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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • amorinaamorina Posts: 4
    Are dealers still giving the premium package credit of $2050?

    Anyone getting better deals (1500 or more below invoice?) now that the 09 will be coming out soon?
  • oohaahoohaah Posts: 1
    I purchased my X5 3.0si $2265 below invoice a week ago.
    I'm in OC, Southern California. Some dealers refused to give me the premium package credit of $2595 at that time, but I'm pretty sure they're going to have to offer $25k below invoince by the end of this month.
  • I just got a 2008 x5 3.0 last week for $500 below invoice. The dealer gave me a much higher price to start and did not include a premium package discount until a mentioned it. Then the dealer tried to convince me the price he gave included a premium package discount. We ended up splitting the difference by giving me about $1000 credit off the price. This got me to $500 below dealer invoice or about 5k off MSRP
  • dkla76dkla76 Posts: 41
    hey what dealership was this?
    i found one willing to beat 2500 below invoice. (most said they can match).

    I got 10k off MSRP on ML350 and lexus GX470.
    dont know if its possible with X5.

    im trying to shoot for 8000 off MSRP.
  • Any of you can tell me if its worth paying the extra money for the 4.8 over the 3.0? I'm trying to decide on any of those. I got a QUOTE on a 4.8 MSRP 69,425 with invoice at 64,380 and Selling price on this one 4.8 $62195.. includes the - 1685 credit option and - 500 discount... Any help would be apreciated.
  • dkla76dkla76 Posts: 41
    hey so if i dont get the premium package, whats the price i can get?
    just invoice???
  • amorinaamorina Posts: 4
    I don't have a premium package in the car I am looking at and the dealership gave me the 2505 credit anyhow.

    Sounds like most of you are getting close to invoice or below invoice on top of this credit?
  • dkla76dkla76 Posts: 41

    so u mean u got 2505 below invoice without Premium Package?
    if not how much below invoice was it?
    which dealership is this?
  • amorinaamorina Posts: 4
    I am still negotiating. I was saying that even though I am looking at a vehicle that does not have the premium package in it .....dealers are still offering this credit. In other words, the car you are looking at does not necessarily have to have the premium package on it for you to get the credit. This is a dealer incentive that they can use at their discretion.

    Yes I am looking to negotiate so that I get close to invoice PLUS the credit.
    I think this is reasonable given that many dealers have quite a few X5s on their lot and 2009s are coming out soon. Thoughts?
  • I got an X5 3.0 MSRP 59825 with Prem, Sport, 3rd Row, Tech, Running Boards, iPod, Cold Weather, Rear Climate (Pretty much loaded) for 52K even. The invoice on this was about 55K. I also got the .9% financing. This was last month so dunno if things have changed much since then.

    On the ques. of getting a 4.8 vs 3.0 I wish I got the 4.8 but my logical thinking overpowered me. Spending 10Gs more for a bigger engine, lower gas mileage would not have converted my X5 into an M3 beater, rather get the M3 later on for the thrills ;) I would mention, I have found the 3.0 to be quite peppy, accelerates well, and giving me 17mpg in mixed driving. I am hoping the avg. will improve over time. I have 1000 miles on it.
  • dkla76dkla76 Posts: 41
    i think if u can get 2000 below invoice without premium package then its a good deal now.
  • I agree for sugestion of the 3.0 over the 4.8 but if you make numbers the difference between one and the other is around 5 grand and not 10k. The extras put the 4.8 trough the roof. I just wanna get a 4.8 ,sports pkg,nav, parkin distance, running boards and ipod connection. If its possible to get the 20" rims "Y" style. Invoice on this type of car plus extras is around 57,9 with premium discount maybe I can get it down to 56 or something. I don't now, maybe I'm crazy but do you guys think it is possible to get this kind of deal?
  • Nothing is crazy, I have read someone got the X5 4.8 Dealer test drive vehicle with a few hundred miles for less than the price of a similarly equipped 3.0, you might be able to find a similar deal. What I have noticed is that dealers have fewer 4.8s in stock and are also less willing to bargain on the same. The price/bargaining power also depends on region. Regions with multiple BMW dealerships usually have better deals. I will suggest the following strategy:
    1. Request for dealer quotes from
    2. Get some concrete nos. from dealers who contact you, they usually try to back pedal on numbers and will try to get you down to the dealership so that they can do their voodoo magic on you ;)
    3. Check out the car at the dealerships, don't take your checkbook with you on the first visit, so that it is easier to walk.
    4. Once you are well informed, contact all the dealerships and quote the price you think will work for you, someone will eventually bite it.

    No harm in trying, wish you good luck.
  • Hi Bond007,

    I am actually looking to buy a 2008 X5 3.0 with premium package and we do not really need a lot of options just the basic things. But I need your advice based on the discussions that I see, someone said that they got a $2,550 below invoice wo the premium package, is that possible? The invoice price is $42,505 and if it is true, the price he is getting is $40,505. Pls advice I am pretty new in this forum and would appreciate any advice what would be a reasonable price.

    Tks a lot!

