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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • sortersorter Posts: 146
    If I were TMS, I will annouce them the day before the Texas State fair. Or maybe the day before the GM superbowl commercial: A letter sent by the lawyer and say sorry guys, but you can't air that commercial because you are not the best in class in towing, not the best in class for capacity and not the best in class in HP.
  • So, does this mean that the "Access Cab" nomenclature has been replaced by "Double Cab" on the Tundra?
  • Toyota Unveils Long Bed Versions Of All-New 2007 Tundra

    Looks rather ungainly to me, but maybe it's just the color or that it's a 2WD model. We'll see.
  • Does anyone know how the interior space, both front and back,on the tundra will compare with the current avalanche
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I believe that Access Cab nomenclature is being retained but the new monster is going to be called 'Crew Max' or something to that effect.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160 more and more workers, dealers, sales managers visit the factories.

    Head-to-head competitions are leaving GM/F/D gasping trying to get to 2nd place.
  • Access Cab will no longer be in Toyota's lingo. According to information received directly from Toyota there will only be Regular Cab, Double Cab, and CrewMax. All will be offered in either 4x4 or 4x2 (according to their model codes) depending on where you are located.
  • Thanks both kdhspyder and alpinex for the clarification.

    I guess "Access Cab" is only on Tacos now (for how long, who knows?).

    I like the name "CrewMax," it just sounds cool for some reason.
  • This delay is killing me. I have never waited so long for a vehicle in my life. I hear the delay between introduction and production of the 2007 Tundra is size related. The service bays at Toyota dealerships cannot handle the new monsters. Bays are too small and too close together. Lifts can't raise the truck high enough to work on and the alignment racks are too short. Make sure your local dealer is retrofitting to accomodate the new Tundra.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    This could be a large part of the reason. Our store has to move and rebuild the entire complex - with HUGE bays - and we are the No 1 truck distributor in our region.

    In addition I just heard that the new '08 Sequoia, based on the '07 Tundra, will be Suburban sized. There's another HUGE adjustment.
  • maple2maple2 Posts: 177
    Make sure your local dealer is retrofitting to accomodate the new Tundra.

    Good advice as Im sure new owners will be spending lots of time there :sick:
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Interesting statement, maple2.

    According to the NHTSA recall database, I find the following info regarding the Tundra, the Ford F150, and the Chevy Silverado:

    '06 Recalls: Tundra - 1, F150 - 4, Silverado - 7
    '05 Recalls: Tundra - 4, F150 - 4, Silverado - 11
    '04 Recalls: Tundra - 6, F150 - 2, Silverado - 11

    It certainly appears from the recall tally that the Tundra has been AT LEAST (if not more so) as reliable as the other big players in the segment.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Don't think there is a delay, I have beed told for a year now the 2007 would not come out till jan-feb, that is when it was always planned for.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The CrewMax however is slated for an Apr/May launch. This is the one no one has seen nor has the specs on yet.
  • i have a 2006 toyota tundra it has about 14,000 miles so far i still love it but yes of course i want to get a 2007.CrewMax,it sounds interesting i know it is big also it has good ring to it.i just saw the access cab,longbed while i was searching in google images it is awesome and i wonder what kind of configurations it might have maybe an 8'1" bed(longbed)a regular size bed or maybe even a pre-runner it just for us to wait and see,huh.
  • The delay being related to dealer service bay size is Horse pucky- Toyota does not spec out dealership bays. Neither does Honda, GM, DCX or Ford. All dealerships are made to be turned around into a different shop easily. Slight exception are dealerships that specialize in class4-6 trucks. If there is to be a seperation in model introduction, it will simply be from the various build lines coming on-line. They're started up one after the other(like pant legs). It's just how things are done. there will be no 8ft box with the MaxCab, much like on the Dodge MegaCab. Another first will be the Single Cab short box. As for power ratings for the 5.7V8, most likely more than the 6lin the GM half tons.
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56

    I've been reading this forum and have been following along with it. I'd like to clarify that Toyota DOES indeed state that dealerships need to have 12,000 lb. lifts and 9'x 20' service bays. I am the "Truck Champion" for my dealership. I just returned from 3 days of intense training in Princeton, Indiana. (home of the Tundra, Sequoia and Sienna) The release date really isn't a "delay" the new for '07 Tundra was always slated to be released in January of 2007. We (seminar attendies) were not given any real specifications on the new Tundra. I can tell you that I have driven the new Tundra and it is AWESOME! Let the questions begin...
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    I'll ask some questions:

    1. Does the interior look as stupid in person as it does in pictures? How many colors is the dash again?

    2. Is the Ext Cab as big as the Quad Cab Dodge Ram inside?

    3. What makes it so "AWESOME"?

  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56

    Okay, the Crew Max is as big if not bigger than the Mega Cab by Dodge. The new "Double Cab" is about the same size if not a tad larger than the Dodge Quad Cab. The truck looks way better in the flesh. I can't go into details as to why the new for '07 Tundra was awesome. And here's why DR. Fill...I had to sign 6 different forms to attend this national "Truck Champion" meeting. One of which was a non-disclosure form. Toyota is holding their cards close to their chest. Currently, there is a "specification embargo". I'm not sure what info. I can tell you and what I can't. I was allowed to drive the new Tundra on both street and off road courses set up around the Indiana plant. We were able to take the new 2wd Tundra in places I would not take my current/personal '06 4WD Tundra through.
    Think of this new Tundra as not only the most capable 1/2 ton pick up on the road but also the Lexus of full sized pick ups. It is so quiet and smooth and has Lexus/Toyota quality, fit and finish. The interior will come with 4 color choices. Again, I wish I could go into more detail but I am not allowed.

