2015 Nissan Titan Prices Paid

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Did you get a good deal on your Titan? Share it with others here.


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    the truck wont be for sale till december 1st...dealers arent allowed to show, advertise, or sell them till then.
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    They wont have em in till the 8th in San Jose CA. if then.
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    Mine will be in Friday and paid 28523 just five hundred over invoice... Titan King Cab SE 4X4 with Off road package,Utility package, and Rockford Fosgate package. MSRP was 31050
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    Dealers here are taking deposits and selling Titans off of shipping invoices. In pickup country, Nissan so far is making waves. My dealer sold the 1st 4 Titans before delivery last week, as well as the next 10 due this week.

    I've shopped around, dealers here either selling over MSRP, or they state MSRP but have required "Dealer Pkgs".

    I lost $1500 on 7mo/5K miles trade-in(not too bad) and got the Titan $300 under MSRP. My CC,SE,Popular package,Utility package should be in this week. The dealer has 3 more Titan buyers after me with Tundra's.

    The salesman scribbled some figures with total $30,850. I asked about $895 number? This is front windows tint & seal package we put on every vehicle. I said not on mine. I can get tint $200 all windows and couple $5 cans fabric sealant myself. The $295 was "dealer prep". I advised I could pull off the shipping plastics and wash the truck myself. We settled $100. I then pulled out of my pocket the build it yourself printout from Nissanusa.com of $29,550. We agreed with floor mats/splash guards/dealer prep added, $29,550 total price.

    Now just wait for the silver or brawny red with sand interior to arrive.
  • lizardking1lizardking1 Member Posts: 27
    Sounds good...Can't wait for mine to show up. The color I choose was Smoke thought about Brawny Red but have a 2000 Red Dakota now...
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    Ordered a Titan Crew cab SE with Rockford pkg, and Utility pkg in smoke. Got if for $1,700 off MSRP. They ordered it for late Dec. early Jan. but there calling me weekly to see if i want any others as they come in. If they get one in a different color or with the tow pkg, I'll take it.
  • triattriat Member Posts: 121
    7 more of the 10 arrivals. Mine not in, but if I wanted to look, I was more than welcome. Dealer is 2 miles from home.

    3 4x4's(CC & KC), 1 KC XE, 2 CC's LE & SE, 1 KC SE. I checked out the KCab - pretty cool rear cab door hinges! He mentioned people with stupid money buying these trucks cash. Last customer bought wife Murano cash, then later a Titan for himself cash. Finance dept wants to make some loans. No wonder they repeatedly begged me the other day to take their loan...

    I asked how were they able to get one of the 1st production Titans, and then all these deliveries?? He mentioned they are one of the largest Nissan dealers in the nation, and also on the preferred list.

    He then apologized for shipping delays, and appreciated my patience. I later called the sales manager & complimented my salesman. The manager remembered me because my salesman bugs him everyday about my truck. He mentioned he was happy to hear an appreciative caller.

    These folks have been great, and have made this process a nice experience to date. All I want is fairness, and they've been pleasant too.
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    Great idea to save money py pulling off the plastic yourself. But, if I buy a Titan, is there any shipping plastic I should know about, in that it might cause a problem if I do not see it or find it to take it off?

    That is interesting about getting the tint done yourself.

    This looks like a superior Truck to the F-150: F-150 does not have side or head air bag options, and no traction control or stability control options like to AWD Titan. However, the recent IIHS front off-set impact test for F-150 was bery good -- just about Volvo safety level. It appears NHTSA is not even going to test the Titan this year -- perhaps because it came out so later in the year? At this time there is no objective crash test data available to the would-be buyer.

    One thing that conernd me on all trucks is the roll-over stability. Been trying to get C.G. from Nissan, but no luck so far.

    Though, for the money, Titan seems the winner.
  • tbeechertbeecher Member Posts: 31
    I went out to buy a Ram 1500 Hemi yesterday and drove home in a Titan LE Crew Cab! I paid $1,000 under MSRP ($30,860). What an awesome truck! They just happened to have one that just came in in silver. You can't believe the looks that I am getting!

