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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ohnims2 - please share the name and location of the dealer that gave you that deal! ;) I am the NYC metro area and I am in the market to buy within the next few weeks.
  • simyasimya Posts: 2
    I received a quote today from a dealership for a jet black X5 3.0 with tobacco Nevada leather, with the following options:

    3rd row seat
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package Rear Climate
    Technology Package
    Automatic Tailgate
    Running Boards
    iPod & USB adapter
    Sirius Satellite Radio

    MSRP $57,770
    Quote $51,500
    with the .9% financing

    Did I work a good deal?
  • bond007jbbond007jb Posts: 38
    I am getting X5 59875 MSRP with the same options (Premium, Sports, Running Boards, iPod, Cold Weather, Rear Climate, 3rd Row Seats) for 52K, good price, do you think? Invoice on this is about 55K, so it is coming to about 3K below invoice.
  • mikey777mikey777 Posts: 9
    Hi, I just bought an X5 at Difeo NJ from SS. He was really pleasant to work with, no pressure, just a great guy. Mine included premium, cold weather, rear climate, auto tailgate, and technology package for $49,5k. We also did the financing for .9% for 5 years.
  • bond007jbbond007jb Posts: 38
    Congrats, looks like a good price, though you might have had a tad bit more wiggle room. None of the car sites are showing any manufacturer incentives, looks likes the auto journalists are having an intelligence failure aka CIA ;) There definitely seems to be more manufacturer incentives in play than just a premium package credit.

    On my end, I did end up buying the X5 and I did get the .9% financing with 0 drive off costs. Couldn't miss out on a free loan ;) Man do I love driving it, it's awesome for an SUV, though I still love my 98 328is, which has only improved in driving over the years. As they say, once a BMW addict, forever an addict :D

    How is your driving experience. Any particular reason you did not pick the sports package?

  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    The info on the $2505 marketing support is very much appreciated. Purchased a 2008 X5 today $5500 under MSRP (53,675 MSRP) with the 0.9% financing.

    I left a few dollars on the table, but I deal with good sales guy and he gives me excellent service.

    The dealer wasn't freely offering up information on the marketing incentive.
  • sithayansithayan Posts: 3
    I received a quote today for X5 3.0 with Space gray/grayNevada leather, with the following options:

    Rear Entertainment
    3rd row seat
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package Rear Climate
    Technology Package
    Rear heated seats
    Premium Sound
    Running Boards
    iPod & USB adapter
    Sirius Satellite Radio
    Running boards

    MSRP $61170Quote $53600
    with the .9% financing
    Do I take it or wait for 09s.
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    I would grab it. Excellent deal if you want all of those options.
  • Thanks for the advice.

    Did get the X5 for 53300+TTL in MD along with 0.9% financing.
  • wtf_123wtf_123 Posts: 9
    I have been reading these pages for months as I tried to decide what to get to replace my 2006 4.4 X5 (2 yr lease) After test driving a dozen different cars, I ended up with another X5 (what else, right?). So, I thought I would share my experience.

    Alpine White
    Tech Pkg (handy rear camera)
    Sport Pkg with those great looking wheels
    Premium Pkg
    Sat Radio
    Rear Climate
    Auto Tailgate
    Running Boards
    Heated Seats
    and probably other things I am forgetting . . .

    The only options I would have wanted to add would be comfort access and the premium sound, but I am going to upgrade the speakers on my own, so it's not a big deal. Also, I have been putting a key in the ignition for 20 years. I think I can continue to do it!

    My salesguy leased me my last X5 (750/mo, incl. tax, no down, 2 yr lease on the 06 4.4i - well loaded) and sold my fiancee her 328i coupe for dollars over invoice when they first came out and competing dealers would not even bargain for less than $2000 over invoice) so I went back to him again.

    MSRP was 68,000. I ended up at 62,000 -- the so-called "invoice" was 64,000. It's a 3 yr lease, again no money down, 12k/yr, for 870/mo incl. tax (I notice a lot of lease prices reported on this site do not clarify that they are before tax). Best of all, no hassles, no pressure.

    BTW, the 3.0 deals seemed to be much, much better. Many in the 3-4+K under "invoice" range.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    After test driving a dozen different cars, I ended up with another X5 (what else, right?). So, I thought I would share my experience

    Would you share what other dozen cars did you test? X6 cayenne ML RX LX?

