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2015 Nissan Titan Prices Paid



  • stump21stump21 Posts: 41
    Has anyone purchased the Nissan factory gold warranty 5 year 100,000? If you did what did you pay for it?
  • drew911drew911 Posts: 8
    I just purchased a new King Cab Titan XE for $18,500 (after $1000 rebate, but not including TT&L). No options other than floor mats, which is all I wanted. Edmunds shows the invoice as $21K ($20K after rebate) and TMV at $21,500 ($20,500 after rebate), so I bought the truck at $1500 under invoice after the rebate.

    I think I got a pretty good deal based on other posts I've read here, probably because most people don't want a stripped down truck.
  • ofito53ofito53 Posts: 1
    Well this is just my story...
    1- Screen-printed a quote from CarsDirect on a SE King Cab with no extras for less then $23K.
    2- Purchsed credit score report for $14 with Equifax to be sure of what was my real score.
    3- Screen-printed an e-loan store rate quote.
    4- Walked up to local dealer in Miami, Fl and selected their simplest SE King Cab that was $27.6K MSRP. Told them to match it up or I would buy it over the internet. After 1 hour of going back and forth with the manager, I took it for $23.5K including extended warranty and maintenance for 5 years. However, you must deal car price and financing separately and have strong will to hold your word against these dealer people since they would tell you the darnest things about your credit history or your internet quote. Also, if not in a rush, you can wait the 2-3 days it takes to get the car over the internet without visiting the dealer.
    Hoping anyone out there can avoid been pray of the dealers.
    Good luck... Mario
  • elbodudeelbodude Posts: 4
    You savy buyers should be getting a minimum of $5,000 off MSRP right now if not more..

    Many dealers in May where offering $4,000 off MSRP on any Titan, this includes dealerships that weren't adding junk like tint, and scotchguard..

    Right now Nissan is offering $1,000 customer rebate


    a Mystery amount of Dealer Cash.. see this link kndu0&refer=asia

    I would assume the dealerscash is at least $500
    Probably closer to a $1000

    So it should not be too much trouble to get $5,000 to $5,500 off on a Titan!
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    $19,888 5 at this price - Capito Nissan, San Jose, ca

    thought this was pretty good for an advertisement, but reading posts here I might be able to get a few extras thrown in.
  • sra10sra10 Posts: 1
    I see a lot of people with stories related to King Cab XE's. Does anyone have any experiences with Crew Cabs, particularly SE models. I am shopping for one and would like to know if the 4 to 5k of MSRP might be possible with these models as well. Anyone with success stories, pleae let me know. Thanks!
  • bgtoupsbgtoups Posts: 2
    I too am looking for a crew cab SE or LE and would love to know prices paid. I see some dealers advertising $4, 5 and even 6K off MSRP on certain vehicles in their stock. I would love to be able to get $6k or 5 off MSRP on my new truck, but I do not see that happening since that would make the price less than invoice.

    I appreciate any advice.
  • gch2gch2 Posts: 7
    I paid $500 over for my 4x2 SE King Cab. They had to locate the truck not a bad deal at the time. I hear that with bonus cash out there you can work a better deal if you take it out of stock and by the end of the month. Remember the best price is what you pay for the one you want. A dealer in NJ has a truck just like I wanted but it was Deep Water Blue and it was old been in stock for a while. No price low enough for that truck. Good Luck
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    I don't work for these guys, but from the comfort of your own computer you can configure your car and get a price. Very NO hassel with the ability to shop inventory over many miles.