  • importfan14importfan14 Member Posts: 18
    Congratulations on the new Titan! Describe the looks that you've been getting, if you can! ;-)
  • kjdenahykjdenahy Member Posts: 16
    I just ordered my Titan Friday. It is a far superior product to the f-150, drive them back to back if you're unsure. I got mine for $1500 under MSRP.
    When I was taking the test drive I had people staring as well. In fact, I was right behind someone test driving a 2004 F-150 at a stop light and some younger men were staring at that until they saw me right behind the Ford. They never looked back at the Ford again, they gave me the thumbs up too.
  • triattriat Member Posts: 121
    aaaedgarpoe - there is only clear protective plastic interior covers, and white pastic covers for the hood,fenders,bedside panels.

    tbeecher - Congratulations!! What did you have before? How do you like driving the Titan?

    Went by the dealer today, appears all of the 1st 10 from last week gone, 7-8 came in this week?

    There was one on the front row exactly like what I have been waiting for. Appears it was a dealer trade-it has the other dealer's sticker. Fingers crossed, hopely that one is mine!
  • tbeechertbeecher Member Posts: 31
    I traded in a 1998 Ranger XLT Extended Cab.

    The Titan is phenomenal! All day today people were trying to catch up with me. The Titan does not drive like any truck that I have been in. It is closer to an ML350 with a buttload of power. The tranny is really nice.

    If anyone is considering a truck you MUST test drive the Titan. I never thought that I would be driving a Nissan yet here I am.

    Tony B - Titan in San Diego.. The funny thing is that my High School team name is Titan...
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    My family lives in Jackson, MS. I am considering getting a Titan. I noticed there was a Destination charge on the sticker..........I'm just kinda curious as to why. The Nissan plant is like 10 minutes down the road from the car dealership!!!!!!!

    Just out of curiosity, if I special ordered one could I drive to the Nissan plant and pick it up so I don't have to pay that fee?
  • keaneckeanec Member Posts: 349
    I think the car companies are required by law to charge an equal destination charge. This means that people 2000 miles away from the plant pay the same charge as people 10 miles away.
  • sstannersstanner Member Posts: 7
    I owned a 97 F150 XLT - one of the first of Fords new line in 97. It was a great truck until my engin seized on December 2nd. By the time I was ready to buy dealers here in the Los Angeles area were posting dealer markups of $2000 - $4000 over MSRP. In addition to that about 80% of the Titans were the Crew Cab. I wanted a King Cab LE with the navigator, side air bag, and the big tow package. If I didn't find that I had decided to just have my F150 engin rebuilt since I had loved that vehicle. At the last minute a dealer emailed me saying they had one and would let me have it for $2000 less than the MSRP. I test drove it and wrote a check that night. Really nice vehicle - much easier to drive than my F150 was.

    Since I made all my inquiries through the web to the dealers I happed to be dealing with the fleet sales people - much easier to deal with and exceptionaly easy purchas. total purchas time was 3 hours from pulling into the lot and driving off with my new Titan LE King Cab.
  • tbeechertbeecher Member Posts: 31
    What color did you get? Welcome to the big [non-permissible content removed] grin club!

    I bought from a no-haggle dealer myself. $1000 under MSRP no ability to deal. It was quick and painless.

  • rivestrivest Member Posts: 10
    So did you get the navigation package? I have been considering this, but it is an expensive option, and there seems to be little information about it. If you got it, could you help answer some questions?

    Does the NAV system have some type of climate control also?

    Does it cover the whole US or just Major US cities?

    How do you like the rear sensor, a worthwhile feature?

    And lastly, do you think the NAV system was worth it for you?

    Thanks for any info!!!
  • triattriat Member Posts: 121
    for my dealer to get a Silver or Red, SE,CC, with Popular Capt's and Util Bed Pkg. A month wait as of tommorrow with my deposit... Seems most of the Titan's recently either 4x4 &/or KC.

    Every week there is a Titan at my dealer brought in from other dealerships(tailgate badges, lic plate frames, or vehicle price sticker gives it away). There was one exactly like what I waited for the Sunday before Christmas. Monday a salesman called to say it's here. By later Monday it was gone. I asked them about this. "You're 2nd on the list".