  • wtf_123wtf_123 Posts: 9
    I ran the gamut -

    A4 Avants (wagon) - 2.0T, S4 -- the 2.0T is a nice little car, but underpowered. The S4 version is very fast for a wagon. Audi's are nice cars, with great interiors, but the handling is not as good as BMWs in my opinion. The lease packages are terrible too. My local Audi dealer quoted me around 800/mo. with tax, no money down, on a MSRP 41,000 A4 Avant and over 1000/mo on an S4 Avant with a 57,000 MSRP. The residuals for 3 yr leases are in the low 40%s, which are terrible.

    Lexus RX350/400h -- decent power, safe, nice interiors and features. Oh, did I mention I almost put the car into a tree because I fell asleep while driving them? Boring, safe, smooth, soft brakes, decent pickup in the hybrid because of increased torque. With good options they become pricey - over 52,000 for a 400h with decent options.

    New FX35 - this car was very fun. A well equipped (Nav with traffic, etc) one goes for like 48,000 MSRP with decent mileage. These have an upgraded version of that great Nissan 6 cyl engine. Handling was decent. So was the braking. Acceleration was very impressive, as expected. Interior is gaudy but improved. Problem is, with leasing the way it is for many car brands, I was not going to see a huge improvement in monthly payments, and if I can get an X5 for 870/mos, why would I get an Infiniti for $670 or whatever it would have been?

    X6 - I test drove the 35i, which is the TT engine similar to what is used in the 535 and 335. It was pretty fast and handled ok. I can't really figure out what this car is all about. I like the way it looks, but it had no practical application to me. Seats 4, like a 3 series coupe, with decent storage space. The lease packages are terrible. A 68,000 MSRP X6 will run you close to 1200/mos on a lease payment.

    Q7 -- Audi is pushing very hard to send these out the door, but they cannot compete with BMW. I tested both versions. You have to get the 4.2. The 3.6 felt very sluggish. All of them have way more body sway then the X5. The interiors are great and super luxurious. But, after hours of haggling, the best I could get out of them was 930/mos on a 66,000 MSRP car. Forget it.

    Highlander Hybrid - terrible handling. Cheap wood effects and cheap interiors. Surprisingly more expensive after options than you would imagine.

    I also looked at, yes, a Prius, 535i (I used to have a 2004 530i, so there was no question I would love it, but I wanted more room), Chevy Tahoes are nice, but way too big for me.
  • ozamozam Posts: 5 $2,000 under invoice, plus .9% financing a reasonable target for a new X5? In the south I am finding invoice +$500. Should the the deal be worse if you request the vehicle to be built?

    Has anyone noticed that the used car market for 07 X5's makes no sense relative to the great deals on the 2008s. In the end you save no money after financing, get a car with less warranty/maintenance, and have a lower residual. What gives?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    Price depends a little on the relationship with your dealer. BMW dealers aren't used to getting hammered over price. I used to think 1 - 1.5K over invoice was fair for a BMW. With the premium package deal (2500) that moved my target to 1 - 1.5K under invoice. This is with a dealer that I plan to do other business with.

    Best bet is to talk in with the invoice price and remind the dealer of the premium package discount. Worked great for me.

    The 2007 used market hasn't caught up because the dealers are going to take it in the shorts and are hoping for a sucker to pay their price. The bottom dropped out so quickly that dealers were left holding SUVs they overpaid for.
  • ozamozam Posts: 5
    Exactly my thoughts.....given the current market, buying an SUV is a very dicey propostion. Who knows what their values will be 5 years from now. One indication is that lease residuals are in the low 30% range. One almost has to be super aggresive with the dealer just to keep their cost as low as possible on the front end knowing the values will be very low a few years from now.
  • How many miles per yr. did you get on the X5 lease. I couldn't opt for the lease 'cause I will probably be doing between 12K-15K miles per yr.
  • wtf_123wtf_123 Posts: 9
    Are you talking about my lease? 3 years, 36,000 miles.

    Also, I agree with the prior posters -- used to be you went in, SUV or not, and tried to give the dealer 3% over the invoice. With the premium package credit, you can legitimately offer over $1K below invoice or more and still get a decent deal.

    Another thing I noticed is that versus its competition, BMW is at least trying to push decent deals. The Audi dealerships I dealt with "said" they wanted to sell the Q7s and were pushing big dollars off MSRP (from 66,000 to 60,000), but a 43% residual after 3 years versus the 57% for the X5 makes that a terrible deal. Case in point, Audi could not even get below 940/mos including tax for the MSRP 66,000 Q7, which, mind you, was not as well loaded as the 68,000 MSRP X5 I got, nor can it compare in driving quality, etc. Also, don't forget the better maintenance package you get with a BMW.
  • wtf_123wtf_123 Posts: 9
    BTW, to go to 15,000 miles a year versus 12,000 is only another 30 or 40 bucks a month. I believe BMW charges 15 cents a mile when signing the lease, right? If you go over, they charge you 20 cents a mile.

