMO.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Wide band measurement, wider than most of us can hear. Personal noise experience in one vehicle, Lexus, say, and Prius, may vary substantially due to the age of the person. Us older folks (62) can't hear well in the upper ranges but that DB meter does.
  • oldfoxoldfox Posts: 29
    Finally picked up my Salsa Red Prius this evening. Pkg 1 with 6 disc in-dash cd changer, Self-Dimming mirror with Homelink, Mats, and the ever loveable Toyoguard. Yes, I wanted Pkg 6 but live in the SE Region so you know how that goes.

    This is one beautiful automobile. Anyone trying to decide which color to get - get anything but Salsa Red, it is terrible, worst color of the lot. Whoops! Guess I gave it away with my first sentence.
    Quite a dealer experience. I find that I know so much more (Thanks to this and other forums) about the Prius. The guy who completed my loan info. said I did not have roadside assistance with just Toyoguard - I had to have Toyoguard Plus. What a load of crap. Also tried to sell me the extended warrantee pkg for $1280. Well.... I know better, (again thanks to these forums) He also said I only had two years to take advantage of this. Never heard this before, thought it was 3 yrs or 36k miles
    Looking forward to spending tomorrow morning looking the car over, reading manuals and just learning how to drive this wonderful piece of techonology.
    btw: Stealth is awsome, expect to be able to keep it in this mode longer as the car gets a few miles on it. Seems I start real slow but - You do have to keep up with traffic - and of course the icp cuts in. Hope this will get easier with time.
  • I have a 2004 Prius, build number 009751 (last part of VIN). ODO has 7,000 miles.

    This car has broken down four times -- engine shuts down completely with lots of indicator lights on dashboard. The loss of power could be dangerous. Condition persists for several hours and goes away.

    The diagnosis is that the M5 connector in the transaxle gets wet and creates incorrect signals indicating error conditions. If you have an early build 2004 Toyota, try to get this matter resolved before this happens to you. According to the technincian, you'll require a new transaxle.
  • Do you mind if I ask you where you bought in SC? I'd love to know if it were in Columbia. We have three main Toyota dealerships around here in Columbia and I just didn't get a good initial response - that's why I'm curious. And sounds like you could get yours sooner if they are being realistic. Did they tell you where you were on their list and about how many they had been getting a month? Glad to hear from someone waiting like me in SC! ;-)
  • Can you give more details about your Prius problem. You mentioned about a "loss of power" situation. Was the car idling, moving less than 25 mph, or moving at highway speeds? Where is the exact location of the M5 connector in the transaxle? It's obious that weather has something to do with this problem. At 7000 miles for a 2 month old car (assuming you got it on Oct 17. the day the car was 1st introduced), thats a lot of driving you did. Was the Toyota tech able to resolved the problem? If so, what exactly did he do to fix the porblem?

    Expect those Prius critics to have a field day exploiting this issue.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > Expect those Prius critics to have a field day exploiting
    > this issue.

    A solitary report without any detail is nothing to get excited about... though some will anyway.

    Online stories... some are legit, some are misdiagnosed problems, others are just fake.

    Why do you think I hold gatherings from time to time? It gives me the opportunity to chat with other owners in-person & off-the-record as well as actually see their own Prius up close.

    Back with the classic model, there was one single genuine problem with the CVT. That owner provided DETAIL documenting what was wrong. Toyota replaced the whole Prius (same color and everything). Problem solved.

  • This is the guy who was taking his Prius across the country - that's why the 7k miles, little pogi. But you both are right - DETAIL would be great...
  • Go to message #'s 1564, 1639, 1730, 1798 and 1799 for more history.
  • rpgolferrpgolfer Posts: 157
    Hi guys,
       What is the estimated top speed of the Prius? I know it's an mpg vehicle not performance, but I was just curious.

    oldfox- Congrats on your new Prius.

     One of the salespeople encouraged me to look at the SRP on a new Corolla to see what it's like. A good idea for checking out other Prius colors before you actually see it on the road. I personally saw the Driftwood Pearl...I loved it!
        Anybody else have the DP color? How is it holding up? Tell me about the "thin" paint coat. Is it due to age, fade or wear out prematurely?
  • According to Motor Trend, the Prius did the 1/4 mile in 17.05 secs @ 80.83 mph. A private review I read this weekend claimed to have brought one up to 102 mph - but that's Internet 2nd hand. I'll try to find it again...maybe John can verify?
  • I am about pick up my new 2004 Prius this week and I read in an earlier post about a TOYOTA LOYALTY REBATE....Does anyone know who you talk to about this. I have spoke with my dealer and with Toyota directly and neither can give me any information. Anyone know anything about this please give me any information I am in Oregon.

    >Here in Oregon there is no sales tax, cheap >registration and a $1500 tax CREDIT too. When I >add that to the Federal $2000 deduction and the >Toyota loyalty rebate of $500
  • I am about pick up my new 2004 Prius this week and I read in an earlier post about a TOYOTA LOYALTY REBATE....Does anyone know who you talk to about this. I have spoke with my dealer and with Toyota directly and neither can give me any information. Anyone know anything about this please give me any information I am in Oregon.