    Finally my question: If they do a dealer trade from say Dallas(3 hour drive); is it common practice for a dealer to give some kind of discount for that mileage on brand new vehicle??
  • allagashallagash Member Posts: 6

    I sold cars (Honda) back in 1996. Of the 100 cars I sold that year, not one had any money deducted due to miles put on the car during a dealer swap. Most people were so happy and excited to be getting their new car to worry about it. I have no idea if Nissan makes adjustments.

    I wish you luck in getting your Titan soon. I test drove one the other day and I can understand your anticipation!
  • gonecampinggonecamping Member Posts: 9
    Blown away by the truck. Had a question for the board. What do you think of the Nissan extended warranty. I was thinking of getting the Gold Preferred plan 72 months/ 100,000 miles. It seems more or less bumper to bumper for an additional $1600.
  • tbeechertbeecher Member Posts: 31
    I don't usually by the extended warranties but I did buy one for my Titan. My thinking was that it is a first year truck and there might be some gremlins that have not surfaced yet.

  • triattriat Member Posts: 121
    I guess I was also just a little concerned about a dealer employee just hammering the gas and the brakes right off the delivery truck with no regard for break-in!

    By the way, anyone notice 1,200 mile break-in for the Titan? No big deal for me the way I drive, but don't most manufacturers recommend 600 miles?
  • tbeechertbeecher Member Posts: 31
    This won't make you feel any better.. I test drove a Titan that I new I would not buy. The salesman started it up (cold) took it out on the street and held the pedal to the floor to show me how fast 0 - 60 was. My wife did the same thing and then so did I. This beauty only had 24 miles on it.. We they go my truck it had 92 miles on it. Yet another reason why I bought the extended warranty..
  • triattriat Member Posts: 121
    too funny, ok, I'm laughing now, I've loosened up. Thanks Tony!
  • allagashallagash Member Posts: 6

    Right on.

    Don't assume that because a new car or truck has less than 30 miles on it, that it hasn't been hammered on. When I sold cars in 96', I once saw a salesman take a new Honda Prelude off the truck (4 miles on odometer), and blast it up the highway. When he returned, he bragged that he had redlined every gear all the way up to 137mph. Did this shave a few miles off the life of the car? Maybe / maybe not....however, I know I wouldn't want to start off with that car.

    On the other hand, there were some older retired guys who worked for the dealer doing swaps. The cars they drove back from other dealerships may have been driven 50 to 150 miles, yet, they were no doubt easy miles. My point is: You never know...!
  • gonecampinggonecamping Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for replies. I also saw the sales people gunning a Titan. It was not mine, but it sure did make me feel uncomfortable. I wonder what the 17 miles on my truck were like. I am going to go ahead and get the gold preferred extended warranty, probably the 72 month/100,000 miles (it's $1595!). With the break-in mentioned above, I asked the sales people and they told me the engine was pre-broken-in. The only thing they said was not to use the cruise control for the first 600 miles. No speed limitations just need to vary the speed. What is the 1200 mile break-in? I could not find any reference to this in the manual.
  • triattriat Member Posts: 121
    I thought I saw 1200 miles mentioned on the break-in page. I can't remember the page, I was trying to thumb through most of it(pretty thick)in a couple of minutes the other day at the dealer. Maybe my bad hopefully because 1200 is a longer time.

    Gunning these motors especially when they're cold probably isn't ruining them, but it sure can't help either. I guess that's the price of a new vehicle on the market with HORSEPOWER advertising heh?!!

    Extended warranties. A few years ago some of the new Honda Odyssey owners were buying $900 100k warranties through New York dealer. Is it possible to shop extended warranties from different Nissan dealer than from where vehicle purchased?
  • sstannersstanner Member Posts: 7
    oes the NAV system have some type of climate control also? it displays what your setting your air and fan on but not the temperature or anything actually usefull from what I've seen

    Does it cover the whole US or just Major US cities? whole US

    How do you like the rear sensor, a worthwhile feature? isn't working on mine, need to take it in.

    And lastly, do you think the NAV system was worth it for you? it's a toy, kinda cool, not a must have for me but was cool. I usually just drive to work but it's cool to see how much my tire pressure goes up on the way there or how many miles per gallon i'm getting and try to up it by changing my driving habits.

    Hope this helps.