    Can't say enough about a service that takes the Has out of Sell.
  • bgtoupsbgtoups Posts: 2
    I paid $25,914 plus TTL for my new SE crew cab with captain chairs and Rockford Fosgate stereo upgrade. That price included $1,000 rebate. I think that price was about $300 over invoice before the rebate. I'm very pleased with the truck, after owning a F-150 and Silverado.
  • elbodudeelbodude Posts: 4
    Over on the titantalk board, there has been one guy that got a LE MSRP for 25k that was stickering for 34k that was before TTL. So that was 9,000 off on a LE, and quite a few deals for 6,000 off.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    I think you mean MSRP is 34k (same thing as sticker in my book). At $9k off that's what I see Ford doing on some of their F150's. It just goes to show there's a very soft market out there when new year models discount this much.
  • wolfpackwolfpack Posts: 1
    I've been offered a price on a Titan SE 4x4 Crew with the following packages: Off-Road w/locking diff., Utility Bed, Big Tow, Popular w/Captain Chairs. Dealer says they will sell it to me for $30,980 + TTL and they will throw in an extended warranty. The out-the-door (OTD) price is $32,370. Does this deal look reasonable compared to what others are seeing around the country? They have already turned down an OTD offer I made on the truck (which included an extended warranty) of $31K.
  • cob10cob10 Posts: 7
    Local paper advertises XE basic Titan for $17.9 and I have seen the SE 4x4 advertised for $23.9. Both must be as standard as these models can be. Just the same, these sound like good deals to me. Has any one seen or received a better price? How low do you think the prices might go and when will the prices hit bottom? My guess is that prices will drop a little more, possibly a grand...? But I would think selection would be limited. No hurry to buy...looking forward to driving my Titan.
  • crosley4crosley4 Posts: 295
    Although I have not been to a dealer ,

    Midway Nissan in Phoenix was advertizing on the radio last week of $8k off the MSRP of a 2004 Titan.

    Probably only 1 or 2 at that price perhaps?
  • Just purchased a Titan King Cab SE with Popular package with PWR captain, Bedliner, Carpets, and Mudflaps (in Smoke color) from Nissan of Elk Grove for $23,800 + $1,000 rebate (applied after taxes and fees). Out the door price with TTL, Lic, fees, and rebate was about $25,100. I'm very pleased with this truck and deal. It's about $300 hundred under invoice, so that was perfect for me (although I'm sure it's possible to get an even better deal as the 2005's start to roll in).

    I drove the F-150 XLT before the Titan, and I was not sold on it's performance. It has a smooth ride, but the build of the interior seemed a bit lacking. Plus, the amenities that the Titan offers are a lot more robust (exhaust sound on the Titan is MEATY too).

    If you plan to buy a Titan in the Stockton/Sacramento/Modesto area, make sure to give Robert T. in internet sales a call first. I conducted the whole deal over the phone (took a few calls back and forth), and once we agreed on the price, it didn't change once I arrived at the dealership (I live in Stockton). Honestly, one of the easiest car buying experiences I've had. Make sure to give them a try on pricing!
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    Does XE has power windows and door locks?
    Can you get those as an option pack?

    I just can't believe even now a day, I can still see new cars/trucks that don't have power windows and locks.

    I think even a base model should have those features.
  • dingding Posts: 1
    When will the 2005 Titans be available? Want to compare 04 prices with 05 prices. Why pay relatively the same price for an 04 if you can buy an 05? More negotiating power I suppose.
  • Went out and test drove every "large" truck on the market. Tundra, Dodge 1500 Quad, Chevy, Ford F150, etc. Then I test drove the Titan and I felt like I was in a sports car. What pickup. The extra features and comfort (in the captains chair) are out of this world. Got the Rockford Fosgate + Capt., Bed Liner, & Bed Extender for 28020 which was about $4000 under invoice (32410). Think I got a decent deal... probably could've done better if they didn't have to order it (or I was willing to drive to CT to get it).

    Anyone know where to get the aftermarket running boards?
  • sakzsakz Posts: 1
    Re: Ford 250 4X4....

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah....
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    that's only true for the bed size though.
    Titan has more space for the driver.
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    The deal I got is this. $229/mo for 39 mos. 12k miles/yr. This is for an XE 4x4 King Cab with the XE Preferred Package and floor mats.

    The dlr here (Quirk Nissan in Quincy MA) is taking $5,000 off the MSRP on all XE & SE Titans regardless of cab size.

    Love the smoke exterior color and I like the fact that the interior isn't a solid sea of black. Perfect blend of color schemes inside and the materials do not look plasticky at all.

    The base stereo w/ 6 CD changer is plenty powerful enough if you're not an audiophile. The speed sensitive auto volume control is a very convenient feature to have.