  • Looking at a X5 3.0is. Reviewing all the responses regarding the Premium Package marketing incentive to dealers. Could someone reply with detailed information regardng this incentive to include amount of incentive, expiration of incentive, etc.? Thank you in advance.
  • n1g1fln1g1fl Posts: 8
    Just visited Dealership in So FL and without much trouble was offered invoice price and a credit for the premium package ($1600) for the 4.8i - for a total of around $1600 under invoice - could prob swing another 500-1000 with more haggling
  • Did anyone get hit with dealer fees (inspection, registration, tire recycling, etc)

    Also, what have you guys done on purchasing warranties (extended warranty, dent protection, tire protection)
  • I have seen folks get the so called "Premium Pkg Credit" on a vehicle not equipped with Premium Package. Having said that I don't think you will get one similarly equipped on a dealer lot, and dealers are willing to deal more on the vehicles in their lot than a special order. Also note that as you add options the MSRP/Invoice prices do go up but then the dealers also get more margins to bargain with. So you might not get a great deal on a less equipped vehicle but at the same time you also won't get all the options for free.

    I would suggest looking for a car on the lot with the fewest acceptable options for you and see if you can reach an agreement on price.

    Cheers and Good Luck
  • Want to add that folks who got the Prem. Pkg Credit on a non Prem. Pkg equipped X5 probably got a vehicle with other added on options. Bare bones X5 are hard to find on dealer lots, unless you find a canceled order. You will probably have to special order and may not be able to get the credit on such equipped vehicle. You might also lose out on resale value, 'cause most people want certain options in the car, I can think of Leather and Navigation and my personal choice would be Sports Pkg.

    Cheers and Good Luck
  • jjj10jjj10 Posts: 2
    Hey, guys.
    I am actually looking to buy a 2008 X5 3.0.
    Here are the options.
    Alpine White, Premium pack, real climate pack, tech pack., automatic tailgate, running boards. satelite radio MSRP 53945, 825 destination charge.
    Dealer offered 56000 including title and tax with 0.9% financing.
    What should I offer?
    Reading this forum, 50K is quite enough for dealer.
    Advices are more than welcome. Thank you.
  • The prices you are seeing for 2-3k below invoice does NOT include tax. So you are not really comparing the same thing. I highly doubt that they are willing to go 3k below invoice INCLUDING tax. I don't know where you are or what tax rate you are paying but for 54k MSRP I'm guessing the invoice is around 50k and you should be looking at 47-48k before tax to negotiate
  • jjj10jjj10 Posts: 2
    Thank you stockguru!!
    I am in Fort Lauderdale near Miami.
    Tax is 6%. The Invoice price of the car is about 50,380. Thus, I guess 50K to 51K including tax might be reasonable price. What do you think?

    Thank you for your adivice, Stockguru.
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    No one is dealing on the 4.8 in the NYC/Bayside/LI/NJ area. All I wanted was Rear entertainment, 3rd row, and Sport. I want the Sport package the most but cannot get it...I CAN get an otherwise fully loaded car for over $1,000.00 per month. Perhaps I should wait to see what happens in September. I can custom a 2009 diesel? Any thoughts? I am new to leasing: neither my spouse nor I had ever heard of an M factor....
  • First of all thanks to this forum. Been reading for a while and got a lot of idea regarding negotiating Invoice Pricing plus Premium package discount.

    I just got a deal today. The MSRP is $57475 and got invoice less Premium package. I got 7K off MSRP.

    Premium PKg
    Tech. Package
    Rear Climate pkg
    comfort access keyless entry
    3rd Row seat
    heated seat
    Auto tailgate

    Driving it off to my garage tomorrow.
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    We may lease since the technology is changing. May be able to get one with Sport, Premium,Rear Climate,Running Boards, Cold Weather,Comfort Access, Navigation,Sirius (incl one year subscription) and Third Row for $5,000 down and $851 per month for 36 months. I am going to the dealer today to doublecheck. The $450GL, fully loaded, is significantly less although the price is to buy.
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    I am located in Southampton, LI if that is relevant.
    Car man- any advice?
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    Hi, I have a X5 4.8 in Southampton, LI with Prem, Cold, Nav, Sirius, Running Board,Sport, Comfort, Rear Climate, and 3rd Row in Southampton, LI. I am doublechecking on options today so I can be exact on this forum. The lease is for 36 mos & price is $851 with 5K down. Too much? The car is Not located here but can be obtained. Should I continue to negotiate? Try to get their more fully loaded on site vehicle which,however, lacks Sport- for the same price? As August winds down, is dealer more or less likely to deal?
  • ltpdihltpdih Posts: 3
    Hi, I received the following quote from a CT BMW dealer. NY/NJ dealers don't seem to want to play. Is this a good deal?
    Exterior: Space Grey Metallic Interior: Black Leather
    Packages: Premium, Tech, Rear Climate, Cold Weather
    Options: Automatic Tailgate, IPod, Sirius

    MSRP: $64,500 +/- a few $
    Invoice: $59,560
    Selling Price: $58,875

    I'm also adding towing packing which they quoted at $1017.15 saying it is their "cost". Got a quote from a NJ dealer and they were $100+/- higher on towing.

    What do you think?
  • eaw801eaw801 Posts: 21
    Are you buying or leasing? What dealer are you using? Please let me know as soon as it is convenient. I may have to go to CT.
  • ltpdihltpdih Posts: 3
    Given the amount of miles we drive per year, we are buying. Lease deal would have been good if we could go with 10K per year as I've bought from this dealer before they were going to give me the BMW Owner's loyalty lease rate.
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