    I'm also thinking of going back to get the extended warenty.
  • smokeye3377smokeye3377 Member Posts: 1
    I just drove home a Beautiful Galaxy Titan. Paid $31,680 for a Titan SE, with the Fosgate, Big Tow, SE Popular w/Capts seat, Utility Bed and DVD theatre packages. Oh yeah also mud flaps and floor mats.Tax,license, etc. ran it up to 35,350. Hey this is California, ya'know. They gave us 12K for our 2000 Volvo GLT SE w/50K miles on it.Thanks for all the info Edmunds.
  • militia_manmilitia_man Member Posts: 4
    I ordered a black SE Titan Crew Cab 4x4 two days ago. I did lots of research and even more shopping around. I made contact with about 10 different Nissan dealers over the phone or in person. About half were not willing to discount from the MSRP on the Titan. The first dealer that offered me a discount offered $1,200 off of the MSRP. I knew I could do better even though the dealer insisted I would never find a better offer so soon after this vehicle was released. I then hit the road and used the phone over the next two weeks and I was next offered $1,900 off of the MSRP by another dealer. My next discount got me a few hundred more dollars and then I continued to get better offers from dealers willing to negotiate until I finally was offered a selling price that was $2,790 off of the MSRP. That is $1,590 less than what the first dealer who told me I could do no better offered me. It pays to shop around, I paid only $771 above invoice. My advice to those that want a Titan but don't want to pay MSRP is as follows...

    1. Do your research. Find out how much the dealer paid for the Titan. Learn about the factory to dealer "hold back" also.

    2. Do not be pushed into a deal if you are not positive that you are getting the best deal that you can get.

    3. The best deals I found at the smaller out of the way dealerships. They tend to be more eager for the business and seem more willing to negotiate. I bought my truck from a very small Nissan dealer that was 15 minutes down the road from a very, very large dealership that was located in a higher traffic area than the smaller dealer was located. The small dealer saved me big bucks, the large dealers seemed very arrogant and unwilling to negotiate.
    Now I have a question... Has anyone on here ordered a Titan from the factory? I was told it will take 30-120 days for delivery. I hope it is closer to 30 because I can't wait to drive my Titan.
  • kjdenahykjdenahy Member Posts: 16
    I ordered my Titan as well (LE Crew Cab 4X4), was told 60-90 days. However, since they're built in Mississippi rather than Japan expect 60 and not 90. Also, my dealer said it's pretty common for another dealer to order the same vehicle elsewhere and they re-route the truck to my dealership for me. He said that is a common occurance and can take as little as 3 days. So essentially I could get my truck tomorrow or in March.
    I agree, it's so hard to wait. I am extremely excited for it to come in, hopefully it's soon.
  • yamaha_r62k1yamaha_r62k1 Member Posts: 3
    Titan SE: Utility PKG, Popular Bench, sliding bed extender, or course the usual floor mats and mud guards.
    Paid: $25,020 basically about $500.00 over invoice. They wanted 900 over invoice so I'm happy.
    Overall satisfaction: I cant say anything bad about this truck at this time. Everytime I drive it seems the world shrinks to me. This is definitely a truck that turns heads!! AWESOME TRUCK OVERALL!!!
  • tung579tung579 Member Posts: 14
    I ordered my 4x4 CC XE with off-road, prefer XE, and sprayed-in bedliner for $500 above invoice cost of the vehicle plus all options.

    I went to 4 dealers. One offered only MSRP. One get a few hundred below MSRP. One offered, on the phone, $800 above invoice. And this one, I went in person, $500 above invoice.

    I'm living in New Hampshire. The one offered $800 above invoice is Team Nissan (his name is Paul Haydden) in Manchester, NH. The one I bought from
    is Ira Nissan in Tewksbury, MA and his name is Bob Morris, a very reasonable and friendly mid-age sale person. I had a great/pleasing experience with him and said I would recommend people buy at this dealership. In short, I think I could get a good price because this dealership is a bit small and any sale will help their quota at the end of the year. I also mentioned that since I ordered my Titan, the hold back could be counted towards their profit; at least most of it. The extra $500 would make both sides happy. And, it was the deal.

    I will have to way until the locking diff is available, but that shouldn't be a big problem. I'm driving a '99 all-new GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 ExtCab. It's a nice truck when things are working well. But so far, I had a few major problems with differential gear box, bearing, vibrations which cost my extended warranty almost $4K. Luckily, I bought the $0 deduct.

