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2015 Nissan Titan Prices Paid



  • I just drove home a Beautiful Galaxy Titan. Paid $31,680 for a Titan SE, with the Fosgate, Big Tow, SE Popular w/Capts seat, Utility Bed and DVD theatre packages. Oh yeah also mud flaps and floor mats.Tax,license, etc. ran it up to 35,350. Hey this is California, ya'know. They gave us 12K for our 2000 Volvo GLT SE w/50K miles on it.Thanks for all the info Edmunds.
  • I ordered a black SE Titan Crew Cab 4x4 two days ago. I did lots of research and even more shopping around. I made contact with about 10 different Nissan dealers over the phone or in person. About half were not willing to discount from the MSRP on the Titan. The first dealer that offered me a discount offered $1,200 off of the MSRP. I knew I could do better even though the dealer insisted I would never find a better offer so soon after this vehicle was released. I then hit the road and used the phone over the next two weeks and I was next offered $1,900 off of the MSRP by another dealer. My next discount got me a few hundred more dollars and then I continued to get better offers from dealers willing to negotiate until I finally was offered a selling price that was $2,790 off of the MSRP. That is $1,590 less than what the first dealer who told me I could do no better offered me. It pays to shop around, I paid only $771 above invoice. My advice to those that want a Titan but don't want to pay MSRP is as follows...

    1. Do your research. Find out how much the dealer paid for the Titan. Learn about the factory to dealer "hold back" also.

    2. Do not be pushed into a deal if you are not positive that you are getting the best deal that you can get.

    3. The best deals I found at the smaller out of the way dealerships. They tend to be more eager for the business and seem more willing to negotiate. I bought my truck from a very small Nissan dealer that was 15 minutes down the road from a very, very large dealership that was located in a higher traffic area than the smaller dealer was located. The small dealer saved me big bucks, the large dealers seemed very arrogant and unwilling to negotiate.
    Now I have a question... Has anyone on here ordered a Titan from the factory? I was told it will take 30-120 days for delivery. I hope it is closer to 30 because I can't wait to drive my Titan.
  • I ordered my Titan as well (LE Crew Cab 4X4), was told 60-90 days. However, since they're built in Mississippi rather than Japan expect 60 and not 90. Also, my dealer said it's pretty common for another dealer to order the same vehicle elsewhere and they re-route the truck to my dealership for me. He said that is a common occurance and can take as little as 3 days. So essentially I could get my truck tomorrow or in March.
    I agree, it's so hard to wait. I am extremely excited for it to come in, hopefully it's soon.
  • Titan SE: Utility PKG, Popular Bench, sliding bed extender, or course the usual floor mats and mud guards.
    Paid: $25,020 basically about $500.00 over invoice. They wanted 900 over invoice so I'm happy.
    Overall satisfaction: I cant say anything bad about this truck at this time. Everytime I drive it seems the world shrinks to me. This is definitely a truck that turns heads!! AWESOME TRUCK OVERALL!!!
  • tung579tung579 Posts: 14
    I ordered my 4x4 CC XE with off-road, prefer XE, and sprayed-in bedliner for $500 above invoice cost of the vehicle plus all options.

    I went to 4 dealers. One offered only MSRP. One get a few hundred below MSRP. One offered, on the phone, $800 above invoice. And this one, I went in person, $500 above invoice.

    I'm living in New Hampshire. The one offered $800 above invoice is Team Nissan (his name is Paul Haydden) in Manchester, NH. The one I bought from
    is Ira Nissan in Tewksbury, MA and his name is Bob Morris, a very reasonable and friendly mid-age sale person. I had a great/pleasing experience with him and said I would recommend people buy at this dealership. In short, I think I could get a good price because this dealership is a bit small and any sale will help their quota at the end of the year. I also mentioned that since I ordered my Titan, the hold back could be counted towards their profit; at least most of it. The extra $500 would make both sides happy. And, it was the deal.

    I will have to way until the locking diff is available, but that shouldn't be a big problem. I'm driving a '99 all-new GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 ExtCab. It's a nice truck when things are working well. But so far, I had a few major problems with differential gear box, bearing, vibrations which cost my extended warranty almost $4K. Luckily, I bought the $0 deduct.

