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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 1998 Navigator and i purchased a 2000 5.4l engine. The diffrence between my current engine and the new engine is the intake manifolds. Can the 1998 manifold be swapped with the 2000 manifold. Is the block the same block that is in the 1998 navigator?
  • I was on a long trip from Atlanta to Key West. Stopped in Miami and the check engine light came on after stopping and restarting the truck. Any idea what the issue could be?
  • lani5lani5 Posts: 17
    Sorry to read about your Navigator Dud, toolfxr. I, too, have had troubles with my '03 Ultimate Navigator beginning with a malfunctioning rear liftgate. Next came moonroof leaks, more leaks into the headliner (received completely new headliner for this one), intermittent running board problems (where it doesn't retract or come out as it should, when it should), then suspension problems (an updated compressor had to be put in) front and rear brake replacements (at less than 20K miles!!), and some other problems. The latest trouble I have right now is the "Check Park Assist" message --- the car no longer "beeps" when it's put in reverse. I't'll be in the shop first thing Monday morning.... again. Anyway, enough is enough already. I finally hired a lemon law attorney and he is handling this case for me as I haven't received any real customer service "commitment" from Lincoln. All Lincoln's done is to stall for time and give me the run-around.

    Thought about getting a replacement for my lemon, but I am so leery of Navigators now. I had such a great experience with my '00 Navigator, too, that I automatically assumed I would have the same experience with this '03. No such luck.

    I wish you lots of luck in having Ford buy back your lemon.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    FWIW, I have an 03 Gator - the only 2 problems you've had that I've experienced too, have been the rear liftgate and the front brakes - both were handled by Lincoln, no problem, no reoccurance. Been very happy with both my 99 and my 03. Looking forward to getting an 08. Sorry your 03 is a dog - it happens, it's unfortunate it happened to you.
  • toolfxrtoolfxr Posts: 15
    To follow up on my previous posting, the dealer has now found a hidden problem code for the transmission. No fix at this time. Tranny sounds like it's on it's last legs at 11k miles. Will be putting this lemon back into the shop. Dealer told us to call back in 30 days for a resolution. Times up!!! Ford /Lincoln is ditchin' us also. No call back or letters.
  • My car would run fine when it was cold to. However if you had a bad coil you check engine light would come on. If they ran a test if would read system run lean bank 1-8 it could be any one they just need to tell you
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I have had no transmission problems in 27,000 miles. Smoothest shifting transmission I've ever had. I did, however, burn out a left taillight tonight, dammit. The car is falling apart......
  • They have ran tests. Nothing comes up on their computer. It doesn't trigger anything wrong with the car. Any ideas??
  • mistylmistyl Posts: 4
    I have big problems with my navigator. At 27000 front of truck would shake when brakes applied. They replaced rotors on a "Service recall". Then at 30000 miles, at 50 mph, truck started to skip. Got alot worse over next three days of driving. Took in to the shop at Lincoln. I thought it had bad gas or fuel filter need replacing. WRONG Service tech said 200 more miles and the engine would blow. I should have gotten my keys back and when home and back then the motor would have to be replaced.
    They said this was the 5th navigator in this week with the same problem. Ford had a "Service Recall" out on this because some navigators got some bad coils. The coil went out, which in turn caused the driver side heads to go out. Was told if repairs cost over $2200.00 they will put in new motor. I was so satisfied with that. But 2 weeks later. They say everything was fixable under $2200.00. So I get fixed heads. I have the running board problems , they say it was fixed. But they still dont come out everytime. I really love my navigator. I just hope the next owner dont have the same problems with it when I trade it in next week. I am almost out of warrenty so I have to get rid of any problems, which means bye bye truck.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I assume you have the 4V Intech engine? Mine has been so flawless-hard to believe it could be one of the affected ones at some point.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    You have a 2004 Navigator that is out of warranty appx next week? Do you drive it 24/7??? And the problems u talk about happened at 27000 and 30000 miles? That's a long time ago if you're almost at 50,000. Why are you complaining now?

    Furthermore, warped rotors at 27000 miles is not that uncommon for big, heavy vehicles. Especially depending on how one drives and uses the brakes. Do you pull a trailer with it? As for your Navigator starting to "skip", I would've waited for it to also hop and jump before taking it to service.

    The rest of your story is, well, no more sensical. Tech knew that engine would blow in 200 more miles? Ask him for stock market picks, will ya? This one shop had 5 Navigators with 'almost blown engines' in ONE week? Most dealers probably don't see a total of 5 Navigators period in one week. Coil goes out and causes HEAD to go out? What are you talking about?

    And to nvbanker: You "assume" which engine this Nav has? Gee, what optional engines were available?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "And to nvbanker: You "assume" which engine this Nav has? Gee, what optional engines were available?"