    In regards of some other posts I read about third party extended warranty, at least the company I had (Warranty Gold) covered costs and was very reasonable to work with. The only recent problem with them was that last Nov. the other company that covers insurrance for Warranty Gold filed bankcrupcy. I will get the prorated refund for my premium, but to me it's the death sentence on my GMC truck.

  • tung579tung579 Member Posts: 14
    I just read the discusion group head-line and just realized I put names of sales people on the previous post. I'm sorry. :(
  • billarnoldbillarnold Member Posts: 9
    I have a new LE king cab with tow and offroad on order. What are owners experiencing with insurance premiums on the new Titan..more, less, or about the same as Chevy, Ford, Dodge
  • militia_manmilitia_man Member Posts: 4
    I am in MA, wish I checked out Ira Nissan $500 over invoice is the best price I have heard so far from you and one or two other people. I paid $771 over invoice a good deal but I would have driven the extra hour to Tewksbury for the $221.00 it would have saved me. Water under the bridge now though. It sure does seem that the small out of the way Nissan dealers are much more willing to negotiate then the large dealers in high traffic areas.

    I ordered a Titan SE Crew Cab with... side airbag and rollover airbag package, off-road package, big tow pacakage, SE popular with power captain package, utility bed package, sliding bed extender, and mud guards. I know the locking diff. is late availability (April) so does that mean if you ordered the off-road package you will have to wait until April or later to have your truck delivered or do you get the truck earlier minus the locking diff.?

    Tung, did you get an estimated delivery time for your Tiatn? Did they tell you that your vehicle will be ordered right away or does it have to wait until they put their order in during the first week of February?
  • tung579tung579 Member Posts: 14
    Sorry that my post might have made you fell a bit bad. But, I would have already gone for the $800 above invoice myselft. I checked the Tewks one out just because they are servicing my and my wife's trucks. And maybe so, I was able to convince them for a little bit better deal.

    I kinda remembered that they would pile up orders and submit once a month or so. In my case, I will wait until locking diff avail and my truck will be delivered with locking diff on it. It won't be until at least May. Timing might work well for me. I don't want to break-in my truck during the winter months, and I'm currently running a 4x4 truck now so I'm ok for the winter.

    I will have to call the saleman to make sure that the truck comes with locking diff. I don't want it to be put on after delivery. Anyhow, factory intalled is still better than dealer installed in my opinion.

    By the way, yours is FULLY LOADED, my friend.
  • triattriat Member Posts: 121
    Congratulations!! Did you get XE, SE, or LE?

    How do you like the bench after having driven the Titan a few times now? Did you try the Capt chairs? If so which do you like better?

    Thanks in advance!
  • tung579tung579 Member Posts: 14
    My saleman said that the truck WILL come with the off-road (especially locking diff) factory-installed. (What a relief for me :)
  • billarnoldbillarnold Member Posts: 9
    congratulations Tung...Can you tell me with what order date the locking differential will will ship. My dealer knowing I want the electronic locking differential has a truck on order for me that he placed in January for March delivery. He called and told me that this truck would not have it but he could reorder the first week of February for April delivery and that truck would have it factory installed..He also said the offroad pkg with it would be $50 more. Is this the truth or dealer hype? Thanks, Bill
  • liqdxstnceliqdxstnce Member Posts: 5
    Just picked up my Titan last Thursday (1/15) here in north-central Florida: SE, black with sand/steel, utility pack, popular with bench.. worked the deal to $25,650 (about half-way between sticker and invoice).
  • dbloyedbloye Member Posts: 3
    Dear David Bloye,

    Thank you for taking the time to personally contact us about your interest in Nissan products.

    Currently, the Electronic Locking Differential is scheduled to begin production on April 4, 2004. For more information regarding the Nissan Titan, please visit the website listed below as it has the most up to date information.

    We hope that this information answers your question, but if you need any additional information or have further questions, please let us know by reply e-mail or by calling 1-800-647-7263 and pressing "0" for a live operator.

    Also, make sure to take a look at our website, www.NissanUSA.com, for the most up-to-date product information.

    At Nissan, we are committed to a high level of customer service.


