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Lincoln Aviator Maintenance and Repair



  • I finally broke down and bought an error code reader to help diagnose the loss of power and stalling problems on my '03 Aviator. The code reader threw out 3 error codes, 0351, 0352 and 0354. The book says "Ignition coil primary/secondary circuit malfunction" on ignition coils A, B and D. does this mean I need to have the coils replaced or are there other problems, issues with these error codes? Thanks!!
  • I have a 2005 Aviator. My dash lights have been flickering. I was told by the dealer's service that it could not be checked because they cant see the lights in the day(I dont think they would have told my husband this). Also, they are requiring Transfer case service and Carbon Service. Looking for some insight into what this will do.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Can't help with the dash flickering. They can cover the sensor to make them come on in the daytime.

    As for the Transfer Case, check the owner's manual. It will tell you if it needs to be serviced now or not. As for the Carbon Service - I assume it's an engine cleaning and the only thing it will do is remove the money from your wallet.
  • a_lowa_low Posts: 5
    Hello All,
    I drive a 2003 Aviator with 50k miles. "Tire Pressure: Sensor Fault" Is appearing on my dash screen. I took the car to my local Mechanic. He says the car may need to be calibrated and I need to take it too the dealer. The car is running ok, i have not noticed a change since this started flashing.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    I assume you've checked the tire pressure. If so the dealer would need to use their diagnostic tool to see which sensor is bad and probably replace it. Since you're so close to the warranty period they may cover it.
  • a_lowa_low Posts: 5
    Thx akirby,
    I am not too worried, I just want the damm message off my dash. I will take it too the dealer to see which sensor it is.
  • a_lowa_low Posts: 5
    I have 2003 Avaitor. My heated & cooled seats button do not light up when pressed. My seats never heat up or cool down.
    Has anyone experinced this problem. Could it be just a blow fuse?

  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    "Could it be just a blow fuse"

    Ya think?
  • Recently purchased a 2004 Aviator fully loaded (nav, DVD, ultimate trim package, class III towing). I read all the postings and had the vehicle carefully checked for the typical problems described in the forum. The Aviator was in great condition and the price was reasonable. The previous owner must have given it away on trade in. He probably lost 50% in devaluation, and that's for two years and 32K miles of use. I had the local dealer complete a 30K service and print out the warranty work recorded by Lincoln. The items were very minor. So, it's just the lousy 91 proof gas mileage at this point.

    I don't recall reading any discussions of extended warranties on these beasts in the forum; in particular, Ford's ESP. Not cheap for the bumper to bumper plan. For 7 yr/75K, the local deal would like $2,000. With their none to stellar reliability, has anyone else checked the numbers on this type of insurance for the Aviator? Seems expensive, however, if you plan to keep the vehicle that long it wouldn't take much to run repairs up to $2K. The Ford plan doesn't need to be purchased until the standard warranty expires.
  • Does any one know how to remove the back panel in the third row seating to look at the subwoofer? and does anyone know what size it is? i have a 2003 lincoln and i want to change the subwoofer in it cuz it was blown when i bought it. so any help will be appreciated.

    Thank You!
  • I am brand new to this forum and just put my first posting up yesterday. (See posting under extended warrantys). I was told on a warrany service call this week that I should consider the ESP because the Avaitors are known to have this head problem. I thought he was making it up to get me to purchase the ESP, but, your's is the first posting I have seen that actually lends credence to what he said. Another person on the forum said it was true as well. I hope things work out for you. My 03 has 42K and I have treated it like a baby. So far, so good, but recently, had electronic problems, cracked body moulding on the liftgate, etc. I think next time around, I will go back to Toyota and BMW, but with college payments for kids, I am riding in this Aviator for at least two years.
  • 2005 aviator lights flicker ford says its normal in the shop 6 times also foul smell from a/c
  • Hoping someone still reads this forum and knows more about my SUV than I do. The center console has an 'ashtray / coin box' with outlet covered by a spring loaded hinge. The hinge doesnt work any more (I think my pug must have stepped on it)so it will not close.

    Does anyone know where I can see a diagram of the mechanism, access it, and fix it?

    Any help, even speculation or experience on removing the console cover, would be appreciated.

    Cathy in St. Louis
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    we bought an 02 explorer, and upon pickup noticed that the subwoofer cover was popped off on one side and needed to be replaced., when i called for service they said they needed it for 2 days because the 3rd row seat had to come out to get the cover off.
  • sir3sir3 Posts: 1
  • a_lowa_low Posts: 5
    Went on a road trip this weekend. After about 400 miles of driving (with cruise contorl) the check engine light came on. I continued for another 600 miles to my destination and the car ran fine.
    I took into AutoZOne. The reader came up with P0430 "the catalyst system efficiency for bank 2 is below threshold for the current engine operating conditions."

