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2015 Nissan Titan Prices Paid



  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Brian, here is what's available at a very aggressive price dealership in the DC area (but it may not be an accurate indication of what's going on in your market area):

    Year: 2004
    Make: Nissan
    Model: Titan
    Trim: LE


    MSRP: $38,490
    Invoice: $34,555
    Internet Price : $31,655

    It seems to have most, if not all, of what your truck has, so let the above #s be a guide. This is a real deal, not a phony price. Good luck, and bargain hard! The deals are out there!!
  • I am in the southern suburbs of Chicago and I'm looking for a quality dealer to go through. Has anyone purchased a new '05 model in this area? Was the dealer willing to negotiate a competitive price? I am looking at an SE crew cab, 4wd, pop. package w/ power buckets, big tow package, off-road package, and utility bed options. Has anyone gotten below invoice on a truck like this? Thanks to anyone that can answer my questions, it is very much appreciated.
  • Have 2 deals possible:


    (1) Smoke LE with DVD, Tow Package MSRP $35290 for $29300;


    (2) Black LE with above plus Navigation and Sunroof. MSRP of $38-plus. No firm price, but was told they would go $6K off with all rebates applied.


    Should I keep working it or pull the trigger on one of these? From the posts it looks like a spread of from $5500 to $7000 in discounts. Thanks,


  • Are these crew cabs? The second one sounded like a better deal if it is a crew cab. Todd, I think you need to get the final numbers on the deals. They could easily change after you decide to purchase. I would take the second deal if it is a crew cab. Did you fish around to get more than one dealer to bid for your business? Competition always works to the consumers' advantage. I do think you could do better like about 31500 for the number two deal. That is just my opinion. I decided to wait till the discounts kicked in for the trucks. It definitely saved an extra 6 or 7 grand.
  • hogan3hogan3 Posts: 12
    Does anyone have an idea when there will be incentives and rebates on the 2005's and what they may be?
  • Anyone leased a Titan in the last month with the current deals? What kind of deals can you strike right now? monthly payment, downpayment, etc.


    Maybe you just buy this truck but what kind of resale values and build quality are we looking at on this truck? I have a 2001 Chevrolet Z71 extended cab LT and I love it, but it needs a few grand worth of work. So, I am considering trading in and getting another truck. I looked at the new Chevy Crew Cabs and like them alot but have heard better things about the Titan in Edmunds, Road and Track, and Car and Driver. The reviewers don't really seem to like the Chevys too much.


    What do y'all think on these items?
  • They are both crew cabs and I am leaning to the second deal as well but that dealership seems less reputable and is harder to get to deal over the phone - they want you to come in before they will talk seriously and that is why I am iffy on their "offer". Thanks for your input.
  • There is a 1500 dollar rebate last time I checked on the 05 model. I don't know if it has changed at all.
  • I recommend Continental Nissan in Countryside, IL. It's a few minutes off the interchange of I-55 and I-294. I bought an '02 Frontier and an '04 Quest minivan through them and they were the 2 easiest car deals I've ever done. Ask for the internet manager (the forum rules say I can't give his name). I live in the NW Suburbs of Chicago with 2 dealers very close to me and after shopping around, it was worth the 30 minute drive to this dealer. On my truck, they even dealer traded a higher end model to get me the exact one I wanted without any question. They asked me what I wanted and went and got it. Good luck with your shopping.
  • 04 titan LE crew cab with big tow, side airbags, splash guards,floor mats and bed extender.I paid $30.500.00 out the door. viper....
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Thanks for following the rules. I am sure your information provided will help others. Thanks again and enjoy for new vehicles! You may want to visit our Owners clubs. Browse by board on the left of page or see direct links at top of page.
  • hogan3hogan3 Posts: 12
    I worked out a deal for a 04 le titan w/options for$35800 turns out the vechicle is a demo and has 1100 or so miles on it. My questions are first is it a bad idea to buy a demo and if I was going to buy it how much could I deduct for it, would the deal be that much better and end up with a used truck?

            Thanks for all your help!!!!
  • Wanted to see if anyone has bought in the central virginia area? I dealt with a dealer a few monrhs ago but could not finalize a deal. I was considering a CC LE 4x4 with big tow, floor mats, and splash guards. The best deal was $32375 before rebates. I think I can do better now...any thoughts.
  • Demos are supposed to give a better discount than unused vehicles. What kind of options are you talking about for the Titan? I would buy it if it was fully loaded and a crew cab. I mean navigation, dvd player, sunroof, the works. Is this with the rebate included? Could you provide a little more information on the options list? I would go to edmunds price with options and do a run down of the truck. I think with all the options you could at least do like 32500. That is just my opinion.
  • I would take the deal if that is the price before the rebates. That's a great deal for 4x4 to be an le model. What was the name of the dealership? The 2000 dollar rebate would have made it 30375.00 and that is pretty good. You can put in your zipcode in edmunds tmv area and gives you an idea of the vehicle is selling in that area.
  • I am from the Metro area and have requested several prices - one dealership replied Rosenthal. Please provide the dealer name so I can make sure a request goes to them. I need to buy something ASAP.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    That would be darcars nissan. Happy hunting.
  • I have been looking at buying a new truck. I currently have a Ram 1500 Quad cab but given all the buzz about the Titan I thought I'd consider it as well in my looking. I don't like a truck with a lot of electronic extras and was looking for a basic and safe truck. I guess I don't understand Nissan's packaging of requires options.