    Nissan North America

    ---- Original Message ----
    From : David Bloye
    To : [email protected]
    Subject : Nissan News [INTR:42374]
    Date : Mon, 19 Jan 2004 22:44:23 GMT

    Gentlemen -

    Your news release regarding the Nissan Titan mentions the
    "Class-Exclusive Switch On Demand Electronically Controlled Locking Rear
    Differential" will have "late availability". I am considering the
    purchase of a new large pickup and have narrowed the choice between your
    new Nissan Titan King Cab SE 4x2 and the 2004 Ford F-150 Supercab XLT
    When will the locking differential be made available for the SE two
    wheel drive as an option? This is a major decision point for me and a
    specific release date would make a decision favorable to the Titan much
    more likely.

    Thank you for your response.

    David Bloye
  • keaneckeanec Member Posts: 349
    I am not sure about this, but I heard (or read) somewhere that the ELD can only be engaged in 4x4low. If this is the case, and again I am not sure, then it can't be ordered on a 4x2. Nissan didn't mention this in their response to you but it is possible they only looked at the availability part of your letter.

    Again, I would check and make sure that it is going to be offered on 4x2.
  • billarnoldbillarnold Member Posts: 9
    Thanks David. Always good to compare ducks on the pond. I appreciate you sharing ur info. Anyone else hearing anything different
  • yamaha_r62k1yamaha_r62k1 Member Posts: 3
    Sorry for the late repost. I haven't been logging on lately. You can understand y, hehe...been driving my Titan around alot!! ;-)
    I got the Titan SE model. I tried both the captains' and bench on the test drive. For myself I personally like the Bench seat much more than the captain. Reasons are of course the bench seat seats more people, has a larger center console, and seems to be more comfortable to me than the captains'. I like everything to be large and since the bench seating increases seating capacity I went for that.
  • fernando7fernando7 Member Posts: 1
    Hello guys hope this helps, Crew Cab XE 4x2 power package,(alarm, elec. windows, remote control, headliner storage compartments) and Bench seating, for $25,999 including destination charge, minus tax ($1888) and docments fees $45.
    So far I love the Deep water color, dring the day looks like green, at night looks blue, etc. very unsual color and I have not seen any other car like it.... good luck, California truck.
  • triattriat Member Posts: 121
    I waited 6 weeks for a CC, SE, Silver or Red with PO & Util Bed Pkgs. My dealer still didn't have a clue if or when. Friday night I was going to politely give them an ultimatum. Either they have a truck in 2 weeks, or they order; or I walk.

    I didn't make it to the dealer before closing.

    Yesterday(Sat), when I got back 2pm from 100 mile long training bike ride, their was my salesman's message they had a surprise. I called. He needed to discuss in person.

    Later at my first opportunity in the rainy evening I made it. They had an CC, LE, Brawny Red. They have not been able to find an SE like I wanted anywhere in all of Texas all this time. They exhausted all means to locate what I wanted. I mentioned I was avoiding LE price & bells & whistles. They would make a deal with me.

    They offered me same trade-in as they promised back on Dec.8,2003 & basically move me up to LE for $500 more. (This is $1500 off the $31,900 LE). Plus I also got window tinting & etching no charge. There was no haggling at all. Very nice and open and honest negotiating. We both knew what the other was or was not willing to compromise. We reached agreement in 10mins. It was a very pleasent experience.

    45 mins later I drove my Titan off the lot. The Tundra was left behind. My salesman & I locked the doors & turned out the lights for the night, literally!

    Both salesman(they operate in pairs for backup/vacations..etc at that dealer) and the manager were great. The manager remembered my name, the searches for my Titan, and the time I called last month to compliment my salesman. We chatted a bit. I later saw him calmly and patiently help apparently a new salesman talking with another customer. Very professional. Absolutely zero pressure.

    Some of the other sales people knew about my situation, a couple of them came over and congratulated me on my purchase!

    What a great experience. It was worth the wait for that kind of service and attention!!
  • aggiemph1aggiemph1 Member Posts: 56
    Congrats, after a very long night at work it was nice to see your post. The one thing that came to my mind was that if all Nissan Dealers were as good as the one you described my family would own nothing but...anyway I hope to see some pics of your new 'baby' soon.

    Good nite everybody, I am going to bed.
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