    In regards of some other posts I read about third party extended warranty, at least the company I had (Warranty Gold) covered costs and was very reasonable to work with. The only recent problem with them was that last Nov. the other company that covers insurrance for Warranty Gold filed bankcrupcy. I will get the prorated refund for my premium, but to me it's the death sentence on my GMC truck.

  • tung579tung579 Posts: 14
    I just read the discusion group head-line and just realized I put names of sales people on the previous post. I'm sorry. :(
  • I have a new LE king cab with tow and offroad on order. What are owners experiencing with insurance premiums on the new Titan..more, less, or about the same as Chevy, Ford, Dodge
  • I am in MA, wish I checked out Ira Nissan $500 over invoice is the best price I have heard so far from you and one or two other people. I paid $771 over invoice a good deal but I would have driven the extra hour to Tewksbury for the $221.00 it would have saved me. Water under the bridge now though. It sure does seem that the small out of the way Nissan dealers are much more willing to negotiate then the large dealers in high traffic areas.

    I ordered a Titan SE Crew Cab with... side airbag and rollover airbag package, off-road package, big tow pacakage, SE popular with power captain package, utility bed package, sliding bed extender, and mud guards. I know the locking diff. is late availability (April) so does that mean if you ordered the off-road package you will have to wait until April or later to have your truck delivered or do you get the truck earlier minus the locking diff.?

    Tung, did you get an estimated delivery time for your Tiatn? Did they tell you that your vehicle will be ordered right away or does it have to wait until they put their order in during the first week of February?
  • tung579tung579 Posts: 14
    Sorry that my post might have made you fell a bit bad. But, I would have already gone for the $800 above invoice myselft. I checked the Tewks one out just because they are servicing my and my wife's trucks. And maybe so, I was able to convince them for a little bit better deal.

    I kinda remembered that they would pile up orders and submit once a month or so. In my case, I will wait until locking diff avail and my truck will be delivered with locking diff on it. It won't be until at least May. Timing might work well for me. I don't want to break-in my truck during the winter months, and I'm currently running a 4x4 truck now so I'm ok for the winter.

    I will have to call the saleman to make sure that the truck comes with locking diff. I don't want it to be put on after delivery. Anyhow, factory intalled is still better than dealer installed in my opinion.

    By the way, yours is FULLY LOADED, my friend.
  • triattriat Posts: 121
    Congratulations!! Did you get XE, SE, or LE?

    How do you like the bench after having driven the Titan a few times now? Did you try the Capt chairs? If so which do you like better?

    Thanks in advance!
  • tung579tung579 Posts: 14
    My saleman said that the truck WILL come with the off-road (especially locking diff) factory-installed. (What a relief for me :)
  • congratulations Tung...Can you tell me with what order date the locking differential will will ship. My dealer knowing I want the electronic locking differential has a truck on order for me that he placed in January for March delivery. He called and told me that this truck would not have it but he could reorder the first week of February for April delivery and that truck would have it factory installed..He also said the offroad pkg with it would be $50 more. Is this the truth or dealer hype? Thanks, Bill
  • Just picked up my Titan last Thursday (1/15) here in north-central Florida: SE, black with sand/steel, utility pack, popular with bench.. worked the deal to $25,650 (about half-way between sticker and invoice).
  • dbloyedbloye Posts: 3
    Dear David Bloye,

    Thank you for taking the time to personally contact us about your interest in Nissan products.

    Currently, the Electronic Locking Differential is scheduled to begin production on April 4, 2004. For more information regarding the Nissan Titan, please visit the website listed below as it has the most up to date information.

    We hope that this information answers your question, but if you need any additional information or have further questions, please let us know by reply e-mail or by calling 1-800-647-7263 and pressing "0" for a live operator.

    Also, make sure to take a look at our website,, for the most up-to-date product information.

    At Nissan, we are committed to a high level of customer service.


    Nissan North America

    ---- Original Message ----
    From : David Bloye
    To :
    Subject : Nissan News [INTR:42374]
    Date : Mon, 19 Jan 2004 22:44:23 GMT

    Gentlemen -

    Your news release regarding the Nissan Titan mentions the
    "Class-Exclusive Switch On Demand Electronically Controlled Locking Rear
    Differential" will have "late availability". I am considering the
    purchase of a new large pickup and have narrowed the choice between your
    new Nissan Titan King Cab SE 4x2 and the 2004 Ford F-150 Supercab XLT
    When will the locking differential be made available for the SE two
    wheel drive as an option? This is a major decision point for me and a
    specific release date would make a decision favorable to the Titan much
    more likely.