    Also, you can "buy" miles over your lease within a certain period before the lease ends for 15 cents versus the 20 cents they would charge if you go over and return the car.

    For comparison, and I did not verify this, Audi claimed their overage for mileage is 25 cents.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,395
    From BMWFS, extra miles above 15K can be purchased at $.15 per mile. It is $.25 per mile if you turn the car in and go over at the end of the lease. You can purchase extra miles during your lease for $.16 per mile.

    BMW's high residuals make them very attractive to lease vs. the competition, especially at or below invoice pricing.

    I've read somewhere that BMW has been getting killed with off lease cars that aren't worth as much as their "pumped up" residuals and sometime soon may not offer such generous residuals for leases.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    That is true. BMWs always have been blessed by the industry with the highest residuals of any large scale manufacturer. However, BMWFS has been subsidizing (inflating) the residuals to make the leases more attractive. Audi did this for a period of time 2003-2006, but once the cars were turned in, they were stuck with a hefty bill. They have stopped that practice. Audi feels they can improve their sales with low APR financing, as well as more attractive products
  • I find your post really helpful, if you please can share the name of the dealer and the sales person you worked with. I 'm getting probably 30 dollars less of what you are paying but for a 3.0 wich is a whole different car. I 'd apreciate the time you take to reply to this message. Jesus
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Thanks for replying, I really appreciate it.

    My 3 choice are X6 FX and RX not so sure about RX.

    I am really considering getting X6 would like to know how does it compare to X5 FX and RX?

    How fast does X6 v6 compare to the x5 v8? is the X6 louder and less smother than X5 RX FX?

    I am really confused. Haven't seen the new FX so don't know about it but the price is a lot better than X6.

    Personally I don't like nissan thats the reason not sure about Infiniti.

    My first choice is X6 but is very expensive currently and not sure about the turbo engine and its a first year model. I wonder will it last for 5 years? How reliable is it? I've read a lot of issues with the X5

    I am sure you already know after reading my post how confused I am.

    I might end up with a normal sedan.
  • Has anyone recent pricing experience (purchase)? I am seeing .9% in August, yet no reference to the Premium incentive that was in place in July. I am looking at 3 X5's in a tight price band of 64,500 - 66,000 MSRP. Thanks for any help!
  • ozamozam Posts: 5
    A walk out price (before sales tax but after any fees) of $500 below invoice is definitely "doable" on 2008 X5s. Plus you can get .9% financing for 5 years which equates to another $3-4k discount. My guess is that this deal will not last too long as BMW has announced production cuts in 09. Given that this is the model year end, in some extreme circustances (i.e. a car on the lot for months) deals as good as $1500 below invoice may be available.
  • Hey Mr wtf_123 I find your post really helpful, please can you tell me the name of the dealer you worked with and the name of the sales person? Thanks
  • bizziebizzie Posts: 22
    Please give your thoughts about this lease:

    Cold weather
    Heated seats
    Rear climate
    3rd row
    running board
    (all that but no sunglass holder!)

    Out of pocket (incudes Tax)=4000
    768/month (includes the tire repalcement warranty for run-flats)

    Thank you.
  • I am looking for some help in pricing out this X5 4.8.

    3rd Row
    Running Board

    MSRP: $60275
    Invoice: $55475
    Offered price: $55188 with 0.9%

    What do you guys think about this price? In reading these forums, I see ppl getting better discounts. When talking to Internet Sales Mgrs at various dealerships (So Cal) this is the best so far. Please advise.

    Anybody know when the 09's are coming out. Mercedes got theirs on sale already.
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    BMW has a $1595 incentive on the X5 4.8. So that should place you at 500 under invoice at a minimum. The 2009s are being built starting in September, so you should be in a good position.

    Your best bet is to make a firm offer.
  • zoich3zoich3 Posts: 1
    "BMW has a $1595 incentive on the X5 4.8 " Where did you find this source? is it reliable? I haven't come across it in any of the car sites...

    Thanks, This would be helpful since I'm in negotiation with a dealer for a 4.8 X5
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    Not exactly top secret. It's on the BMW USA website. Just look under finance offers.
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