    >Here in Oregon there is no sales tax, cheap >registration and a $1500 tax CREDIT too. When I >add that to the Federal $2000 deduction and the >Toyota loyalty rebate of $500
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    I was intrigued about some comments on the Prius being noisy inside, based on's road test decibel measurements, while in my three test drives the Prius seemed very quiet, especially compared to my current cars, a '01 Elantra and '99 Grand Caravan--both of which I consider pretty quiet for their respective classes. So I looked at what has measured for other '04 cars, and I found they didn't have many interior sound readings for the '04s. So I looked at their road tests on the '03s too. Not all the road tests give interior sound levels, and many of the links to the detail pages on the road tests seemed to be broken, but here's all the interior noise test results I found (I didn't bother to check the road tests on convertibles):

    Model / Base $ / Db@Idle / Db@Full Throttle / DB@70 mph Cruise

    Toyota Prius / 19,995 / "53/lo" / 71 / 74
    Acura TSX / 28,490 / "Lo" / 77 / 75
    Infiniti M45 / 42,300 / "below 50" / 69 / 71
    Volvo XC90 / 39,975 / 52 / 71 / 75
    Kia Sorento / 21,300 / n/a / 74 / 71
    MB E500 / 54,850 / 53 / 74 / 76
    Infiniti FX45 / 44,225 / 51 / 78 / 76
    Bentley Arnage R / 199,990 / 51 / 75 / 73
    Lexus GX470 / 45,500 / 54 / 69 / 73
    Cadillac Escalade EXT / 50,445 / Lo / 75 / 72
    Saab 9-3 Linear / 26,525 / 52 / 78 / 78
    Mazda 6s / 21,740 / 67 / 89 / 92
    Mitsubishi Outlander / 20,070 / 77 / 100 / 96
    Subaru Baja / 23,995 / 72 / 94 / 91
    Honda Accord LX V6 / 21,159 / 66 / 88 / 92
    Toyota Matrix 4WD / 18,445 / Low / 76 / 75

    Looking at the numbers, note that the Prius' base price is lower than all but one other vehicle--the Matrix. But its interior noise levels are better than many considerably pricier vehicles, and compare pretty well with luxuxy models like the Bentley Arnage, Cadillac Escalade, and MB E500, and also with several near-luxury vehicles and mid-sized cars like the Accord and Mazda6. In fact, the only vehicles that have more than a 2 db advantage over the Prius in any score are the Infiniti M45, which is the quietest car posted scores for, and the Kia Sorento, which was 3 db quieter at cruise (but 3 db noisier at full throttle). The Matrix also fared pretty well, considering its price.

    Maybe what the Prius (and Sorento and Matrix) prove is that you don't have to buy a luxury car to get some peace and quiet. :-)
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    I don't need a dB meter to know that the Prius is quiet. Funny thing is that they measured sound levels at idle. What idle?? Once the Prius is warmed up (1-2 min in Summer, 5 at most winter) there is NO IDLE!! I know what my ears tell me. I have EXCELLENT hearing and the Prius is QUIET. I can have the music at level 12 and still chat with my passenger without yelling. Drive it and you'll agree.
  • My husband and I ordered a Prius three days after the Prius hit the lots. We put a $500 deposit down for a silver package #8. We expected to get it mid-December, but we were informed last week that it would be more like mid-January. We decided to go into the dealer yesterday to assure the price we originally decided for our vehicle (so that when it came in, we were understood as to what the price would be). When the saleman came back with the price sheet, we were pleased to see the numbers were worked as we expected. Although, we didn't see anything listing WHAT package the vehicle was (we wanted to make sure it was the right car before agreeing). When the guy showed us the vehicle sheet (which he was hesitant to do) it was not even our sheet and it was a package #7! Therefore, the price we were agreeing on was NOT the car we order and overpriced (since 7's are less than 8's), for that matter. The guy then goes to the "secret man," as they always do, only to come back and say "oh, we can't get 8's...they're not making them didn't know that??" AHHHH! He said all they can get are 7's and 9's. Then he came back with another price sheet (the price of the 9) and said that THIS is the car we ordered. I was outraged that we put our money down for an 8...which we were EXTREMELY clear about...and now we will have no car unless we fork out the extra $3000 on a package we didn't order. I'm really frustrated. If it's true they are not making 8's anymore, then fine...but it would have been nice to know that when we placed our order. Our dealer has been offering 7's to people and if we would have known there are no 8's, we would have liked to have dibs on some of the 7's. So, just a warning, if you have ordered an 8, be sure to check RIGHT NOW with your dealer to make sure you're really getting what you ordered! Has anyone out there ordered an 8 and actually taken delivery?

    Frustrated Jennifer
  • I wrote msg #1730. It was an M5 problem. Am not a mechanical person so can't give more detail about that. But when my failure happened, it was the day after driving in extremely rainy conditions. I was going about 75 when the warning lights started flashing. No loss of steering control but there was no acceleration either. I think that if I hadn't pulled over, I would have drifted to a stop. It is raining today and I have to drive to a destination about an hour away. Hope I get there.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > I've been reading about the transaxle problems on the
    > earliest Priuses.