    Thank you for your response.

    David Bloye
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    I am not sure about this, but I heard (or read) somewhere that the ELD can only be engaged in 4x4low. If this is the case, and again I am not sure, then it can't be ordered on a 4x2. Nissan didn't mention this in their response to you but it is possible they only looked at the availability part of your letter.

    Again, I would check and make sure that it is going to be offered on 4x2.
  • Thanks David. Always good to compare ducks on the pond. I appreciate you sharing ur info. Anyone else hearing anything different
  • Sorry for the late repost. I haven't been logging on lately. You can understand y, hehe...been driving my Titan around alot!! ;-)
    I got the Titan SE model. I tried both the captains' and bench on the test drive. For myself I personally like the Bench seat much more than the captain. Reasons are of course the bench seat seats more people, has a larger center console, and seems to be more comfortable to me than the captains'. I like everything to be large and since the bench seating increases seating capacity I went for that.
  • Hello guys hope this helps, Crew Cab XE 4x2 power package,(alarm, elec. windows, remote control, headliner storage compartments) and Bench seating, for $25,999 including destination charge, minus tax ($1888) and docments fees $45.
    So far I love the Deep water color, dring the day looks like green, at night looks blue, etc. very unsual color and I have not seen any other car like it.... good luck, California truck.
  • triattriat Posts: 121
    I waited 6 weeks for a CC, SE, Silver or Red with PO & Util Bed Pkgs. My dealer still didn't have a clue if or when. Friday night I was going to politely give them an ultimatum. Either they have a truck in 2 weeks, or they order; or I walk.

    I didn't make it to the dealer before closing.

    Yesterday(Sat), when I got back 2pm from 100 mile long training bike ride, their was my salesman's message they had a surprise. I called. He needed to discuss in person.

    Later at my first opportunity in the rainy evening I made it. They had an CC, LE, Brawny Red. They have not been able to find an SE like I wanted anywhere in all of Texas all this time. They exhausted all means to locate what I wanted. I mentioned I was avoiding LE price & bells & whistles. They would make a deal with me.

    They offered me same trade-in as they promised back on Dec.8,2003 & basically move me up to LE for $500 more. (This is $1500 off the $31,900 LE). Plus I also got window tinting & etching no charge. There was no haggling at all. Very nice and open and honest negotiating. We both knew what the other was or was not willing to compromise. We reached agreement in 10mins. It was a very pleasent experience.

    45 mins later I drove my Titan off the lot. The Tundra was left behind. My salesman & I locked the doors & turned out the lights for the night, literally!

    Both salesman(they operate in pairs for backup/vacations..etc at that dealer) and the manager were great. The manager remembered my name, the searches for my Titan, and the time I called last month to compliment my salesman. We chatted a bit. I later saw him calmly and patiently help apparently a new salesman talking with another customer. Very professional. Absolutely zero pressure.

    Some of the other sales people knew about my situation, a couple of them came over and congratulated me on my purchase!

    What a great experience. It was worth the wait for that kind of service and attention!!
  • Congrats, after a very long night at work it was nice to see your post. The one thing that came to my mind was that if all Nissan Dealers were as good as the one you described my family would own nothing but...anyway I hope to see some pics of your new 'baby' soon.