    I can make do w/o power windows but not having power locks is inconvenient. It's a stretch to reach over to the door on the other side if you need to unlock it to let someone in. However, for $229/mo, I am willing to forgo the power locks because the price of the truck would increase significantly since you can only get the PL as part of an option package.

    The back seat is fine for the kids. Get the crew cab if you need to fit adults back there.

    The bed size is just right for the weekend trips to the Depot. I can fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood back there with the tailgate down.

    The lighted radio face annoyingly reflects back onto the rear window.

    It just fits into my garage.

    The engine is strong across the entire powerband. Plenty of power and combined with the 5-spd AT makes for a very smooth driving experience. Personally, I love the exhaust note. The handling is outstanding for a truck. Like our Pathfinder, this thing drives like a car.

    I wonder if the fit & finish is on par w/ our '01 Pathfinder LE. One of the sunglass holders will not shut w/o having to simulatenously hold the release tab in while closing it.

    The center storage console is huge and very handy. The standard front seats are fine & comfortable. The material and style is attractive and the ctr console folds up to act as a 3rd seat in front.

    I wish it had a rear window defroster. It would come in handy for those ice storms we get during the winter up here.

    The styling grows on you. I didn't particularly care for front when I first saw the truck from the intro at the NY auto show. It grows on you and I am really pleased with it.

    Like our Pathfinder, I wish Nissan would not charge extra for the door ding guards.
  • stump21stump21 Posts: 41
    I doubt I'll have to 'Move over to the right lane'. A Ford with a 10" lift doesn't have the horsepower left to turn the wheels to catch up to my Titan. Seriously, this topic is for Titan experiences. Stay over at the Ford topics if you are looking to flame. And yes, I am a male Titan owner. I traded in my big GMC for an UnAmerican pickup. C'mon bro, go drive your "tough guy" truck and leave it be.
  • mcscjtmcscjt Posts: 17
    First of all, you're claiming the Titan is too small and so you got the F250 with the 6.5 foot bed. Well, my Titan KC has a 6.5 bed which is the same size as the F150 KC. The Titan CC has a 5.5 foot bed which is the same as the F150 CC.

    Then you equate the Titan with the Ford Explorer Sport Trac? The Explorer Sport Trac bed is less than 4 feet.

    You should be comparing the F150 with the Titan, not the F250 or F350.

    That's like saying I thought the Ford Explorer was too small so I decided to get a Hummer..."move out of the way!"
  • titan04titan04 Posts: 1
    i just bought a titan last month and its totally the best truck ive owned!!!! was looking at the dodge ram but did not like the cheap interior or the dash set up!!!!! besides eveyone and there mother owns dodge ram!!!!! stuck with foreign due to that it holds its value and will last alot longer than the ford or the dodge!!!!! the truck is simply awesome!!!!! very happy with the purchase!!!!!!
  • i006129i006129 Posts: 71
    Sutherlin Nissan in ATL is advertising a basic XE at $16,998. Of course that is for one stock number. Everyone else in ATL is advertising basic XE at $17,998. Does anyone have a range for going quotes on a stripped down Crew Cab with 4X4?

    By the way, F150's are being advertised at $8,500 off MSRP for the entire inventory of Super Crew and King Cab.
  • ccapccap Posts: 40
    Looking to buy or lease a Titan and need to know what to expect to get off the price of the truck. I am seeing 5k or even 6k off msrp. Is that correct? Looking for SE with utility package and power pack. msrp around 30k. So is everyone thinking I can get it for 24k? I am in th Boston area and would like to know where is the best place to get the best deal??

  • i006129i006129 Posts: 71
    This board seems to have died. My understanding is max discount has been as high as $6500 but standard is between $5000-6000. Good luck.
  • tadcartadcar Posts: 4
    Hi titan209!
    I live in Stockton too and will be in the market for a 2005 Titan within the year. Did you negotiate with other dealers in this area? Did you have a copy of the edmunds true market value quote? It's amazing that you could negotiate the price over the phone! Thank you!
  • ccapccap Posts: 40
    I guess your right. It's a shame because if all us buyers worked together, we can get a good understanding of what these trucks are selling for. Come on people, lets get on this board and post our deals good or bad so we all can have more power wen it come to buying and leasing.

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