    Just like you, George, I'm checking for some credibility, to see if anything adds up here...... Something smells....
  • mistylmistyl Posts: 4
    The reason to complain now is because it is at 30,000 mile. No, I was told rotors were on a service recall so they just replaced because of that. Not because they were really needed. They claim Ford sent out a bad batch of motors on navigators. So they claim.
    Make sense that they had so many in the shop area, I still have not gotten mine back, as promised on monday, now not till friday. 3 weeks ago it got turned in. Iam a builder(houses), so yes I drive ALOT. The poor mercury sable they gave me had 5 miles on it, now 1300. Just in almost 3 weeks. Im a woman i dont pay attenion to motor size sorry.
    They claim coil made head go out. They decided to fix heads in stead of new motor.
  • mistylmistyl Posts: 4
    Oh ya when I say almost out off warrenty, i mean I drive alot. 30000 miles in one year. Yes by this summer I will be close enough to 50000. So why deal with problems later. Trade in know while mileage isnt so bad for a trade in. Ill get another navigator.
  • mistylmistyl Posts: 4
    Would love to know what smells. I have been in a box Mercury sable for 3 weeks and would love to know why it takes so long to fix a motor. Obvious somethings wrong with the truck. Or maybe because I had to be put to the back of the pile cause of all 5 navigators before me had to be fixed first! I has a hummer h2 before this and had a few issues. That why I got the navigator thinking a ford would be better. Please dont prove me wrong. Dealer is in atlanta, maybe just busy.
  • koby01koby01 Posts: 2
    Has anyone had problems w. the air conditioning not working?? I just went to turn the ac on and noticed that it is not turning on.. Heat and fans work but ac compressor does not seem to be engaging.. someone help..!!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You probably had an o ring let your R-134 go during the winter, which turns off your compressor so it won't burn out. You need leak detector to find the o ring that's bad, the o ring replaced, and a recharge. Then you'll be fine.
  • bomberobombero Posts: 12
    2004 nav.
    1. Drivers seat failed right after the dealer installed lo jack and security alarm.
    Dealer ordered new parts and fixed the seat.
    2. Service department wrecked the car about 10 days after buying it.
    $1500 worth of damage, dealer repaired.
    3. Passenger running board failed to operate maybe 3 times out of several hundred
    openings. The dealer must have known what the problem was because they fixed
    4. DVD player failed. Dealer replaced

    I currently have 17,000 miles on it. I can understand why it might be so highly rated as unreliable, because it has so many "gadgets" or extras that can go bad.

    My nav makes a clunking sound on cold starts. It made the sound from the first few days of owning the vehicle. The service dept advised me the 2004 had a new a/c compressor and that it had a tendency to clunk on cold starts. It clunked several times when we first got the car and seemed to taper off. Truth is it rarely does it, but when it does it catches our attention. Almost a year later and the service department says they have never heard of that problem. I cant find any similar problems noted on the internet as well. Unless it starts happening more often it may never get diagnosed.

    Speaking of clunks. I was going down a hill and around a corner probably to fast and we heard a loud clunk as I was making the turn. I was thinking that maybe the loud clunk was the result of the the traction stability device activating.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Is normal - all Fords do it. It's the A/C clutch engaging the compressor, and while disconcerting, it's nothing to worry about. Don't believe me, go to the dealership, and go start up a bunch of cars on the lot. Half of them will do it when the A/C is turned on. All kinds of models. Town Cars, Grand Marquis, Aviators. It's normal. :shades:
  • seanerseaner Posts: 1
    I too have a 2003 Lincoln Navigator Ultimate. 36000 miles and maintained well. Not beaten on. I Have to date replaced the both sets of brakes. I have had countless problems with the running board. I have the liftgate problems, and the door ajar problems. I have the problems with the mirrors not going back to the correct positions, you cannot set the mirrors to go to the saved locations. The park assist never works, the chilled and heated seats do not work. The DVD player has malfunctioned, and last weekend the transmission stopped working so now I have not had my car since Saturday April 16th. I love the Navigator. But I think I need to hire a lawyer too. Has anyone else lost a transmission?? Let me know
  • njbaran99njbaran99 Posts: 69
    When did this problems start?

    I have an 05' Navi Ultimate with only 1500 Miles and no probs as of yet. I opted to the 40/20/40 2nd Row Seats as I have 2 little ones and a 3rd on the way and did not want to have to put on of the kids in the 3rd Row, all the time.

    So, I have fixed running boards, so I wll not experience that issue.

    I also found, not sure if others will agree, that the deployable Running Boards sort of got in the way for someone who does not need them, like me, as I am ~6 Foot Tall. Have other had a similar view.