    If I want a limited slip differential why can't I order it in a 4 wheel drive truck. Why do I need $10,000 in options to order side air bags, I thought that was a safety item that would not need to be packaged with all the other electronic crap. It sure doesn't look like the Titan can be configured the way you want it! Only the way to maximize profits. Even Toyota can be ordered with stand alone side air bags.

    Well to Titans credit they are at least available, They don't seem to be available on Ford or Chevy Quad Cabs, guess safety does not sell. Rick
  • hogan3hogan3 Posts: 12
    I am thinking about buying an extended warranty for a nissan titan, it cost $1300.00 for up to 100,000 miles. Are these really worth it for the amount of money you have to pay? Also how negoiatable is this price?
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    extended warranty (if its a NISSAN warranty) is definitely worth it! you have one or two issues that the warranty covers, it's paid for itself. there is some leeway in the price, but don't expect much negotiating...especially if you've haggled the heck out of the price of the car you are buying - dealerships, if they give up money on the deal, HAVE to make money elsewhere. otherwise, why stay open? what benefit does the dealership have of staying open, if they cant make money ANYWHERE?


    give it a shot though, it cant hurt, but i wouldnt expect them to take off much, if any on the warranty - still a great value for what you pay! hope that helps! (and yes, i work in a car dealership as a salesperson)


    happy motoring!


  • I've received what I consider high lease quotes from a couple of dealers here in the Detroit area for a 2004 Titan Crew Cab LE with Big Tow.


    The dealer is offering $496/month, 0 down for 36 months. The MSRP is $36000. This seems awfully high, considering it is a 2004 model, and I can lease a new Ford F150 Lariat for about 300/month with A plan discount. I estimate they are only reducing the price to about $30k.


    What kinds of deals are you guys seeing out there? It seems like the leases aren't that great for Titans. I'm currently leasing an Altima 3.5SE, and thought they'd give me a deal.


    Thanks in advance
  • sly2sly2 Posts: 1
    looking for SE KC 4X4 FOR AROUND $24,000 ON 2004 MODEL.
  • Hi Titan Owners,

    Mu hubby & I are looking at Titans, and the local (Dallas) dealer we went to tonight had every single Titan marked up $3200 with "Dealer Added Options" of "Paint Sealant," "Fabric Sealant," and "Tire Protection" which added $3200 to the price of every Titan on the lot. (The tire protection consisted of insurance in case you blew a tire and it wrecked your wheel too, for a whole 36K miles). Is this BS or what? Do all Nissan dealers do this? After all the research on pricing I had done online, I was shocked to see the prices on the vehicles so much higher with this obvious boloney markup. Does leather need a sealant? Does the new paint used these days need a sealant? What kind of crap is this? Any advice? This is the kind of stuff that makes new car shopping a nightmare. I hate to say it, but we may end up going back to the (cringe) Chevy dealer....


  • Looking for best price in the southeastern part of Va for a Titan 4X4 crew cab SEpopular package w/Rockford Fosgate, Offroad,Big Tow, Utility bed and theater packages. Best price so far has been $35,722 does not include 1000 rebate.Thanks
  • I feel it for you.


    My dad used to tell me that there are more than a single dealer in the world and go for the next. If that Nissan dealer stinks we can go to other Nissan dealers. If Titans are sold too pricey at all Nissan dealers we can buy other makes as you suggested.


    Having said that, I hope that you can find a Titan with your desired price range.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,925
    Yeap, I'd say find another dealer. But, like you said, those are dealer added "options," so if you don't see any value in them, factor that into any price you'd offer this dealer (i.e., subtract the $3200 before you even consider the initial offer you'd make). The worst (best?) that could happen is that the dealer wouldn't sell you the truck. Maybe, over the years, this dealer has learned that there are enough people out there who do not ask questions that they can afford to lose a few sales when they get a (whopping) extra $3200 off each sale they do make to a sucker. *shrugs*
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    you don't want to deal with a dealership that adds all kinds of crap without your consent. i work at a dealership, but we dont force people to get any of the paint sealant, etc if they dont want to. take your business to another dealership. and then call back to that first dealership and let them know they lost your business because of all the add ons that you do not have any interest in. hope that helps!


  • Another Nissan dealer is in order, When I see the added dealer options that is a sign to move on to another dealer.

    In the Memphis area there are several United Auto Dealers usually by the LANDERS name, they are volume dealers and usually have a better price, I purchased a 04 Nissan LE KIng Cab with Big Tow, Side Air Bags, Splash Guards, Floor mats, MSRP $31,360 I paid $25,460. Cash (no trade) I feel that I got a fair deal, really like the truck, had a wheel viberation, Good Year replaced the tires, that fixed the viberation, I'm very satisfied with the truck, getting 17 MPG but only have 1100 miles on it.


    If you get the Titan you will need to learn how to drive a big truck, it's curb weight is near 5,000 #
  • I'm trying to buy a Titan but it doesn't seem like any dealers in our area of southeastern Va. are willing to deal. Seems to me that Nissan dealers think that they don't have to. I love the truck because I think it has some innovative ideas, but it's really not all that
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Then maybe it's high time you visited the Nation's Capital :)


    I guar-an-tee you that you can find some dealers up here that would be more than willing to cut you a deal. Suggest you buy a copy of the Washington Post (if you can wherever you are) -- Saturday's your best bet -- and get crackin.


    Don't forget to spend lots of tourist money when you're here!


    Happy Hunting!!!
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