  • I am planning on purchasing a new 5th wheel travel trailer and a new CrewMax and sell my Tundra extended cab and bumper pull trailer. However I was told by a Toyota employee at the Dallas Fair last week that the CrewMax will have only the 5.5' bed. If this is true it will not be possible to pull a 5th wheel(due to front of trailer hitting cab on turns), plus a big sales mistake by Toyota.
    . .Has anyone heard if the 6.5' bed will be available on the CrewMax?? If you have heard or know anyone with Toyota to ask, I would certainly appreciate it if you could post the answer. I do not look forward to begin driving a 3/4 ton Crew Cab Chevy or Ford etc. again but I may have to. "TRUE TRUCKERS" HAVE TO HAVE AT LEAST A 6.5' BED WITH A CREW CAB!!!!! .Many Thanks, appreciate any help you can give me!!!!
  • I am curious to find out how the Crew Max looks. Does it offer a 6.5 ft bed or a 6 ft bed? what are those horsepower and torque numbers? Any idea when they will be released to the public? Thanks!
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56

    Toyota is scheduled to release all spec.s on the new Tundra come mid-December. Toyota would not share any hp/torque ratings with us at the Indiana seminar. They don't "want to let the cat out of the bag". My seat of the pants dyno tells me that the hp is around the 385 to 390 mark and the torque I would have to guess is around 425 to 430-ish. (5.7 liter V8) this new truck just pulls like a mule from down low. I'd say that 1st gear is a rather low gear. And without knowing what axle ratio the truck I was driving in had, it's tough to accurately tell good horsepower and torque #'s. Again my butt and racing experience tells me the aforementioned #'s.
    I could barely tell when the truck shifted. My understanding was that Toyota is only going to offer the Crew Max in five n' 1/2 ft. boxes for the intially run. I'd figure a 6 and 1/4-1/2' box for either late '07 or perhaps '08. If you're going to pull a 5th wheel an 8' box is really the way to go due to the swing of the front of the trailer. And aligning the hitch 2" in front of the rear axle in the truck's bed. The new "D-Cab" comes with an 8' box. So you'll get plenty of interior space and yet still have the ability to make 90 degree "jack knife" turns with your 5th wheel. :D
  • Thanks for the info. I've got another question, earlier today I called my local Toyota Dealership they told me they'll have the new Tundra's by next week. Are they joking or something because all the websites I've seen on the Tundra slate a January 2007 release. What are they trying to pull?
  • mtdogmtdog Posts: 7
    Does anybody have an idea how the back seat folds up in the new 07 double cab? Does the seat back fold down or does the seat bottom cushion fold up?
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    Hi iqbaldhillon2,

    If your local dealer told you that they were getting new 2007 Tundras next week then A.) they're lying or B.) they thought you were talking about new '06 models. Or perhaps you spoke with a new sales person who doesn't know the difference. When I was in Princeton, IN last week Toyota was still building 2006 Tundras. They were only getting ready to build the '07 model trucks. The employees at the plant were in training on how to build the components of the new '07 Tundra.
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    The 2007 D-Cab seats fold up by the bottom seat cushion only. Like the current generation Tundra, Access Cab, Tundra does now. The Crew Max rears fold up like the current D-Cab model does.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Are you sure about that? The crewmax seats in the the back are built on rails so they slide forward to get access to to the back. I don't see them flipping forward like they do now
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56

    Yup, you're right. I have no idea what I was thinking when I typed that. :blush: The new '07 Crew Max's rear seats slide fore and aft. They do not fold up like the current D-Cab from what I could see. Sorry about that. I wasn't afforded enough time to "play" with the rear seats that much. We were short on time when I was driving/checking out the Crew Max. Toyota only supplied one Crew Max (in camoflauge) and everyone in my group was crawling all over it. I did however get a chance to drive it and sit in the rear seats. There's alot of room back there.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    ....WHY was this thread moved from the "Future Vehicles" Board?

    As far as I know, release won't be until Jan '07 at the earliest (with the Crew Max release for later on in the Spring of '07). Given that information, doesn't the '07 still qualify as a "FUTURE" vehicle?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Your Sotp dyno seems to have been pretty accurate if msnbc's report is correct. 381 hp.

    This makes great sense for a lot of reasons:
    it probably incorporates the new SAE testing requirements;
    it leaves room for mid-model 'tweaks'. Why shoot all your ammo at first volley;
    it still is best-in-class;

    My feeling is that the engine really is a 400+ hp beast under a tight rein.
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