    Best wishes getting your Navi fixed or replaced, I hope the 05' is more trouble-free, but I did get the Ford Premium Care Warranty and Full Maintenance to 100K or 6 Years.
  • I'm having the same problems that bombero, Seaner, Chris15 have with the Running Boards some times they deploy and sometimes they don't, I took it to the dealer several times, the first time they replaced some module two days later I'm back with the same problem to make the story shorts I have had three Lincoln dealers in Southern California look at it, and they even called one of the Ford Engineers and supposedly he spent 4 hours trying to duplicate the problem but he had no luck according to the Dealer, however the next day I went to pickup the car from the Dealer, I go to open the door and the running boards did not deploy luckily it happened in front of the Service Manager, Service Adviser and the Mechanic so they called the Ford Engineer on the phone and they ran bunch of test to try to figure out the problem, but had no luck of trying to duplicate the problem, the Dealer kept the car for 4 days and I picked it up last week I didn't drive the car much maybe 25 miles and on the weekend we drove it to our friends and when we got there I opened the door and the Running Boards did not Deploy, and it happened again the next day at home so I took my video camera and filmed it also I took photos when it happened on Saturday and I had three witnessed that saw what happened, I also have many more issues with this car for example;-

    factory DVD Player does not work some times and will show Error codes, GPS turns On and Off by it self without touching it.
    Driver seat started falling apart so they redid and replaced the upholstery.
    Brakes had to be changed twice the car had only 5,000 miles due to vibrations,
    Driver seat also was not aligned correctly on the rail and will shift whiles driving they replaced the track.
    Electrical lift gate stopped working after the running board module was changed and we were not even able to open it manually, they changed the motors.
    Gear Shifter got loose and almost fell that was funny.
    Driver Side Mirror stopped folding or it will only fold half way sometimes and it will stop, they had to replace that Mirror Twice and now it makes grinding noise when folding.
    =Driver side Speaker by JBL had a static noise so they replaced it but the tech never bothered to test it after fixing it so the problem was not fixed at first time, I took it back to dealer they found a faulty wire from the radio and fixed it.

    to make the stories short this is my third Navigator in five years and this 04 Navigator has 12,700 miles on it, I have proof of the running boards falling and I know they cannot deny that since it happened in front of the Service Manager and the Mechanic at the local Lincoln dealer.

    Any suggestions... :mad:
  • njbaran99njbaran99 Posts: 69
    Just a curious suggestion/question. When you experience the problem, is it on both Running Boards, or just one?

    Have you considered maybe the setting on the Computer is somehow getting screwed up, as I thought there is an option to turn the running boards off.

    As I reported previously, I have the 40/20/40 2nd Row Bench, so I have the fixed running boards, can't get them with the 40/20/40, as I guess the motor for the Deployable Running boards are where the 20 seat mounts.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I took home a Gator with the power running boards overnight when I was shopping, and also found them to be more of an annoyance, than an appliance, so chose a different truck that had the stationary boards, and haven't regretted it - especially when I hear they seem to be problematic on some trucks.. I was afraid they may be. Really cute, but sort of useless.

    I've not had near the issues most of the complainants on this board have had, or to the degree they have had. My Gator runs great, engine and transmission are extraordinary. Other issues have been minor. Trucks not perfect like my 99 was, but it's still the best design out there, and if I were to replace it, I'd still get another Navigator I believe.
  • yes it happens on both sides, and the setting for the running board is Turned ON and on Auto as well.

    also my 04 Navigator is an Ultimate in the black monotone, and I do have 40/20/40 2nd Row Bench, with the Running Boards and the motor for the Running Boards is under neath the car right behind the front wheels.

    thank you.
  • Hey all,

    I just changed the IAC(idle air control valve) and that didn't help. when i'm at stop lights the vehicle acts like it wants to cut off. runs and sounds real bad when i'm stopped. Any solutions?

    Thanks in Advance
  • njbaran99njbaran99 Posts: 69
    That's odd, the 40/20/40 is not available with deployable running boards in 2005 with a 4X4.

    Is your 2004 Ultimate a 4X2?

    In the 2005 Brochere it says in the Options, I quote:

    Running Boards - Power-Deployable (not available with 40/20/40 2nd-row Split on 4x4)

    If you have a 2004 4x4 with the 40/20/40, maybe they changed the location of the motor.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Is there this big Problems and Solutions separate topic here, but there is no such animal for, say, the Infiniti QX56?

    I have asked Edmunds and await their answer but thought I would raise the question here too.

    I ask because it may speak to a question of bias? I mean, a large 'Problem' list right away may put people off. Yet, if you go to the Infiniti QX56 list, you'll find that the percentage of big time problems with that vehicle seems to be higher than with the Navigator. "Brakes from H*ll" being one major problem.

    Anyway, just thought I'd ask.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    George - Based on my neighbors with one QX56, two Armadas and one Titan, all of whom say they hate their trucks, and they not only have brakes from hell, they also have problems with the 4 wheel drive, tire pressure monitoring systems and numerous other systems, it sounds about right.
  • Yes, I have 2004 Ultimate a 4x2 with 40/20/40
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