    Clarification on that statement is what I was looking for details on. I certainly haven't seen any of those posts. Online groups are a conduit for complaints. So that is where I'd expect to read about them, just like the statement implies.

    As far as it appears, it is just an isolated incident. Which is an unfornate reality. Even with 99.9% excellent, someone will still get stuck being the 0.1% consumer.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I noticed how the quietness adds to the luxury aura as well. Plus, it's zero decibels at idle. They pulled it up for me to test drive and it was completely silent.

    A Lexus LS430 produces a cacophany of noise in comparison. ;-)

    People should not overlook these less obvious benefits: range, quietness, HOV lane access, no sales tax in some states, tax deduction, torque at idle, etc. It's not just about MPGs.

  • Hello all:

    Recieved my prius a week ago, promptly a snow storm occurred. Handled pretty good overall in snow.

    Quick question:

    Can the Traction control be disabled if you are stuck in snow? I have read the manual late at night and did not see any reference to this matter.

    thanks in advance

  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Be sure and post your buying experience in the Toyota Prius: Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion. It helps other prospective buyers with their trip to the dealership.

  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > Can the Traction control be disabled if you are stuck in snow?

    The purpose of TRAC is actually to protect the CVT. So disabling that control is not likely possible.

    If you find the need to routinely overspin the tires (which is never recommended since it literally scraps off the rubber), you should switch to snow tires. Those that have say it makes such a big improvement that there isn't a need for anything beyond that. Another option is to carry sand or a gripper to place under the slipping tire.

  • J:

    Already have snow tires on.

    Don't need to overspin tires often but if caught in a parking lot in a snow storm for a few hours the snow gets kinda deep from plows and thus difficult to move. Also another occasion the big snow plows block certain off-ramps. I've never been stuck but have seen others stuck.

    My Bimmer 5-series has a disabling feature for such an occurance.

    In short, TRAC is to protect the CVT? really? But your 2001 prius doesn't have TRAC no?

    Let me rephase my question:

     " Is there not a button that can temporary disable the TRAC (<1 minute) "

    Not looking to pernamently disable the system.


  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    You might be able to disable it by removing the ABS pump/motor fuse, or unplug the pumpmotor itself.

    On my 00 GS300 if the driven wheels slipped then the brakes were applied followed in a few hundred milliseconds by dethrottling the engine. I found that if I lifted the gas pedal the very instant Trac activated the brakes then dethrottling did not occur and then by "feathering" the gas pedal to avoid slippage I could move forward expeditously.

    Lexus said that in my particular case the dethrottling was, otherwise, to prevent over-heating of the brakes and subsequent warping of the rotors.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The Toyota Sequoia has an AWD system using an open diff'l and using individual wheel(s) braking to apportion engine torque. Brake apportioned toque basically operates the same way as Trac on your FWD Prius.

    On the Sequoia when a wheel spins the brakes are applied, lightly, to that wheel to force torque to the wheel(s) with traction. If no wheels has enough traction to move forward and the driver attempts to spin the wheels to get unstuck the engine will be quickly dethrottled.

    On the Sequoia if the above condition exists for more than 45 seconds the ABS pump/motor is automatically disabled so the driver will not persist and thereby damage the brakes, rotors, or even the driveline, worse case.

    But then the Sequoia, unlike your Prius, has a backup 4WD system wherein the center diff'l is locked and Trac is disabled.

    And please remember that snowchains on a FWD vehicle can quickly become extremely hazardous.

    My answer would be to leave the Prius, or any FWD vehicle, at home in a nice safe garage if the roads outside are slippery.
  • here's the deal...I called around this morning to find out if my dealer was being truthful about the availability of Package #8 in the mid-atlantic region. Evidently it's package #8's will be in the mid-atlantic inventory. The southeastern region however, doe sell package #8. Too bad my dealership failed to mention that to me months ago when I placed my order. I could have had an order in N.C. (right over the state line) which is considered southeast. Now, I have to wait until 2005 (or so I hear) if I place a new order with the southeast region!! Aaagghhhh!! What has happened to customer service?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Traction control manages the differential, which would otherwise be open. That would mean a single wheel slipping could receive all torque.

    So the T/C basically doubles your odds of finding traction, really.

  • galootgaloot Posts: 13
    I didn't order it from a Columbia dealer. As you can probably tell, I don't trust dealers to be on the level with anyone. I wouldn't put it past them to sell a Prius to a higher bidder no matter where you are in line when they get a car. There are too many people chasing too few cars, and dealers will gouge mercilessly under those circumstances. In addition, I don't like some of what I'm hearing about the Southeast Distributor either, but, I'll be glad to tell where I got the car if and when I get it.
    Good Luck with yours.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636 sure and call Toyota corporate in the US 1-800-GO TOYOTA and tell them about your dealership experience - that they should have told you months ago they couldn't get the car/package you had put a deposit on and were basically getting ready to bait & switch you.

    Toyota needs to know what their dealers are doing. A while back in another Toyota discussion, the person did call and did get some assistance from Toyota corporate on a dealer/purchase issue.

    Good luck.
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