WRX in desert climate

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I'd like to buy the 2016 WRX but I'm concerned about how this car would perform and maintain where I live/work - Saudi Arabia. Obviously it can get really hot here (up to even 50 Celsius) and I understand that this can impact turbo performance. Also, sandstorms happen every so often so lots of sand/dust would get onto the engine through that awesome hood scoop. Would that cause engine problems that cars without hood scoop won't experience?


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    Well you are going to operate under what the manufacturer would call "severe conditions", and you would have to increase your maintenance of the filtration system and the frequency of oil changes. I don't know as it really matters WHERE the car gets its air from---whether under the car, through the grill or through the hood---the problem remains the same.

    The hot desert air will decrease turbo efficiency because hot air is less dense (less oxygen). Also, your turbo's intercooler, which normally cools the turbo, won't work as well because it too is exposed to ambient heat from outside.

    You might consider fitting a larger aftermarket intercooler, a larger air intake, and using high octane fuel. That, in conjunction with frequent air filter and engine oil maintenance, should mitigate the severe climate.
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    Thanks - much appreciated. Unfortunately I think I'll have to choose a non-turbo engine.
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