    As anyone experienced these issue? Does anyone have a solution.
    2003 Aviator.
  • I have 4.225miles on my 2005 Aviator.
    Recently experienced stange noise from near left front-end(might be right front-end).
    when backing up down hill or going forward up hill after stopping with steering turned to the left or righr, there must be clunk.

    It sounds like hitting gas tank with hammer.

    Does anyone kown any solution to that in detail? like part # or something???
  • I recently have the same problem and it drives me crazy.
    I took the vechile to the service center and they have no idea about it. still having the trouble. have you fixed it? if yes, please le me know what was the problem and TSB#. Thanx.
  • Looking at buying a 04 Aviator, 1200 miles, for 23K. Suppose to be a one-owner trade in; comes with 6 yr/75k warranty. I've read several reviews about the problems and engine noise but still interested because of the warranty. Please give me your opinion on whether or not you would recommend anyone buying this vehicle. True owners - knowing what you know now, would you still buy? Please respond soonest...
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    If you like the styling and the way it drives then I'd say yes. Some things to double check - the seat back adjustment is manual and there is no telescope adjustment on the steering wheel. And the tilt is also manual and not tied into the memory. Those things may or may not bother you, but you need to take that into account. Otherwise, if you like it go for it.
  • avi05avi05 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue with my 05. Also, my driver's side windows both front and back won't open. Taking it in tomorrow.

    Did you get your flickering fixed?
  • ldr63ldr63 Posts: 12
    My 2003 Aviator is stalling at 40-50 mph. Does anyone have any idea what's wrong with it? Could it be the computer or the transmission?
  • Hello, I am new to this site but I wanted to ask if bradlmj had any results from Ford on repairing the head? I bought a used 03 Aviator and it just hit 70k miles. It has a rough idle and the engine light came on. The dealer said "cracked head, $3600 please" my mechanic said faulty valve in the head, $2000!! Either way, very expensive. 2 different mechanics said drive it like it is. It may never get worse or if it does fix it then. Any advice? Ford said no assistance available even though they issued a TSB.
  • I am still around.. Yep.. sounds about the same as the problem I had. It could be either one of the problems you described and the mechanic will know if he sends the head to a machine shop. Mine was a valve that had worked its way loose. If they just buy a new head then it really doesn't matter what is wrong. But the heads are pretty pricey and a good machine shop can fix them if it is just a valve.. I finally went with a mechanic in town from a recommendation from the Ford dealership believe it or not.. Cost me 2k but so far so good and a lot better than the dealers price. I really hate the way Lincoln/Ford treated me and have to remind myself in the future when even considering a ford product. You are really stuck with the problem because resell is just not an option(at least it wasn't for me). The rough idle if similar to mine was just to noticable and to be frank I could not treat another poor sap the way I was treated so I fixed it.. I do like the lincoln but if they are looking for customer loyalty they will not find it here. I just laugh when I get the offers in the mail for new lincolns.. What a bunch of ... well you get the picture.. Good luck with yours..
  • The speakers in my 04 aviator 'cut out'every once in a while Sometimes it is the drivers door speaker that shuts down other times the pass. door speaker is off and sometimes both door speakers are off with only the very rear speakers on. Most of the time the speakers work fine. The dealer replaced the radio but this did not help too much.
  • My 6 disk changer will not change between cd's. When I try to go to another CD it stops working and reads CD error. Once I turn off the car and restart it the CD player will start on the disk I was trying to get to before. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an easy repair? (yeah right!)
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Does yours have the Nav system integrated? That's what I have in my 04 Navigator. Every once in a while, if I try to load or eject disk 6, the thing hangs up and stops working and the only fix is to shut the car off and turn on again. Unfortunately, I can not make this happen predictably so havent taken it to dealer yet.
  • I have a seems that I can't find this thing anywhere on the net and even the dealer doesn't know what I am talking about because of course it doesn't happen when I go to them!

    The steering wheel sometimes shakes (vibrates might be a better word)...but it only happens when I am turn or cutting the wheel where the road is bumpy. Recently I park on some snow and felt it happening there as well, but I do not hae advance trac on my truck. Sometimes (rarely) it will also happen when I am turning to pull into a parking space...anyone know what this is? prayerfully SOMEONE can help me because I am not sure this is normal. I am not use to the luxury cars (last was a 95 taurus) so this might just be a feature...but please help me out on this one if you can....thank you in advance! :cry:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    My guess would be the steering rack and/or power steering pump.
  • So I stumbled across this site a couple of weeks ago and am scared out of my mind with all the head/valve issues I have been reading on the higher mileage Aviators. I have a 2004 Aviator (built April '04) with 30k on it and am afraid that I am going to have to replace my head(s) in 20 or 30 thousand miles.

    So my question is: Are there any Aviator owners with over
    50 thousand or so miles on the clock who HAVEN'T experienced any of these head or valve issues?

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