    Good nite everybody, I am going to bed.
  • I've been waiting for the Titan to show up at a local dealer's lot (Nissan World Of Denville NJ)since December. I was ready to buy a Dodge Ram Hemi but decided to wait until I could drive a Titan since I read so many great things about it. I called Nissan World of Denville and gave them my contact info and asked them to call me when they get one in since I was ready to buy and wanted a test drive. Two weeks later I was getting anxious as the snow has been coming down and my cadillac was stuck in the driveway and I had no truck. I checked and to my surprise according to the website the dealer had a Titan on the lot. I called the dealer and they confirmed that they had one and I could come down for a test drive (no reason was given as to why they didnt contact me). I drive to the dealer and upon my arrival I ask to see a the Titan. The salesman informs me that I can't test drive it because the one they have is sold. I told him that I had just called and was told to come down for a test drive. He claims ignorance. I then ask him to at least show me the truck since I have not seen one in person yet. He tells me that its sold "as in gone, no longer here". I find the whole situation odd since it was only about a half hour since I had first called them and they still had it and invited me to drive it. The salesman rudely goes back inside without saying a word or offering to call me when the next one comes in. As I turn to walk back to my car the bay door from the shop opens and a new Titan rolls out. The guy LIED to me about the truck not being there. What would have been the harm in showing it to a potential customer? I have never seen anything so rude at a car dealer (and I deal with BMW dealer as well, so I know rude).
     Fast forward two weeks. Still not a single response from Nissan World of Denville (NJ)and as I drive by I see another Titan sitting outside on display. I go in and talk to a different salesman and express my interest in the truck and a test drive. They guy comes back to me 5 minutes later and sais that the truck (which has been there for days) has not been prepped and therefore can't be test driven. He does take my name and number down and promises to call me as soon as they prep it so that I can drive it.
        Fast forward another two weeks to today. Still not a single phone call from Nissan World of Denville even though several Titans have rolled across their lot.
       This is absolutely the worst car dealer I have ever dealt with. If this is how they treat people who are looking to buy their cars, imagine how they treat you once they have your money.
       Sorry for the long rant, these guys are just ruining the whole experience for me. In the future I will drive the extra half hour to a different dealer rather than deal with these clowns.
  • triattriat Posts: 121
    Anytime you're in Austin and need a ride, let me know! :)

    Jerseydirt, sorry to hear about those experiences. That's pretty low. My dealer was one of the first in Texas to get a Titan. They used it as a demo for a few weeks. They were smart to make sure they always have one demo. Yep I'm with you. I would rather drive past 3 other dealers to get to one that will treat you as an adult with respect.

    Let us know what you think when you get to drive one! Thanks!
  • tung579tung579 Posts: 14
    Hi Bill,

    Sorry I haven't logged in recently. My order was a 4x4 CC with offroad package. I'm not sure if locking differential is available with 4x2 or not. I don't see any technical reason for not too.

    At the time I ordered, my salesman called his Nissa Rep and the Rep said it wouldn't be delivered until May. For me, it was not a problem, and I went for it.

  • joehoejoehoe Posts: 37
    I've got a verbal agreement from an Internet Sales Manager here in Tucson for $500 over invoice...

    I might have been able to go lower but I started at the $500 mark because it was one of the best deals I've seen here and in other Nissan forums.

    Will complete the order this week to make the February order bank - and hopefully be driving it within 60 days.
  • triattriat Posts: 121
    the first week I owned my Titan, my salesman calls me because they knew I didn't want running boards(they come standard on LE). They said I would have the only LE without boards. I mentioned some SE buyer probably wouldn't mind having them. Ok, they offered $400. Good, very fair. I bring in the Titan Tuesday night. They give me a new Altima loaner car. The next day I pick up the Titan. Not only did they take off the running boards, but they also detailed it again and filled it up with gas.

    Today I get a Thank You card from my salesman in the mail.

    This is the kind of service I've heard stories about, but I've never received before, anywhere on any product. What an experience, Very Nice! Needless to say I am sending a letter to the dealer GM and some big guy's name I got for Nissan Motor Corp.
  • triattriat Posts: 121
    Dealer GM's secretary calls me at work today. She wanted to know about my buying experience. I told her I couldn't be more pleased with her folks.

    Then she made the fatal flaw and asked me how I liked my truck :) ....After a while it was pretty obvious she was looking for a way to get me off the phone!
  • Is it wishful thinking that Nissan will move towards incentives later this year on the Titan along with Toyota as the truck race builds. Seems like someone is going to get hungry for buyers.

    I am seeing ads in the Houston paper for King Cab Titans for $21500, XE models.I guess dealers are sitting on them while their CC trucks turn every 3 days.
  • I guess the "new" has worn off the Titan! I see prices in the paper now for $4000 off MSRP or zero percent financing here in Omaha Nebraska.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You have a link for that? If it's true, Nissan just about matched GM and their incentive program.
  • Just paid for mine today! White SE CrewCab 4x4, popular Captain, utility bed, bed extender, floor mats for $1500 less than MSRP (out the door). They had to get it from 2-3 hrs away, so I'll pick it up Monday. Can't wait!!
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